Caught by the Master (MF)

Club Esoteria 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 24,687
186 Ratings (4.3)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Consensual BDSM Romance, sex toys, public exhibition]

Whitney Elliott is on the hunt for a front page story about sex slaves and slave auctions when she sneaks in the back door of Esoteria. Overdressed to be a sub and doesn’t have the attitude to be a Domme, she finds herself trapped in a world she’d only read about.

Taurus Green knows everything that goes on in his club and makes a point to meet every new guest within minutes of their arrival. He doesn’t know the cute little mouse wearing too many clothes and blushing at everything she sees. Could she be what he needs to cure his boredom with life?

After catching the mouse, he offers her an option, him or the police. What will Whitney choose? Arrest and humiliation? Or punishment from the Master who caught her?

A Siren Erotic Romance


Caught by the Master (MF)
186 Ratings (4.3)

Caught by the Master (MF)

Club Esoteria 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 24,687
186 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
I love your writting. I can not wait to read more. I have been reading the series and I am having a bit of a problem... I can not find some of them.
Ok I guess but not very believable.
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5 RAVENS, RECOMMENDED READ: "Caught by the Masteris a sweet, very hot addition to Cooper McKenzie’s Club Esoteria series. I just loved how smooth this book flowed. You as the reader never lose sight of the meaning of the book. Although characters come and go, the story is captivating. Whitney and Master Taurus’ affair is truly explosive! There is not one part of their story that will leave you untouched and un-singed. Whitney Elliott a reporter for the Sun Journal is on a trail to one hot story or so she thinks. What she discovers is true dominance and unbelievable pleasures. Can she with stand the hot pleasures her heart already knows because one look at Master Taurus sends her brain right over the edge? Will her body make the same journey? Master Taurus is half owner of “Club Esoteria”. His character is written perfectly! His Mastering skills just roll off the pages and I so enjoyed getting to know more about him. He seeks what he thinks he can never have - one to love and serve him. As for the plot, it was truly delicious! Ms. McKenzie creates an incredible backdrop, which makes me want to visit Club Esoteria. She gives us a look into the BDSM world that is very enlightening. The strength she gives her heroine drew me straight into the plot of the story from page one. I do have to ask about the whole journalist thing though. How was the story Whitney wrote received? Is Whitney still a journalist? If you want a sweet short BDSM series to dive into then pick-up Cooper McKenzie’s Club Esoterica Series: His Subs Submissive and Caught by the Master. You won’t be sorry. To Cooper McKenzie, one word, 'Brava!'" -- Lace, Blackraven's Reviews

5 DELIGHTFUL DIVAS: "What a great series! And the books keep getting better and better. Taurus’s story is amazing. You’re brought right into these characters lives without delay. The character development is great. I was right inside Whitney’s anxiety, lust and fear from the very beginning. The sexual, sensual and BDSM scenes are top notch; fully of passion and never failing to be unique and drive the storyline forward. It’s amazing how tied into these characters you become in such a short time frame. Cooper McKenzie has given us unique characters, a fresh storyline and outstanding emotion in the Club Esoteria series. If you haven’t started this series, you should definitely do so immediately." -- Jae, Dark Diva Reviews

5 STARS: "Cooper McKenzie is an awesome author. You can bet that anything she writes will be tantalizing. Caught by the Master is no exception. This book is hot! The public sex was scorchingly naughty. You should read this!" -- Stephanie Rollins,

4.5 STARS: "Hot and dirty, this one was another winner for me. I have to say that reading this story was a true pleasure. Whitney is trying to make a name for herself in reporting and WOW has she got the scoop. But her choice isn't that easy when she sees what BDSM is all about. Taurus makes a really great, sexy Dom that as a woman, I loved to want and wanted to love. Ms McKenzie has penned a story with a riveting plot, engaging characters and HOT sex." -- Seriously Reviewed

4.5 CHERRIES: "When Whitney Elliot decides to sneak into the BDSM club called Esoteria to try and break a story from an anonymous tip line she does not know what she is in for. Taurus Green, part owner of club Esoteria, catches Whitney and gives her the choice of spending time with him or the police. Will Whitney find what she is looking for or will she run from Taurus and the feelings he brings out in her? This short story had me right from the start. I enjoyed Whitney and her willingness to explore the unknown. She was intrigued, as well as excited sexually and mentally, and let Taurus guide her. The gift of trust that she gives him is a wonderful read. Taurus is a great Dom that always keeps a cool head and is willing to fight for what he wants. The bond that quickly builds between Taurus and Whitney is very nice. I loved watching Whitney grow into a more confident woman with the help of Taurus. As she explores her new sexual side Whitney grows more confident in herself. I loved that as excited as Taurus is he still controls himself and is very patient with Whitney and her introduction into his world. Cooper McKenzie does a wonderful job with pulling the reader into the story. With characters full of depth and emotion this is a book that should not be missed. I have enjoyed both stories in this series and am eagerly awaiting the next installment." -- Mistletoe, Whipped Cream

4 TEA CUPS: "Whitney Elliot is a struggling newspaper columnist. As the newest employee of New Burns’ one and only newspaper, she gets a little nervous when talk of cut backs circulates. Whitney currently writes obituaries and is looking for a story that will gain her recognition as an investigative reporter. After listening to the tip line, she has just heard what she thinks will be just what she needs to be recognized. “Club Esoteria is selling sex slaves.” Taurus Green is co-owner of Club Esoteria; a private club known for those interested in the pursuit of private pleasures. Taurus is bored with the way things are going in his life lately and is looking for something new and different in his life. When a woman he hasn’t seen before enters the club by sneaking in through the back, catching his eye, he’s determined to find out who she is and what she’s doing in his club. Although the story is a short one, it packs a powerful punch with the steamy sex scenes and overall story line. I couldn’t put it down. BDSM has always held my attention and this story did just that. The story is well written and sure to wet your appetite. I really enjoyed this book and look forward to reading more titles by this author." -- Christy, Happily Ever After Reviews

4 CUPS: "Whitney Elliot has been working for the local newspaper for almost a year and has done nothing but write obituaries and listen to the tip line. Ready for more and knowing that downsizing is possible, she hears a tip that has her journalist instincts on full alert. Taurus Green is co-owner of Club Esoteria, a privately owned club that caters to people who live in the BDSM realm. Lately something has been “off” and he finds himself bored with the everyday occurrences and even the subs do not make him anticipate an exciting romp in bed. Determined to prove how worthy she is, Whitney sneaks into Club Esoteria only to realize she is in way over her head. Before she can leave, her eyes catch sight of a sensually erotic man that pushes all of her buttons. Not realizing that he is one of the owners, Whitney continues to try to spy on the sexy man while staying out of his eyesight. But Taurus has spotted his prey and is slowly reeling her in and when she is caught, Whitney will find herself exploring sex and sensuality like never before. Caught by the Master is one hot read, let me tell you! From the first line Ms. McKenzie had me in her clutches as Whitney and Taurus explore the feelings and emotions of a new relationship. The way Taurus continued to build up Whitney and to show her that a true Sub is not weak nor does she have to take abuse the way she has in the past shows readers how a true Dom is with his partner. I also like how this novel steps outside the world of BDSM to show us a softer side of Taurus and his wanting to get to know Whitney outside of the club. This is a great read that will leave you hot and aching for more." -- Danielle, Coffee Time Romance

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Whitney was so blown away by Sir’s kiss that it took a moment to process the single word order he issued. It took all she had in her not to follow him as he crossed the room to one of the shelving units.

When the order penetrated the lust haze that fogged her brain, a shiver snaked through her. “Excuse me?”

“Take off your teddy and hang it on the hook by the bathroom door. Whenever we are alone you will be naked unless I say otherwise.”

He met her eyes with an expression that brought to mind a predator who had finally run his prey to ground and was preparing for the kill.

“It also makes for more interesting rewards and punishments if I can get to all of you.”

Whitney blinked, then met his eyes for a few more seconds before dropping her gaze. She read serious intention in his eyes, though his expression was otherwise blank.

Looking at the floor with her face burning for the umpteenth time since entering the building, she reached between her legs and pulled open the snaps that secured the crotch of the teddy. Closing her eyes, she crossed her arms, grabbed material, and quickly pulled it up over her head and off her body. After turning the scrap of imitation satin and lace right side out, she crossed the room and hung it from the hook Sir indicated.

Once finished with the simple task she froze. What was she to do next? She was naked in front of a stranger. A gorgeous Dom who planned to punish her. Would he be naked as well? What would he do to her now? Fuck her? Beat her? Tie her up and leave her? Offer her body to others in the club? The possibilities she’d read about in her research were endless. Each situation she thought of grew more horrible than the last until she began to tremble with fear.

“Come here, little mouse. We’ll get your punishment out of the way before we talk.”

“May I ask my questions then?”

“Yes. We’ll exchange questions and answers. For every question of mine that you answer truthfully you will be allowed to ask one.”

“Thank you, Sir.”

She winced when she realized what she had said. Why had she thanked him? It seemed only fair that he should answer her questions as well as ask his own. Didn’t it?

 He had taken off his vest, but the soft leather pants remained on. The front bulged with his erection. He looked large behind the brown hide. When he sat in the straight back chair and held out his hand, she found she could not move.

“Breathe, little mouse. Look at me.”

Taking a breath, she did as he dictated.

“Now walk to me.”

Following his directions seemed so easy. In a few seconds, she found herself right beside him, still caught in his glowing eyes. She saw pleasure and approval flash in their green depths. That expression made her want to do whatever she could to keep him happy.

“Good girl. Now, can you lay yourself across my lap and accept your punishment? Or do I need to tie you down before I spank you?”

Whitney hesitated. She was guilty of trespassing and should be punished. If he wanted to spank her, she would let him. It was a hell of a way to get a story, but reporters did whatever necessary, didn’t they?

She stepped up close to his side but didn’t know how to proceed. “How do I?” she asked with a wave of her hand.

She squeaked when he grabbed her hand and pulled her off balance. She landed hard across his muscular thighs with her head down and ass up. He took a moment to adjust her to his liking, then wrapped his left arm across her back to hold her in place.

“Do you understand why you are being punished?”

“I snuck into the club without permission.”

She jumped and hissed when his hand came down hard on her right cheek. The pain was sharp, hard, and hot.

“Why did you come into my club without permission?” The hand came down on her left cheek.

She tried to think of an answer that was close enough to the truth to satisfy him without telling him the actual truth.

“I was curious about BDSM. I wanted to see the club, but they wouldn’t let me in the front gate.”

Another stroke. “This is a private club for members only. You are not a member,” he growled.

After that, the strikes came fast and hard on alternating sides. She tried to breathe through the pain, tried not to cry as they continued, but couldn’t help herself. Tears ran down her face by the fourth slap, and by the sixth she began crying in earnest. After that she lost count.

It took a moment for her to realize when he stopped. Her ass felt on fire, and she wondered how long it would be before she would be able to sit down again without remembering. She jumped when he began to caress her ass with something cool and creamy.

“Shhh, little mouse. This will ease the pain,” he explained, holding her in place when she tried to move away.

 Knowing the punishment was over, she relaxed. A strange feeling of freedom washed over her along with a lust she had never felt before. No one had ever spanked her, and she had to admit that though it hurt like hell, the punishment and Sir’s domination also turned her on. Big time. Her thighs were wet with her juices, and her nipples were hard enough to poke holes through concrete.

“Looks like someone enjoyed her spanking,” Sir murmured as he trailed fingers between her legs and through her cream. “Are you horny, little mouse? Do you want to come?”

“Yes, Sir,” Whitney whispered, her face burning almost as much as her ass did.

Her breath caught when two fingers pressed into her channel. Then she sighed. It felt good to have someone else play with her pussy. When another finger brushed against her clit, her hips shifted, asking for more.

The movement earned her a sharp smack to her still stinging ass. “Hold still. You will not come until I give you permission. Do you understand?”

Whitney had to swallow back a moan before she answered, “Yes, Sir.”

After that, she concentrated on trying not to move while he played. He filled her with two and then three long, thick fingers. He slid them in and out while his thumb circled and flicked at her pleasure button. A heartbeat before she came, he pulled his fingers free and his attention shifted to her back hole.

“Such a pretty little pucker. Has anyone ever taken you there?” he asked as one finger circled round and round her back hole.

Her orgasm fizzled as she tensed. “No man ever has,” she said without elaborating. If he wanted more, he could ask for it. As it was, she was having a hard time thinking and forming words.

“No man, eh? How about toys? Have you played here before?” His finger stopped circling, and the tip pressed against the center of the star.

Her muscles tightened against the threatened intrusion. “I used a butt plug once, but I didn’t leave it in long. It felt strange.”

Instead of pushing into her, his hand slid back to her clit. Sliding two fingers back into her channel, he quickly built her lust back up. She fought her approaching orgasm with everything in her. Then he pinched her clit and held tight.

“Come now, little mouse,” he ordered in his steel-laced voice.

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