Untrained Fascination

Brace for Humanity 1

eXtasy Books

Heat Rating: Steamy
Word Count: 26,596
3 Ratings (4.7)

Like thousands of humans, Lianne works for the Rrassic on a world she didn’t know existed. A friend stuck her neck out during registration and hid Lianne’s compatibility with the Rrassic under the guise of an existing allergy to cats.

An accident at a public event made Lianne run into the action, and a few small cuts left enough of her at the scene to give the hunters a trail to follow.

Sorrok selected Lianne as a possible mate back on Earth, but he wasn’t the one to collect her during the final extraction, so he was sure that someone else would have found their way into her bed.

His delight meets feral possessiveness, and while he changes her life, he makes sure that there is a place for him in it.

Untrained Fascination
3 Ratings (4.7)

Untrained Fascination

Brace for Humanity 1

eXtasy Books

Heat Rating: Steamy
Word Count: 26,596
3 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Angela Waters

“Lianne Whelling, forklift driver with a commercial license.” The cataloguer looked up from her files and smiled.

“Correct, Bella.” Lianne looked at her high school friend and waited to be catalogued and given her ident band so she could work for the invaders. The air felt different on this new world, and she was relieved to see a familiar face, even if Bella was working for the aliens.

“Cataloger Thems, please. I have to keep this professional.”

“Of course. Yes, I am a driver.” She waited.

“Are you aware that your DNA may be a match for the Rrassic?”

Lianne’s palms sweated slightly. “How unfortunate. I am not interested.”

Lianne watched Bella’s hands move over her keyboard.

Bella smiled coolly. “I understand. It is not a situation that many human women would rush toward, though several that I have processed were content to become Breeders.”

“How many of your own have you sentenced to be Breeders?” Lianne couldn’t stop the growl in her voice.

“I did not sentence them, their DNA did. All I did was interview them for psychological compatibility with the position.” Bella smiled tightly, flicking her eye toward the cameras stationed around the room.

Suddenly, Lianne wasn’t sure that her old friend had turned on her people. It seemed that being pressured into work wasn’t something that was exclusive to the mass populace.

Bella had gone to work for the mayor three years before the abduction. She had always been good at reading people, and working in human resources had been a perfect match for her temperament.

It seemed that her alien overlords agreed.

Lianne sat and waited while Bella performed a second scan.

Lianne had to sit still while Bella frowned.


“What is weird?”

“You might be compatible, but you have a feline allergy. How strange. You are definitely not suitable for the position as Breeder. I guess you are stuck driving for a living.” Bella’s expression was bland as a small machine burped out an ident band.

Lianne could barely keep a straight face. She was about as allergic to cats as she was to hamburgers. It was an excellent out, as most of the Rrassic had feline characteristics. It would firmly keep her out from under one of the horny fuzzballs.

She extended her left arm, and the band was snapped around her wrist.

“You can report to the Alder Docks tomorrow and begin your work. Have a busy career, Lianne Whelling.”

“Thank you. I believe I shall.”

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