[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romantic Suspense, M/F/M, Consensual BDSM, public exhibition, spanking]

Could the mind-blowing sex and incredible threesomes be clouding her judgment?

Sandra loves her job. She gets to shut down the bad guys and rescue the innocent. She knows that she makes a difference to the world even if most of her work is classified.

Yet, her priorities are flipped upside down when The Agency seems intent on punishing two men who have technically done nothing wrong. In fact, they’d both been instrumental in the capture of The Agency’s most wanted man—their father.

Davin and Darrick have no idea who to trust. Their physical attraction to the pretty blonde supposedly assigned to protect them is overwhelming, but, to Sandra, are they just another assignment?

Suddenly on the run from both the good guys and the bad, can Sandra, Davin, and Darrick uncover the truth and somehow learn to trust each other?

Note: Each book in the Altered Destinies series is a stand-alone and can be read out of sequence.


Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Abby Blake is a Siren-exclusive author.

Traitor (MFM)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
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GoldenAngel.jpg5 ANGELS: "Sandra enjoys her current lifestyle - single with a well-established career as a Federal Agent at The Agency. After surviving one failed marriage, the last thing she wants is to fall in love. Yet, it seems that fate has other ideas because not only does Sandra fall hard for Davin, but she also falls madly in love with his twin brother, Darrick. To make matters worse, the twins are considered a threat by The Agency because of their father's harmful human experiments. And, if that isn't enough to deal with, the twin's lives are in danger from an unknown enemy who is determined to color Davin and Darrick as traitors. Will the Davin and Derrick be able to prove their innocence? And, more importantly, will they be able to convince Sandra that they are nothing like her ex-husband and that they are destined to be together as a threesome. I so hate when a terrific series comes to an end; but, it's also a joy to see the evil villain finally get his just desert, all while the romances he tries to destroy bloom into loving, lifelong commitments. Author Abby Blake successfully manages to tie up all the loose ends hanging from the previous installments in the Altered Destinies series with a few surprising twisters thrown into the mix to keep things interesting in Traitor. I can honestly say that with each release, I was perched on the edge of my seat with excitement, eager to see just how the thrilling, somewhat suspenseful storyline would unfold. I am happy to say that I was never disappointed. I truly admire Sandra's total dedication and determination towards her men, Davin and Darrick, especially when circumstantial evidence points otherwise. The trio's passion is hot, heavy and instant. Each sexual encounter, whether as a twosome or threesome, left me breathless with enormous desire. Whew! I simply can't say enough about Abby Blake's ménage scenes. Enjoy!" -- Contessa, Fallen Angel Reviews

4 STARS: "TRAITOR is the remarkable conclusion of the Altered Destinies series and it has all the components that I've come to love about the series and wrapped the series up in a delightful way. The suspenseful and exciting plot, super hot sex, and characters that I've grown to love made this book a definite hit for me. Sandra is a "job first" kind of girl and is one of The Agency's best agents, but after the latest raid of their number one enemy's (called The Professor) holdings, she finds two men that she is inexplicably drawn to. And when she finds them being imprisoned for no reason, she makes a decision that changes her life forever. Davin and Darrick tried to help the Agency bring down their father, known as "The Professor", but now they are being held and they don't know who to trust. But when the agent they are both attracted to, Sandra, helps them escape, they all must not only figure out their feelings for each other but also how to bring down The Professor and a traitor in their midst. Sandra has been a favorite character of mine since the second book in the series, Runner, and I was glad that she finally got her own book. Davin and Darrick are new additions, but I loved what their characters brought to the book. The heat between Sandra, Davin and Darrick was so intense, I thought I was having hot flashes. I think because Sandra was usually so controlled in the previous books, it was nice to see her let go in passion. And with hot twins like Davin and Darrick, who could blame her? The plot moved along and wrapped up all hanging plot lines, and there was also a HUGE reveal of betrayal that was delightfully shocking. I absolutely was glued to my kindle while reading because I had to find out how it was all going to end. Ultimately, it was the HEA that I was hoping for, and as sad as I am to see the series end, I have to say that I've had a blast reading it. TRAITOR was not only a great addition to the Altered Destinies series but an exciting and engaging book in its own right." -- Rho, The Romance Reviews


"Sandra is hurrying to get to a wedding – a wedding that almost didn’t happen. But Sandra and the rest of the Agency finally caught up with the Professor and took down at least one of his labs. Having him in custody is the best wedding present any of them could offer the new mates. Sandra is happy about the outcome but there is something about that isn’t sitting right with her – if only she could put her finger on what’s worrying her. Davin and Darrick are sons of the Professor, but they haven’t been able to stand him or what he was doing for many years. They are also half siblings to all the other children, now adults, which the Agency has already rescued. The fact that they are very weak in psychic powers compared to their siblings put them into extreme disregard with their father and made them just useful lab rats. But they have both been doing things like covering their backs and alerting the Agency about what was going on. Now their father has been taken, but both of them are also in custody. Sandra knows that one of the brothers was working with the Agency by passing on information on the side. Right now no one knows if Davin or Darrick are good guys or bad ones, but Sandra is assigned to stay with them in a safe house while things are worked out. All three are working together to unravel the Professor’s labs and research when suddenly Davin and Darrick are taken into custody again. Sandra has no idea what is going on, but she knows in her heart and with every instinct she has that neither of them have done anything to be arrested for. Now on the run, Sandra, Davin and Darrick know their only hope is to track down the last known lab and find evidence to clear them. The danger spikes as they get close to and arrive at the lab. Caught in the middle, the three of them will have to decide who to trust and hope they make the correct decision so that the love they have found will have a future. Three people on the run to discover the truth learn the value of trust, betrayal and love in Traitor. Sandra, Davin and Darrick are pushed together and find a love that none of them would have expected. I was surprised to see that there were more psychic siblings and very surprised to learn that all of them were the children of the Professor. Watching as suspicions tries to tear apart the new lovers, it was pretty easy to see that something strange was going on, so I wasn’t as surprised as I could have been by the serious turn that appeared. It made me smile to see that all of the siblings and their spouses came to the rescue. At the end, I was sad to see the Agency being disbanded, but very happy that it was only because it had completed the job it was developed for. I found that all the siblings achieved the ultimate happy ending. Traitor is a mixture of suspense, betrayal, trust and most importantly love of many kinds. A fitting ending to a great series." -- Jo, Joyfully Reviewed

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“Jenna said we’re related.” Darrick was obviously trying to figure friend from foe, but Davin could sense his underlying concern that they were somehow related to Sandra. Considering the fascination that they were both feeling toward the pretty blonde, finding out she was their sister could lead to a big disappointment. Although, at this moment they should probably be worrying more about their immediate futures than any sort of sexual attraction.

“Yes, Jenna and I and the rest of our sisters share the same mother and father. We just had no idea who our father was until you filled us in. I’ve got to say that even though I’m not completely surprised, I’d been hoping otherwise.”

“Us, too. You can imagine dear old dad’s disappointment when we were born without extraordinary talents.” Darrick laughed in a way that made it clear it wasn’t really funny. “That’s probably when he got the idea to use Lydia. We’re not sure what happened to her. As children we used to be allowed the occasional visit, but she was moved to a different facility around our tenth birthday, and we haven’t heard of her since.”

“There might be some information about her in the files I stole.” Davin hadn’t really meant to mention that. He had planned to use the files as leverage to hopefully gain his and his brother’s freedom, but it somehow seemed more important to find the woman and introduce her to her children.

Jason gave him an assessing look, almost as if he could see every thought in Davin’s head. Hell, considering he was Lydia’s son, he probably could. She’d been extraordinarily talented and had spent time teaching him and Darrick how to communicate telepathically. Without her they probably would never have been able to access that particular skill.

“Lydia is safe. She was rescued some time ago. So was Alana.” As he spoke, Jason placed his hands on Davin’s head. At first Davin thought Jason was checking the wound. After brain surgery he’d surely have stitches and a hole in his skull, but Jason simply held still for a moment. Unbelievably, Davin’s headache receded quite noticeably. “You’ll undoubtedly meet Theresa before the day is over, and well, Dana makes Jenna look like a sweetheart, so you might want to wait until you’re feeling a little stronger before meeting her.”

“Hey, that’s my sister-in-law you’re talking about,” Sandra said with a wide grin.

“And no,” Jason said with a smile that suggested he was about to impart some secret information. “Sandra is not one of our sisters, and she’s single.”

“Good to know,” Darrick said with a genuine grin as Jason left the room.




She felt Davin move away, could hear him taking off his clothes. She gasped as Darrick pushed her onto her back, his hand tangling in the curls surrounding her clit, his touch light, teasing, her body aching, needy. She heard the tearing sound of the condom wrapper, Davin’s soft groan as he rolled it onto his cock, his teasing laugh as he pushed her legs wide and replaced his brother’s fingers with his tongue.

She squirmed, the sensation too intense, her need too urgent, her breath catching as orgasm curled closer. “Please,” she whispered, her need for these men overwhelming all else.

“Shhh, honey, we’ll take care of you,” Davin said telepathically as he thrust his tongue deep into her pussy, the action unexpected, the shock making her wriggle against their combined hold.

“Please,” she said in a whimper. Darrick pinched her nipples, the aching buds sending bursts of heat straight to her clit. Davin doubled his efforts, his tongue, his fingers, his lips driving her to the brink of madness.

“Come for us, beautiful,” Darrick said with a soft kiss. She nodded, as if eager to follow his order, surprising herself with her willingness to submit to them. But then heat exploded through her midsection, and she gasped for air. Every muscle shook with her ecstasy, the shivering, rolling, roller-coaster sensation stealing her sanity as it went on and on.

Davin licked her pussy like ice cream, the warm, soothing motion easing her through the intense sensations. He continued to suckle her swollen flesh as she finally relaxed against the mattress. Darrick pressed soft kisses to her face as she panted and tried to catch her breath.

She felt Davin move, the head of his cock pressing against her wide-open pussy. She wrapped her arm around Darrick, pulling him closer, the incredible sensation of kissing one man while another pushed into her pussy indescribable.

He slowly worked his way into her willing flesh, the tight fit making her gasp as her lower half tingled and orgasm spiraled closer once more. Fully seated in her pussy, he leaned forward, pushed his brother out of the way, and kissed her. Deep, drugging kisses, the taste of her own cream still on his lips making the strangely ordinary position seem deeply erotic.

Davin moved, pulling from her pussy, his thick cock rubbing over a spot inside her that she had never noticed before. He slid back in, his dick perfectly angled to roll over that part once more. He placed his hands on her hips, pushing her ass deeper into the mattress, angling her pelvis differently so that his cock rubbed harder over that incredibly sensitive flesh.

She moaned, unable to hold back the passionate noise. She had barely a moment to see the grin on Darrick’s face before Davin started to move faster, each pass over that spot sending her arousal into the stratosphere. Again and again he thrust into her, only to rasp over the most sensitive flesh as he pulled out.

Darrick caressed her stomach with his hand, the warm soothing touch in counterpoint to the hard, deep thrusts from Davin. She was gasping, aching, pleading with her body for the release only these two men could give her when Davin suddenly sped up, his movements more powerful, more forceful, more amazing.

The shivering started, her entire body vibrating as if an electric current ran through her. Her thighs quivered, her arms shook, her hands trembled. She let out a cry, a scream that shocked her, the noise unmistakable as ecstasy. He fucked her harder, faster, his hands holding her down, her body his to pleasure.

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