The Prince and the Frog (MM)

Stories, Tales, and Legends: Retold 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 44,386
7 Ratings (3.9)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Fairy Tale Romance, M/M, HEA]
Prince Ivan’s father believes his sons should find wives the traditional way–by going on a quest. This most fervent wish sends Ivan to his destiny. A magical forest, swamps, and strange dreams are just the beginning of the prince’s bad luck. Not only does his chosen bride prove to be a frog, she is also a he!
With an ancient magic involved, Ivan and Vasiliy the frog have no choice but to marry. But their problems aren’t over yet. First a test of worthiness threatens their blossoming relationship. Then there is the small matter of the magical curse Vasya is under. Finally, Ivan’s impatience rips the two apart.
Can the prince fulfill the impossible quest and thwart the most feared wizard in the world (aka his father-in-law) to get his frog back? And will Vasya begin an all-out magical war to return to his prince?
A Siren Erotic Romance
The Prince and the Frog (MM)
7 Ratings (3.9)

The Prince and the Frog (MM)

Stories, Tales, and Legends: Retold 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 44,386
7 Ratings (3.9)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
After reading the extracts I had found on this book, it stayed with me and I knew I had to buy it. It was the first fairy-tale novel I have ever read and I loved every moment of it.
It takes a classic fairy-tale and makes it gay story that keeps you wanting much more. That takes some doing. I am sure it will stay with me for a very long time as it has been a week or since I read the book and it still sticks with me. Very few books have that effect on me.
I would gladly read this over and over again and anymore gay fairy-tale books this author has to give.
I cannot praise it enough. It is a beautiful work of art.

Cerie Hinton




Ivan narrowed his eyes, trying to see in the mist that hung over the marshes. He chose his way carefully, painfully aware one wrong step could end up with both him and Fox swallowed by the swamp. After another five minutes, he finally recognized the dark shape in the mist for the stunted willow tree it was.

The tree sat in the middle of a small, shallow pond decorated by a few bunches of grassy weeds and a thick layer of duckweed. Ivan thought getting to the tree would be difficult if that was indeed where the arrow had landed. Before he could let himself feel relief that there would be no need for that, his whole body tensed. Because, lo and behold, there in the middle of the stinky, muddy pond, right in the center of the willow’s trunk, sat Ivan’s arrow.

“You have got to be fucking kidding me!” Ivan grumbled as he let go of Fox’s reins and bunched his hands in fists with a feeling of utter helplessness. He knew his luck wouldn’t hold. Of course his arrow had to land in the middle of nowhere, and in a place that nearly guaranteed Ivan’s death if he wished to retrieve the bloody piece of wood! His shoulders slumping, Ivan sighed deeply. There was nothing for it. He had to go and retrieve the arrow. With another sigh, Ivan started to carefully make his way over the bunches of grass.

After what seemed like ages, he finally reached the tiny island in the middle of the small body of water where the willow grew. Grabbing on to the tree like a shipwrecked person might a piece of wood, Ivan nearly let himself relax.

“Well, at least there is no one here, no person in the near vicinity of my arrow.” A tiny sliver of hope rose in Ivan’s soul.

Just to be extinguished not even a second later.

“I beg your pardon!” A voice spoke from the tree above. “No one in near vicinity? I beg to disagree!”

With a feeling of dread and a clench of his stomach, Ivan let his eyes rise. And rise. And rise some more. His gaze followed the tree trunk from its bottom where it disappeared in the murky waters, up, and up, and up until it rested slightly over Ivan’s line of sight and on the arrow burrowed deeply in the wood. And on said arrow sat…

No, it can’t be. Even I cannot have such shitty luck!

“A toad. You’re a toad,” Ivan stated in a toneless voice. A toad!

The toad sputtered. Or croaked. Or both.

“How dare you!” It finally settled on shrieking in fury. “Ribbit!” And croaking. “I am most definitely not a toad! I am a European tree frog! Hyla arborea! Not a toad! Ribbit!” It croak-shrieked, enraged. “And you! You bloody moron! What were you thinking, letting your arrow loose like that? I was sitting here in my quiet little tree, minding my own business, when your freaking arrow nearly pierced my arm! Ribbit! What did you think you were doing, ruining people’s peaceful afternoon like that! Ribbit! Ribbit!”

Ivan closed his eyes in despair. He knew something awful was going to happen during this quest. And now it had. A frog. A frog speaking in a human voice sat near his arrow. And only a frog. A very enraged frog. Ivan sighed.

When in doubt fall back on your good manners, his inner voice supplied. Ivan thought it was as good of an idea as any.

“I’m sorry, please forgive me, my good frog. I’m Prince Ivan, son of King Aleksey. I shot this arrow from the courtyard of my father’s palace. It was his idea to find my brothers and me spouses. We were each to marry the person near whom the arrow fell,” he explained.

The frog was suspiciously quiet but for an occasional croak. Ivan lifted his gaze, letting it fall on the animal. It was pretty, as frogs went, he supposed. The green of its skin was an intense jewel-like color with a dark stripe running along its sides. It seemed to watch Ivan with a contemplative gaze.

“And I presume it would be too much to hope,” the frog said slowly in a deceptively calm voice with only a single croak, “that this idea of your father’s didn’t involve any magic at all?” Ivan grimaced and the frog took it as the answer it was. “Oh, hell,” the animal sighed and shook its tiny head. “This is so not how I envisioned my future going.”

“What—?” Ivan started in a breaking voice, then paused, licked his lips, and tried again. “What do you mean?” He could feel the cold tendrils of dread reaching for him.

“I mean, you stupid man, that when you involved magic in this stunt of yours, it became binding. Whatever spell was put on this bloody arrow will not cease until its stipulations are fulfilled.” The frog spoke as if Ivan was a total moron. He felt like he was.

“And that means what, exactly?” he asked, begging in his mind that the suspicion he had was wrong. Nope, no such luck!

“It means, my dear human, that you are now affianced to me. We will have to marry.”

“Marry? Marry a frog?” Ivan’s voice became panicked and slightly hysterical. “So what, I’m supposed to take you to my father and introduce you as my bride? My bride the frog!”

“No.” The frog’s voice was dark as it delivered the final blow. “Your groom the frog. I am male, not female.”




Ivan’s hands were everywhere, setting Vasya’s body on fire. With his skin oversensitized from desire, he could feel every touch. Their bodies melded into one another, their pricks sliding against each other. Ivan’s knee was between Vasya’s thighs, and the prince pushed him deep into the soft mattress, grinding his thick shaft against Vasiliy’s abdomen. Vasya’s balls became heavy with the need to empty his seed. It was too soon. He pushed Ivan away and their lips separated.

“You must stop, my prince!” Vasya managed to say.

“What? Why?” Ivan’s eyes were hazed with lust, but also a hint of worry. “Did I do something wrong?” the man asked.

Vasya chuckled, the sound almost painful. “Gods, no. You were doing everything right. So much so that I nearly came. And I don’t want that. Not until you’re buried deep inside me.”

“Oh!” Ivan’s eyes widened. “And how…” He licked his lips nervously. “How do we do that? I don’t want to hurt you. Tell me what to do.”

Awww. Vasiliy’s heart melted at the concern in his husband’s eyes.

“You won’t hurt me if we do this right. But you’ve got a very nice, thick cock. My hole will need a lot of stretching to accommodate your girth.”

“Stretching, right.” Ivan had obviously no idea what Vasya was talking about. Vasiliy smiled. He wasn’t the most experienced person when it came to sex, but he’d had his share of experimenting with fellow students.

“First, we’ll need some oil. I believe there is some left over from when I was baking the kolach. It should be somewhere near my mud trays.”

Ivan shot from the bed and hurried to the mud trays. After a few seconds of frantic searching, he lifted a bottle of oil with a triumphant shout. He grinned at Vasiliy as he came back to bed. Vasya couldn’t help but chuckle at his exuberance.

Vasya sat up and rewarded his man’s find with a kiss. Vasiliy had to squeeze the base of his dick tightly to prevent himself from coming. He sat back and spread his legs widely in invitation.

“Come on, my prince, coat your fingers in oil and rub it over my opening,” he directed.

Ivan didn’t hesitate to follow the order and quickly ran thick fingers coated in a generous amount of oil over Vasya’s hole. “Wait a second!” Vasya reached behind him for one of the fluffy pillows. He stuck it under his hips, angling his body to give his husband better access. “Good, now you can go ahead and explore. You can push one finger in whenever you feel like it,” Vasya instructed.

Ivan took him at his word. Vasya watched the concentration on his husband’s face as the man massaged and prodded at Vasiliy’s quivering hole. Gods! The anticipation was killing him. Finally, one of Ivan’s thick fingers slid inside. Vasya moaned and squeezed his dick harder.

“Is that all right?” Ivan asked with an anxious look on his face.

“Yesss,” Vasya hissed. “Add another finger!”

“Are you sure?” Ivan said with a tiny smirk, his anxiety vanishing as soon as he was assured Vasya was fine. Ivan’s finger slid all the way in and then nearly completely out of Vasya’s hot channel.

“Yes, I’m very sure. Now give me another finger, damn it!” Okay, so he didn’t have patience when it came to sex with his husband, who’d have thought?

“As you wish, my dear frog!” Ivan chuckled and Vasya growled, realizing he was stuck with the nickname. Ivan pushed two fingers in Vasiliy’s ass, and all thoughts fled from Vasya’s head as he moaned.

“Gods, yes. Now scissor them,” he directed, and Ivan followed his lead obediently. In a short time, and with Vasiliy’s guidance, Ivan had four fingers in his ass, and Vasya felt he was ready. He hooked his hand behind Ivan’s head, pulling him in for a kiss, the man finger-fucking him all the while. A small whine escaped Vasya’s throat when Ivan grazed over his sweet spot. “Mmm.” He licked his lips when the kiss ended “Now for the main event! Come and give me that fat cock of yours!” he demanded. Ivan only chuckled. “Just put some oil on it first,” Vasya remembered to add, shaking off his wonder at how handsome his husband looked.

Ivan did as he asked. For a prince, the man was surprisingly good at following orders.

Ivan lined the flared, red head of his dick up to Vasya’s stretched opening. Vasya waited, but the man hesitated, looking up at him.

“Are you sure I’m not gonna hurt you?” the prince asked, and Vasiliy’s heart melted once again.

“I’m certain. Now stop stalling and fuck me!”

Without further ado, Ivan did. Vasya felt a bit of a burn. Ivan’s dick was truly impressive! Ivan moved slowly, sliding his hard member into Vasya’s channel inch by agonizing inch.

“Yes, give me all of it, my prince!”

Ivan bottomed out, his heavy balls slapping against Vasya’s skin. Ivan paused and looked up at Vasiliy. Vasya grinned. “You’re all the way in now, my prince. You can let go and fuck me hard like you want.”

Ivan searched his face for confirmation, and he must have found it, because his own expression relaxed, and he nodded before taking Vasya for the ride of his life.

Ivan started pounding hard into him, and Vasiliy had to let go of his dick. He wound his arms around his husband’s neck as the man leaned over him, pistoning his hips with incredible speed. Vasya’s body came alive, all the nerve endings singing with pleasure. Ivan delved in for a kiss, and Vasiliy returned it with passion.

Soon, Vasiliy could feel the tell-tale signs of his orgasm. His husband was getting close as well. Without much of a warning, Vasiliy’s dick shot long streams of hot cum, painting his stomach with a milky mess. Seconds later, Ivan’s thrusts faltered, and he filled Vasya’s channel with his seed.

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