Wanted (MM)

Bound Forever 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 36,215
29 Ratings (4.6)

[Siren Publishing: The Lynn Hagen ManLove Collection: Alternative Contemporary Paranormal Romance, MM, shape-shifter, HEA]

Kidnapped off the street and thrown into a dark cage, Austin feels like his world is ending. He hasn't the first clue why someone took him, until a stranger is tossed into the cage next to him. Frightened, Austin reaches out and is soothed by the man's deep voice. After Holton rescues him from the lab, Austin's life is never the same. They have to keep moving, staying one step ahead of those who hunt them, but what started out as a terrifying situation turns into hot nights with his dragon warrior.

When Holton is recaptured and returned to the lab, he curses Alric for being led astray. If his leader hadn't fallen for Tristan, Holton wouldn't be in this situation. But a small voice in the dark sends his heart skyrocketing, and Holton will risk everything to free Austin, unaware just how much the man will change his life. 

Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.
Wanted (MM)
29 Ratings (4.6)

Wanted (MM)

Bound Forever 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 36,215
29 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Melody Simmons




“Are you there?” the stranger whispered.

God, the smell alone in this place was enough to make Holton gag. It smelled like they were living in a sewer. Combined with the staggering heat and Holton might vomit after all. He was surprised he could smell the stranger’s scent through the noxious odors.

“I’m here.” Holton lay on his stomach, his cheek resting against the cool concrete, his body aching so badly he wished he’d been knocked unconscious.

“Oh, thank god.” There were tears in the man’s voice. He sounded young—too young to be a soldier. That was the kind of men that had been housed the first time Holton had been here.

“W-Why’re they doing this to us?”

Holton closed his good eye at the sound of terror in the man’s voice. He remembered when he was first brought here and shoved into a cage. Holton had been beyond livid, but he’d been afraid, too. But he’d had his team to talk to, to bring him a level of comfort through all the torture he’d endured.

“Are you military?” Holton asked.

“No, I’m not. I was walking home from work when I was kidnapped. I woke up here, but no one will tell me anything. All they keep doing is drawing blood from me.”

That didn’t make any sense. The scientists were making super soldiers. Why would they snatch a random guy off the street? “Have they experimented on you?”

He heard a quick intake of air.

“Is that what they’re doing?” The stranger burst into tears, his loud sobs echoing throughout the holding area.

“How old are you?”

Judging by the quick successions of breath, the guy was clearly trying to calm himself. “Nineteen.”

Jesus fucking Christ. What were these monsters up to? “What’s your name, kid?”

“A-Austin Hoyt. What’s yours?”

“Holton Retinno.” With tremendous effort and a good deal of pain, Holton dragged his body toward the bars. Not that he would be able to see Austin, but it gutted him to hear the guy cry. No one should have to go through something like this alone. “Have you heard them say anything about why you’re here?”

“Yes, but none of it makes any sense.” Austin sniffed loudly, as though he was drying his tears. Holton didn’t blame him for falling apart. Any civilian would, especially a guy Austin’s age.

Not that Holton was old. He’d just turned twenty-eight a month before he’d been thrown into this place.

“What did you hear?”

“They talked a lot of scientific stuff that I didn’t understand, but I kept hearing the word ‘mate.’ One guy said he discovered an anomaly with two of the subjects, so they wanted to test their theory. What does that even mean?”

“I’m not sure.” But Holton had a hunch. Why else would he and Austin be the only two people in this large holding area? Were they testing their theory with them? And if what Austin was saying was true, had Tristan been Alric’s mate?

That would explain why his leader had lost his ever-loving mind over the little journalist. None of the prior test subjects were wholly human anymore. The scientists had turned them into dragons. Did that mean dragons had mates?

So many questions circled inside Holton’s head that his brain started to hurt.



“Are we g-gonna die?”

Not if he could help it. “No, we’re not.”



Austin sucked in a deep breath. “I like the sound of your voice.”

No one had ever said that to him. Micah had teased him once or twice over the years that he’d been given extra testosterone at birth because his voice was so deep. He’d joked that Holton should’ve used it to make a mint as a phone-sex guy.

Holton had always thought Micah had been born with a few screws loose. Now, he liked that it brought Austin comfort. “Why’s that?”

“It’s soothing,” Austin said. “Thank you for talking to me.”

You shouldn’t trust him. This could be a setup. What if Austin is here to befriend you then tries to get the information Samuel wants? That could be the case, but Holton wasn’t sure. There was just something about Austin’s voice that was soothing to him, too.

His light tone even made Holton’s dragon purr.

He wasn’t sure how long he lay there before he heard approaching footsteps. Holton’s heart thundered at the sound. He tried to transform, but nothing happened. Not even his claws would slide free.

“He’s coming,” Austin whispered. “Oh God, he’s coming back!”

But it wasn’t Samuel who appeared in front of his cage.

It was Dr. Vandross. Of all the scientist, he was the worst. The doctor took more pleasure in bringing them pain than Samuel did.

“We recovered the other subjects.” He smirked as he tucked his hands into the pockets of his white lab coat. The guy was tall and slim, average-looking, but there was nothing average about the cruelty in his brown eyes. “It’s only a matter of time before the rest of your team are returned to me.”

The others hadn’t made it? Holton inwardly cursed. He knew they shouldn’t have taken off into the cornfield when they’d first escaped. And Alric had let them. He’d said they weren't a part of their team.

 Under any other circumstance, Holton would’ve agreed, but what they’d been running from had been made of nightmares. And now they were back in cages, just like Holton was.

Dr. Vandross walked a few more steps and stared into the cell next to Holton’s. 

“Hello, Austin,” he said. “Ready for more blood work?”

“Stay away from me,” Austin cried.

Don’t say a word. Don’t let him think you’re concerned about Austin.

With his good eye, Holton watched one of the orderlies pass his cage. The sound of the cell door squeaked open.

“Get away from me!”

Holton ground his teeth and forced himself to stay still, even though his dragon roared and a wave of emotion overwhelmed him. Threatening the orderly’s life would do Holton no good. He couldn’t get off the floor, let alone out of his cage, to back his threat. And he didn’t want the doctor seeing that he just might be right about mates because Holton was ready to eviscerate them for touching Austin and frightening him.

He tried to get a look at Austin when the orderly passed by, but Dr. Vandross was in the way, blocking his view. Holton scented the air, sucking in Austin’s warm scent as the holding area went silent.

Once he was alone, Holton closed his eye, took a deep and calming breath, and mentally sought out his dragon. He felt it inside him, as though it were caged, too.

Whatever had been in that injection held it back, but it would only be a matter of time before the shot wore off, and when it did, Holton would find a way to get him and Austin out of here.




Holton rolled Austin to his back and stared down at him, as if he wanted to devour him. Austin whimpered as Holton gently scraped his nails over his chest, around his nipples, and down his belly. A slow fire began to burn inside Austin. He spread his legs, welcoming Holton to do whatever he wanted. He didn’t care, just as long as his lover relieved the ache deep inside him.

“Are you sure you want me to take you?” One of Holton’s brows arched, but the heat in his eyes never dwindled.

“You’re asking me that now?” Austin stared incredulously at him.

“I just want you to be sure.”

Austin curled his hand around Holton’s dick and squeezed. Holton’s eyes widened as Austin smirked.

“Careful, love,” Holton said. “You don’t want to inflict any damage.”

“What I want is for you to stop questioning this and make love to me already.” He gave Holton’s hard cock a few strokes. “Or are you the one who isn’t sure? Are you having second thoughts?”

God, Austin hoped not. He’d smother Holton in his sleep if he backed down. He needed relief, and Holton was gonna finish what he’d started. Austin was too wound up, and he just might go on a murder spree if he didn’t get some dick.

“Second thoughts about fucking you on every flat surface I can find?” The humor in Holton’s glowing eyes made Austin smile. “Be careful what you ask for, love.”

Austin had to admit that he liked the endearments—especially when they came from Holton. They made him feel special and wanted, and in this crazy world he’d been thrust into, Austin appreciated them. He’d been locked in a cage, alone and terrified, and Holton’s voice had been like a lifeboat as he felt himself drowning.

And now here Holton was, staring at Austin like the man wanted him more than his next breath. “Then show me you haven’t changed your mind.”

Holton smirked. “You talk a lot of trash, you know that?”

“And you talk too much.” He released Holton’s cock. “So I guess I’ll get some sleep since you’re just kneeling there doing nothing.”

Austin sucked in a deep breath when Holton slid down the bed and took his cock into his mouth. His eyes rolled back as Holton swallowed him to the root then licked his way back up, the tip of his tongue teasing the head of Austin’s cock.

Austin threw his arms over his head, crying out as Holton devoured him again, torturing Austin in ways that made his entire body sing with pleasure. He didn’t care who heard his cries of passion as Holton licked his way down to his balls, sucking and licking until Austin thought he’d lose his mind.

As he took Austin to the heights of ecstasy, Holton inserted a wet finger into his ass. Austin bucked and hissed, unsure if he could stand much more. He was so close he felt as if he’d explode at any second.

Then Holton eased back, leaving Austin teetering on the edge of his orgasm. Austin blew out a few breaths, curled his hands into fists, and gritted his teeth. “Don’t tease me.”

“I’m not teasing you.” Holton kissed Austin’s inner thigh. “I’m just drawing this out.”

“Same thing,” Austin argued. “I’m too close.”

“Are you?” Holton’s tone was light and filled with humor. “What should I do about that?”

“I’m gonna slug you,” Austin bit out between clenched teeth. “Finish what you started.”

Headlights flashed across the window before they disappeared. A car door slammed. Austin held his breath, fearful someone would break their door down. He heard a woman’s laughter, a guy talk, and then all went quiet again.

When he looked at Holton, his lover’s gaze was pinned to the door, too. Living on the run was the worst feeling, but as soon as Holton’s lips touched his cock, Austin forgot about everything but the man between his legs.

This time Holton didn’t let up. He added a second finger to Austin’s ass while sucking his cock, driving him insane. When his orgasm slammed into him, Austin writhed on the bed, crying out Holton’s name.

Austin gasped for breath as Holton got off the bed and rummaged through the bag. He had no idea what the guy was looking for until he turned, a tiny bottle of lube in his hand.

How had Austin not seen that when he’d dug his clothes out? But the question slipped from his mind as he stared at Holton’s perfect body. He stood by the dresser, naked and hard, his cock jutting out from a nest of auburn curls. Even though Austin had just climaxed, his cock twitched and his hole pulsed at the sight before him.

Holton’s biceps alone had Austin ready to come again.

Holton sauntered toward Austin like a predator closing in on his prey. Austin’s pulse quickened, his throat went dry, and his body tightened in anticipation.

Holton moved to the side of the bed, towering over Austin, the head of his cock beaded with pre-cum. Austin got to all fours and crawled over, licking the clear liquid away, the salty taste exploding on his tongue.

His lover hissed, encouraging him to continue. Austin licked and teased the heated flesh then took the head into his mouth, suckling.

Holton groaned. “Not like this. I want to be buried inside you when I come.” He pulled back, his cock slipping from between Austin’s lips. But Austin still tasted Holton’s essence in his mouth as he turned and waited. 

With a low growl, Holton climbed onto the bed then positioned Austin so they were lined up. Austin’s eyes crossed when Holton sucked at his ass, inserting thick fingers inside him, making Austin cry out.

Holton didn’t let up until he had three fingers inserted inside Austin. How could anyone survive such pleasure? Austin’s body tightened, and he felt the buildup coming again, but Holton pulled his fingers free, and then the blunt head of his cock was at Austin’s hole.

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