Scent of a Wolf (MM)

Hell Hath No Fury 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 22,831
2 Ratings (4.0)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Alternative Paranormal Romance, MM, shape-shifter, werewolves, HEA]

Remy Kruger, a private investigator and wolf shifter, has returned home on a case. A boy was abducted in Hell, Michigan. The police have found no leads. Remy’s the family’s only chance to find him before it’s too late.

Boone Whistler is desperate to save his nephew. When someone refers him to a PI who’s notorious for finding missing children law enforcers couldn’t, he contacts him and begs him to take on his case.  Once he meets Remy Kruger, he’s intrigued. Boone didn’t expect Remy to be so good-looking or to act so mysterious and odd.

Following a lead, Boone forces Remy to take him to the wolf shifter campground to meet the leader of the pack, Remy’s estranged father, who may know where the boy is. Humans are forbidden in their territory. Remy and Boone must pretend to be mates to protect Boone. Things quickly get intense between them. Can Remy protect Boone, who he’s beginning to care for, from his father’s wrath? Or will they be killed before they can get answers?

Scent of a Wolf (MM)
2 Ratings (4.0)

Scent of a Wolf (MM)

Hell Hath No Fury 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 22,831
2 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




What was Boone thinking now that Remy had bared his soul? The question flashed like a neon sign on a continual loop in Remy’s mind.

He’d never told anyone about his brother’s death. Nor had he told any of his clients about the voyeur stone and exactly what it could do. He felt it wasn’t any of their business. But it was different with Boone. For some strange reason, he wanted to confess his darkest, deepest secrets to the handsome human. Boone was easygoing and a good listener. But was spilling all the darkness in Remy’s life a good idea? Maybe it was too much information way too soon. They’d only just met. The last thing he wanted was to scare Boone or have him regretting hiring him, a wolf shifter, to find Thomas.

He wondered if he should reassure Boone that regardless of whom he was or what happened in Remy’s past, he would do anything and everything possible to bring Thomas home unhurt. He’d learned from his mistakes.

He spied on Boone through the side window. The night lighting outside allowed Boone’s reflection to be visible in the glass. Boone’s face was expressionless. His focus appeared to be solely on the road ahead. Was that a good thing, or bad? Was he afraid of Remy? Remy would never hurt him, ever.

“How much longer do we have to drive?” Boone asked, catapulting Remy out of his reverie.

He exhaled languidly. He hadn’t realized he’d been holding in his breath until now. Then he replied, “It’s not that far off. Which means I should start getting you ready for the big show we will have to put on.” He had prolonged telling Boone for as long as possible. But now he couldn’t wait any longer. They had to be prepared and make their story believable. Boone’s life depended on it.

Boone glanced at him. His furrowed brows practically touched, Remy noted. “What show?”

“The one where you pretend to be my mate.” Remy couldn’t get more to the point than that. Talk about outrageousness. He could only imagine what was running through Boone’s mind after hearing it. But he certainly didn’t expect his humorous reaction.

Boone scoffed, laughing. “Ha-ha. Very funny.”

“I’m dead serious, Boone. The only way they won’t harm you is if they believe you’re my mate.”

Boone’s voice shrilled when he realized Remy wasn’t joking. He asked, “Who are they?”

“The group of wolf shifters that live around Hell. They are ruled by my father, Simon Kruger.”

Boone cocked his brow. “Kruger? But your last name is Watson.”

“No. That’s my business name. My real name is Remy Kruger, and my father is Simon Kruger. We’re going to see him. If anyone will know who that werewolf—or whatever it was I saw in my vision—is, it’ll be him.”

Boone’s mouth gaped before he shut it and glared at Remy. It was as if he had registered Remy’s words only now. “So your father is the wolf shifters’ leader?”

Remy rolled his eyes. “Big surprise, huh? You never saw that coming.”

Boone snorted. “You’re damn right I didn’t.” He returned his focus on the road. “Have you seen your father since you left home?”

“Nope. And I don’t know if Father Dearest will even allow me to see him. He wasn’t too fond of me after I let his son die.”

Boone shook his head. “But he’s your father. He loves you. How can he not want to see you?”

Remy thought about the father he knew growing up. He wasn’t the best father in the world, but he wasn’t the worst either. Being the leader of the wolf shifters left him little time to fawn over his children. He’d left that task to Remy’s mother. God rest her soul. She’d been there for her two sons up until she died. When she passed away, Remy’s father took over the parenting responsibilities. But he was never a wolf shifter of many words or emotions. The tight-knit, loving, laughing, and happy family was no more. It had died along with Remy’s mother. In its place was a colder, distant atmosphere. And when Remy let his brother die, whatever frail bond that remained between his father and himself frayed away.

“Well, what can I tell you? It is what it is.” He bowed his head, twirling his thumbs in his lap. He didn’t want to talk about this any longer. “Like I was saying, we have to pretend we are mated. Otherwise, you can’t come in the camp with me. It’s forbidden. Any human who enters or uncovers the hideout is killed.

“It’s part of the whole keeping our species a secret pact they have with the vampires in the area.”

“Vampires? Wolf shifters and vampires are allies?”

Remy swayed his head from side to side. “I wouldn’t call it that. It’s more like if we follow their rules, then they leave us in peace.”

“Interesting.” Boone pursed his lips. He seemed to be having problems absorbing all the intel.

A moment later, Boone replied, “Okay, I’ll pretend to be your mate. I have no problem with that.”

One obstacle down. Now onto the bigger hurdle.

“Well, you just might,” Remy answered. “Claiming that you’re my mate isn’t enough. They’ll have to see and smell it for themselves.”

“I’m not following you. How can they smell it for themselves?” Boone frowned.

“I mean they have to smell my scent on you and yours on mine for it to be believable. Otherwise they’ll know—correction, then my father will know it’s a ploy and you’ll be in danger.”

Boone took a visibly big gulp. With wide eyes, he asked, “How are we going to get your scent on me and mine on you?”

It looked like Remy had to spell everything out, which he was hoping he wouldn’t have to. He huffed. “Kissing and rubbing our naked bodies against each other should do the trick.”




Boone huffed. “Who goes first? Do I kiss you or you kiss me?”

Remy’s lips curled into a devilish smile. “Does it really matter?”

Boone’s heart raced and he stammered, feeling anxious. “Well, n-no. It’s j-just—”

He didn’t get to complete his babbling sentence. Remy cupped Boone’s face with his big strong hands and planted his lips hard on Boone’s.

It took Boone’s breath away. Only after a couple of moments did he realize what happened. He couldn’t react at first. He simply absorbed the heat and pressure of Remy’s throbbing lips on his. But soon he was kissing Remy back, letting his lips move apart and his tongue snake into Remy’s mouth. He traced his perfect teeth with the tip of his tongue, expecting to feel the sharp edge of his canines, but was surprised to feel their smoothness. They were no different from Boone’s. He wanted to ask Remy how and when they transformed into wolf fangs. But to do that meant he’d have to break away from their embrace and this electrifying kiss they shared. Which he refused to do. It was intoxicating. The longer it lasted, the more intense and demanding it got.

His sensual desires didn’t seem to be only one-sided. It appeared Remy was getting lost in the passionate moment, as well. His breathing turned to pants and moans. The hands he’d used to cup Boone’s face moments ago had made their way to the back of Boone’s head. They combed through his hair, making gooseflesh form under their pleasurable caress.

Remy murmured between their merged lips, “You’re one hell of a kisser.”

Boone mumbled back, “Ditto.”

He was absorbed in the effects of the tantalizing kiss, but it wasn’t enough. Boone wanted more. It was as if the rest of his body felt neglected. It needed to enjoy as much, maybe more pleasure than his mouth, so he let all his inhibitions fade and indulged in their intimate contact. He allowed his fingers to roam over the ridges of Remy’s biceps. He marvelled at their size and hardness. He wondered if Remy’s chest and abs were as firm, so he snaked his right hand under his soft cottony shirt. He halted his movements when he made contact with Remy’s lower abs. He waited to see if Remy would object, but when he let out a pleasurable moan, Boone took it as the green light. He rubbed his hand over the rippled muscles that made up Remy’s abdomen. He counted four on the right side and four on the left. God, he had an eight pack. Could that even be possible?

He glided his hand upward to his pecs. When he felt something smooth, round, and cold, he froze.

Remy broke their kiss to lift his shirt. “It’s a piercing.” He flexed his pecs and Boone swooned. His golden tanned skin glistened. Remy had a scattering of light brown hair between his pecs. That was it. He was hairless everywhere else. Which was fine with Boone. It made ogling his perfect body that much easier.

“You are so amazing,” he confessed.

“So are you, Boone. I’m not going to lie to you. I’m excited. Having you this close to me, touching me like that, and us kissing, I’m having a problem controlling myself. Right now I’m fighting the urge to strip you naked and fuck you. I haven’t had sex in over a year, so I’m horny as hell.”

“I also might as well confess. I want to fuck you, too. It’s weird. I mean we only just met and we are doing this so your father will believe we are mated, but it doesn’t change the fact I find you irresistible.”

Remy narrowed his eyes as he dipped forward. His lips were less than a millimetre away from Boone’s. His warm breath caressed Boone’s cheeks and lips. “So what are you saying?”

Boone gulped. He couldn’t believe he was going to say this, but he couldn’t hold back. He suggested in a shaky voice, “I’m saying since we are both horny, we can have sex. It’ll make our story more believable.”

Remy grinned, licking his lips while he stared at Boone’s. “So you’re telling me you want to fuck me? Here and now?”

Boone’s voice trembled when he replied, “Yes.”

He cleared it and stared at Remy, fearing his proposal would be rejected. But instead Remy replied, “I think that is a wonderful idea.” He began to unzip his pants. His erect cock sprung from its restraints when Remy pushed down his pants and underwear.

Boone gasped, unable to take in air. He let his gaze trace every ridge and curve of Remy’s well-endowed cock. His own jumped in his pants while he struggled with clumsy hands to free it. All his strength had appeared to drain from his limbs, and he felt weak.

It was a good thing he was sitting or else he’d have to lean on something to keep himself up.

Remy licked his lips while he admired Boone’s cock. Then he sighed and cupped Boone’s cheeks, bringing his face close to kiss him. “You are beautiful, Boone.” He kissed him sweetly, then stared deep into his eyes. “Are you sure you want this? We don’t have to. We’ve already rubbed enough of our scents on one another. My father and his group won’t doubt we are mates.”

Boone trailed his finger down Remy’s cheek and circled his full, pouty lips. “I know, and the answer is still yes. I want this. I want you.”

Remy grinned proudly. “Well then, fuck me.”

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