Outcast Beast (MM)

Beasts of Iron Stone 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 21,382
14 Ratings (4.4)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Alternative Paranormal Romance, MM, shape-shifters, werewolves, HEA]

After losing his job and breaking up with his boyfriend, Remy Torrance drives out to a cabin in the woods to recharge. Remy immediately encounters a massive problem, a terrifying but gorgeous werewolf squatter by the name of Ford. Ford is one of the beasts of Iron Stone, a savage and outcast werewolf with no pack. Will Remy risk opening his heart again to a stranger who shares his skin with a beast? Ford’s on the verge of losing his human half and turning into a wild animal but he never expected one defiant human to save him. Rey’s vital to keeping his sanity but more important than that, Remy is his fated mate. Torn between vengeance for the pack that wronged his brothers and himself, and Remy, Ford is forced to choose between family or newfound happiness with his mate.

Outcast Beast (MM)
14 Ratings (4.4)

Outcast Beast (MM)

Beasts of Iron Stone 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 21,382
14 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Remmy Torrence and Ford Briggs were both socially challenged. Neither were good with others. Remy was awkward and Ford had others terrified of him because he was one of three brothers labeled the Beasts of Iron Stone. The Briggs brothers were considered more savage, more vicious, and a threat to their former pack the Silver River Wolves. All of which is not entirely untrue. They are certainly hated by the Silver River pack, who made them into the savages they have become. Accepted no where they were squatting on unoccupied land in the woods of Iron Stone. A confrontation occurs between the new land owner and one of the Briggs brothers.

These two main characters (Remy & Ford) seemed made for each other. After an initial series of challenges of personalities and property ownership, as well as Human versus Wolf shifter. A definite attraction is acknowledged and acted on. For the first time both were accepted without prejudicial preconceived falsehoods. They had each other's backs, something else unique.

And Ford's Human partner encouraged him to help his Wolf brothers even as he produced the first aid kit & rendered aid. There are humorous enlightening moments in this story. I waited eagerly for it to be released. Not even able to wait the several weeks before it appeared on Amazon's website. While I was at it I ordered the entire three book set. and several Jane Perky books that were available on Amazon.




“What’s your name, little human?” he asked, voice a little rough, harsh. 

Ford couldn’t remember the last time he spoke to anyone. He moved in here weeks ago, his last human conversation with his brother Cord, ended in claws and more scars. No surprise there. From his early childhood memories, he was always fighting someone. His brothers. The other dominants in the pack before they decided to cut him and his brothers loose.

“Remy Torrance, but you can call me Rem. Wait. This is wrong. Why are you asking my name?”

“I want to know the name of the bold little human who trespasses on my territory.”

Fire appeared in those hazel brown eyes, steel Ford didn’t expect to see. “Hey, you’re the squatter here. I own the deed to this land and this cabin. It’s in my luggage.”

He snarled by instinct, because a dominant wolf didn’t like being challenged. “Lie. No one has been here in weeks, and I saw the old photographs on the wall. You’re too young.”

“That’s my uncle Bobby and my aunt Mary Louise, he named the cabin after her. You should have seen the name on the house. Uncle Bobby passed away and gave me this place. A copy of his will and all the necessary papers are in my luggage.”

Doubt crept into Ford. He scowled. Okay, the human had a point. He assumed no one used this place anymore and decided to take temporary shelter until he built his own place. Ford became preoccupied though, and could hardly focus on anything these days with his beast fighting him all the time. 

Ford knew the affliction he had. It’d only be a matter of time before the beast inside him consumed him whole, leaving nothing of the man he’d been behind. Despite how hard it was, he got off the human. Rem stood up, as well.

“No other growly words?” Rem demanded, crossing his arms. 

Fuck, but knowing the human possessed sass didn’t help his mood. 

“Are you sure you want to continue arguing with someone who can snap your neck in half without much effort?”

Rem paled and Ford sucked in a breath, wishing he could take those words back, but this was the first time anyone stuck around long enough to have an entire conversation with him. 

Rem lifted his chin and fuck, but it would be too easy for him to close in and claim those tempting lips. He bet Rem would taste sweeter than anything he ever had in his entire life. Compliant. Perfect against him. His cock ached and he wanted nothing better than to flip Rem on his hands and knees—

Ford cut that line of thought out, because hurting Rem was the last thing on his mind. Rem would fight him, hell. At this point, Rem would make a grab for his rifle or any close by object to use as a make-shift weapon and use it against him. 

“Well, I’m not leaving either,” Rem blurted. “Because I didn’t travel thousands of miles for nothing. Plus, I’m having the worst day of my life. My car broke down, I had to drag my luggage for hours, and I got nearly attacked by some crazy, hot wolf man.”

“You think I’m hot?”

Rem blistered and glared at him. “Don’t be cocky just because you’re built like a brick wall and look so tempting to climb. Shit. I did it again.”

“Do you really want me to leave?” Ford had no intentions to do that of course, but he wanted to see how Rem would react.

“I’d like that, but will you? What’s your name anyway?”

Didn’t the human know shifters could smell a lie? Rem’s heartbeat just kicked up a notch. 

“Ford, and no. I won’t.” Ford bared his teeth at Rem. “How are you going to kick the Beast of Iron Stone out of your property? You going to whack me with your luggage?”

Crap. Ford only intended to make the joke light-hearted. This was all new to him, and his reaction to Rem confused the hell out of him, both the wolf and human side of him. Most folks made quick excuses to get the hell out of his way, which suited him most of the time. Still, the boy in him who craved acceptance from the pack that always saw him and his brothers as threats, wanted to find someone who would try to understand him.

Rem scowled. “You’re making fun of me now? You know nothing about me, not enough to judge.”

“You’re right. I apologize.” Saying sorry to someone wasn’t exactly Ford’s forte, but he didn’t understand why he acted in unpredictable ways around this human that looked too good to eat. “So, are we going to spend the entire night out here arguing? My kind have thick skin, but you’ll freeze to death if you don’t get back in the cabin.”

“And what? Invite the big bad wolf in? I’m not as dumb as Goldilocks, thank you very much.”

“Rem,” he said with a growl, seeing the goosebumps appear on the human’s arm. Clearly, Rem was starting to get cold but was too stubborn to admit it. “The last thing I want to do is hurt you. Get inside. That’s not a question.”

Rem stared at him for a few moments, then turned his back and marched back inside the cabin. Ford followed, smirking. He initially planned on running through the woods, exhausting himself after a hunt before collapsing in bed. Rem arriving threw those plans out the window, but he was beginning to think this might work. For one, his wolf didn’t feel as aggressive or untamable. 

Tonight was going to be a lot of fun.




Tonight, he only wanted it to be just about them. Ford undid the bottom of Rem’s pants impatiently, unzipped him, and pulled out Rem’s thickening prick. A growl of approval slipped from his lips. Rem helped him along and pushed his jeans down and kicked them aside. Ford took a few seconds to admire Rem’s lean body, his smooth skin, and delightful dick, already at half-mast for him.

Rem’s face and neck turned bright red. “W-what are you looking at? Anything interesting?”

Ford had a feeling Rem was discomforted, self-conscious about his body. Maybe Rem’s ex-lover did that and it made him furious. Pissed. Never mind. He’d think about his rage later on. Now was about making Rem come for him.

Realizing Rem expected an answer, he said, “I’m looking at what’s about to become mine.”

If possible, Rem blushed even harder. Cute, Ford thought. 

“You always this crass?” 

Ford grinned. “Yep.”

He curled his fingers over Rem’s shaft and began to stroke. He left kisses on the side of Rem’s neck, wanting more access.

So sweet. Fuck, Rem’s scent would drive him mad. 

“God, if you keep doing that, I’ll come,” Rem murmured.

“I want to see that.” He decided, working Rem’s prick faster. Rem moaned and he slipped his other hand past Rem’s hip, to give Rem’s left ass cheek a squeeze. Rem parted his thighs slightly for him. Smart human. Rem widened his eyes as he played with Rem’s asshole, tracing the puckered entrance.

“N-no one’s ever touched me there,” Rem murmured.

“Oh?” He continued rubbing at Rem’s hole, all the while moving his hand faster. A pinch to Rem’s tip did the trick. Rem groaned, and exploded, spilling his seed all over Ford’s waiting fingers. When Ford raised his hand to Rem’s mouth, his pulse quickened as Rem obediently leaned forward to lick at them.

“Very nice.” His compliment made Rem blush again.

Rem looked down at the erection he spotted, and to his unexpected surprise, he knelt. Perfect. Rem had no idea how good he looked, on his knees, eying his prick. Eager little human. He speared his fingers through Rem’s hair, tugging the human close so Rem’s mouth pressed close to his dick. Rem tugged his jogging pants down. He sped up the process, pushing the pants with his foot. Now, both of them were naked. 

Rem leaned forward, put his tongue out and licked him from root to tip. He groaned, enjoying the sensation of Rem flicking his tongue back and forth.

“Use your hand to squeeze at my balls,” he ordered, pleased the human obeyed. Rem opened his mouth, took his cock head in, and gagged. Ford patiently waited for Rem to recover. Rem wore a determined expression on his face as he tried again. Rem hollowed out his cheeks and this time, got it right. Once his tip hit the bar of Rem’s throat, Rem pulled away, and began bobbing his head up and down. 

Rem’s mouth on his privates felt amazing. He could definitely get used to this. 

You’re going to end up hurting him the way you hurt everyone else, a dark voice inside him said.

Ford angrily pushed that voice away, because it had no place here. 

He tugged at Rem’s hair, made the human pause, silent question in Rem’s eyes.

“I’m taking over,” he told the human.

Rem held his mouth open and Ford fucked his mouth a few times. Knowing he was close but wanting to finish in Rem’s tight little ass, he pulled his prick away. Rem widened his eyes as Ford offered him his hand and hauled him to his feet.

“What next?” Rem asked.

Ford answered by spinning him by the shoulder and pressing him against the kitchen counter. Rem groaned, but didn’t protest as Ford nudged his legs apart.

“Shit,” Ford muttered.

“What’s wrong?” Rem asked over his shoulder. 

“Need lube.”

“I got some, in the outer pocket of my backpack. I don’t have condoms though.” He heard the disappointment in Rem’s voice.

Ford raised an eyebrow at the mention of lube. Unwarranted jealousy struck him. His expression must have shown on his face, because Rem continued. “When I get lonely, I touch myself, but it’s not really the same when you’re with someone else.”

“Then you don’t need to worry. Shifters can’t catch anything.”

“I’m clean,” Rem blurted. 

“Then we have no problems. Wait here.” Ford found the lube and returned to find Rem hadn’t moved an inch. Pleased, he uncapped the lube, slicked his fingers and applied a generous amount into Rem’s hole. Rem moaned and squirmed against the counter. Ford gave Rem’s ass a reprimanding swat, making Rem jump.

“Be patient,” he chided.

“I want you in me now.” 

Demanding human. 

“Soon, little human, I’ll be so deep in you, you can’t breathe. I’ll fuck you until you’re sore, so bowlegged in the morning you’ll have trouble walking. You’re mine now.”

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