[Siren Ménage Everlasting ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, werewolves, vampires]

Sammy Olson was kicked out of his own home by his boyfriend and left to fend for himself. He finds work at Theo's Bar and Grill, but what he isn’t prepared for is the attention he’s getting from two very handsome men.

Trevor Amite left his coven behind when the leader challenged him. It was better than winning and becoming the new leader, something he didn’t want.

While Knox fights the demons that haunt his sleep, he discovers both of his mates—and one of them is a vampire. Can he come to terms with the idea of having a bloodsucker for a mate, or will he take Sammy and walk away from what fate has decided to give him? And can Knox keep the coven Trevor left behind from killing the man he isn’t even sure he wants?


Note: Each book in Lynn Hagen's Zeus's Pack collection features a different romantic trio. To enjoy the overall story arc and crossover characters, we recommend reading the series in sequential order.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.

Knox (MMM)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
This is one of the best books I've read from the Zeus series so far. I really connected with these three. I really liked Trevor's vulnerability and the way he tried to play it off as if he didn't need Knox's acceptance in the trio.Knox realized that he not only needed his smaller mate Sammy, but Trevor as well in order to feel complete.Sammy was definitely the glue that held this mating together.He had the right amount of naivete, sensitivity,playfulness and I loved how he would protect Trevor from Knox's gruffness and distrust that he had towards vampires. The sex was really hot without being over the top.
Lynn hits the mark - same formula every time awesome.
Professional Reviews

5 FALLEN ANGELS: "Trevor, a vampire, has been on his own ever since he was kicked out of his coven for being gay. He could have easily beaten their leader, but he didn't want the headache so he just walked away. His travels lead him to Pride Pack Valley, but he never expected his intended meal, Sammy, to be his mate. Sammy had his own troubles when his ex-boyfriend threw him out, but he found a home, friends, and work when he arrived in town. Sammy is at first scared when Trevor grabs him, but he quickly accepts Trevor for the handsome vampire that he is and they begin to meet after work. Sammy appreciates his job except when the patrons feel him up, but he is afraid to say anything until Knox, a warrior from the Zeus's Pack, comes to his rescue and realizes that Sammy is his mate. Trevor finds Sammy upset in the kitchen and when he is trying to find out what happened Knox enters and all heck breaks loose when he figures out that Trevor is a vampire. Little Sammy stands up for Trevor and both men are stunned that they are mates too. Knox's previous encounters with vampires are only fighting to the death and it doesn't sit well that Trevor is a vampire. Can a vampire, a were wolf, and one feisty human find common ground outside a mate bond? Will they survive what lies ahead? Ms. Hagen continues her fast-paced series with Knox. It was fascinating to explore the enmity between the vampires and the were wolves and how it has affected their lives. It was understandable how Knox first reacted when he saw Trevor, but his willingness to look beyond past experiences and accept Trevor was wonderful. I loved how Sammy became fast friends with Trevor from the start and was willing to do anything to protect him, even though Trevor could more than take care of himself. It was amazing to experience the growing feelings between Sammy, Trevor and Knox. Danger still lurks around the corner as Zeus, their Alpha, struggles to uncover who is behind the attacks against his pack. Could the vampires be involved or is their old abusive Alpha Jackson at the bottom of their problems? I will be waiting for the next book in the Zeus's Pack series." -- Teresa, Fallen Angel Reviews

4.5 NYMPHS: "Knox is the third book in the Zeus's Pack series. The story centers around Sammy, who was forced out by his ex-boyfriend; Trevor who is looking for a new home after leaving his coven and Knox, one of Zeus's warriors, who is struggling with the trauma in his past. Each man, for various reasons, has little self-worth and therefore feels unsuitable to be anyone's mate. It is those same reasons that make each of these men perfect for each other. The men's insecurities come through realistically and the effect they have on the relationship, which already has many stumbling blocks, are believable. When the men finally do get together, watch out as the chemistry between them is hot and Sammy, who is generally on the shy side, really lets loose when the three get together. The men not only have to face the reactions of some of Knox's pack mates once they realize that a vampire has joined their ranks, but they must also handle the actions of Trevor's former coven members. As with all of Ms. Hagen's stories, Knox is full of action and passion. The secondary characters, many readers have already met, help fill out the story. The three Asian men who have found sanctuary with Zeus's pack will cause more than a few chuckles. Look out for a few new twists to the series that are sure to keep the reader wondering what will happen next." -- Critter Nymph, Literary Nymphs Reviews

"Escaping from a bad relationship Sammy Olson ends up in Pride Pack Valley working as a busboy at Theo’s Bar & Grill. One late night Sammy hears someone in distress out back and finds a vampire planning to make a meal of him. Issues with the coven leader make it an easy decision for Trevor Amite to leave it all behind. Beyond thirsty Trevor stops in a small town and lures a busboy into a dark alleyway. Drinking down his dinner Trevor realizes the small human is his very own mate. Luckily for the vampire Sammy is more intrigued than terrified over their bizarre introduction and agrees to meet again. The pack is building a new home in the Valley and it can’t be finished quickly enough because too many horrible memories haunt their current home. It’s up to Knox to make sure everything is running smoothly there. Late one night he takes a detour to town to look in on Theo and finds Sammy working there, his mate. Thrilled to discover his human mate Knox is horrified however when he meets Trevor, his other mate, a vampire and the natural enemy of shifters. Sammy may only be human but he knows he’s the linchpin to get Trevor and Knox to accept each other. They may be an odd threesome to some yet fate has made them mates, so somehow they have to work things out or face the future alone, forever. Knox is a lusty story of racial bigotry and revelations. The third book in Zeus’s Pack introduces wolf shifter Knox, vampire Trevor, and the effervescent Sammy. It seems that even in the paranormal world bigotry is alive and well when the mates try to make their relationship work. Not only do they have to figure it out but others aren’t too keen on adding a vampire to the pack. Spicy sex and believable characters make Knox an entertaining read and a solid addition to another enjoyable series from author Lynn Hagen." -- Lisa, Joyfully Reviewed

4 STARS: "KNOX is a tender and sexy MMM romance in a wonderful series. The characters are compelling and their romance believable. Readers don't need to be series fans to enjoy this romance but series fans will adore this installment. Knox is scared to meet his mates because of suffering past abuse at the hands of his former Alpha. When Knox meets kind and funny Sammy, a human working at the local diner, he can't resist him. But when Knox meets his second mate, a vampire named Trevor, he doesn't think he can accept his mates. Kind Sammy brings these two hardheaded men to their knees, for him and for each other. Now Trevor's former coven wants him dead and Knox must keep both his mates safe. This book is a wonderful exploration of how three men can heal each other and become their own family. Knox's injured past, Sammy's need for love and Trevor's desire for acceptance are all fully explored and extremely believable. I really liked all three characters and could see how these three would want to be together, not just for sex but because they make each other better people. I also liked that the author didn't just gloss over how their pasts affect their actions. For instance, Knox has nightmares that cause him to strike out violently at Trevor and those don't just go away in the story, instead, the three men learn to cope with them. This added to the emotional connection between these three and made their romance wonderful to read. The shifter and wolf pack world building is continued in KNOX so series fans will be happy as I was. But readers unfamiliar with the series will still enjoy this world and won't be lost in the least as the lore of shifters and vampires aren't all that different from stories. Knox's Alpha, Zeus and his protective care of the soldiers and how these soldiers care for each other will easily translate for new readers and series readers will love this as I did. KNOX is a wonderful romance set in a community readers will fall in love with as I did." -- J9, The Romance Reviews

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Sammy pulled at Knox’s and Trevor’s hair, demanding they kiss him and each other. Trevor was the first to soften his lips, kissing Sammy and Knox. Sammy pulled back and mashed their mouths together. It was the hottest thing since thongs were invented.

Sammy panted as he watched Trevor inch closer, snaking his hands around Knox’s neck and pulling him down. He had to scoot back when Knox rolled Trevor onto his back and deepened the kiss. It was like his very own porno playing right in front of him. Sammy did what any man would do when watching one. He pulled his cock free and slowly stroked it as he watched the angry way they kissed each other.

Knox broke the kiss and looked up at Sammy, smiling when he saw him masturbating to the sight. Knox leaned back and freed his own cock, matching Sammy stroke for stroke.

Sammy swallowed his tongue when Trevor turned over and licked at Knox’s cock and then his. Trevor grabbed both their cocks and ran his tongue between the two, lapping away all the pre-cum that was dripping out. Knox had to grab Sammy as he leaned back and almost fell off of Knox’s lap. It felt too good.

Trevor got to his knees and slobbered all over their pricks. Sammy grabbed Knox’s shoulders, hanging on for dear life as Trevor swallowed his cock and then Knox’s, as if he couldn’t make up his mind whose he wanted to get off first.

Knox leaned forward and took Sammy’s lips in a searing kiss as Trevor took his cock into his mouth once again. Sammy moaned at the raw, earthy taste of Knox. Sammy bit Knox’s lip when Trevor pushed on his magic button, the tip of his finger sliding in.

Sammy licked at Knox’s mouth, pressing down on Trevor’s finger, pushing forward into Knox’s mouth.

Knox held onto him, as if he knew how wild Trevor was driving him. That lit wick had reached the keg, and Sammy exploded, crying into Knox’s mouth as he came down Trevor’s throat. His cock pulsed as it emptied. Trevor licked him clean but kept his finger inside of Sammy, taking Knox into his mouth next. Sammy leaned his forehead into Knox’s chin as he watched Trevor slobber and suck at Knox’s cock. Holy shit, his own cock was trying to come back to life watching him.

The man knew what he was doing, that was for sure. Sammy bounced his ass on Trevor’s finger, begging with his body for another. He rolled his hips, pushing Trevor’s finger deeper.

Sammy’s hair was pulled by Knox, the wolf hissing as Trevor took him all the way down. Knox bucked, almost dislodging Sammy and Trevor. Sammy pushed at Knox’s chest, grinding his ass on two fingers now. His ass held Trevor’s fingers tight, rocking on them and feeling them pull out and then thrust back in.

Knox arched and hissed, panted, and grunted as he came. Sammy was enslaved at the sight. Knox’s eyes rolled back as his hips hitched a few more times. Trevor pulled his head up, staring at them both with a wicked gleam in his eyes.

Knox rolled from the couch, knocking Sammy and Trevor to the floor as he tore at Sammy’s clothes. Trevor pulled his clothes free and yanked Sammy from Knox’s arms. “I’m fucking him, so if you want to sink that large cock somewhere, it’ll have to be in me.”

Sammy held his breath, wondering if Knox would agree. The shifter’s cock was filled and throbbing once again, so the thought must not have repulsed him.

Sammy reached under the couch cushion, extracting a bottle of lube. Both men stared at him. Sammy shrugged. “Late-night movies make me horny.” He grinned.

“Yeah, because Fred Astaire is so hot.” Trevor chuckled as he grabbed the lube. He laid Sammy on his back and thrust two wet fingers into his ass, making Sammy squirm and pull his legs back. He stared into Knox’s eyes, begging him to fuck Trevor.

Knox slowly rose and disrobed, Sammy drooling at the sight of all those ripped muscles. He reached his arms up, and Knox knelt down by him, kissing him as Trevor stretched him. When Sammy felt the tip of Trevor’s cock at his ass, he pushed Knox back. “Do it,” he dared the wolf.

Knox’s nostrils flared. He grabbed the lube and pressed Trevor forward. Sammy prayed Knox wasn’t too rough with Trevor.

Trevor leaned over Sammy, smiling down at him with his cock barely in his ass. “Hello, little darling,” he teased and then hissed, his fangs showing as his head rolled from side to side. It was a breathtaking sight to watch the euphoria on his face as Knox stretched him.

Sammy grabbed Trevor’s face and pulled him down for a kiss as Knox got behind Trevor. A deep moan vibrated through him from Trevor. Knox must be in his ass, too.

His legs were pushed back, Knox moving inside of Trevor. Sammy looked up at the shifter, and Knox winked at him. He grinned from ear to ear and then arched his back as Trevor bottomed out.

For a reason Sammy couldn’t understand, he tilted his head to the side, wanting Trevor to bite him. Trevor trembled. He could see the want, no, a need in Trevor’s eyes, but they both knew Knox would go nuts if he did.

Trevor leaned forward, licking at Sammy’s pulse in his neck, apparently teasing himself with what he was afraid to take.

Sammy looked up at Knox. The wolf had his hands on Trevor’s back, and he was thrusting hard into Trevor. Sammy pulled his legs back further, giving Trevor room to nail him. Trevor latched onto one of Sammy’s nipples, sucking and licking as they both fucked and were fucked. Sammy’s hands ran through Trevor’s silky hair, pressing his nipple into Trevor’s mouth. They were ultrasensitive, and Trevor was driving him wild just by sucking them.

“I’m close.” Sammy keened. Trevor grabbed Sammy’s cock, matching Knox’s thrusts with his palm. Sammy began a sensual dance under Trevor. His hips swayed and his arms snaked over his own body, driving his two lovers crazy.

Trevor and Knox thrust harder, watching him. Sammy saw Knox’s teeth grow, and he was fascinated. His body began to roll, pressing his ass toward Trevor, groaning and licking his lips.

“Fuck.” Knox moaned, hitching his hips hard into Trevor. Sammy gasped as Knox thrust forward, sinking his long teeth into Trevor’s shoulder. He didn’t miss a beat as Sammy grabbed Trevor’s head and pushed it at his neck. Trevor sank his fangs into Sammy’s neck, making Sammy scream out as he came with a force he’d never before experienced.

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