[Siren Publishing: The Lynn Hagen ManLove Collection: Alternative Paranormal Romantic Suspense Romance, MM, shape-shifter, HEA]

Tristan Grant was a journalist in hiding. The cartel had put a hit out on him, and now he was stuck in the middle of Iowa, awaiting the trail. On a walk through the woods, he discovers a brick building with security cameras and barbed wire fencing. His curiosity piqued, Tristan investigates, only to find a secret lab with torturous experiments being conducted. He hatches a plan to set the men free, not knowing the beasts he would unleash. And the scariest of them all has his sights set on Tristan.

Alric had been fooled into signing a contract, unknowingly sealing his fate. He was stuck in a cage, being sliced and diced until he was no longer wholly human. He never thought he'd see the light of day again, until a cute little journalist stuck his nose in where it didn't belong. Now free, Alric and his team plan to exact revenge on those who imprisoned them. What Alric hadn't planned on was falling in love.

Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.
Hunted (MM)
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Cover Art by Melody Simmons




You still have time to get the hell out of here. It’s not too late. Just turn around and haul ass and forget you’ve seen this place.

But he couldn’t. As afraid as he was, Tristan couldn’t.

He glanced toward the ceiling once more and spotted two cameras. One was pointed toward the south end, the other toward the north. Crap. He hadn’t thought about that. He’d managed to dodge around the one outside, but there was no way—

His eyes widened when an arm stretched out beyond bars and pinned something in front of the south camera. The arm lowered, and then a finger curled in, telling Tristan to come closer.

A spike of trepidation shot through him. Tristan didn’t know who that person was or what he had done to the camera. You’ve come this far, buddy boy. You might as well finish this. He bent down and pulled the .22 caliber handgun from its resting place at his ankle. It was compact enough to fit in his hand. Tristan gripped it tightly as he moved from his hiding place and entered the long, shadowy hallway, his heart galloping with every step.

The light from the moon spilled into windows perched high above the cages. Its glow added a chilling effect to the already horror-worthy scene. Tristan stopped at the first cage, staring at someone whose features weren’t wholly human. His eyes seemed to cast an eerie glow in the dark, making him seem more monster than man.

Tristan swallowed and moved on. He was in search of Alric. These other men would be set free but not until he found the one man he’d come here for. Each cage was separated by a concrete wall. It was as if the people who ran this facility hadn’t wanted these men to interact. The only thing visible was the doors, which were made of steel bars. It was like walking through a prison.

Tristan should know. He’d spent a month in jail when he’d refused to give up one of his sources. Only this place was ten times worse.

“Shit,” he muttered under his breath when he found Alric’s cage. The guy was stretched out on the hard, cold concrete floor, face down. Tristan couldn’t see his face, but every instinct in him said it was Alric.

Even though Alric lay in the darkened cell, Tristan saw bruises and blood on his body. He swallowed hard and, with a shaky hand, pulled his lock-picking tool free. He had to shove his gun into his pocket to free up his other hand. Tristan worked the lock on the cage door until the mechanism disengaged. He stood there with his hand on the bar for a brief second, too afraid to go inside.

Being this close to Alric, even with him lying prone on the floor, Tristan got his first up-close look, and Alric was the biggest damn man he’d ever seen. Two of Tristan’s thighs equaled one of Alric’s. Alric’s shoulders were a yard wide and seemingly molded in bronze.

Steeling his spine, Tristan opened the door, moved into the cage, and stepped cautiously as he allowed his gaze to roam over Alric’s naked body. He knelt next to Alric, his hand hovering by the man’s head. Moving as fast as a striking snake, Alric had Tristan pinned on his back, a beefy hand around his throat.

Before Tristan could grab his gun from his pocket, Alric used his other hand to shackle both of Tristan’s wrists and place them above his head. The sheer power and strength had Tristan ready to shout for help. He noticed cuts and bruises on Alric’s chest, and there was blood slowing seeping from under the right side of his hairline.

His eyes were unfocused, and his sharp teeth were bared. Tristan didn’t struggle. He didn’t move a muscle. He couldn’t. Fear had paralyzed him.

Alric locked eyes with Tristan’s before he lowered his head and inhaled Tristan’s scent. It was the most terrifying and thrilling moment Tristan could remember experiencing. He prayed like hell that those sharp teeth didn’t rip his throat out.

“W–We have to go,” Tristan said.

A low growl rumbled in Alric’s chest. Tristan lowered his head when Alric pulled back, and then he gasped and quickly looked away. Alric’s cock was not only impressive but hard and jutting.

He pushed in closer, pressing his erection into Tristan’s stomach. What disturbed Tristan was how much he wanted Alric. The guy was wounded and not wholly human, yet Tristan wanted to give in and let Alric do whatever he wanted.

“We need to hurry,” Tristan said. “Someone might find out I’m here and kill me.”

To his surprise, Alric grunted, as if to say he wasn’t worried.

Tristan sure as hell was.

He pulled at his wrists, trying to free them from Alric’s powerful grip. The last thing he wanted was a bullet in his head, or worse, to be locked up in a cage himself. “Please,” he begged as he twisted his body in an effort to make Alric let him go.

“Alric,” someone called out.

Tristan’s heart slammed into his chest. If whoever was yelling for Alric was heard, they would all be fucked. They had a small window of opportunity to escape before either the guards came in to check on these men or someone noticed whatever that was over the camera.

When Alric glanced toward the cell door, Tristan saw pain and regret in the man’s eyes. Alric closed them for a second, and when he snapped them open, his eyes were filled with determination. He released Tristan and headed toward the cell door.

It took a second for Tristan to catch his breath. His eyes landed on Alric’s naked ass, and Tristan had to bite his lower lip to stop the moan from escaping. Alric had the most gorgeous backside he’d ever laid eyes on.

Tristan mentally shook the thought away while telling himself that he needed to focus. He hurried from the cell and found Alric standing in front of one of the cages. His head snapped to Tristan, and then Alric pointed at the lock in front of him.

There’s no way I can get all these cages unlocked. Not if I want to get out of here before I’m caught. But Tristan didn’t say that out loud. He had a feeling Alric wouldn’t care and wasn’t going to leave until all of these men were freed.




Tristan didn’t remember falling asleep, but somehow he ended up in the backseat of the car with Alric curled around him. This was the second time he’d woken up this way.

He looked out the back window, but all Tristan saw were tree branches. They were surrounded by them, and thick, dark clouds had penetrated the skies. Was there a storm heading their way? Would a storm help them? It would make a lot of people stay indoors and impair the henchmen who were after them.

Alric’s arm tightened around him. Tristan cuddled close—even though the backseat was cramped. Alric’s legs were bent, his knees touching the back of the passenger seat.

“I think we need a bigger bed.” Alric kissed his neck. “I’m gonna throw my back out if I stay this way much longer.”

“I might have a solution.” Tristan got up and waved a hand at Alric. “Sit up.”

With a look of curiosity in his eyes, Alric did as Tristan asked. He was rough shaven, sexy, and Tristan was dying to taste the man’s lips. He wanted to feel all those muscles under his hands. “Now take your pants off.”

Alric had gone commando. Stealing someone else’s pants was one thing, but the guy had drawn the line at someone else’s underwear. Tristan didn’t blame him.

“What do you have in mind?” Alric’s voice had gone deeper than it already was as he stripped. Tristan sat there staring at his enormous cock, his mouth watering as his hole clenched.

“A way to pass the time,” Tristan answered breathlessly.

“I like the way you think.” Alric tossed his pants over the driver’s seat, and his boots were already lying on the floor. He even pulled his shirt over his head and threw it aside. “Okay, you got me naked. Now what, handsome?”

Tristan made quick work of taking his clothes off. He smirked as he climbed onto Alric’s lap. “Hmm, I don’t know how we’ll pass the time. Do you have any cards?”

Alric chuckled. “We can’t play strip poker since we’re already naked.”

Tristan curled his fingers around Alric’s hard cock. Alric hissed as Tristan stroked him. “Or we could play sex poker.”

One of Alric’s brows hitched. “Never heard of it.”

“Too bad we don’t have any cards.” Tristan nibbled along Alric’s jaw as his fist tightened. “Too bad we don’t have any lube, either.”

“Check my pants pocket,” Alric murmured. “There's a reason I took so long in that gas station.”

Tristan’s heart sped. “You’re telling me a Podunk town sells lube in their local gas station?”

“More like a travel-sized jar of Vaseline,” Alric said. “But it'll do in a pinch.”

Hot damn! Tristan twisted around and fumbled through Alric’s pants, coming away with the tiny jar. And damn, it was tiny. But Alric was right. It would do in a pinch. He turned back to Alric. “So, you had ulterior motives in mind when you went into the station to see if they had a bathroom.”

“It was a last-minute thing,” Alric said. “I asked the guy, but when I turned around, I spotted the jar on the shelf.”

“And thought we could make out later?” Tristan scooped a little of the Vaseline onto his fingers before wrapping his hand back around Alric’s cock. “Much better.”

Alric hissed. “So much better.”

“Just promise you won't turn into a dragon when you’re inside me.” Tristan narrowed his eyes. “That would just be weird. I’m not into that sort of thing.”

Plus Alric’s dragon scared Tristan. Even now, the damn tattoo was staring intently at him. Tristan wished Alric had kept his flipping shirt on. He felt like there was a voyeur in the car with them.

It creeped him out to the point that Tristan grabbed Alric’s shirt and draped it over his shoulder. “I don’t like him watching me.”

Alric furrowed his brows. “What're you talking about?”

“Your tattoo.” He strangled Alric’s cock. “It moves.”

Alric chewed on his lower lip. It was a sexy look for the guy, but he saw the wheels turning in Alric’s head. “I thought so, but—” He shook his head. “I could never catch it doing that.”

Tristan inhaled sharply when Alric squeezed his cock. “But can we talk about it later? I’m horny as fuck right now and want my dick buried in your ass.”

It was as though Alric’s fist squeezed all intelligence from Tristan’s brain. He arched his back and moaned, his thoughts scattering. “Do that again.”

Alric chuckled. “I see you like a little kink mixed in.”

“I wouldn’t say that.” Tristan remembered he had a cock of his own in his hand. “I don’t get into bondage or whips, if that’s what you’re implying.”

“Good, 'cause neither do I, but I’ve been known to give a spanking or two when my partner is misbehaving.” Alric released Tristan’s shaft. “Now crawl onto my dick so I can fuck you.”

Tristan snickered. “Yes, sir.”

“Smartass,” Alric teased.

Tristan lathered Alric’s cock with the Vaseline then wiped the rest against his hole before tossing the jar aside. He lifted his ass while Alric steadied his cock. With a deep breath, Tristan lowered himself.

Fuuuuuck. Tristan’s eyes rolled to the back of his head as he impaled himself. He dug his fingernails into Alric’s chest, hissing as he slowly bottomed out.

“Mmm, you have a very nice ass.” Alric slid his hands up Tristan’s sides, licking a long path along Tristan’s jaw. “Very nice indeed.”

Tristan sat there, enjoying the feel of Alric touching him, licking him and nipping at his skin. He arched into Alric’s chest, his body drowning in desire as Tristan melted against the man. His breath stuttered when Alric ran his teeth over his sensitive flesh.

Then Alric purred. It was the most beautiful sound Tristan had ever heard as he rode his lover's hard cock.

“I want to stay inside you forever.” He slid his hands into the crease of Tristan’s ass, his fingers probing where their bodies were connected. “And I’m going to fuck you until you beg me to stop.”

Tristan swallowed hard, trying to focus but finding it a hard task when Alric was bringing him so much pleasure.

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