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Weekend Getaway

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Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 3,120
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Jessica and Danny meet up in a ski lodge during a weekend getaway. While their children play on the slopes, the adults heat up the sheets in this short but lusty affair.

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"Sure do. My name is Danny by the way.” Danny held out his hand I reached out to shake hands. I felt an electric pulse from his body to mine starting where his skin made contact and ending in the center of my stomach. It was enough to catch the breath in my throat. His skin was warm and his touch was gentle. I didn’t want to let him go, but I reluctantly released his hand.

“It’s nice to meet you, Danny. My name is Jessica. So, you are not planning on skiing today?” I asked skeptically tilting my head to one side. My hair suddenly fell forward, blocking my view of him.

He reached up to my face and pushed my black shoulder length hair behind one ear, setting butterflies free in my stomach. He shrugged, “It’s no fun to go by yourself and my boys have already hit the slopes. I have been on my own since my divorce ten years ago.”

Oh hell, yes. He was single and neither one of us had children around to dampen the sexual energy that seemed to be charging the air around us. I worked hard to contain my enthusiasm. “You wouldn’t be interested in joining me for some hot chocolate would you?”

“I know a better way to help you forget the kids. Maybe, I could take you back to my hotel room and afterwards we could have some hot chocolate.”

My only thoughts were on the fact he just said he was available and he would like to spend the day with me. In his bed.

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