Paying Their Piper with Passion and Love (MMF)

Loving in Silver 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 88,622
15 Ratings (4.5)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, with M/M elements, bondage, spanking, sex toys, HEA]

The daughter of one of the wealthiest men in the world, Piper Barrows is guarded accordingly. Her only freedom is when she travels to rodeos to protest the treatment of the animals being used. That’s where she meets Merck Rushton, a hot cowboy. Everything is uneventful until she is attacked at a rodeo by an unscrupulous stock contractor.

Her father restricts her life even more. She can go nowhere alone. It’s a life in a gilded cage. Even having her quirky pets and a drop-dead gorgeous bodyguard in the form of Jace Hunter can’t lessen her heartache.

When Piper can no longer bear being trapped without having a life, she escapes and heads for a place she had been very happy at on visits. When she gets to Silver she discovers the freedom she has always craved and two men to love.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Paying Their Piper with Passion and Love (MMF)
15 Ratings (4.5)

Paying Their Piper with Passion and Love (MMF)

Loving in Silver 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 88,622
15 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff
An excellent book
Yeah loved it as i have loved the whole series xxx




“Do you have to stand so close to me?” Piper asked in weary tones. It had been three months since she’d been attacked by the man and the bull. Her father would no longer allow her to go anywhere alone. So she stood there with her sign out in front of the arena, protesting the use of bulls as entertainment.

“Yes, ma’am, I do. It’s one of the orders from your father.”

Piper knew that. She’d heard it a hundred times, both from the man behind her and the man claiming to be her father. He might be her father, but treated her just like he treated everyone in his employ. Sighing, she turned back toward the street.

It was hard to keep her mind on what she was doing. The man standing behind her, her official bodyguard, was hot as hell. Probably about as hot as the damned cowboy she couldn’t forget. Neither man was for her, of course. One thought she was a total joke, the other saw her as a job.

But thinking about them naked, in a bed, and making love to her, was about as perfect a fantasy as she could ever get her fevered brain to form. Even now she could feel her body warming to the idea. She could close her eyes and see it so very clearly.

Piper jumped when a car horn blared in either agreement to what was on her sign or as a protest for her being out there to begin with. She straightened her sagging body and sign and scowled at nothing in particular. It didn’t do any good to have fantasies and dreams. Her father would squash them all.

Not for the first time Piper wondered what it would be like to be ordinary, without the billionaire father, without the shadows following her around to pick up after her, to feed her, to be certain the bathroom tissue never was less than half on the roll.

She wasn’t stupid, however. There hadn’t been a moment of her life when she didn’t have the best of everything. It was the only life she knew. She even had a top-notch education she wasn’t allowed to use. Nope, her father wanted her to do nothing. The only thing he allowed her was her little “missions” to try to make people aware of animal cruelty. It was all rather patronizing, but it was better than nothing. She would take it since it gave her a very small measure of life outside the walls of her parents’ estate.

The man whom had attacked her had been dealt with. If he hadn’t thrown her in with the bull she could almost feel sorry that he had to face her father’s wrath. If she had met him before speaking with Mr. Merck Rushton, the stock contractor, she wouldn’t have believed a word Rushton had said to her. Sure, he seemed to have bulls which were treated right. They were in good weight with healthy coats, but not everyone played by the rules. She had learned that.

 Piper had watched as Merck’s animals had been moved back and forth between the pens and the arena and none had been abused. He had shown her the ropes the cowboys used as they left the arena, had helped her inspect everything she had wanted. She had found nothing to indicate the bulls were reacting to any stimulus other than wanting to rid their back of a man having the audacity to get on it. That and the rope winding beneath him, pulled tight in front of its hips. That couldn’t be comfortable, but the more she learned about the value of the bulls it was unlikely that the majority of the men and women providing these animals for rodeos would put them at risk. If she knew about anything, it was business.

After packing up her sign and getting in the car her shadow called for, Piper stared out the window with unseeing eyes. She shouldn’t have one complaint about her life. How many people had every material thing they could possibly want? How many had a father who gave them more money for an allowance a month than most people made in a year? Tabloids had labeled her the “Pampered Princess.” They had followed her around for years, making her absolutely miserable. Unlike a few others she could think of, she didn’t want the attention. The worst time had been when she’d been in college, her very first taste of freedom. It had taken an entire year to convince her father to allow her to attend school on the opposite end of the country.

 When all she wanted to do was study, there was always someone hanging around with a camera. She could never understand it. She was a nobody in the scheme of things. It was her father who was Mr. High-tech, the man who created wondrous gadgets to fascinate and drain hard-earned money from people led to believe they needed the latest technology.

Ironically, when Piper had begun her activist work, everyone seemed to lose interest in her. She wasn’t interesting enough when she actually needed the exposure.

Sighing, she turned from the window to look at the man sitting beside her. He was the size of a football player. Tall, broad-shouldered, with muscles popping out all over the place, the man’s sheer size was intimidating. It was a fucking turn-on. Being held by him would make her feel protected. And he smelled damned good, too.




Smiling, Jace nuzzled the nest of blonde curls glistening with the evidence of her arousal. He inhaled her sweet, sexy scent, finding it irresistible. Not wasting another moment, when all he wanted was the taste of her, he opened his mouth, covering her soft flesh, his tongue gliding between the tender petals of her sex.

Piper’s body jerked as Jace began stroking her heated flesh with the flat of his tongue. A sharp cry of pleasure erupted from her as he found her clit. Nuzzling close he caught it between his lips to begin suckling gently until her hips began undulating off the bed in rhythm with his sensual ministrations.

“Does it feel good, baby?” Merck asked Piper, his voice husky. “Open your eyes and watch him love your sweet little pussy. I know he’s sucking on your clit. He’ll suck on it until you scream. Then it’ll be my turn. I’m going to lick every drop of your sweet cream pussy. I’ll fuck you with my tongue until you’re begging for me to stop. Then I’ll tongue fuck you some more until you’re crying with pleasure.”

Though Jace was only vaguely aware of the words Merck was speaking softly to Piper, he was reaping the benefits. The creamy juices were flowing from her body as each word amped up her arousal until she was now bucking against his mouth, silently demanding more. As carefully as he could Jace caught her clit between his teeth and gave it a gentle bite. Piper came undone then, her body arching, screaming his name.

It was one of the most beautiful sounds he’d ever heard.


* * * *


Piper gasped as she fell limply back against Merck’s big body. Vaguely aware of strong arms wrapping around her and whispering in her ear, she tried to focus her eyes. As she did so she wondered if a person could go blind from great sex.

Giving up, she closed her eyes, focusing on what was going on internally. Her heart was pounding, her blood still felt as if it was racing along her veins, and every nerve in her body seemed to be supercharged, making her feel alive in a manner she never had before.

Taking a deep, calming breath Piper forced her eyelids upward again. Her eyes now focused on a grinning Jace as he kneeled between her legs. Her gaze swept down over his gorgeous body, coming to rest on the impressive cock jutting upward from his groin. A shiver of anticipation swept over her. Her college boyfriend had not been so blessed. And if the rigid length pressing against her back was anything to judge by, Merck hadn’t been cheated either.

“My turn, baby,” Merck whispered in her ear.

The next thing she knew Piper was alone and on her back, both men at the end of the bed. She was suddenly very aware of her nudity, as well as the wanton way her legs were spread. Jace winked at her as he stretched out at her side, beginning to kiss her breasts before she could give it another thought.

Oh, she liked that, she thought as a nipple was sucked into a hot, wet mouth. Even as that was happening she felt warm breath against the swollen, throbbing flesh between her legs. When the pointed tip of a tongue began lapping at the cream running from her body, she jumped as if stung.

“Easy there, sweetheart,” Jace teased, lifting his head to look at her. Callused fingers toyed with her nipple, rolling and pinching it slightly. Oh, she liked that, too. A moan escaped her lips. She licked them, easing their dryness. “He’s going to finish making you feel good.”

Incapable of speech at that moment, Piper stared up at his handsome face before the tongue jabbing at her cream-filled pussy did something magical to it and her eyelids slid shut. Panting, she offered Merck herself. It wasn’t long before she became restless, eager, her body craving more and more of the wickedness he was bestowing upon her. Her legs moved, shifting, finally lifting to rest over his broad, tanned shoulders, her feet on his back, and all but trapping him where she wanted him. Perspiration beaded on her oversensitized skin. The scents of arousal filled the room and her lungs as she inhaled.

The sensations of having her nipples sucked, licked, pinched, and pulled, combined with the sucking, licking, probing, and nibbling on her pussy, was enough to drive any sane woman mad with wanton lust.

Piper was no different. Every new touch, every new exploration of her body, was fuel for the fires beginning to burn brightly in her womb. It spiraled outward, growing, until it exploded into a conflagration of impressive proportions.

Twisting her fingers in Jace’s dark hair, Piper screamed as she came, her body jerking and writhing, her toes curling as her legs locked over broad shoulders, forcing Merck’s mouth against her throbbing pussy.

Someone was speaking to her. Piper took a deep breath and opened her eyes. Merck and Jace were beside her now, one on each side, a warm blanket over their cooling skin.

“Now that we’ve gotten the kisses out of the way, we can move onto something else.”

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