Yes Boss

Xcite Books Ltd

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 5,000
0 Ratings (0.0)

An erotic short story with mixed themes including sex at work, spanking, mild bdsm and female submission.

Debbie the admin girl is caught one evening by the company Chief Information Officer using her computer for the most personal of tasks. Debbie decides to employ her feminine charms to escape the expected reprimand, but has she bitten off more than she can swallow? It turns out that there is more than Debbie had imagined beneath his groomed, business-suited exterior.

Yes Boss
0 Ratings (0.0)

Yes Boss

Xcite Books Ltd

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 5,000
0 Ratings (0.0)
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‘Saying “sorry” isn’t going to do the trick I’m afraid. This is a serious offence.’

‘Oh, but I can’t lose my job. I’ll do anything.’

‘Anything, Deborah?’ He looks me straight in the eyes and halves the gap between us so he’s definitely in my personal space. ‘Absolutely anything?’ he says.

Bingo – hook line and sinker.

‘Oh yes, whatever you like.’ I run a fingernail gently down the side of his face and smile giving him the pout I use when I want Kev to turn off the soccer and do me on the kitchen table. Easy as shooting fish in a barrel.

Then he says, ‘Whatever I like, Deborah? Whenever I like it? Immediate, unquestioning obedience from this moment until we leave here tonight?’

Hmm I’m not sure I like the sound of that. One half of me is wondering if he has a secret serial-killer side and the other half of me, is twitching at the thought of finding out what weird stuff fires his boiler.

‘Here, you’re not into anything kinky are you?’

‘You’ll have to trust me on that. Do as I say now or it’s Miss Smith in the morning and I don’t think she’s as open to your particular brand of persuasion as I am.’

Ah well, in for a penny. I nod.

‘Lose the shirt,’ he says. Well, that one’s easy. It’s pretty see-through anyway; I pop the buttons one by one and give him a bit of a slow strip. He looks me over, hungry eyes lingering on my cleavage. I’m glad I have my best bra on today. He won’t get to appreciate the full matching set, though, as the bottoms are still under my desk.

‘Very nice! Double D, I believe, just as your screen name intimated.’ Well, I knew he’d read that much.

‘The bra now,’ he says. It joins my blouse on the floor. Now that the girls are unleashed he’s practically salivating, men are so easy. ‘I think you should acknowledge my commands in future by saying “Yes, boss”, Deborah. Don’t you?’ Cheeky sod. Although I do like a man who takes the lead.

‘Er, Yes, boss,’ I say.

‘Excellent. Now I’m sure Miss Smith would take a very dim view of girls who attend the work place without undergarments. Let’s see you remove that skirt so I can ascertain whether you have transgressed any further.’

Ah – even more busted than I thought I was. ‘Yes, boss,’ I remember to say. I give it a full-on wiggle to get the snug material past my hips. Now I am in only my high heels and a pair of sheer hold-ups. Suddenly it is feeling a little chilly in here under the air conditioning. My nipples crinkle but I don’t mind as I know that makes my boobs look even better. He seems to be enjoying the view, judging by the sly smile on his lips.

‘Hold still, Deborah, face front,’ he says.

‘Yes, boss,’ I reply and now he is pacing round me taking in the full frontal and the full backal as well. The way he’s treating me is getting me excited again. Yes Kevin ogles at every opportunity, but David is appraising me like a fine wine, judging my body like I’m lined up at Crufts or something. I can see a bulge in his trousers now so I know he definitely likes what he sees. As well he bloody should, I am damn hot. The bulge looks to be a good size and my clit tingles in anticipation.

He circles behind me again. ‘Are you quite comfortable, Deborah?’

‘Yes, boss,’ I remember to say.

‘Good, I will be requiring you to hold still for some while longer.’

‘Yes, boss.’

He takes off his tie and blindfolds me with it. I suddenly feel a bit vulnerable but I decide to listen to the half of me that has wanted something like this for a while now. I relax into the role-play and let him have his, hopefully wicked, way with me

‘Can you see, Deborah?’

‘No, boss.’

‘Very good, I am going to touch you now. Would you like that?’

‘Yes, boss.’

‘Ask me!’

‘Touch me, boss, please.’ Oh God touch me, you bad, bad man.

I feel a slow, light stroke on the side of my neck. It gives me goosebumps over half my body. Then I feel another on the side of my boob and another on the inside of my wrist. I hadn’t realised that bit of me was so directly attached to my pussy but it seems that David knew. He goes on lightly stroking bits of me that Kev has never paid any attention to; my tummy, my spine, the back of my knees, the nape of my neck. It’s hard to hold still for this, sometimes it tickles and sometimes it makes my knees weak. Mostly it makes me want to get pounded.

Then he starts to use his lips. He nibbles and gently licks all the places he stroked before and some others that he missed. He still hasn’t touched my nipples or my clit and I am actually aching with frustration. He finishes with both hands firmly holding my head. He tilts my face up and brings his lips close to mine. I can feel his breath. Mine is going fast now and I am a little dizzy. I have never been horny like this before. All those times, I never imagined it this way. I push my lips up towards his. Come on and snog me already, man.

‘Ask me!’ he says.

‘Please, boss.’

‘Please, boss what?’

‘Please, boss, kiss me, boss, please.’ He does.

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