For Tia's Pleasure (MFMM)

Men of Kinsey 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 55,286
22 Ratings (4.3)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, light Consensual BDSM, sex toys, HEA]

The Kinsey triplets own and operate a very successful BDSM club in town. Having their pick of submissives on a nightly basis is starting to wear thin. They’d always dreamed of finding that one woman to share their lives with, the one woman strong enough to handle their dominance in the bedroom and submit to them, body, heart, and soul.

Tia is that woman—strong, independent, and submissive as hell in the bedroom. But taking on three alpha males wasn’t what she wanted. She’s left a marriage to a man who would do anything to get ahead in business. She has a daughter to worry about, and adding one man, let alone three, just isn’t in the cards for her. But the more time she spends with Ryder, Sam, and Dan, the deeper she falls for them. With a crazy ex determined to get what he wants, will the triplets be able to show Tia just how much they really care for her?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance

For Tia's Pleasure (MFMM)
22 Ratings (4.3)

For Tia's Pleasure (MFMM)

Men of Kinsey 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 55,286
22 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
I love this series
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atruegemaward2-300x300.png4 STARS: "I am finding myself getting all giddy at the thought of twins and triplets lately and this series is responsible. “For Tia’s Pleasure” is the second book in the Men of Kinsey series and I find that I am becoming more of a fan as each story presents itself. In the first book we were introduced to Sasha and Mikhail Dalhousie, a pair of twin Doms that fall in love with their assistant Sienna. In that story, we learn about the Kinsey family and a BDSM club owned by the Kinsey triplets. Daniel, Ryder, and Samuel were there for Sasha and Mikhail when Sienna’s abusive ex-husband tried to pull her back in to his life of fists and insults. As a result, ring of wife beaters has been discovered, and the Kinsey family is making a point to take care of the problem with a united front. This includes their sister, Simone, who happens to be a judge. When Simone tells her brothers about a newly divorced woman who seems like a perfect fit for them, they simply can’t believe it without meeting her. Tia is finally rid of her ex. For years he abused her and ignored their daughter. After catching him in an affair with his secretary, she had enough ammunition to not only divorce him, but fight for full custody of their daughter. When he decides that he would prefer to work on his career rather than be a father, he signs his rights to Tia and all is well, or so she thinks. Not knowing what will happen next, Tia is surprised when Judge Kinsey shows up asking her to meet a few people that she thinks she would like. When Tia shows up at the house to meet with her, she is greeted by a tall, handsome, hottie that makes her speechless. Ryder Kinsey was simply gorgeous. But wait, he has a twin? Make that two twins. Are these the people she was supposed to meet with? After introductions, Tia isn’t sure what to expect. Those men were handsome and her daughter has already decided that she adores them. They seem to know her more than she realizes but is drawn to them with an odd sense of comfort. When Simone explains that Tia would be safer living with the triplets just in case the ex tries to come back, Tia hesitantly decides that the idea has merit. Who can say no the three father figures for her daughter who has never really had one. Then again, Tia is learning that saying no to the Kinsey men, is not something she wants to do at all. As the new men in her life introduce Tia to their lifestyle after dark, and the BDSM club they have become known for, she finds that she is more at home than she realized. At least, until she is held at gun point! What a great story! I enjoy how strong the women are in this series. The fact that the stories revolve around women surviving abuse and embracing their strengths is awe inspiring. So many people misunderstand how strong a woman must be to remove herself from an abusive relationship. Even more people misunderstand how strong a woman must be in order to trust someone enough to submit to them. The Kinsey brothers embrace the strength in Tia and make a point to show her how much she is loved. Each one brings a different personality to the mix and they work together to heighten every experience that they introduce to Tia. What I love even more, is the relationship that is built with Tia’s daughter. From the moment she is introduced to them, they become like family and help her deal with her absent father. They even venture into the embarrassing territory of explaining the birds and the bees over cookies and milk. Overall, this story made me smile, squirm, and on occasion a little angry. It brings out some emotional subjects, and sexy scenes that pack a punch for a quick read. I loved it, and can’t wait for more." -- Alyn Love, Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

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They pulled up in front of the address on the card, and both of their mouths dropped open.

“That’s a flipping mansion, Mom.” Shay was the first to speak.

“Well, the lady is a judge, so she probably has invested her money well.” Tia stared just as hard as her daughter.

Tia pulled up to the gate, and it opened without her having to press any buttons. They must have had it monitored by video up at the house.

She pulled the car up to the garage, turned it off, took a deep breath, and opened her door. Shay was out the other side almost two steps ahead of her when the front door opened and the largest man that Tia had ever seen stepped through it.

Walking toward Tia, he stretched his hand out. “Hi, you must be Tia and Shay.” The giant smiled down at her daughter.

Shay’s mouth just hung open. Smiling and trying not to embarrass her daughter, Tia leaned over and gently closed her daughter’s mouth. “Don’t gape, Shay, it’s not polite.” She giggled.

“But, Mom, look at the size of him. He’s huge!” She gasped.

The giant burst out laughing. “Yeah, well, you should see my brothers.” His smile was warm as he looked at Shay. “I’m Ryder, and Simone is my much-older sister.”

“I heard that, smart-ass.” Simone laughed as she came outside.

“See, Mom, I told you she said the word.” Shay smirked.

Simone looked between the two. “Did you get me in trouble, Shay?”

Tia interrupted, smiling as she realized that Ryder was still holding her hand.

“She’ll tell you about it later, Simone. She has ice cream on the line.”

“Ice cream?” A voice boomed from behind Simone. “Who’s getting ice cream, and why wasn’t I invited!”


* * * *


The sound of a woman’s laughter other than his sister’s brought Daniel to the doorway. Standing there holding his brother’s hand was the sexiest, most drool-worthy female he’d seen in a long time. His sister had been right when she had told them how beautiful she was. She was also right when she told them that she was frightened.

“I’m Daniel, and if my brother can let go of your hand long enough to let you into the house, we can go in and meet the others.”

“Good lord, Mom, there’s two of them. They’re twins.” Shay gasped.

“Actually, there are three of us, Shay,” Ryder said, still holding on to Tia’s hand.

Tia quickly tried to pull her hand back. “Not so fast, little one, I kinda like holding your hand.”

She swallowed and tried again to pull her hand away. Ryder laughed quietly but dropped her hand.

“Triplets?” Tia swallowed hard. 




Tia had never thought about being spanked much before. She knew that people did it because she had read it in some of the erotic romance books that she’d picked up over the years. She knew a lot of things about the BDSM lifestyle through those books. She just never expected to experience any of it. No matter how much she wanted to.

Dan kneeled on the bed beside her and ran his hand between her breasts and across her stomach. “Sweetling, you are in so much trouble.” He took her hands from Ryder, but as soon as he did, Tia felt soft leather around them. He had cuffed her to the bed.

“Sir, can I ask what you are doing?” Tia smiled sweetly.

“You can ask, but that doesn’t mean that any of us will tell you.” Dan continued with the cuffs and actually heard a giggle as he hooked the cuffs to the bed.

“You think this is funny, little one.” Ryder glared at her. Well, she was sure that he hoped it was a glare, but from Tia’s viewpoint it seemed that he was having difficulty keeping a straight face around her.

“You won’t think it’s so funny in an hour or so, when you’re screaming at us to let you come.”

Tia’s smile faded instantly.

“You wouldn’t do that to me, would you, Sir?” She gulped.

Sam moved to the end of the bed and grabbed her ankles, pulling down so that her arms had to stretch out to full length. Slowly, he opened her legs and crawled between them, his face only inches from her already-wet pussy.

“Oh, we would.” He smiled up at her as he lowered his head to swipe his tongue through her folds.

Tia lifted herself toward Sam’s mouth, hoping that he would continue on using his tongue on her, but he just laughed and moved away.

“We could keep you on edge for hours, baby. Not letting you come. Just letting you writhe and scream, begging us to let you orgasm.”

Ryder moved down to stand beside Sam at the end of the bed, where he had gone back to after leaving the bed. Dan also went to the end of the bed after making sure her cuffs were secure and that she wouldn’t feel any pain from them.

All three just stood there and looked at her with the wickedest smiles she had ever seen.

Suddenly, Ryder grabbed one ankle and Dan grabbed the other and they spread her legs wide. Each man bent down beside the bed and took a hold of something from underneath. Silently, as Tia watched, they brought out fur-lined shackles. The minute Tia saw them, she started struggling, trying to pull her legs together and away from the men.

“Now, now, little sub, just relax and trust us,” Dan said.

“You do trust us, don’t you, sweetling?”

Watching them as they stopped and looked at her, she realized that if she told them to stop that they would. Without question.

“Yes, Sir, I trust you. I’m just very nervous and very horny.” She smiled.

After finishing shackling her ankles, all three men crawled up onto the bed. Dan moved on one side, Ryder on the other, and Sam lay back down between her legs.

Ryder’s mouth latched onto one breast, sucking hard as his hand tweaked the nipple on the other. Sam again ran his tongue over her folds, only this time he didn’t stop as he circled her clit again and again, bringing her closer to the edge but still denying her relief.

Dan wasn’t idle either, and as his brother pleasured her body, he turned her head toward him and took her mouth in a kiss that could only be described as carnal. He didn’t ask for her to open to him. He demanded it. Domination seemed to be what the men were demonstrating to her. They wanted her to know that they controlled her body in the bedroom.

“God, baby, you taste so sweet. I could lay here for the rest of the day and feast on you,” Sam whispered against her pussy.

Tia arched as he plunged two fingers inside her and pumped in and out slowly as he sucked on her clit.

“Oh, please, Sirs,” she whimpered. “Please let me come.”

“No way, little sub, we’ve only just started,” Ryder said, licking her distended nipple.

Releasing her mouth from his almost savage-like kiss, Dan stood and opened a small cupboard built into the wall beside the bed. From Tia’s position on the bed she couldn’t see what was inside, but whatever it was, it brought a smile to her man’s face.

When he came back to the bed, Dan held condoms, a tube of lubrication, and a small pink item as well as an even smaller silver one.

As he placed the items on the bed, both Ryder and Sam stopped what they were doing and grinned. Shit, she was in trouble.

He continued to grin and looked down at her. “I can’t wait to use these on you, sweetling. We won’t use them now though. We’ll wait until we’re at the club tonight.”

She didn’t know whether to be relieved or disappointed.

Dan removed the toys from the bed and placed them on the nightstand and again lay beside her. “Fuck, baby, I’m loving watching my brother give you pleasure,” he said, his hand smoothing up over her stomach to cup a breast as Ryder and Sam returned to their pleasuring of her. Together they kept her on the edge but never let her go over.

Sam moved up and over her as an almost growl-like sound came from his throat when he spoke.

“I need to be inside you right now. I can’t wait any longer.” Leaning over her, he grabbed a condom from the box and ripped it open with his teeth. The wild look in his eyes showed her that he was also on the edge. She watched as he slid the condom over his large cock and then rubbed it back and forth across her clit. Each pass brought her closer but never enough to allow her to come.

“Please, Sam, fuck me. I can’t stand any more,” she whimpered, her body shaking from unfulfilled desires.

Grabbing the base of his cock, Sam guided it to the opening of her pussy. He allowed only the head of his cock to enter her. “You feel so good, little one. I want this to last, but I’ve been hard since I first saw you, so I don’t think it will be long for either one of us.” He pushed all the way inside in one long stroke.

“Fucking beautiful.” Ryder hissed and continued to pinch and lick her nipples while watching his brother fuck their little sub.

Tia’s eyes almost rolled back in her head at the sensation of finally having one of her men inside her. She could almost feel his desire for her as he pumped his cock in fast and hard.

“Please, Sir, harder,” she cried, begging for relief.

“Fuck, I’m gonna come,” Sam murmured. “Dan, help me send her over. Her cunt is milking me and I can’t hold out.”

Reaching between them, Dan leaned over and whispered in her ear, “Come for us, baby. Come all over Sammy’s cock.” He pinched her clit, sending her into oblivion.

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