Take Care, Mr. Benn (MM)

Bancroft Village 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 33,571
3 Ratings (4.7)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Romance, M/M, sex toys, HEA]
Craig Altmaston liked having a plan. Unfortunately, his life was ignoring it. He had a new job in a new town and a new ex. Being on his own wasn’t what he expected. Then there was his elusive new caretaker who dropped in, literally. He wasn’t part of his plan but Craig was learning to adapt, plans could change.
Jack Benn had been Bancroft Leisure Centre’s caretaker since Adam was a lad, or so he felt. He didn’t like change and this whole new development was not his "thing", though his gorgeous new boss certainly was. Jack’s life seemed to be blowing up all around him and it wasn’t just the leisure centre. But could he take the risk and step out of his workman’s overalls to be with his suit-wearing boss.
Craig needed a new plan which must include his sexy new caretaker but not, however, a leisure centre full of green bubbles.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Take Care, Mr. Benn (MM)
3 Ratings (4.7)

Take Care, Mr. Benn (MM)

Bancroft Village 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 33,571
3 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“Jack, Jack,” Craig yelled as he picked himself up carefully from where he’d fallen off the settee.

“Yeah, here, I’m fine, just sort of jumped from the noise.”

Craig pulled Jack up and then slipped on his shoes before heading out of the office door, which had been forced open with the blast. So much for security locks, Craig thought as he looked behind to see if Jack was following.

“That was some blast. We need to get out and let the fire brigade know,” Craig said as he continued towards the exit. He could hear Jack talking in the background and realised the man was doing just that. Doing what he did very well, taking care of things. It was only when he got downstairs to the main lobby and saw the smoke filling the place and coming from the restaurant that he knew they needed to move just a little faster.

“Jack!” Craig shouted as another set of explosions went off. Craig suddenly found himself in the arms of one rugged caretaker and swept out into the car park.

“They’re on their way,” Jack said as he ran his hands over Craig’s body in what looked like a haphazard attempt to check he was okay.

“I’m fine, Jack, don’t worry.” Craig looked up the street to see the large, red truck heading down towards them. “Hell, that was quick.”

“The fire station is only around the back of the centre, Craig. If the guys could have jumped the back fence they’d have been even quicker,” Jack explained.

“Okay, good,” Craig said as he started to shiver. He was only wearing his boxers and shirt. Jack was no better just in jeans and boots. What a way to get caught. Craig started to laugh, somewhat hysterically.

“Easy babe, we’re okay, and I know no one else was in the building,” Jack reassured him.

“That’s good,” he said as a tall, dark, and handsome fireman approached.

“Well hello, Jack, interesting attire for this time of night?” the man’s grin said it all. Craig knew he’d put two and two together and come up with four.

“Callum, stop messing around,” another man shouted as they began unloading the rig.

“I think it’s from a gas leak,” Jack said, thankfully ignoring Callum’s remark. “There was a large explosion followed by a smaller one, but where and what I don’t know. The restaurant seems to be the source.” Craig was grateful for Jack’s calm manner, not sure how he was managing to hold it together.

“Great thanks for the information. The medics are on their way to check you out. Do you know if there were any others in the building?”

“No, no one. I’d checked the premises and there was only the two of us and we weren’t hurt, more just shocked,” Jack explained. Craig was grateful that Jack had handled the questions as he watched the men deal with the problem. His mind was too busy racing through how much damage had been done and how long was it going to take to repair it. As for being caught with his trousers down, as long as they weren’t caught on camera he could avoid any embarrassment, he hoped.

“Look, I need to go inside and collect my things,” Craig said. “I need my keys. They were on my desk.”

“I’m sorry, sir, but until we get this under control we cannot let you back in,” Callum said, shaking his head.

At that moment the paramedics arrived, and both he and Jack were taken into the cab.

Callum headed back to the rig, but turned before he got there. “Oh and Jack,” he shouted. “Welcome to the dark side.”




Craig leaned down and took a copper nipple into his mouth, feeling the nub rise and thicken with the attention. Now it was Jack’s turn to whimper, and Craig preened at being able to do this to the rugged man beneath him. Having tormented that nipple, Craig licked his way to the other, grinding his hips against the heat he could feel coming from Jack’s groin.

Craig pulled back and grinned, hearing Jack’s growl of protest. He stood up and unsnapped his pants, slowly lowering his zipper. Craig watched Jack’s eyes widen as he slowly lower his pants to the floor. Kicking off his shoes and removing his socks with his pants, he rose to find Jack had shimmied out of his jeans and boots and now lay completely naked before him.

“Oh, fuck me,” Craig said as his saw Jack’s thick, vein-covered cock being stroked as the man grinned up at him.

“Well, if you lose the silk that is my intention,” Jack said as his eyes roamed over Craig’s body in a very predatory manner. Craig pushed his thumbs into the waistband of his boxers and lowered them down, his cock springing forward at its release. “Now why are you standing over there?”

“Condoms and lube.” Craig’s mind, ever practical, caused him to blurt out this phrase, killing the moment somewhat.

“Both covered,” Jack said with a smile, holding up a small paper bag, hopefully with the goodies inside. “I used to be a boy scout.”

“I just bet you were, Jack Benn,” Craig said as he crawled up Jack’s long body. He loved the feel of the hair on Jack’s legs tickling his skin as they brushed against each other. “You feel gorgeous and you’re not even inside me yet.”

Craig relished the idea of being on the bottom and hoped Jack went along with that. He much preferred being filled and the feeling of having a pulsing cock inside.

So why go for bottom boys? Idiot!

“Oh man, I could get used to you,” Jack said. “Let me open you up and then, Mr. Altmaston, you are going to ride me home.” Craig didn’t say anything but rose up and widened his legs. Jack coated his fingers in the slick and the traced them down his crease to circle his hole.

Craig moaned as Jack circled then sank his first finger inside his tight entrance. It had been a good while since Craig had been in this position, and it had been sorely missed. But that was not the only reason for Craig’s moan. Craig looked down to see Jack’s mouth sliding down his cock’ his tongue doing insane things to his head. The warm, wet heat nearly caused him to blow before the party had even started. Craig gripped the end of the large settee they were spread over as Jack continued to set his nerves on fire, praying he could hold out against this man’s impassioned onslaught.

One finger became two, then three as Jack continued to push Craig to his limits. The burn created by his fingers was exquisite as Craig begged for more. “Please.”

Craig felt his cock being released as Jack looked up into his eyes. “Are you sure, baby? I’m a big lad.”

“God yes, now I love the burn, please, Jack,” Craig cried, needing to feel the man’s length inside him

“Okay,” Jack said, pushing himself up the settee as Craig moved down. Craig heard the foil wrapper as Jack sheathed his cock before holding it at Craig’s entrance. Jack trembled and Craig was glad he wasn’t the only one hanging on by a thread. “I’m all yours, baby.”

Craig took the cue and lowered himself down on Jack’s thick cock. “Yes!” He hissed at the pain and then pleasure that shot through him as Jack penetrated the ring of muscles. He didn’t stop though, just slowly sank until he could feel Jack’s balls hit his backside.

“Oh baby, you are so tight,” Jack panted, and Craig watched a drop of sweat run down from Jack’s brow.

“Perfect,” he replied, and began to rock on his lover’s groin. Craig leaned forward and rested his hands on Jack’s broad chest, letting his fingers flick the man’s nipples. “I’d love to see these pierced.” Craig flicked them again.

“I’m too old for that kind of stuff,” Jack blurted out, hips picking up the rhythm Craig was working.

“Never too old,” Craig answered, leaning over and losing himself in a kiss.

“Ah, Christ man,” Jack yelled out, and Craig found himself flung over as Jack came off the settee to land on top of him. Jack spared no time in pushing his cock back inside once more.

Craig grinned at him. “Are you going to fuck me now?”


* * * *


Jack was going out of his mind. Craig was stunning, his body tight and perfectly smooth apart from a gloriously trimmed thatch that surrounded his cock. He wanted to lick the man from head to toe, but that would have to wait until next time. God, there had better be a next time, as he didn’t think he’d ever get his fill of Craig Altmaston.

“Yeah, you want that, baby? You like it hard and fast?” Jack asked, pounding into Craig’s hot, tight channel.

“Yes,” Craig hissed, his breath now coming in gasps.

Jack could feel the shock waves traveling up his spine as his cock swelled even further. He pumped into his lover, knowing he wasn’t going to last much longer. Leaning his weight on his left hand, he grabbed Craig’s steel shaft and started to stroke. He used the pre-cum that was pouring out of Craig’s slit to ease the glide of his hand up and down.

“Yes, aagh, now, Jack!”

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