[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, shape-shifters, spanking]

Adele Roche heads to the bayou for research. She doesn’t expect to encounter Oscar Valdez or Xavier Dupart. Nor does she expect to see them become alligators right before her eyes. But what shocks her most is that she’s their mate.

Two members of the gator clan are being held as aquarium exhibits, and a wealthy businessman wants to buy them for his private zoo. Adele is still reeling from the idea of being mated to not one but two shapeshifters, but she agrees to help the clan bring the trapped gators back.

As Adele spends time with Oscar and Xavier, she starts to like the idea of being mated to two sexy shape-shifters. But just as she’s starting to fall in love, everything falls apart. After a botched rescue attempt, blame falls on Adele. Can she find a way to rescue the trapped gators and claim her mates?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Charlotte Rose is a Siren-exclusive author.

Bayou Rescue (MFM)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
This new series is So AWESOME! Alligators who would have thought. So looking forward to reading more in this series
Barefoot Okie
Professional Reviews

4 STARS: "Bayou Rescue is an excellent M/F/M ménage novella with a unique setting and a different spin on the shifter mythos. The leads are strong, the romance sexy and the plot well paced, and all combine to make a very good read. Adele is a bayou researcher who is shocked when she sees two men shift into alligators. But Adele is even more shocked when Xavier and Oscar claim she is their mate. While Oscar and Xavier work to convince Adele she really is their fated mate, two of their clan are kidnapped and Adele offers to help rescue them. First, I can't say enough about the setting and atmosphere of this book. I love the bayou setting and it was so unique with the French Quarter and exotic food. The dialect was spot on and the descriptive writing so strong I felt like I was in the steamy bayou. This unique setting will wow readers like it did me. As to the characters, they were great. I really like Adele's strength of character and Xavier and Oscar's homespun personalities. These were three adults who come together because of desire and emotions and I loved that mature relationship. Of course, the sex is as steamy as the bayou but never overshadows the developing emotional relationship. The secondary characters were good too. The voodoo clan leader, Serafine, was charming and was as much the reader's guide as she is Adele's and that was a great touch. I am so glad this is book one in a new series so I can revisit this clan in subsequent books. The plot is well written and intriguing as well. The rescue of Oscar and Xavier's clanmates is well conceived and kept my attention to the end. I wanted to see how the rescue would shake out and I was mildly surprised by how it did. Bayou Rescue is a unique novella that fans of well-written M/F/M ménage will greatly enjoy. I look forward to future books in this series and will look up the author's backlist as well." -- J9, The Romance Reviews

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Story Excerpt


After securing her boat, she leaned back, looking up at the light filtering through the tree branches. At first, her thoughts turned to Georgina and how frustrating it was to have her as a research assistant. Adele didn’t want to kick her off the team, but she knew she had no choice. She was going to have to report her chronic absence to the department chair. Soon, though, the beauty of the swamp turned her thoughts away from her frustrations. She loved being out in the marshes, surrounded by the drone of wildlife. It wasn’t long before Adele stopped thinking entirely and dozed off in the tranquility of afternoon on the bayou. 

The sound of a motorboat coming her way roused Adele from her nap. Carefully righting herself in her own vessel, she looked out to see two men heading in her direction. She noted that they were both shirtless, and the springtime sweat cast a sexy shine to their chests. They both had deep brown skin and black hair, though one had his cropped close, while the other had gorgeous waves flowing to his shoulders. The man with short hair was taller and darker, with skin almost the color of cocoa. The one with long hair had skin that was golden brown. They both had well-defined muscles, including rigid pecs and six-packs that glistened beneath a sheen of sweat. Adele found her body wanting both men at once. Her pussy started to throb as she imagined herself between both of those hot brown chests, four hands caressing and stroking her.

At first, she was shocked by her own mind and shook her head to clear the thoughts away. She had no clue who these two men were, and yet all of a sudden, her mind was racing with salacious images of herself sandwiched between the two of them. It wasn’t as though she’d never had a fantasy before, but she had never had such explicit thoughts about two people she’d never seen before. Fantasizing about herself in a threesome was new as well. Never before had her body wanted two men equally.

Rather than trying to force her thoughts away, Adele allowed herself to continue fantasizing, to picture the jeans sliding off of those slim hips, to daydream about where two cocks might go if she actually got her wish. She felt her cunt become slick with desire as she let her imagination run wild.

Her illusions rushed away, however, when the men parked their boat, and the smaller of the men pulled two cans of beer out of a cooler. Adele snapped into full conservationist mode. This particular stretch of wetland was only open to researchers and conservationists, and it required weeks of paperwork and red tape to acquire the necessary permits. The general beer-drinking public was not permitted on these particular grounds. Adele ignored the fact that she’d been napping on the waters, justifying it because she was a researcher, and she wasn’t about to get drunk and toss empty beer cans into the fragile ecosystem.

“Hey, stop!” she called out, revving her boat’s engine back to life and steering toward them. “This is a protected space! This land is not open for recreational purposes!”

Then men both looked up at her with puzzled expressions on their faces.

“You’re not allowed out here!” she called, not sure what they didn’t understand. “The recreational portion of this bayou is five miles east of here!”

Adele wouldn’t have been surprised if the men had turned their boat around and left. On more than one occasion, she’d encountered people who had wound up there without realizing it was for research and conservation only.

She wouldn’t even have been surprised if they’d gotten a little belligerent with her first—she didn’t imagine they’d appreciate having their leisure time interrupted. She wouldn’t even have been surprised if she’d had to radio the authorities to convince them to leave. More often than not, she’d had to use that tactic to handle trespassers who didn’t care.

What she didn’t expect was for the smaller man to stand up and punch the larger one in the face.


Adult Excerpt


As she plunged into the water, chilled in the moonlight that was beginning to fill the atmosphere, Adele felt renewed and complete. The beads of her necklace glittered in the water.

As she breached the surface, Oscar and Xavier rushed her, Oscar’s hands playing with her breasts, and Xavier’s fingers beginning to tease the swollen folds of her pussy. She leaned her head against Oscar’s chest, leaving her neck open for more bites as Xavier started playing with her clit. Her skin began to heat up despite the cool water, and prickles of electricity began to dance along her pussy lips.

She reached down and stroked both of their ready cocks, noticing and savoring the way the water accented the smooth textures. She was desperate to have them both inside her but was willing to be teased just a little while longer. The sensations in her neck and nipples intensified the pressure on her clit, and the pleasure that had been building all night suddenly released, sending explosions of electricity through her body. She tightened her grip around both men’s shafts and felt them throb in her hands, adding to the pulse coursing through her own body. The sensation was so intense she thought her heart would stop, but as the orgasm subsided, she found that everything returned to normal.

“Let’s move to the shallows,” Xavier said as Adele began to come back to earth. “It’ll be easier for all of us if we have something to brace against.”

They paddled over to the shallow water, and the men switched places, Xavier at her back and Oscar at her front. Oscar reclined on the riverbank, and Adele’s cunt began to throb again as she saw his body in the beauty of the water and the moonlight. The water dripped across his skin, running in rivers through the ridges in his six-pack. Droplets fell from his shining hair. The cool light made him look almost ethereal.

Adele couldn’t wait any longer. Swimming over, she settled herself on top of him and slid her pussy down his engorged shaft. Her muscles immediately locked tight around him, and his cock throbbed in the tight grip. She started to ride him slowly, smoothing her fingertips all around his firm chest. He bucked under her, attempting to make her go faster, but she wanted to keep teasing him. Her pussy surged with delight as she watched him writhe beneath her, desperate for more.

A few minutes later, she felt Xavier’s finger pressing against her asshole, beginning the process of preparing her for his cock. She stopped moving, her cunt contracting yet again as she saw the expression on Oscar’s face when she stilled. Laughing, she began her up-and-down thrusts again. She didn’t want Oscar to get ahead of Xavier, but she also knew that neither of them could stand for her to sit still while Xavier stretched her. Oscar writhed harder and harder under her slow movements, and she felt his dick throb harder with every thrash.

Just as she was about to pin him down, she felt Xavier grip her hips. She shivered as his rigid cock slid along her ass. He continued to grind it against her as he placed kisses down her neck and across her shoulder blades. Finally, he eased his cock into her tight hole. After the first inch, he stopped, allowing her a few moments to accommodate to his girth. Adele sucked in her breath, the twinge of pain intensifying the pleasure already coursing through her.

Oscar reached out and began to tease her breasts, fondling gently and sliding his fingertips around the nipples. He never pinched or pulled, but kept his touch light to taunt her. Then, Xavier slid in a little farther, massaging her ass as he entered. Again, Adele’s body raced with a combination of pleasure and pain, unlike anything she’d ever experienced before.

When he was in to the hilt, she stopped to savor the feeling of being taken by both of her men at the same time. But then Adele’s cunt began to throb with even more need, and she started to move again, setting the pace. Adele moved faster this time. She didn’t want to tease any longer. They’d been holding back long enough. Still toying with her breasts, Oscar reached his mouth up to kiss her, gripping her lips with his, as Xavier raked his nails down her back, sending electric energy across her skin. Giving each nipple a hard pinch that sent tingles all the way down her skin, Oscar pulled his hands away and then tangled his fingers in her hair and pulled her even deeper into the kiss. She lost the ability to restrain herself any longer. She started pounding into Oscar as fast as she could, bringing Xavier along for the ride.

“We need—we need to come together,” she said, so lost in her body that she could barely form the sentence. “I’ll hold—I’ll hold back—” Adele lost her train of thought as the pleasure overwhelmed her body and shut off her ability to speak. She could barely keep track of her breath, because she was so caught up in the feeling of her men, of her body compressed between theirs, of being part of them.

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