Bittersweet Chocolate (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 55,096
1 Ratings (5.0)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Alternative Contemporary Interracial Paranormal Romantic Suspense Romance, MM, with light BDSM elements, sex toys, ghosts, HEA]

Tanner never thought much about past lives. In fact, he’s very much living in the now and happily with his husband and child, but the ghost of his past life isn’t done stalking him with the intent to take everyone he loves.

Sinclair is slow to accept the validity of a haunted past and digs deep to get to the truth determined to protect his family. With chaos erupting all around them, Sinclair finds a conspiracy to rob Tanner of not just his life and their daughter but big money.

As the police investigate, Tanner and his brother are nearly killed, and Sinclair decides he has to take steps to protect his family and expose the attackers, but the bold move leads to a stunning twist of events that could cost Sinclair his own life as well as those of Tanner and Tanner’s siblings.

Bittersweet Chocolate (MM)
1 Ratings (5.0)

Bittersweet Chocolate (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 55,096
1 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Tanner checked on Sunny to find the angel sleeping peacefully. Then, he went downstairs, hoping to spend some uninterrupted quality time with his husband.

“Did you get any writing done?” Tanner asked.

“Some,” Sinclair said and held out a glass of red wine to him. “So, tell me about your day.”

“I found this man on the internet a week ago. He’s a historian. He and his father studied Moss-Gate Manor.”

“Did you contact him?” Sinclair asked.

“I had forgotten about it, but he came by the store at close. That’s why I’m so late getting home.”

Sinclair gave him a little smile. “What did he have to say?”

Tanner told him everything the man had said. “He said Moss-Peterman had some journals from the past that could help. He also said the four of them always met, and Cadmium and Monroe always ended up dead. He said death was stalking them.”

“Lucy and Sirius are stalking them,” Sinclair muttered. “I’m not allowing them to destroy our lives or kill us.”

“What if we can’t stop them?” Tanner demanded as he sat down at the table. “What if we can’t even figure out who they are before they get to us?”

“I’m going out to the house tomorrow, but I’m leaving Sunny with Brooke’s mother. I think the house is too dangerous for her.”

“What about you? This man could be Sirius. He could have come to see me to let me know the game is on.”

“He’s late with the warning,” Sinclair muttered. “But I don’t care. If he wants to take me on, he’s going to have to come and get me.”

“He always wins,” Tanner snapped. “What if Lucy didn’t actually kill her family? What if Wentworth didn’t? What if Sirius did?”

“Then, he better man up and come on down because I’m not running,” Sinclair told him firmly. “We can’t hide from this anyway, Tan. These people aren’t going to let us.”

Tanner pushed out a rough sigh. “I know. I’m afraid for us, but I’m terrified for Sunny and even worried for Roni. What if she’s a target too?”

“She probably is,” Sinclair told him. “You said the guy said Lucy killed two of Cadmium’s children. The way I see it, that’s Roni and Sunny now.”

“And we can’t protect her,” Tanner muttered. “We can’t lock her up.”

“We’ll do what we can, but I’m taking her out to the house with me.”

“No. No!” Tanner snapped. “You aren’t taking her.”

“Fine. I won’t.”

“Honey, try to see this from my point of view,” Tanner said consolingly. “If these people have no compunctions about coming after me in our home, they won’t have a problem with attacking her in that house even with cops around.”

“I’m not pushing you on this. I just think she has a link with the house.”

“The ghosts,” Tanner muttered. “I’ll go with you.”

“No. They’ve already proven how eager they are to get to you. Besides, you said Cadmium is the target.”

“I know, but maybe that’s you, not me.”

Sinclair snorted. “They haven’t attacked me,” he reminded gently and then started eating.

Tanner sighed. “I’m scared, Sin,” he said apologetically. “I don’t want to lose you or the girls.”

“Neither do I,” he said. “Let’s just have dinner and then relax on the couch for a while. We could both use it.”

Tanner nodded. “Okay. Hey.”


“This is nice,” Tanner said. “Thanks.”

Sinclair gave him a smile, his eyes filled with warmth, and Tanner melted.

They finished eating, and Sinclair loaded the dishes into the dishwasher with Tanner’s help. Once that was done, they headed to the den.

Sinclair put on an audiobook and dimmed the lights, and Tanner chuckled as Sinclair sat down next to him on the couch.

And Then There Were None?” Tanner demanded with a grin. “We weren’t listening to this two months ago?”

“We never finished.” Sinclair dropped a kiss on the tip of Tanner’s nose and settled back against the cushions.

“Okay,” he said as he settled his back against Sinclair’s chest.

They listened to the story for all of ten minutes before Tanner’s thoughts strayed to the package he’d brought home with him. It was beneath the couch where he’d hoped they’d be spending the evening, and Sinclair wouldn’t mind allowing him to try something new.

He probably wouldn’t, Sinclair liked to be in charge, but how would he know if he didn’t go for it?

He turned to look up at Sinclair whose gaze immediately fell on him. Gathering his courage, Tanner shifted so he could kiss him. Sinclair moaned and pulled him closer.

Tanner urged Sinclair back against the arm of the couch and crawled on top of him. He ran his hands down Sinclair’s chest.

“I love you so much,” he murmured and leaned down to tease Sinclair’s mouth before nipping his bottom lip and then sucking it into his mouth.




Sinclair entered the bedroom after checking on Sunny one more time. She was sleeping soundly, and the house was tightly locked up with the night guards on duty. He was confident his family was safe, but he would sleep with the gun next to the bed.

He wouldn’t tell Tanner because he’d freak out, fearing for Sunny’s safety. The child was curious, but she wasn’t likely to wander into their bedroom and into the nightstand in the middle of the night.

He left the bedroom door open a little and cast a look to the monitor on the dresser. Tanner probably had one in the bathroom, too, he mused on hearing the water in the shower.

Sinclair headed in to join him, undressing and discarding his clothes in the hamper. Tanner was humming a tune over the water, and he smiled as he stepped in behind him.

“It’s about time you joined me,” Tanner said.

Sinclair kissed the side of Tanner’s neck and curled his arm around him. Tanner rubbed against him. His damp body was hard and luscious, making his cock come to full hardness.

“That’s a good sign,” Tanner drawled and turned to glide his hands up Sinclair’s chest. “I need you so bad.” He reached up and brought Sinclair’s head down for a kiss.

Tanner’s tongue swept into his mouth and taste him greedily.

Their tongues stroked against each other, dueled in a slow kiss, a sensual act that turned Sinclair’s blood hot. He rested a hand on Tanner’s hip, drawing him closer as his body strained for the contact.

Nothing was more delicious than the feel of his man against him, and he’d craved this all day. He took over the kiss, thrusting his tongue into Tanner’s mouth, licking the roof before running his tongue along Tanner’s.

He pressed his thigh between Tanner’s legs as he cupped his ass, and Tanner moaned, rubbing his engorged cock against Sinclair’s thigh.

Sinclair took his mouth from Tanner’s, his breath coming in hard pants. He traced kisses to Tanner’s ear, trying to take things slow when he just wanted to get down to the main event.

“I want you,” Sinclair said against Tanner’s ear. “I need you.”


* * * *


Sinclair kissed his way to Tanner’s shoulder and nipped lightly before making a beeline to his taut nipples. Sinclair traced his tongue tip around the areola, pinching the other stiff peak as he did so. Then, he flicked the rosy bud before closing his hot mouth over it and sucking.

Tanner groaned roughly as he reached up to stroke the back of Sinclair’s head. “Oh, god, sweetie.”

Sinclair sucked at the hard tip before lightly biting it and turning his attention to the other.

Sinclair gave his nipple a hard pull before swirling his tongue around the areola. He speared the tip and then closed his humid, hot mouth over it. The suction went straight to his cock.

Tanner threw his head back, the delectation closing around him as Sinclair sucked harder. Sinclair reached between them to grip Tanner’s cock and fisted it. He lifted his head to claim Tanner’s mouth. As he deepened the kiss, Sinclair fondled Tanner’s balls.

“Sin,” he gasped, caressing his husband’s back. “Please, don’t make me wait.

Sinclair turned him to face the slick tiles and pressed kisses along the back of his neck before reaching for the lube in the caddy.

Tanner heard the cap as it was opened, and a second later Sinclair traced a finger down the crease of Tanner’s ass, allowing it to slip past his cheeks and into the tight space between.

He hissed as the digit forged into his ass, gliding past the tight ring of muscle. Sinclair worked his finger in deeper and drew it out. His kissed Tanner’s shoulder then a hard hand landed on Tanner’s ass.

His eyes widened in surprise, the sting like a match to gasoline. Sinclair landed another tap to his other cheek and back again in a firm cadence. Bliss rolled over Tanner, his body alive, the nerve endings sending sensation after sensation to him.

Sinclair bit his shoulder just hard enough to cause him a little pain before dealing another tap to his ass. Then, Sinclair reached for the lube again and a moment later two slick fingers into Tanner’s ass.

Tanner tightened on him, savoring the invasion. Sinclair’s long fingers thrust into him, opening his ass for the intrusion to come. He scissored his fingers to stretch him.

“Tanner, my beautiful boy,” Sinclair murmured, his breath warm as it caressed his ear. “So tight it drives me insane with wanting to pound your ass.” 

He drew his fingers out and replaced them with the bloated head of his cock. The thick prick filled him in two strokes.

Tanner clenched on the girth, closing his eyes against the edge of pain that was soft delight, and Sinclair nipped the side of his neck.

“Oh, damn,” Tanner breathed.

Tanner groaned as he felt the drag of the thick rigid length retreating. The bliss was a wave crashing over him as Sinclair thrust back into him, setting up a sensual pace. The drives into his tight ass were sweet, deep strokes that had him pressed against the cool tile.

“You are so damn good,” Sinclair groaned.

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