Fox Heat (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 35,964
2 Ratings (4.5)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Consensual BDSM Romance: M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]
Chance Moorland had almost everything he’d ever wanted, but he wasn’t looking for love until he met the brown eyes of Jamison Law across a crowded room. Clichéd as it was, allowing himself to give into the instant punch of lust was dangerous to his financial future and his career. He only intended to take one taste of the chocolate that snared his attention and brought his body roaring to lustful life. However, his firm resolve goes up in a blaze of romantic heat.
Now Chance’s every move is being watched as his father searches for a reason to disinherit Chance and ensure he loses his inheritance. As Chance falls deeper in love, an unseen enemy’s plot forces Jamison to resign and break up with Chance. With his enemy’s final blow, family secrets are exposed and Chance loses his inheritance and his job. However, the fox refuses to relinquish the one thing he cares the most about, Jamison.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Fox Heat (MM)
2 Ratings (4.5)

Fox Heat (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 35,964
2 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“No. Why are you such a hard-ass when it comes to women?” Jamison demanded.

“I have nothing against them, except when you’re flirting with them.”

“I was talking to her, not flirting with her,” Jamison muttered. “There is a difference, Chance.”

“It looked the same to me just now,” Chance replied quietly. “Move on, Jamie.”

Jamison gave him a hard look and would have pressed the issue, but something in Chance’s gaze told him it wasn’t a good idea. The wolves he’d known hadn’t been this territorial over their lovers. How could he know a fox would be?

He picked up the menu, scanned it, and decided what he’d have before setting it aside. A waiter brought their drinks and took their order. Jamison shared a laugh with the man, and Chance gave him a questioning stare.

“You’re a fox shifter?” he asked quietly after the waiter was gone. “A territorial one.”

Chance tensed. “Foxes aren’t territorial, but we can be possessive,” he answered.

“I’m one, too. Part red fox and part kit.” Chance blinked and then laughed. “I should have guessed. You smell so good. It was like you were spraying the air to get me to notice you before I asked you out.” He spoke in a lower tone. It was almost a whisper, but Jamison heard him just fine.

 Unlike the wild foxes, shifter females and gay male kit foxes did give off a scent when they found someone they thought would make a good mate. A mate wasn’t always someone they were going to spend their lifetime with. It was merely someone they thought would be good to raise children with, or be a temporary companion.

He’d seen Chance as more, had known their pairing could be a true mating.

“Maybe I was when I first became interested in you nine months ago, but I didn’t know it,” Jamison told him. “I’ve had to learn everything I know by experience. My mom told me a few things before she died, but not enough.” He kept his voice just below human hearing as well.

Chance gave him a faint smile. “I’ll teach you about our world.” Jamison smiled. “I met some wolf shifters in college.” He laughed. “I used to go for runs with them. It was so fantastic having someone kind of like me to share my secret with. I bet it was hard for you to keep your secret in boarding school.” He reached across the table to touch Chance’s hand, and Chance drew it out of reach.

Hurt sizzled through him, but Jamison quickly leashed it with a sigh.

“A little bit,” Chance answered.

“Why do we have to wait seven months?”

“If my father finds out I’m gay, he’ll disinherit me,” Chance told him. “I might then get fired from the company. Not getting an inheritance is like saying I’m not family, and only family can hold high positions in the company.”

“This is about money,” he said angrily.

“Conrad will decimate my character, Jamie,” he said. “I won’t be able to get a job throwing papers when he’s done. That is what he does. He destroys what he can’t control.”

“I don’t care about the money, Chance,” he muttered. “I care about you.”

“He’ll destroy us both, Jamie.” He stopped when he would have said more. The waiter set their meals before them.

“Can I get you anything else?” he asked.

“No,” Chance said tightly.

The waiter nodded and left.

“The money won’t change what he’ll do,” Jamison murmured.

“It’ll give me a means to support us while we get established in another state. I don’t want to have to kill him over you.”

Chance’s family dynamics were complicated, obviously, but Jamison didn’t want to complicate things further for Chance. However, he was even more certain Chance was going to leave him one day.

“I don’t understand your family, but I won’t pressure you, and I won’t say anything to my dad yet.” But he would. Being with Chance, embracing his sexuality, felt right. He didn’t want to spend the rest of his life denying part of who he was now that he was okay with being gay.

“Thank you.”

They finished their meal and Chance paid. They headed out to the parking lot. Chance’s hand brushed the back of Jamison’s as they walked to Jamison’s car.

“Someone had been in the apartment,” Chance said. “Conrad obviously has a PI spying on me, so I got us a room at the San Jacobs.”

“That’s an expensive hotel,” Jamison said, leaning against the side of his car.

Chance shrugged. “Here’s your keycard.”

“We’ve got one of the penthouse suites,” Chance told him. “We’ll meet there tomorrow and stay the weekend.”

“There was someone hanging around my office,” Jamison said. “He said he was security, but I’ve never seen him.”

“Probably a PI,” Chance said angrily. “Be careful what you say and do.”

“Maybe we shouldn’t see each other for a few days.”




Jamison released his hold on Chance and pushed his briefs down. He reached for the helm of his tee, and Chance growled.

“I didn’t say take it off. It looks like you’re getting a few hard licks,” he said and sat on the edge of the couch. “Come here, boy.”

Jamison held his lover’s gaze as he closed the gap between them. The look in Chance’s eyes was pure love, and Jamison shuddered.

 Chance reached out and curled his fingers around Jamison’s arm and tugged him down over his lap. Chance leaned toward the table and grabbed the tube of lubrication and dropped it next to him before dropping his hand heavy on his ass.

The pain danced through his butt cheeks and wrapped around his cock in a quick explosion of pleasure. The second tap was even harder, drawing a cry from him. Jamison’s cock leaked and throbbed in response.

“I think you’re a little wet for this punishment to be doing you any good,” Chance teased and hit him a little harder.

Jamison hissed when the next tap kissed his right cheek. It stung a path right into him that made him growl in bliss. “Damn, you know how to make my body burn.”

Chance landed another tap to his other cheek and back again in a firm cadence. Rapture caressed Jamison.

“Chance, baby, don’t stop!”

Jamison felt cool lube cruise down the crease of his ass, and then a firm finger dragged it to the secret garden between his cheeks. Jamison braced his feet wider apart on the floor as his eyes closed. The tip of a finger breached his ass as he groaned as it slid past the tight ring of muscle and forged into the hot depths beyond.

“Your ass is so tight and hot, I can’t wait to get my dick inside it.” He drew his finger out, added more lube, and pushed it back in.

Jamison moaned softly as Chance finger fucked him.

“Damn, your finger feels so good.”

Chance drew his finger out and pushed two back into the tightness. Jamison mewled as Chance fucked him harder, spread his fingers apart, and drove them in deeper.

Jamison tried to reach his cock. It throbbed and ached for a caress. A heavy tap landed on his ass, making him jump.

“That’s not a toy, Jamie, don’t play with it,” Chance told him in a tone laced with amusement. “Focus on my fingers taking your ass and how good I make you feel.” He landed another hard strike before turning his attention back to finger fucking him.

Hard and deep, Chance’s fingers drove into him, brushed his prostate, and retreated before brushing up against it again, causing bliss to unfold in his belly.

He was going to explode. He felt the need boiling in his balls.

“Chance, please, I need you,” Jamison begged.

“You want to come, baby?” Chance crooned and one hard tap to his ass had Jamison exploding with a harsh cry.

Chance quickly pulled his fingers free and urged the near boneless Jamison up. He pulled him down to straddle him. He claimed his mouth softly.

Chance glided his hands up Jamison’s hips to his waist as he broke the kiss. He drew in Jamison’s scent before pushing his hands beneath the little black tank he wore. He lightly scraped Jamison’s skin with his nails, and Jamison groaned.

“Take me.”

Jamison lifted his hips and reached back to grasp Chance’s cock. He positioned it at the entrance of his ass and slowly eased down on it. The tip parted tight tissues, and the heavy veins stroked his nerves.

Chance groaned. “Fuck. Jamie.”

Jamison took Chance to the root and braced one hand against the back of the sofa.

“You’re so hot, Jamie,” Chance murmured. “I’ve dreamed of taking you all day just like this. He thrust up, and his cock stabbed deep into Jamison’s ass.

“Your touch makes my heart beat faster,” Jamison said raggedly. He lifted and rolled his hips slowly, taking Chance back into the tight depths of his ass.

“Oh, sweetheart,” Chance murmured. “Your ass is so fucking good, I want to lock you away and keep you for myself.”

Jamison stroked the back of Chance’s neck. “Sounds like a dream come true,” he said and kissed Chance’s jaw. He trailed a path to his ear as he lifted and lowered his hips. “I’d be your willing sex slave forever.”

Chance groaned harshly as he swept his hands down Jamison’s back to his ass. Jamison moved lithely in his arms, sending Chance’s dick deep into his ass before allowing it to come out almost all the way, only to sink down on him again.

Chance groaned. “That’s so fucking good.” Chance held him tight, fingers digging into his hips as he drove into Jamison’s ass.

“Oh, yes.” Jamison tilted his head back and bounced up and down as Chance met him thrust for thrust. The thickness impaled him slowly, drawing a hiss from him as pleasure snaked through him. “Chance.”

Chance nipped Jamison’s tender flesh with sharp teeth before kissing the side of his neck. “Mine,” Chance whispered.

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