The Aftermath (MMM)

The Angel Pack 16

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 72,282
18 Ratings (4.8)

[Menage Amour ManLove: Alternative Contemporary Fantasy Menage a Trois Paranormal Romance, MMM, shape-shifter, vampires, demons, HEA]

It has been nine months since fae warrior Sasha met and rescued his mate, Samuel, but because of the life he has lead, his skittish mate is still nervous about being claimed.
Sammy feels lost and confused by why he has never felt the mating heat that all feline’s experience when they meet their mate, but he figures it has something to do with all the experiments done on him in the past.
Mike is not only an old friend of Jesse and Taylor but the man who rescued them years ago when they worked for him in Atlanta. He has come to Sanctuary to see his friends and is shocked when his mates just strolled into the room. He’s excited that he has found his mates but knows he cannot claim them or allow them to claim him because Mike’s past could get them all killed.

The Aftermath (MMM)
18 Ratings (4.8)

The Aftermath (MMM)

The Angel Pack 16

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 72,282
18 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
After Fin I thought we'd get no more stories from the Angel pack. To say i'm thrilled to be wrong would be an understatement. I loved this story,loved the twist to it and look forward to many more stories about the lives and loves of this wonderful group
This book was everything I was hoping it would be and more. So much happening, it was a page turner didn't finish until 2 am couldn't put it down. So worth the wait and the dangling creepy person in the end so can wait for the next book.
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He couldn’t lose Sasha. His mate was everything to him and Sammy loved Sasha more than he had ever loved anything in his life. The thought of Sasha dying in that field had almost destroyed him, but the thought of losing Sasha at all filled him with such agony it took his breath away and made Sammy want to cry and scream. He couldn’t lose his Sasha. He just couldn’t. But Sammy was afraid that if he didn’t give Sasha something soon, his mate would get tired of waiting.

Maybe he should go talk to his brother Aaron? Aaron would help him with anything, but would Aaron be uncomfortable talking about sex with him? Gods, he didn’t know what to do.

“Whoa, there, Sammy. Where’s your mind at?” Taylor asked.

Sammy blinked a few times, coming out of his thoughts and focused on his surroundings. Somehow, he ended up in the kitchen and was just about to walk into the center island, but Taylor had stopped him. He felt his cheeks pink up from his embarrassment and looked down as he said, “I’m sorry. I wasn’t paying attention.”

“Hey, none of that shy stuff around us. You’re family and have been here long enough to know you don’t have to be embarrassed about anything with us. So, what has your brain so preoccupied this fine morning?” Taylor asked as he and Sammy sat on the stools.

Sammy looked up and noticed Jesse was standing by the stove cooking, and he smiled. It had been two weeks since the battle and once it was over, Jesse and Micah were rushed away by King Dante to a secluded spot so they could have a vacation. Sammy, as well as everyone else, was happy for them. If two people deserved to get away from it all and just relax, it was those two. But Sammy was happy they were finally home. He felt safer when the Alpha couple were around, and he really missed Jesse’s delicious cooking.

“I just have a lot on my mind this morning,” he answered softly.

Jesse turned around to look at him and Sammy gasped. He saw that both Jesse and Micah had looked good and well rested last night when they came home, but he didn’t realize how good. Jesse looked like he was glowing. His skin was sun-kissed with a deep tan, his hair flowed like silk down his back, his eyes seemed to shine brighter, and if Sammy’s eyes weren’t tricking him, Jesse looked...bigger. Not taller, not fatter, but more toned and sexier. Maybe it was the tight white jeans he wore or the equally tight aquamarine T-shirt? He had no idea what it was exactly, but Jesse looked even more smokin’ hot than he did before. Sammy wondered how Micah looked this morning.

“Is everything okay, Sammy? Is there something we can help you with?” Jesse asked when he turned.

“N-no. I just.” Sammy stopped and released a heavy sigh.

“Only one thing can cause a man to sigh like that. A man. You’ve come to the right place, my friend. So tell us, what has you in such a twist? Has Sasha done something? Have you?” Taylor asked and wiggled his eyebrows, causing Sammy to giggle.

“No, my Sasha is nothing but wonderful, but…” Sammy looked down at his hands on the counter. Sammy could feel their gazes on him, and he was afraid to look up again.

“But? Let me guess, after that toe-curling, cock-hardening kiss he laid on you last night, you’re starting to have fantastic, dirty thoughts about our large, resident fae commander?” Taylor said with a smirk.

Sammy bit his bottom lip and looked down at his lap as he felt his cheeks redden.

“Aw, so I hit the nail on the head, huh? Okay, so there’s nothing wrong with that, he is your mate after all.”

Sammy looked up shyly and met Taylor’s gaze. “Yes, but...since we met, we haven’ know. Nothing past kissing. And my experience is…” Sammy stopped and shrugged one shoulder.

Jesse came around the counter and sat on Sammy’s other side, then gently placed a hand over his. “Your only experience is bad ones and now you’re not sure if Sasha will hurt you? Or are you not sure what to do?”

Sammy’s head snapped in his direction as his eyes went wide and he shook his head. “Oh, no. I know Sasha would never, ever, hurt me. He is nothing but good and kind to me. But...I don’t know what to do. I’ve never actually had sex that I actively participated in before. That I wanted to before. I have no idea what to do, or what’s expected of me. Will Sasha realize he doesn’t want me as a mate anymore when he figures out how inexperienced I actually am? Oh gods, I’m going to suck at this, I just know it,” Sammy cried and dropped his head down onto his arms on the counter.

“It seems to me, that you just need a little help with Sex 101, and lucky for you, you’ve come to the right place. I happen to be an expert when it comes to sex and drama queens, and you’re a drama queen in need,” Taylor said as he grasped Sammy’s hand and pulled him from his seat.

“Taylor, take it easy on him,” Jesse admonished.

Sammy looked back over his shoulder at Jesse and saw the intense look in the alpha mate’s eyes, and suddenly he became very nervous at what Taylor was going to do.

“No worries, Jess, you know I can teach anyone about sex, and our Sammy here has some very real concerns. Don’t worry, I promise I’ll be gentle,” Taylor said, looking at Sammy, a mischievous gleam in his eye.

As Taylor jerked on his arm, all Sammy could think was, “What have I gotten myself into?”




“You know he’s lying, right?” Samuel said as they sat and watched Mike dive into the pond.

“Oh yeah. Samuel, I think it’s time we help our mate whether he likes it or not. I know we talked about this and how you wanted to help, but if you’re not ready and you’re still okay with me helping Mike, then you can just hang out here while I go take care of him.”

“No, Sasha. I know it took a long time for me to get the courage for us to be together and mate, but your love and tenderness showed me that it was okay for me to let you in, my mate, so I’m sure it’s all right for me to let my other mate in too. And having you here with me, I know I’m safe. I admit I’m a little nervous seeing as we don’t know Mike all that well yet, but he is our mate and I can’t just sit here and let him suffer. In all honesty, as I confessed to you last night, I do feel attracted to him, so, I want to help somehow.”

Sasha loved how wonderful his Sammy was. His mate had such a big heart and truly cared about others. He could see that Samuel was apprehensive, but he could also see the determination within him. He lifted a hand and cupped Samuel’s face, then leaned in and kissed him softly. “Let’s go help our man, okay? And if at any time you change your mind and you can’t do anything, that’s all right too, Samuel.”

Samuel gifted him with a bright smile then pulled back and rolled to his knees before he stood and began stripping. Sasha chuckled and followed Samuel’s lead. Once they were both naked, he took Samuel’s hand and they ran toward the pond. Sasha’s gaze roamed over the area as they approached, but he couldn’t find Mike anywhere. Just as he was about to start worrying, Mike broke through the surface on the far side of the pond where there was a crop of boulders.

Mike’s back was toward them as he placed his hands on the large rocks and hung his head. Sasha could see the man breathing hard and knew they needed to act fast. He put a finger to his lips and gave Samuel the signal to be quiet, then the two of them moved soundlessly, slipped into the pond, and began swimming to the other side. Both of them were being careful and didn’t make a sound.

When Sasha got to within a few feet of Mike, he took a deep breath, held it, then slowly sank under the water and opened his eyes. Things were a little fuzzy, but he could just make out Mike’s delectable ass before him. Sasha moved forward and grabbed Mike’s hips as he brought his face forward and kissed each cheek. Mike flinched in his grasp but didn’t move away. Oh, the man did try for a moment, but something must have changed his mind. Sasha figured it may have something to do with Samuel.

He gave each cheek another kiss before he found his target, then opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue, licking along Mike’s crease. Again, the man flinched under his hands, but Sasha was happy when the gorgeous ass before him moved back as if asking for more.

Without releasing Mike’s hips, Sasha rose, breaching the surface and opened his eyes, then smiled when he saw Samuel sitting on one of the rocks, his legs spread open with Mike stroking their little mate’s pretty cock as Samuel devoured Mike’s lips in a passionate kiss.

Sasha took another deep breath, then submerged again and went back to work on his prize. Running his tongue along Mike’s crease, Sasha dove in deeper and flattened his tongue against the puckered hole and started sucking. He felt Mike’s body quiver as if his knees were about to give and it made Sasha push on with more determination. He speared his tongue deep within Mike’s hole and moved his hands to grip the fleshy globes, squeezing and spreading them apart.

Mike had a great ass. Firm, but not hard as steel. There was enough to grab hold of and worship. Sasha was an ass man and loved to lavish his lovers with a lot of attention to the region, but unfortunately with him being underwater he couldn’t worship Mike’s ass the way he really wanted to.

After slipping two fingers in beside his tongue, Sasha moved his face away and rose to his full height, but kept his fingers sliding easily in and out of Mike’s body. He moved in closer, pressing his chest to Mike’s back as he caught his breath, then began to nibble on the man's neck. Mike groaned deep, the sound so damn sexy it went right to Sasha’s already hard cock.

“Fuck, you two are trying to kill me with pleasure, aren’t you?” Mike said between clenched teeth.

Sasha chuckled against his heated flesh and opened his eyes to find Samuel pressed against Mike’s front as he licked and sucked one of their mate's nipples. Mike’s hands held Samuel’s head to him as he carded a few fingers through Samuel’s hair.

Sasha slid his free hand around to Mike’s front and found his hard cock impressive and leaking. Wrapping his fingers around the thick pole, Sasha began a slow, steady glide up to the tip, then back down to the base. After a few strokes, he inserted a third finger inside Mike’s hole and moved both hands in sync.

“Son of a bitch, you’re driving me crazy. I need to be fucked, like now,” Mike demanded, breathlessly.

“As my mate wishes,” Sasha whispered against his neck.

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