[Siren Classic ManLove: Alternative Paranormal Romance, MM, vampires, HEA]

Vampire lieutenant Theron is not known for his mercy. When an enemy coven sends a blood slave to kill him, Theron shows forgiveness. He feels unexpected possessiveness and attraction to his would-be assassin. Realizing Seth is his mate, Theron offers Seth his protection, but will the human ever learn to trust another vampire again? 

Seth’s entire life changed when a vampire took him from the streets and turned him into a blood slave. He never thought he could stomach being around vampires after his ordeal, but Theron’s different. When Theron secures his freedom, Seth doesn’t know what to do next. The last thing he expects is to fall for his surprising savior, but loving the vampire warrior might mean his doom. 
When someone from Theron’s own coven betrays him and threatens his happiness with Seth, can Theron weed out the traitor in time?
Theron (MM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Theron released him, then touched the tag on his collar. “Lower your head.”

Unsure of what would happen next, he simply did as Theron asked. Not yet, he thought. His chances of striking Theron were slim. He had to take the vampire off-guard, but what Theron did next shocked him so much, he forgot why he was here in the first place. Theron unbuckled the strip of leather around his neck and, without another word, flung the collar, leash included, across the room.

Seth widened his eyes.


Seth shakily rose to his feet, nearly stumbled, except Theron gripped his arm, steadying him. Then the vampire abruptly released him. 

“Let’s try this again. What’s your name? I don’t see a number anymore.”

He swallowed. Was Theron aware of the significance of what he did? Blood slaves were severely punished if they took their collars off. It was a nasty symbol, a reminder they were no longer free, but Theron threw it away without another thought.

“Seth,” he whispered. “My name’s Seth Walters. H-how can I pleasure you, sir?”

He rushed out the last words unthinkingly, out of desperation, not liking the fact this vampire was going off script. Most of the time, Adam would snap his fingers at him like a dog, expectation of obedience in his eyes. Blood slaves were treated no better than dirt. Seth heard stories from the others how some of Lucius and Adam’s vampires automatically resorted to violence, as if humans and shifters weren’t capable of understanding basic commands.

This was a game, that was it. Vampires lost their humanity a long time ago. Shifters might be born with animals inside them, but they were still human. Immortality changed vampires into demons.

Did Theron get a kick out of dangling freedom in front of him, only to take it away from him afterward? That would make Theron just like Adam, except instinct told him both vampires were vastly different.

“Hmm.” Theron walked past him and he turned, wary, unsure of what Theron would do next. 

Theron’s muscled back stared back at him, an opportunity. He had a feeling the more time he spent with this vampire, the more his resolve would crumble for reasons unknown to him. Not yet, a voice inside him said. Too obvious. Sex. He needed to distract the vampire with sex.


Theron glanced back at him, as if he was a puzzle he couldn’t quite figure out. “What exactly are you begging me for, Seth?”

Hearing his name on Theron’s lips sounded strangely intimate. 

“Let me entertain you.” Good. He didn’t sound nervous.

“Is that what you really want to do?”

Theron sat on the edge of the bed, then patted his lap. Swallowing, he inched forward and straddled the big vampire. Theron automatically slid one muscled arm around his waist but didn’t do anything else, not bite him or reach for the button of his jeans. 

“Let’s start with a kiss.” 

Seth couldn’t say no to that. It still befuddled him why Theron was being a gentleman, because most vampires he encountered only seemed interested in taking. Theron leaned close and took his mouth, and he should have expected an immortal like Theron to kiss rough, but he never anticipated liking it. 

He found himself responding, pressing one hand on Theron’s massive chest. For a moment, he blanked out, forgot all about his secret mission. It felt so good and Theron knew what he was doing. Seth parted his lips slightly, letting Theron slip his tongue down his throat. His traitorous dick swelled against his jeans. He wanted the uncomfortable fabric gone, for Theron to keep kissing him, touching him and—

No, I’m here to kill him.

The painful reminder made him pull away. Theron watched him closely but didn’t demand answers to why he stopped. Had Seth made him suspicious? Seth couldn’t have that. He leaned forward, shuddering as Theron lowered his hand down his back, to the curve of his ass. Theron gave his left ass cheek a squeeze, making him groan. All the nerves in his body were lit, alive. 

After all he’d been through, he thought he’d recoil at the touch of another vampire, but ever since he’d laid his eyes on Theron, he knew.

Theron wasn’t like Adam or Lucius, like any of the other bloodsucking monsters.

That, or his dick was talking. Seth should use his head.

Seth knew where this was going. If he didn’t stop now, he’d let Theron do anything he wanted. Even now, he wanted so badly to submit to this man, except Theron wasn’t just a man, but a vampire. The enemy. If Seth wanted any chance at freedom, at getting his old life back, he needed to do Adam’s bidding.

Slowly, he reached for the sheaths in his boots, trying his best not to give anything away.

“So,” Theron drawled, breaking away from his hasty kiss. “What will it be? Hidden blade maybe? Or perhaps, Adam’s favorite, some poor dead bastard’s blood? He’s a coward, then and now.”

He froze, clutching the case containing the syringe in his hand. Theron’s expression was unreadable as he loosened his hold on Seth. For some reason, he didn’t like that. 

“I thought he didn’t manage to break you, but looks like I’m wrong. Maybe you’re his favorite for a reason, eh?” Theron remarked.

“That’s not it,” he blurted, pissed. He dropped the kit, because what was the point if Theron anticipated his next move? “Adam promised I can go free if I manage to kill you.”

Theron raised one scarred eyebrow. “Do you have any idea, angel, how many supernaturals I’ve slain? I know all the moves in the battlefield, the bedroom. I’m well-versed in warfare.”

“Adam said I had a one percent chance. Even so, I’d take it for a chance to break free.”

“Don’t you get it by now? Adam’s never letting you go, even if you succeed. You know too much.”




Theron woke for that night, sensing immediately that he wasn’t alone in his room. Most of the time, he reacted on instinct, but Theron recognized that scent anywhere. He opened his eyes, grinning at the sight of Seth draped next to him in bed, wearing nothing but a tight pair of leather pants that clung to his skin. The human wore a shy smile on his lips but he could smell Seth’s arousal. 

It looked like tonight was about to change things—for the both of them. Theron had to admit that for the past three days, it took all of his self-control to be a gentleman. He hoped Seth would come to him willingly, to admit he wanted Theron as much as Theron craved to possess that sweet little body. Part of him also worried Seth might end up changing his mind about that staying, but if that happened, Theron would do the decent thing and not chase after Seth.

Well, right now it looked like Seth leaving was unlikely.

Hunger rose up inside of him like a living thing as he reached out, tipped Seth’s chin, and zeroed in for a rough, greedy kiss. Seth gripped his shoulder, leaning forward, and responded with passion equal to his own. Theron ran his hand down Seth’s chest, tweaking one flat nipple, before trailing his fingers lower. 

He withdrew his mouth only to hear Seth’s delightful moan. Finally, he reached for the button of Seth’s pants.

“I like what you’re wearing. Did you pick this sexy little number just for me?” he asked, stroking Seth’s prick through the tight fabric. 

Fuck, but he’d like to see Seth in more of these sexy little outfits. It pleased him Seth would make so much of an effort to tempt him tonight. A wonderful gift, and it was time he showed his appreciation. Theron’s dreams had been nothing but erotic fantasies of taking his angel in so many ways, ways that would end with Seth screaming out his name. Just the thought of that made his dick rise against his jeans. 

Theron had to be careful, though, didn’t want to rush things because he wanted to show Seth how much he appreciated his gift of trust. Adam stripped Seth’s ability to make choices but Seth was in control now. 

“I did, but I bet you’re going to like what I’m wearing underneath these jeans,” Seth said.

He let out a growl, rolling on top of Seth and caging the human with his body. Theron used his arms to keep his weight off Seth. He plundered Seth’s mouth again, thrusting his tongue down Seth’s throat before moving lower, nipping and sucking his way down the line of Seth’s body.

“God, Theron, I’ve been dreaming of this moment,” Seth muttered.

He paused to say, “And I’ve been thinking of a hundred filthy things I want to do with this tempting body of yours.”

“This body,” Seth whispered, turning his face. “I wish I was pure for you.”

He ran his fingers over old bite marks that had faded to scars. “Do you think these make you flawed? No, angel. They’re a testament to your strength, your indomitable will to survive. You should be proud of them. Many humans whittled away under that kind of environment but not you. You’re fucking perfect.”

“No one has ever made me think of my captivity that way. Thanks for making me feel better.”

“I’m merely stating the truth.” If Seth didn’t believe him quite yet, then Theron had to prove it by his actions. Reaching Seth’s groin, he tugged down Seth’s jeans past his hips, tossing them aside with some difficulty because of the nature of the leather. Then he paused, seeing the surprise Seth mentioned—a pair of leather straps that barely concealed Seth’s balls and dick.

A rumble tore out of his chest. 

“You like?” Seth whispered.

“Very much. I should buy you more sexy underwear so I can rip them off with my teeth.”

Seth shuddered beneath him as he nuzzled Seth’s still concealed prick. Theron was tempted to rip that thong out but decided to pick apart the strings slowly. By the time he unveiled Seth’s privates, Seth’s dick was rock-hard. He stroked Seth’s shaft, leaned in to flick his tongue across the pre-cum leaking at the tip.

Seth squirmed, but he held Seth’s legs in place as he licked his human from tip to root. Theron explored every ridged and bump, used one hand to give Seth’s balls a squeeze.

“Oh God,” Seth whispered. 

Theron opened his mouth, began taking Seth’s cock down his throat. He bobbed his head up and down, his own dick riled up at the sound of Seth moaning, begging him. He lifted Seth’s legs above his shoulders, moved his mouth past Seth’s crease to reach Seth’s puckered entrance. He traced Seth’s opening before pushing in and tongue-fucking him.

Seth clutched the sheets above him. “Theron, if you keep doing that, I’ll blow.”

He lifted his face and used his hand to start stroking Seth’s prick. “Do it, little human. I want to see you come undone for me.”

Theron worked Seth faster, until Seth cried out and exploded, spilling his load in his waiting hand. He devoured the sight of Seth’s languid expression, of Seth’s body growing slack thanks to him. 

“We’re just starting, so you better prepare for yourself for what’s going to happen next,” Theron said, caressing Seth’s softening prick. 

Clarity returned to Seth’s eyes. “I’m ready. Take me, vampire.”

“Bold little human. Do you understand that once we head down this path, there’s no going back?”

“I do. Theron, these three days we haven’t been intimate felt like torture. I’ve gotten to know you a little better now, and I want you, this, us, even more. So please—”

Theron placed a finger to Seth’s lips. “Shh. I get it. I’ll make you feel so good, you’ll feel like you’re flying.”

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