Graham's Game (MMF)

Lords of Hawksfell Manor 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 25,666
2 Ratings (5.0)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Historical Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, with M/M, HEA]

Graham Hawk plays at emotions and never gets close to anyone but his best friend, Colin Spencer. Together they treat love like a sport. Colin loves Graham. He plays along with whatever game Graham devises. One night they make love only to each other. Graham feels something afterward, but brushes it off. When he’s invited to Hawksfell Manor, Colin joins him. It will be a game to see how many servants they can take. Neither of them talk about their night together. Lily D’ursey is lady’s maid to the Countess of Hawksfell. Her previous employer sexually assaulted her, but in return for her silence he wrote her a glowing recommendation. Graham wants to play with Lily. She succumbs to him and Colin, first with her body and then with her heart. Can Graham learn to play the game for real? Or will he lose the two people he’s come to love?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Graham's Game (MMF)
2 Ratings (5.0)

Graham's Game (MMF)

Lords of Hawksfell Manor 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 25,666
2 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Professional Reviews

"This fifth book in the ‘Lords of Hawksfell Manor’ series presents the Hawk curse and history in a cursory fashion leading me to suggest that reading the previous books would provide more in-depth understanding of this rather outstanding bit of family lore. However, this book can be thoroughly enjoyed as a full course meal from an epicurean perspective via a tempestuous and loving consummation. In other words, this is one hot, lovely read! Graham Hawk, Viscount Weston is introduced to us as another lost Hawk gent possibly in need of a Hawksfell Manor redemption. Soon after his arrival at the manor, Graham is more or less overwhelmed by Hawk relatives gushingly happy and possibly ‘curse-free’. Poor lad, he is confused, but family, friends, and lovers may help him see the light! Colin Spencer has been Graham’s close friend and gallivanting companion since school. Colin also has some insatiable appetites for women and men nearly matching his friend’s voracity. After Graham receives the classic invitation from Hawksfell Manor to come and stay for as long as he wishes, Colin finds himself possibly drawn into what might become one of Graham’s dangerous games as he accepts Grahams request that he join him. These fellows are in for an extraordinary time that they couldn’t possibly have imagined. I was very taken with Colin and the delicious naughty fun and games to come! Lily D’ursey is her ladyship’s maid at Hawksfell Manor. She has courageously converted a scarring experience at her previous employer’s hands into a fine position that she treasures. Both Graham and Colin are quite smitten with Lily at first sight. She blossoms before our very eyes and works some real magic upon the ribald pals. Magnificent! I just adore the saucy doings in Yorkshire, England during a tempestuous 1912. The retelling of the centerpiece story through five renderings is always a romp, a hoot, and a laudatory sexy lark. Each story can be savored on its own, but read in their designated order, it is a sumptuous feast for heart and loins. I recommend them all, but I doff my cap to Graham’s Game!" -- jj, Rainbow Book Reviews

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As for Colin, his family was loud and numbered many, but at his country house in Yorkshire he found the solitude he sometimes needed. Graham was the only person he ever invited to stay, even for the shortest time. There had been lovers during his long association with Graham, women who held his attention for some time or other before he grew bored. Where Graham never took the same lover twice, it was Colin’s secret wish to find the person who could hold his attention—and his heart—for longer than a fortnight. Aside from Graham, there really hadn’t been anyone whose company he craved for any length of time.

“Not so different from Graham there,” he muttered.

He finished eating and left the room. A quiet evening spent in front of the fire seemed to be in the offing. The wind buffeted the tall, leaded windows of the parlor. He shuddered at the sound. It seemed to enhance his loneliness tonight. He poured himself a glass of brandy and took a long sip. The liquor burned pleasantly down his throat and warmed his belly. Closing his eyes, he let his head fall against the back of the chair. A knock at the door brought him out of his melancholy.

“Come,” he said without much enthusiasm.

His butler opened the door and bowed. “Lord Weston, sir.”

Colin straightened as Graham strode into the room. His hair was windswept and his cheeks ruddy, but it was the wide smile on his face that took Colin aback. It was fresh and wild and full of excitement. He hadn’t seen such an expression on Graham’s face in ages.

“Graham!” He stood, setting his drink down on the table beside the chair. “I wasn’t expecting you.”

“Never say you’re turning me back out into the cold.”

Colin laughed. “Hardly.” He crossed to doorway and shook his hand. “Not expecting you doesn’t mean I’m not pleased to see you.”

Graham nodded and removed his coat. The butler took it and looked at Colin for instruction.

“Prepare Lord Weston’s usual guest room, Mason.”

The butler bowed his head and left them, closing the door behind him. Colin poured a drink for Graham and held out the glass. “Do tell me what has you rapping on my door in the dead of night.”

Graham laughed, flicking his golden-streaked hair back from his face. His dark Hawk eyes sparkled. “I have been invited to the infamous Hawk roost, Colin.”

Colin blinked. “Hawksfell Manor?”

Graham arched a brow. “You’ve heard of it?”

“It’s infamous, Graham. You just said so yourself.”

“So I did.” He shrugged and settled into the chair Colin had just vacated. “The esteemed earl’s man-of-affairs sent me a missive extending an invitation from the man himself.”

Colin sat across from him. “Why?”

“Apparently the earl has dedicated himself to saving wayward Hawks.” He laughed. “His man tracked me down, no doubt due to my scandalous behavior.”

Colin leveled a look at him. “Scandalous to a Hawk? Not if half of what I’ve heard of your extended family is true.”

“All is true, I’m afraid.” Graham winked. “You’ve seen me firsthand, Colin. At my worst.”

There was a thread of something beneath Graham’s teasing tone. Was it regret or embarrassment? Colin didn’t believe so.

“When is this auspicious visit?” he asked Graham.

“I responded that the earl is to expect me in two days’ time.”

“I’m sure you’ll have a fine time getting to know the earl and his family.”

“His family?”

“Do you truly not know?”

“Know what?”

“The earl married over the summer. There are a few Hawk cousins about now, as well. Along with a half-brother he hadn’t known he’d had.”

A frown passed over Graham’s face. “He has a family.”

“As do you, if you think about it. You’re a Hawk.”

“Yes, yes.” Graham nodded absently. “Maybe I should reconsider.”


“I thought this would be a lark, Colin. I’d heard about the earl’s staff, paid to serve his dark desires with enthusiasm and discretion.”

Colin nodded. “I’d heard that, too. For years, actually.”

“Then it’s true.” He smiled again. “Then we must take the earl up on his offer and play a few games with his staff.”

Colin grew quiet for a moment. “If you wish,” he finally said.

Graham tilted his head. “Come now, Colin. Never say you’re not up to a bit of fun.”

Colin found a smile. “With you? Always.”

Something flared in Graham’s eyes, a heat that Colin felt echoed in his belly. Desire was clear on his handsome face, that need that was never silent for long. His Hawk lust was rising, and Colin couldn’t help but respond.

“I’ve missed you, Colin,” Graham said, surprising him. “It’s deuced quiet at Weston.”

Colin didn’t point out that he’d invited him to stay here just last week. They both knew it. He’d thought Graham would want to fuck one of the maids again, but the expression he wore said something more. Something elemental that Colin couldn’t deny.

“When do you leave for Hawksfell Manor?” he asked, his voice low.

Graham reached out and stroked a strong hand over Colin’s thigh. “When do we leave, you mean?” At Colin’s nod, he smiled. “Tomorrow would suffice.”

Colin swallowed thickly. “I’ll be ready.”

Graham’s eyes ran over him, and Colin couldn’t keep himself from reacting. “Ready?” His low laugh was like a caress. “Oh, I hope so.”

 Colin stood, unable and unwilling to disguise the erection tenting his trousers. “Shall I ring for a maid?”

“Not yet.” Graham stepped closer. “Maybe later.”

“A footman, then?”

Graham shook his head and brought his mouth to his. “Just kiss me, Colin.”




A few pieces of clothing were resting on the chair near the low dressing table. She crossed to the table and picked up a shirt that was missing a button and a jacket that had a small tear on the cuff. The jacket was as finely made as what the viscount had worn yesterday. She remembered grabbing on to his jacket and holding him close as he’d taken her, the material caressing her fingers as he buried himself deep inside of her.

She closed her eyes and brought the jacket to her nose and sniffed. Oh, Mr. Spencer’s smell was as intoxicating as Graham’s. Swaying slightly, she felt her pussy pulse as it had in the garage. Oh, what if Mr. Spencer touched her? Her nipples tightened, and she let out a sigh.

“It seems Lord Weston was correct,” a masculine voice said.

She opened her eyes and clutched the clothing in her hands. The pretty dark-haired man was standing very close. How had he come so near without her knowledge? “Mr. Spencer!”

He tilted his head and smiled. It was a lovely smile, really. “You called Graham by his given name, Lily. Can’t you afford me the same boon?”

She bit her lip as she recalled just when she’d done that. Oh, his mouth had been on her breasts! Nibbling and licking and driving her mad. “Mr. Spencer, I—”

“Colin, love,” he corrected.

She turned, her bottom pressed against the table as she brought the pile of mending close to her chest. “I shouldn’t be in here. Not when you’re present.”

He reached up to stroke her cheek. “But I asked for you.”

She resisted the urge to lean into his hand. His touch was soft yet insistent. “To fetch your mending.”

“And what of my trousers? Will you see to them?”

She glanced down to see an obvious bulge in the fabric at his crotch and squeezed her eyes shut. “Mr. Spencer…”

“Colin.” His hands moved to her neck, his fingers nimble on her skin. “You’re making my cock hard, Lily. Careful, or you’ll be mending the seams of my pants.”

Her mouth dropped open, and he brought his lips to hers. Oh, his taste! His tongue surged inside and she caught his moan. Here was the passion she’d had with Graham. How could she feel it for this man, too?

She didn’t care. “Oh, Colin!”

Dropping his clothes to the floor, she gripped his broad shoulders. He held her closer now, his hands on her bottom as he pressed his cock firmly against the juncture of her thighs. Burying his face in her neck, he licked the skin just above her collar.

“You are sweet,” he rasped. “Graham was right.”

She froze, her eyes snapping open. “Graham?”

He lifted his head. Gently grasping her chin, he looked deep into her eyes. “He told me about the game, Lily.”


He nodded. “You issued a challenge, love. That you could resist.”

She shook her head. “I never—”

“Then you admit defeat?”

She stared into his bright blue eyes, her legs going weak. “I don’t know how to play this game,” she admitted on a whisper.

“Never fear,” Graham said, stepping out of Colin’s dressing room. “We’ll be happy to teach you.”

He looked as good as Colin did, strong and broad and even larger here in the blue room. Graham stepped behind her and untied her apron. Colin began to work the buttons of her blouse free, tugging it from the waistband of her skirt as Graham drew her skirt up over her legs. His hands brushed the sensitive skin of her inner thighs, bringing to mind all he’d done to her in the garage. She shivered as she felt her pussy swell.

“Oh…” she sighed.

“I can smell you,” Graham said. “Colin, can you smell her?”

Colin brought his nose to the swell of her breasts. “Mmm, yes.”

Her nipples tightened as he dragged his tongue just beneath the edge of her corset. Gripping the dressing table at her back, she leaned her head back and prayed he’d take what she offered. To her delight and relief, he did. He loosened her corset and cupped her breast, tugging on her nipple. Sharp pleasure spiked through her.

“I want to taste you, Lily,” Graham said, dropping to his knees in front of her. He tore her drawers from her and flicked his tongue over her clit. “You’re even sweeter here.”

He stroked her flesh as Colin fondled her nipple. While his mouth tugged and nibbled on her breast, Graham became more forceful on her pussy. His tongue drove into her as his thumb worked her clit. Colin’s mouth pulled at one nipple as he pinched the other. She couldn’t hold on to a thought as they both used their mouths and fingers to set her on fire. She couldn’t catch her breath as Graham lifted her up on her toes.

“Come for us, Lily,” Colin said, moving on to the other breast. “Come.”

She bit her lip to hold back a scream as her orgasm shot through her. Graham’s hands were firm on her bottom as he drew out every pulse and shudder. Colin finally released her breast and brought his mouth to hers again.

“That was lovely,” he said, smiling down at her.

Graham gave her clit one last long lick that made her shiver. Her legs were weak and her body flushed. At this moment she didn’t care about her position at the manor. She didn’t care about her future with either of these gentlemen. No. At the moment, with her heartbeat still erratic and her body replete, she only cared about the game.



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