Binding Bianca (MFM)

Viper's Dungeon 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 48,534
23 Ratings (4.3)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, public exhibition, spanking, caning, sex toys, HEA]

Life can have unexpected twists and turns, even when we see them coming…

Viper was Bianca's strict, full-time Dom when she needed him most. But eleven years later things are different. Thanks to Viper’s domination and support, she is no longer the frightened, needy submissive she once was. It’s almost ironic that staying with him now is what’s making her sad, but she needs a chance to experience life on her own terms.

Brick doesn’t understand the BDSM lifestyle, but when Viper asks him to befriend Bianca as she pursues a vanilla life, he’s happy to help. Keeping her safe is a priority for both men, but so is letting her grow as a person.

Yet with emotional growth comes understanding, maturity, and changed desires for all three of them.

Can two very different men find a way to give Bianca what she craves and what she needs?

A Siren Erotic Romance


Abby Blake is a Siren-exclusive author.

Binding Bianca (MFM)
23 Ratings (4.3)

Binding Bianca (MFM)

Viper's Dungeon 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 48,534
23 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
I love the twist to this story and how it ends, well writen story and great reading.
I have been waiting for quite some time for Viper and Bianca`s story. It was worth the wait - fantastic story. I highly recommend.



“Are you okay?” Brick asked as he took a seat beside her. She didn’t miss the casual way he moved his chair a little further away from her.

It was strange. She wanted to lie and say she was fine, but there was just something about this man that inspired confidence. He was obviously a very good police officer.

“Are you enjoying the party?” she asked quietly. His eyes narrowed slightly at her avoidance, but he nodded and looked around the gathered crowd.

“It’s different to what I expected.”

“What were you expecting?” she asked, trying to summon a smile to her lips.

“To be honest, I’m not really sure,” Brick said with a slightly embarrassed laugh. “I suppose I expected something involving whips and chains and leather-clad guys dressed like executioners.”

“That’s Fridays,” Bianca said, only half joking. They did have a couple of members who liked the whole theatrical display of appearing as masked and merciless punishers. They were both very good with the whip and the illusion of torture, and no one other than Viper and his head security officer had ever seen their faces. It made for an exciting and very satisfying scene and many of the experienced, uncollared subs fell over each other every week trying to be first in line.

“How does it work?” Brick asked suddenly. “Does a woman wake up one morning and think, ‘Yeah, I want to be spanked during sex?’”

“Sometimes,” Bianca said, not really wanting to explain how she ended up living as a full-time submissive. It hadn’t been an intentional choice, but at the time it truly had been something she needed. She would always owe Viper for saving her from her own self-destructive behavior. “But it’s not always about sex. It takes a lot of trust for a sub to let a Dom tie her down and do whatever he pleases. It’s that trust that many of the people who live this lifestyle crave.”

“I suppose that makes sense…in a way. I can understand wanting to feel close to someone.”

The words were said in such a sad tone that Bianca truly wanted to ask why, but it seemed wrong somehow to ask something so intimate. She sensed a great deal of hurt in his past, and if she knew one thing very clearly it was that not everyone wanted to talk about their past.

She struggled to find a change of topic.

“So, um, what happens while Derek is on leave? Will you work with a different partner?”

“Actually, I decided to take the same time off. It’s kind of like that trust you mentioned. Trying to get used to working with someone else isn’t really worth the effort for only a few weeks. Derek and I have been working together for a long time. It’s just easier to take the same vacation time.”

“Are you going away, too?”

He smiled. “No, a vacation for singles is not my idea of fun. I have plenty to do at home.” He laughed self-consciously and this time Bianca couldn’t really interpret why. She wanted to ask more, but again it seemed inappropriate to pry into the man’s life.

The worst part was that some of the awkwardness was from her own lack of recent contact with a person outside of the lifestyle. She suddenly felt naked in a way she never had before. Quite ridiculous really considering that her clothes hid quite a bit more than usual.

“I…um…should go…um…check on Maya.”

Brick frowned and for a moment she thought he might even reach out to stop her.


The quiet word stopped her as thoroughly as one of Viper’s orders usually did. She turned to look at Brick but couldn’t quite hide the tears blurring her vision.

“If you’re not happy living this lifestyle…” His words trailed away but his meaning was very clear. Unfortunately the last thing she needed was another man hell bent on rescuing her.

“No,” she said quickly. “No, I’m fine.” And then because it felt rude not to explain, Bianca added, “Viper is a good man. I’ve just grown”—she shrugged—“up a little I suppose. I don’t need him the way I once did.” She gasped, embarrassed to have admitted that to a man who was virtually a stranger. She also felt guilt—deep, dark, and heavy—wash through her. “I mean—”

“It’s okay,” Brick said quietly. “I know what you mean. In a relationship we change and grow and the marriage needs to change and grow with us. Have you spoken to Viper?”

“Not really,” she said, still embarrassed to be sharing this conversation with Brick but glad to finally be able to voice her fears out loud.

“Maybe you should,” he said with a kind smile. “Often when it comes to someone we love, men can be pretty clueless.”

Bianca didn’t quite agree with Brick’s assessment. Viper had proven over and over that he was very aware of her needs, but she hadn’t really tried to get her point across. She didn’t want to hurt him, yet by not speaking up she was essentially lying to him.

“I’ll talk to him tomorrow,” she said with a nod and a smile.

Brave words, but was she ready to risk the only stable life she’d known?




Viper held his little sub close, his arms possessively wrapped around her shoulders, his forearms resting against her collarbone, as they watched their friend Maya writhe in both fear and arousal. She was secured to a St. Andrew’s cross wearing a skin-tight, flesh-colored bodysuit, and it was clear that she was worried that she wouldn’t be able to orgasm in front of a crowd. Viper knew his friend Derek well enough to know he would make certain she did. He grinned when he saw the vibrator in Cam’s hand. It was clear that Maya had been expecting Derek to try and bring her to orgasm with the flogger, so Cam’s tactics took her completely by surprise.

She let out a very satisfying wail as climax shook her violently. Both Cam and Derek looked quite pleased with their sub’s response.

As Cam released Maya from her bonds and carried her into a private room, Bianca stood quietly in Viper’s embrace and waited for his instructions. The calm and quiet woman that he held seemed nothing like the fearful, guilt-riddled survivor she’d been when they’d met eleven years ago. To an outsider it may have seemed like a strange relationship, but Bianca found peace in serving as his full-time submissive, and she filled the need in him to protect and take care of her.

He dropped his hands lower, his palms skimming over her breasts, the nipples peaking, begging for his attention.

“Time to play, little sub.”

He didn’t wait for her response. In their relationship dynamic it wasn’t required. He was the Dom. She was the sub. She did as he told her. Fortunately it fit both their personalities perfectly.

Viper stripped away the lacy, mostly see-through dress he’d chosen for her to wear tonight and then ran his hands all over her soft flesh. She moaned, clinging to him as he pushed two fingers straight into her pussy. She was always wet for him, always ready, and it made him want her even more.

He’d planned a far more intricate scene for them tonight, but a strange urgency was streaking through his veins. He forced himself to slow down, to savor the gift of his sub’s total trust, but even as he secured her facedown over the spanking bench, the urge to slam his cock into her was nearly overwhelming.

Too impatient to reach for his “toy” bag, Viper chose a simple spanking as the best way to get his sub in the right frame of mind. He started with a few hard slaps, Bianca’s reactions to the pain very satisfying. He varied the hits, watching her closely as she relaxed into the blows and embraced the sensations.

Her pussy was dripping wet, her breathing ragged, her orgasm winding closer and closer just from the pain alone. He pushed his fingers back into her pussy, rubbing mercilessly over the slightly rougher skin of her G-spot. He smiled as she moaned, writhing against her bonds as orgasm inched closer.

As tempted as he was to let her orgasm right now, he knew it would be far more satisfying for both of them if he withheld permission. She would do everything she could to hold off her orgasm—they’d had plenty of practice after all—but he couldn’t deny the satisfaction of forcing her beyond it. Coming without his permission always led to the most delicious punishments.

But tonight she held off, managing to keep her need banked as he tormented her with endless sensations—both pain and pleasure.

Finally, unable to hold back his own need, Viper slammed into her from behind, taking her violently, using his sub exactly as she expected. He gave her permission then, wrapping his hand underneath her so that he could rub her clit. She climaxed beautifully, almost taking her with him, her body caressing him so tightly that it challenged his own control.

A little shocked by his own reaction, he pulled out, smacking her ass hard as she whimpered her disapproval. She settled quickly, her instinct to please him overriding all others.

This time he did reach for his toy bag. He grabbed a vibrator, turned it to the highest setting, growled at her not to come, and then shoved it deep into her pussy. She groaned as she shook in reaction, but she managed to hold off her orgasm once more.

He quickly grabbed the lube, covered his cock, and then pressed it against her anus. The muscles gave easily, her body recognizing its master as thoroughly as his sub knew her Dom. He plowed into her ass over and over, fucking her violently as the vibrations from the toy reverberated through them both.

“Come. Now!”


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