[Siren LoveXtreme Forever: Erotic Fantasy/Paranormal Ménage Romance, M/F/M/M/M/M, werewolves, HEA]
Maya McFey is quiet, keeps to herself, and has never left the Venificus property. When she is attacked by rogue wolves while enjoying a run in the woods, the last thing she expects to find are her mates, Saxton Lemark, Tango Grey, and Kedar, Alden, and Caton Crimson. Two of them are ready to fight one another, and there are five of them to battle. 
An evil Demon is on the hunt for the goddess of unity. Maya is not exactly goddess material, but she will do anything for her pack. As her wolf accepts her fate as mate to five Alpha males, she begins to reinvent herself, finding power in their love and desire.
As the Demon reveals his plan and captures a favorite Fey Knight, Maya and her fellow goddesses must do whatever it takes to destroy the Demon. If they fail, the were population will be destroyed.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Dixie Lynn Dwyer is a Siren-exclusive author.
Goddess of Unity (LoveXtreme)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Awesome book. I love how it all came together with a HEA for everyone. Another excellent book by Dixie Lynn Dwyer.
This book was truly a great "Unity" to both the Were and Goddess of the Circle series! I really loved that Maya had finally found her inner strength with the help of the other woman and her mates. Such a great ending to a wonderful and intense series. Truly a fantastic read!




“You two can leave now. We’ll take care of our mate,” Kedar said to Saxton and Tango as Kentra asked them all to leave the examining room. It wasn’t even large enough to fit two of the five overlarge men. Plus, they had been arguing since entering the main office. Kentra wondered what the hell was going on, and then realized that they were all Maya’s mates. She felt bad for Maya. She was a woman who kept to herself, was independent with her own business, and she worked with were public affairs. Considering that she dealt with Annabelle on a regular basis, Maya had to be tough as nails.

Kentra caught sight of Ariella and her mates right before she closed the door. Ariella waved her hand and bypassed the men who were about to take their verbal argument to the physical. Orion raised his voice.

“This is not acceptable. Take it outside or shut up while Kentra looks over Maya. This is a public medical facility.” He looked around at the very fearful expressions on a few patients waiting in the waiting area.

Kentra couldn’t see what happened next as Ariella entered the examination room and closed the door.

“So, what the heck happened?” Kentra asked, as her assistant covered Maya with blankets and began taking her pulse and checking over her injuries.

“She was attacked in the woods by rogue wolves.”

“Well, she did the right thing by shifting back to her human form. There are just a few bruises, and considering what happened, she looks fine.”

“Then why is she unconscious?” Ariella asked as Kentra continued to examine her.

“Okay, Maya, you can open your eyes now,” Kentra said.

Ariella gasped. “What do you mean she can—”

Maya blinked open her eyes and pulled her bottom lip between her teeth. “Are they gone?” she asked.

Ariella realized that Maya had played possum on purpose. The poor woman was downright scared out of her mind.

“They’re in the waiting room.”

“They’re going to hurt me, or one another. I need to get out of here.” Maya started to sit up. She swung her legs over the side and stared at Ariella and Kentra.

“You have to help me. Both of you. I can’t be their mate.”

“Honey, you are their mate,” Kentra said and then leaned back against the side table and crossed her arms in front of her chest. She was practically laughing, yet she felt Maya’s concern and anxiety. The problem was, Maya was mate to five very dominant, intelligent Alpha wolves. There was no way she would get out of here without them knowing.

Oh god, I can’t be. It has to be a mistake. They are wrong.”

Ariella moved closer and touched Maya’s hand.

“There’s no mistake. But I understand your fears and concerns.”

They could hear the commotion going on beyond the door and it didn’t sound good at all.

“They hate one another. They’re going to fight and kill each other, and I won’t be part of that.” Maya jumped down and looked around for something to wear. “Do you have any clothes? Please, anything to cover me up so I can leave through the back door?”

The yelling got louder and even Ariella looked worried.

“Here. Take this sweater, and these scrubs,” Kentra offered. Maya took them and stepped into the clothing.

“Kentra, she must face them. What are you doing?” Ariella asked.

“Giving the woman some time to digest this. She was attacked in the woods by two rogue wolves and then saved by her mates. Now two of the mates are fighting with the other three over who knows what. I would need some alone time to in order to digest it all. She can deal with them later. They’ll find her soon enough.”

“Thanks, Kentra. I owe you.” Maya hugged Kentra.

There was a knock at the door and then they heard Kedar’s voice.

“We want to see our mate. Now,” he demanded.

Go. We’ll stall them,” Ariella said and Maya smiled, hugged her and then exited the side hallway that led to the back door. Kentra looked at Maya.

Too bad Siena’s at the courthouse working. She would be loving this right now.”

“She sure would be. But I’m not sure this is right. They need to be with their mate. Maya has to face them.”

“She will, Ariella. In fact, she may wind up with some company in that hot shower I suggested she take when she gets home.”

Ariella chuckled. “You are too much. Just wait until your mates come along.”

“That may never happen, but if and when they do, I’ll be sure to make them work for this body and soul, just like you made your mates work for it and so will Maya.”

The door crashed open interrupting their conversation.

“Where is she?”




There was magic around them, strong and invigorating.

Alden pulled his tongue from her pussy and used his finger instead. Maya moaned louder, and reached for his hair, and head to hold on to. He thrust deeper, then pulled out, and added a second digit before stroking inside her again and again.

Her pussy wept with desire as she cried out her release only for him to pull his fingers and go back down on her with his mouth.

“I need to taste her,” Kedar stated, as Alden slurped and nipped her pussy. He let his tongue glide down along her crack and anus then back up again. Images of what was to come, and having more than one lover inside her together aroused her body even more.

Just because she was a virgin didn’t mean she was clueless.

Their hands were everywhere. Along her inner thighs, her breasts and she wanted more.

Alden stepped up and out of the way, and Kedar took his place. He inhaled deeply as he used his palms to caress her inner thighs.

“You smell incredible mate.” It was all he said before plunging his wolf tongue deep into her cunt.

Oh!” She moaned aloud, tilting her head back and then thrust upward against his mouth. She felt the whiskers of his gruff chafe her inner thighs and pussy, adding to the pleasure.

He held her under her knees, spreading her wider as he suckled, nipped, and plunged his wolf tongue in and out of her channel. She moaned and pleaded for mercy and then pleaded for more.

When she felt his tongue move over her anus then back up teasing her, she growled at him. Her wolf had a mind of her own, and it seemed that these men understood what she needed.

Kedar continued to use his tongue to bring her pleasure and then she felt his digit by her anus, right before he pressed through the tight rings.

Maya exploded again, thrusting and rolling side to side as the men held her and kissed her everywhere their lips could touch.

“Fuck, she’s incredible. So damn perfect.” Caton growled out.

“That’s right, baby. Pretty soon you’re going to have a cock in your sopping-wet cunt and in your tight virgin ass,” Kedar told her as he lifted up and slowly pulled his finger from her ass.

Saxton took his place and immediately pulled her legs over his shoulders before plunging his tongue against her pussy lips, swirling, suckling, and devouring all he could. It was erotic and wild as she moaned and growled low.

Caton laughed, and Kedar cheered Saxton on as he explored her pussy.

When Maya reached up to run her fingers through Saxton’s short crew cut hair, Tango grabbed her hair and cupped the back of her head bringing his mouth down onto her own. Her hips were tilted sideways as she counterthrust to Saxton’s strokes. He alternated fingers and tongue bringing her body more pleasure and tiny spasms of release.

She was oversensitive to their tactics. The feel of knuckles and digits thrusting into her pussy made something wild and carnal surge forward from deep within her soul.

She grabbed onto Tango’s blonde hair and kissed him back just as wildly as he was kissing her.

“My turn,” Caton said, sliding out from under her back and moving to the floor. She wanted to protest at the loss of his bulky presence and warmth, but they were in charge, and she was desperate for whatever they would do to bring her more pleasure.

Tango released her lips and moved his mouth along her shoulder and exposed breast. Saxton kissed her pussy and then her belly before standing up and allowing Caton to take his place. Caton’s blue eyes sparkled as he inhaled her scent and then pressed a thumb to her clit. He used his other hand to play with her breast and nipple, pulling and tweaking the hardened bud as he held her gaze. She didn’t shy away, instead she held his gaze with a firm expression of her own before he thrust his fingers into her cunt.

She suddenly realized she wanted anything and everything they could give her. She didn’t know that she could feel like this , and react this way. Five Alpha males. Five, were her mates.

She reached for his hand, and then Tango pulled it back and began to suck the digits into his mouth. Caton removed his fingers and pressed his mouth to her pussy, as he moaned and growled against her flesh. He was humming and causing vibrations against her pussy lips making her release more cream. Licking, sucking, and then plunging his wolf tongue deeply into her. Maya moaned another release.

“My turn,” Tango whispered, as he slid down off the couch. Caton kissed her pussy then trailed more kisses from her belly over her tattoos to her breast and then her lips. She ran her fingers through his shoulder-length hair and felt the muscles beneath her palms. “Later.” He smiled and then moved out of the way. Tango took his place.

Alden and Caton held her thighs open by caressing them and kissing her skin. Tango closed his eyes and inhaled her scent, sending her wolf to near surface. She reached down and moved her own fingers over her pussy lips until Tango pushed them aside and pressed a digit up into her.

Oh.” She gasped, then moved her finger over her coated pussy and Tango’s finger that thrust in and out of her. She stared down at where their fingers met, mesmerized by the glistening cream, the way his long, thick digits disappeared inside of her.

“That’s right, baby, you know we belong together. All of us,” he whispered and then added a second digit. Maya spread her thighs wider, thrust her hips forward. She wanted more.

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