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Blue-Eyed Soul

Painted Hearts Publishing

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 45,534
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Have you ever wanted something so badly that you’d sell your own mother to accomplish it? Welcome to the world of idol entertainment!

South Korean singer takes the music world by storm with his kiss my ass attitude and a voice that make women and men swoon. Seungri Lawrence catches the eye and fancy of stern music executive Blake Summers, who has a thing for beautiful young men with sexy voices. Seungri not only sings but is one hell of a dancer and songwriter too, and he comes with his own backup band, Thunderbolt, to sweeten the package. Blake not only wants Seungri for his company but also for his bed. He just needs to get Seungri to sign the contract and get him away from his overprotective mother.

Seungri on the other hand, has fallen in love with the hot music mogul and wants more than anything to sing for Mega Star Entertainment. But fame comes with an expensive price tag. Can he give up his fun-loving ways and tone down the glamour to become one of the biggest names in the music industry to date? And can he write an award-winning song and make Blake confess to the world his feelings for the eighteen year old Asian R&B singer? Or will everything be snatched away from him when Blake’s ex-boyfriend appears?

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“Who is that?” Blake stopped talking to Michael as the voice of an angel whispered in his ear.
“What’s wrong?” Michael asked.
Blake raised his hand. “Shush. I’m listening.” The performer on stage had a unique voice that had quieted an entire audience of people as he and his hired orchestra performed Sam Smith’s Writing’s on the Wall. The enchanting Mozart tenor had an amazing voice range, easily hitting the dramatic high notes of the song. Blake didn’t look at the singer. He just wanted to concentrate on his sound to find out how to market him. Perfect intonation, diction, phrasing, and legato. Also beauty of timbre and perfect breath control. The young man on stage had all the makings of a superstar.
The song ended and the audience went wild with applause, clapping and whistling, and stomping their feet. The singer was gone by the time Blake finally glanced at the stage. The audience was still on their feet. Blake joined them. Never before had he been so moved by a performer. The thrill died down, the audience returned to their seats, and the talent show continued.
“Are you okay?” Michael asked after Blake sat down.
“Sign him.”
“But he hasn’t won yet,” B.J., his administrative assistant said.
“I don’t care, sign him.”
B.J hopped to her feet and slipped backstage to find out what she could, including the young man’s name. Blake had missed it when the M.C. announced it.
The next performer came to the stage. Blake couldn’t concentrate. His mind was too busy planning his new singer’s rise to superstardom.
B.J returned sometime between intermission and the end of the show. “His name is Seungri Lawrence. He’s eighteen years old and he’s agreed to meet with us after the show.”
Blake rubbed his hands together. “Splendid.” Dollar signs danced before his eyes. The young man with the strange and exotic first name was going to make him a lot of money.
“Ladies and gentlemen. It’s time to announce this year’s winners,” the M.C. said.
Blake had to sit through a number of prize presentations. While he waited, he and Michael compared notes on some of the other entertainers he wanted to sign, including back-up dancers.
“Now for the announcement you’ve all been waiting for. This year’s winner of the Mega Star Talent Show is the stylish guy with the big voice, Seungri Lawrence.”
Blake stood up and cheered with the rest of the people in the audience as the young man of the hour came on stage to accept his award. It was still so dark in the place that Blake could only make out that Seungri had blond hair. He would get a better look in a few minutes.
“Thank you, everyone,” Seungri said. “It’s been an amazing year.”
Blake walked toward the stage. No one paid him any mind. All eyes were on Seungri.
“I’d like to thank my mother and my stylist for making all of this possible.”
Blake started up the stage steps. Someone recognized him. The applause started up again. He checked out the young man as he approached. He still couldn’t see his face.
Seungri finally turned.
“Ladies and gentlemen. The president and CEO of Mega Star Entertainment, Mr. Blake Summers,” the M.C. said.
The crowd applauded again and whistled.
The M.C. turned the mic over to him. “Thank you. Congratulations, Seungri. I’m Blake Summers, and I’d like to personally offer you a performance contract with Mega Star Entertainment.”
The audience went wild again. Camera flashes went off in their faces. Blake looked down to gauge Seungri’s reaction. He gasped, finally seeing the young man’s face for the first time. Oh my! Startling brown peepers locked with his. He simply had to be the handsomest guy he’d met in a long time. His cock thought so too as it hardened against his thigh.
Seungri shook his bangs away from those alluring eyes and smiled.
Blake’s heart skipped a beat. Good Lord! So brilliant!
“Thank you, Mr. Summers. I would like to sing for you.”
Blake’s heart continued to bang away in his chest. Seungri’s speaking voice only added to his discomfort. So smooth, like a caress. “I look forward to you singing for me too. Can you hit high notes?”
Seungri smiled smugly and nodded. “It depends on what I’m doing at the time.”
Blake shuddered. Seungri raised an eyebrow as if he just found something out and smiled again. This can’t be good. He’d never been so bowled over before. He got control over his emotions and continued his speech. “I’ll see you backstage,” he said. “Congratulations again on your win.” Blake waved to the cheering crowd and left the stage. The photographers continued snapping pictures of Seungri and all the other winners. Blake’s heartbeat slowly began to return to normal. By this time tomorrow, Seungri would be front-page news.

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