Randy & Jett: Dragon Kisses (MM)

Silver's Studs 9

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 46,280
16 Ratings (4.7)
[Siren Allure ManLove: Erotic Alternative Romance, M/M, HEA]
Randy Carr is a former rent boy and drug addict beginning a new life in Silver. He doesn’t want any reminders of his past and can’t bear the thought of being intimate with a man. Besides, who would want him after he had sold himself to strangers to buy drugs?
The moment Jett Hayden, also known as Dragon, saw the handsome man staring at him across the bar, he knew there was something special about him. Randy needs a lot of things from Jett, not the least of which is for Jett to be his bodyguard. Their lives together begin then, and Jett is determined to protect Randy.
As they spend more time together, Randy discovers love. Jett loves him, but Randy doesn’t know what he has to offer the man. Jett, however, is willing to give him all the time he needs to heal and to give them a chance to have a happy future together.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Randy & Jett: Dragon Kisses (MM)
16 Ratings (4.7)

Randy & Jett: Dragon Kisses (MM)

Silver's Studs 9

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 46,280
16 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
I love this series
Love this town.
Jett was perfect for the sweet, broken man. It took Jetts love and patience to show randy he is worth loving, and loving someone back. Sweet, sexy , fantastic story
donna b buccella




Randy studied the four scary-looking men sitting at table not far from where he sat at the end of the bar. They appeared relaxed, but he had noticed that they each seemed hyper-aware of what was taking place around them. They were bodyguards, and that’s just what Randy needed. They were big, muscular, and closely resembled characters from the sci-fi movies he loved so much. Yeah, the four men could probably kick some serious alien ass, Randy thought as he lifted the glass of soda and took a drink. He would’ve liked a beer, but he was still a few months away from being allowed alcohol, per his agreement when he’d entered the program for substance abuse. His thing had been cocaine, not alcohol, but he could understand the need to completely clean out his system.

The desire for an ice-cold beer on a scorching day was the only craving Randy was experiencing at the moment. As he idly turned the glass on the bar, he studied the face of the one man Randy could fully see from his position. The man had close-cropped, black hair, dark eyes, and a scar the length of his right cheekbone. Randy idly wondered how the man had gotten the scar, if he had any others, and where they might be located. The guy was super-hot. Randy wouldn’t mind giving the man a closer examination.

As if he became aware of being watched, the man’s gaze shifted from the man across from him to Randy. Feeling as if he had just been targeted by a predator, Randy froze and stared. He swallowed hard and tried to remember to breathe, but the look he was being given left no doubt about what the man was thinking and what he wanted.

Randy, however, was not at the bar looking for a hookup. He needed a bodyguard to keep one particular asshole away from him. It was bad enough he was missing work because of a man who couldn’t get it through his head that Randy wanted nothing to do with him. A protection order could only do so much. Randy had one of those, but knew it couldn’t protect him if Brad Barker was determined to hurt him, as he had promised to do. Barker was coming close to the end of a sixty-day stint in jail for assaulting another man, one who also wanted nothing to do with the bastard. Randy had witnessed the assault and felt he had done the right thing in testifying at Barker’s trial. Now he had two strikes against him as far as Barker was concerned. Randy had rebuffed Barker’s sexual advances several times and had been instrumental in helping put the Barker in jail for assault.

When Randy realized the man he’d been staring at was now walking in his direction, he had to force himself to remain seated. He had known the guy was big, but the closer he got, the bigger he got. Randy felt like a speck of humanity in comparison when the man stopped about two feet away.

“You’ve been staring.” It was a statement.

Randy was still staring as he tried to determine if he was pissed. The man’s chest was level with his face, so Randy stared at the massive torso covered by a sleeveless T-shirt clinging to him like a second skin. “Yes.” There was no point denying it. “And I’ll stare some more, if you don’t punch me first,” he said, finally looking up.

His severely stern face was softened by a grin, causing Randy’s heart to beat a little faster. The guy was sexy as hell. When he smiled he became the hottest man on earth. Randy prayed he wasn’t drooling. That would be too embarrassing.

“I don’t normally go around punching people for no good reason.” The man’s dark gaze moved briefly between Randy’s face to the nearly empty glass on the bar. “Can I buy you a drink?”

Knowing the question for what it was, Randy crushed the temptation that rose up. Despite the fact that it had been ages—years in fact—since he’d felt any level of desire for anyone, he knew he would rather be celibate for the remainder of his life than to be reminded of what he had gone through to get his drugs. Sex and drugs were locked together in his head. He had been a rent boy, willing to let anyone do just about anything to him, so he could earn enough in drugs, cash, or something he could sell for enough money to get his next high. Someone had even given Randy a half-starved puppy once for a chance to fuck him. Randy had dropped his pants and bent over while the wide-eyed animal had huddled on a filthy piece of cardboard a few feet away.

For the first time in a very long time he had cared about something other than drugs. He would save the dog from certain death, even if it meant giving up a part of his soul. When the man had tried to take the puppy back afterward, claiming Randy was a lousy fuck, Randy had lost it. He punched the man in the nose and kicked him in the balls




Waking up having his nipples kissed, licked, and sucked was the perfect way to start his day. Moaning, Randy opened his eyes and looked down to see Jett lavishing his nipples with his own brand of attention.

Jett lifted his head, almost causing Randy to swear in disappointment since he didn’t want him to stop—he’d only awoken seconds before and didn’t have time to fully enjoy what was happening. Randy knew he whined. His lower lip poked out as Jett stared at him with a smoldering, dark gaze. There was no surprise to realize his cock was as hard as a steel rod. Nope, he had a hard-on like he had never experienced before. Normally, he wouldn’t look for someplace to put it. He had been a bottom from the beginning, but knew he would fuck a knothole in the wall to get some relief.

“Jett,” Randy whispered, hitching his hips slightly beneath the tangle of the sheet and blanket. He didn’t know how he felt yet about the possibility of being fucked, but he did know he wouldn’t refuse a hand or blow job. “I need some relief here.”

Randy watched as Jett pushed up on his elbow. Jett pulled the sheet and blanket from between them and down to Randy’s knees. Jett then lowered his head and licked along the edge of his sleep pants. It was pure torture. Another moan turned into more whimpers as the tip of Jett’s tongue slid over his skin, lingering in the trail of dark hair that ran from below his belly button to disappear beneath the sleep pants, and then moving on. When Randy began to move, his hips bucking upward, strong hands pinned him gently to the bed. Jett licked over one hipbone and then across his lower abdomen to the other.

“In case you don’t know. You’re making it worse.” One of Jett’s large hands slid upward to cover the rigid length of Randy’s cock. His hips shot upward. “Oh, holy hell!” he yelled.

The world spun as Randy fought for control. He stared at the ceiling as he tried to maintain that control. He didn’t want to come yet. Not yet, not when things were just getting interesting.

Holding his breath as the front of his sleep pants were pulled down, Randy waited. His heart thumped, and his blood began to flow like liquid fire through his veins. Soft breath caressed his skin. Pre-cum dripped from the slit in the head of his cock. Jett was there to lick it away. Randy watched with his heart in his throat as his newly acquired boyfriend ran the tip of his tongue around the head and returned to the play with the slit again. He was fascinated by how the skin on the head of his dick got all shiny when Jett licked it. Randy also liked the way Jett was playing with his balls, rubbing them, tugging gently, before they began to tighten against his body. It wouldn’t be long and he would come.

“It won’t be long,” Randy warned Jett.

Jett chuckled but said nothing as he took Randy’s cock into his mouth, sliding down the shaft until the head hit the back of his throat. He had been watching Randy’s reactions, until he stopped. Then his eyes closed and began to suck gently. Randy’s balls tightened more and his asshole clenched. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes. This was all worth committing to memory, so he could relive it later.

Randy had been certain he hadn’t wanted this kind of intimacy with a man ever again. He had to admit to himself, however, that he had never experienced this with anyone before. Sure, when he had been a teenager exploring his sexuality with other teens, there had been excitement, a thrill of the unknown, even a certain kind of sweetness for the innocence they had shared with one another. He had even had a couple of boyfriends. That hadn’t lasted as the drugs took hold, and he needed a way to get them. Then his entire life changed, and anything good was forgotten.

Now the good was being restored, along with hope. Jett had insisted they go slow.

The slide of Jett’s mouth on his aching flesh sent wild thrills through Randy. They were increasing in intensity. His fingers curled into the sheet, and he held on as his hips began to rise and fall. Jett did a hard suck slide on Randy’s cock, causing him to moan as his head thrashed back and forth on the pillow.

“So close,” he whispered. He had been at this point before, but Jett seemed to know how to control Randy and how he responded to what was happening between them.

There was no holding back when Jett suddenly swooped down on Randy’s cock again. His world exploded around him. He came hard, cum pumping from his balls and into Jett’s mouth.

Randy tried not to shout the house down, but the pleasure was so intense that he screamed as his back arched off the bed and his throbbing dick slid down Jett’s throat.

A sigh escaped him as he melted into the mattress. Randy smiled as he evaluated his boneless body. Sunshine, a bed, and a boyfriend who seemed to care for him made the entire experience completely wonderful.

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