[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Contemporary Paranormal Romantic Suspense, shape-shifter, vampires, werewolves, M/M, HEA]
When Nicco found his mate at the age of sixteen, he knew he could not claim him. Thad was too young for him, but that didn’t stop Nicco from checking in on his mate. One day, Thad comes to Nicco to say goodbye and inform Nicco that he is leaving. The pain of losing his mate, even without claiming him, is too great and Nicco is forced to turn to a witch to place a spell on him to block the agony, so that he could go on.
Now, eleven years later, a stalker terrorises Thad, and he turns to ParaSafe for protection, but he is unprepared for the cold man his mate has become. Realizing that it has to be the spell that is causing Nicco’s strange behavior, they must find the witch in time to reverse the spell so that Thad can stand by his mate in the upcoming battle, or they will all be doomed.
A Siren Erotic Romance
The Final Countdown (MM)
20 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Absolutely wonderful. I love this series. Nicco and Thad's story was so good. Nicco found his mate when his mate was only sixteen to young to claim. Nicco keeps an eye on Thad until he turns eighteen then brings him to live at the coven. When Thad is twenty one he leaves Nicco to become a star. Thad has always had to live by other rules growing up in foster care he never had anything to call his own. Not all is as it appears to be with Thad. So heartbroken by Thad leaving Nicco turns to a witch for help. With the final battle looming they need to find away to come together. Both are hurting and hearts are breaking. When the world around them literally starts going to hell can these supernaturals come together or will all be lost?
This was a very boring and disappointing book. I didn't feel the connection between Nico and Thad...very stale and just bored out of my mind. The first time in this series that I felt this way. Just super BORING.




Nicco stood and stretched his arms over his head. A wonderful, delicious scent hit him, and Nicco’s cock filled again. Lowering his arms, he spun quickly from a noise behind him and came face-to-face with a beautiful young man.

No, not a man, a kid. Well, not exactly a kid, but not an adult. He had to be somewhere in his mid-teens. The beautiful creature before him had the most amazing cobalt-blue eyes surrounded by long, thick black lashes. A sleek nose and pouty lips made his face almost angelic. Soft, shaggy, short, chestnut-brown hair framed his face, making his skin appear very pale.

“Don’t worry. I won’t say anything. I’m on team Edward. Well, I’m on team Edward and Jacob together actually. They really need to get rid of Bella and just jump each other, you know? I heard they were thinking about making it into a movie. I’m not sure about that though. Usually Hollywood destroys books when they make them into movies. They would really have to find some great people to play the roles though, and then maybe it will have a chance,” the young man rambled on.

“What are you talking about?” Nicco asked in confusion. He had no idea what the hottie was babbling about. Who were Edward and Jacob, and what did that have to do with this kid finding him sucking the blood from the vagrant?

“Twilight. Have you ever read it? It came out about a year ago. There is another one coming out soon, and I hope my foster Mom will let me get it. I had to sneak the first one from Ginny’s room while she slept, then get it back before she woke up, or there would have been hell to pay.”

Nicco shook his head as he stared at the young man. “This is a book you’re talking about?”

The young man sighed. “Yeah. Twilight. I guess you never heard of it. I mean, why would you with you being old and all? It’s a book for young girls actually, but I love it.”

“Old?” Nicco asked with a raised brow.

“Yeah. What are you like twenty-five? That’s too old to be reading a book like that.”

Nicco smiled. Did this kid seriously just say he looked twenty-five? He would have to rub that in Vik’s face. If this kid only knew he had just celebrated his two-thousandth birthday. Of course, being a vampire, he didn’t look it, but he certainly didn’t look twenty-five either. Thirty maybe.

“Anyway, you don’t have to worry about me telling anyone that you’re a blood sucker. I mean a vampire. Even if I did say anything, no one would believe me. My foster parents don’t give a crap as long as we don’t cause trouble and they keep getting their money from the state. The other kids in the house couldn’t care less what I said or did. They’re all just waiting to age out, and as long as I don’t touch their stuff, they kind of ignore me. And my case worker doesn’t believe anything I say. When I told her the asshole John, my last foster father, was looking at me like I was a feast and I could tell he wanted me, she just ignored me. Then when John did come after me and tried to molest me, she lied to her bosses and said she had no idea, and then dropped me off with the Winston’s. Everyone knows the Winstons are the ones you go to when they can’t put you anywhere else and you just have to bide your time until you age out.”

Nicco’s head was hurting from this kid’s ramblings. But from what he could gather, the kid was in the human foster system and living in a foster home. “What’s your name, kid?” Nicco asked.

“I’m not a kid. I’m sixteen,” the kid grumbled angrily as he crossed his arms over his chest.

Nicco smirked. “Forgive me, I’m sorry, sir. So, what is your name, Mister?” Nicco teased.

“Thaddeus Blake, but everyone calls me Thad. And who are you besides a vampire?”

“Nikolai Sinclaire, but everyone calls me Nicco.”

“So, Nicco, are you going to have to wipe my mind like you did that guy, now that I discovered you?” Thad asked.

“To ensure no one finds out about my kind, yes. How did you know I wiped out his memories?”

“I don’t know. I just did. I watched you talking to him, then saw what you did. Now he’s sitting there with a strange far-off look on his face, so I figured you must have done something to him.”

“You’re a pretty smart kid,” Nicco stated.

“I’m not a kid. I may only be sixteen, but I’m more mature for my age than most.”

“I believe you,” Nicco said with a chuckle.

Thad narrowed his eyes at Nicco as he glared at him. “Are you laughing at me?”

“No, beautiful, Thad, I am definitely not laughing at you. I find you fascinating.”

“And beautiful, I heard you say beautiful. Do you really think I am? Or are you just pulling my leg?”

“No. I think you are gorgeous,” Nicco answered. And he did. Thad was incredibly beautiful, and Nicco had no doubt his looks would only enhance as Thad got older. He still had a few years of growing to do, but once he was an adult, Nicco knew he would be a heartbreaker.

“I think you’re pretty sexy yourself there, Nicco. If I were only a little older, maybe you would give me a shot,” Thad flirted.

“When you are no longer jailbait, come and see me, Thad. I will definitely give you a shot.” And Nicco meant it. It wasn’t every day you met your mate.




Thad raised his hand and cupped the side of Nicco’s face, and he closed his eyes as he leaned into the soft touch. His heart melted under that one simple action. That combined with Thad’s next words, and Nicco was lost. “I trust you, Nikolai. I trust you to do what is right, and I know you won’t lose control. Your words prove it to me. You won’t jeopardize us. You already own me, Nikolai. You own my heart and my soul, and now I want you to own my body. I trust you, mate.”

After that, he was gone. The need took over, and Nicco couldn’t fight it anymore. He needed to be inside his mate. He needed to fuck Thad, make love to him, and join them in at least one way and make them one. Using his vampire speed, Nicco stripped Thad’s pants and briefs off, then his own clothes. Once he was naked, he settled back on top of Thad, skin now touching skin, their cocks pressed together, both hard and pulsing with need, and instantly Nicco knew he had made a mistake, but was too far gone to stop. All reason and conscience though were gone. Only the need to feel was left.

Nicco kissed Thad hard, thrusting his tongue deep inside his mate’s mouth, loving his taste. The passion gripped him as his head swirled, and Nicco licked and sucked a path down Thad’s throat. Thad’s small hands grabbed his bare shoulders, and Nicco could swear he heard his skin sizzle under Thad’s touch. He continued to kiss and lick Thad everywhere. Down his shoulder, then chest, capturing one of his small nubs between his teeth, Nicco began to suck, causing Thad to cry out and arch his back. Nicco released Thad’s nipple and moved onto the other one, giving it the same treatment, as he began to thrust his hips, rubbing their hardened dicks together. The friction delicious.

Nicco licked the abused nub, then moved down Thad’s body, licking and sucking a path to his stomach, and then flicked his tongue into Thad’s navel for a few moments, before kissing across to his hip. Then he gave a small nip to the bone sticking out there. He slid down further, lifting Thad’s legs, as Nicco ran his tongue down the crease between his mate’s thigh and groin.

He inhaled deeply, letting Thad’s delicious aroma of wildflowers and musk, as well as the scent of Thad’s desire, fill him. His mate’s potent scent alone was like a drug and was giving him a heady feeling. Nicco licked a path up Thad’s hard shaft and then across the tip, taking the bead of honey that had formed there. His eyes closed again from getting his first true taste of his mate, and Nicco’s need increased. His cock filled painfully, and he knew he needed release soon.

“Mmm, gods, Nikolai! That feels so…so…I don’t even know how to describe how wonderful that feels.”

The thought, if he loves that, then he’s really gonna love this, ran through his head, and Nicco sucked the tip of his mate’s pretty cock into his mouth and ran his tongue around it, then under the helmet, and pressed it against the band of nerves. Thad screamed out his name, and it was the best thing Nicco had ever heard.

He sucked Thad to the back of his throat and began to bob his head up and down as he sucked and slurped, worshipping Thad’s thick cock. Using his mind, he willed the tube of lube to come to him from his nightstand and a moment later felt the tube hit his palm. Nicco poured some of the slick on his finger, then pressed the tip of one finger to Thad’s puckered hole, and ran the tip around the tight ring of muscle, slowly opening his man. He didn’t want to cause Thad even a moment of pain. His mate was a virgin, after all, and he needed to show him extra care.

Nicco slid the first finger deep and wiggled it around. Thad moaned and thrashed against him. Nicco opened his eyes, looking up his mate’s body, and watched the erotic show before him. He continued to suck and stretch his mate, adding fingers as Thad’s channel loosened, and Nicco kept his gaze on every move Thad made. His mate’s body trembled, squirmed, and writhed against the bed, and his head shook back and forth, with his eyes closed and mouth slightly open as he panted and moaned. Thad’s arms were down straight by his sides, his hands grasping the sheets below.

Nicco continued to tease and suck Thad’s cock, taking it down the back of his throat and then swallowing. Slowly, he slid off Thad’s cock and licked a path down the vein underneath, to his sac, and then drew the orbs into his mouth, swirling his tongue around them as he pressed a third finger into Thad’s tight hole.

Once Nicco had three fingers moving effortlessly inside his mate, he knew Thad was ready. Nicco wanted Thad to relax more so there would be the least amount of pain for his first time. Nicco knew he was pretty big for his size, his cock being thicker than most, and ten inches long. So Nicco held back his own need a little longer and added a fourth finger as he released Thad’s balls and engulfed his dick again and letting it slide down his throat. As soon as he did, Thad screamed out his name again and filled his mouth with his seed.

Nicco swallowed around the head, drawing out every drop, and then quickly sat up. Thad relaxed down against the bed, his limbs visibly slack as Thad panted. Now was the time. Nicco quickly slicked his cock, then grabbed the base, and pressed the leaking tip to Thad’s puckered hole.

“Look at me, Thaddeus,” Nicco said between clenched teeth. He knew this was a bad time, but he needed to be sure. Once Thad opened his eyes and their gazes met, he asked, “Are you sure, mate?”

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