[Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, shape-shifters, vampires, HEA]
Vampire Prince Dante Calebrese has waited over 2,000 years to find his mates. One night, within minutes of each other, he finds both mates.
Wolf shifter Dale Cole feels an overwhelming sense of guilt after all the underhanded things he was forced to do by his evil sister and father. Dale feels he has no other choice than to leave this world.
Dragon Lord Dare Davis has been hiding in the fae realm for over 1,000 years after his race was nearly wiped out. He has learned to close off all emotion and just live his life for the next battle. But when the three can’t come together because of Dare’s inability to show or feel emotion, Dante banishes him from their lives in hopes of keeping Dale safe and happy. Dare must find a way to show his mates that he can change and that they can depend on him. But Dante and Dale have trouble forgiving and forgetting.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Dante's Mates (MMM)
17 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
You should read Angel Pack series. Betrayal, Secrets, Truth, Trust and then this one.To be able to fully understand the characters. Dante is Prince for the vampire and has waited two thousand years for his mates. Dale is a wolf shifter that has been living in fear from Hilary and his father. Dale is tried of the pain and decide to end it all. Dare is a dragon, the son of the last King of dragons. He show no feelings or cares, so many think that he is a bastard for his attitude. Dante meets his mate Dare at Micah home, where they also meet Dale. When Dale wakes up he see 2 gorgeous men staring at him but he is unable to smell them as his mate. Dante know that Dale needs some extra attention. Their mate is not complete. They are only have relationship with Dale, Dante and Dare have stop touching or caring for each other.The three mates are having major problems connecting. Then the Demons are taking prisoner. Dante is tried of Dare and the problems he is causing with the mating, he puts him on the top of the mountain, while he is making his way down Dare starts to see what he has done to his mates.Ryland know who they need to contact to help with the Demons his mate Phenex.. Which causes more issues since Phenex says that Dare took his mate and stole his son.

This book was so awesome. I absolutely loved it.This is another great addition to the series, that is a must read. Can't wait for the next book to see what happens next


MY RATING: 5 Hearts *****
virginia lee
A fantastic book with great new characters. Maggie Walsh has woven a wonderful story arc through all of her books and this one gives us more of the story. Can't wait for the next installment. The main characters in the book are so well written that you feel their happiness and pain right along with them. I loved seeing all the characters from the previous books playing such an integral part in the ongoing story. Masterfully done by the author to incorporate so many characters so beautifully. I highly recommend this book.
Ashley Malkin




Dale’s eyes fluttered open and two of the most amazingly gorgeous men stood before him. One sat on the edge of his bed. He had the most beautiful brown eyes that Dale had ever seen. His eyes were stunning and they were framed by the longest lashes. His jet-black hair was cut tight on the sides and was longer up on top. It was a mess and didn’t suit him right. Dale never got a close look at this man before but he knew who he was. This was the prince. Prince Dante Calebrese. Any time Dale had seen him before he was always mesmerized by the sight of the man. He always looked so well put together, clothes perfect and without a wrinkle, shoes shined, and not a single hair out of place. If Dale had known he was this gorgeous he would have made it a point to get closer to him on those few occasions the man was at the club. He wasn’t as put together as he was all the other times Dale had spied him from afar. His clothes were wrinkled, his shirt open at the top, with just a hint of skin showing. Dale wondered what he looked like naked.

He blinked and his eyes shifted to the other man who was standing behind the prince. He was just as gorgeous. He was tall and broad chested with muscles that strained against his white T-shirt, and he wore tight black jeans that hugged his hips and muscled thighs. His olive skin glowed and made his deep, chocolate-brown eyes pop. He too had lashes that were so long, that any woman would be jealous. His eyes would look amazing with black kohl around them, Dale thought. Then there was the hair. Oh gods, don’t get me started on the hair. It was chestnut brown and had a slight wave. It lay against his shoulders and also looked a mess, like he had been running his fingers through it. Who was this man and why were they both here looking down at him?

“Hello, Dale,” Prince Calebrese said to him. Dale’s eyes snapped to the prince’s. He smiled at Dale and his whole face lit up. He was a thing of beauty. Perfect white teeth and oh gods, dimples. Could the man be any more gorgeous?

Dale’s cock twitched in appreciation of the man’s beauty. He lowered his head and looked down as he felt his cheeks get pink from embarrassment.

He cleared his throat and swallowed. “Prince,” he whispered.

“Please, none of that prince stuff. I am Dante, just Dante.”

Dale lifted his eyes and looked at Dante. He was still smiling. He shifted his gaze to the other man.

“I am Dare Davis. Hello, young one.”

“You’re one of the men Taylor told me about that was visiting,” Dale whispered.

“Yes I am. I came to this plane in hopes of finding one of my lost warriors,” Dare explained and Dale’s eyes went wide.

“This plane? Where are you from?” Dale asked in surprise.

“I am originally from here, earth. But my kind were slaughtered over a thousand years ago. I along with the other ones who were spared, sought sanctuary with the fae in their realm,” Dare explained.

“Wow,” Dale whispered. He cleared his throat again. “So...why are you both here...with me...in my room?”

“We are worried about you, Dale. We were here in a meeting with Micah when Jesse called for help,” Dante said gently.

“Oh gods,” Dale moaned in distress and rolled away from them, giving them his back. He curled into a ball and pulled the blanket over his head. “Please go.”

“We can’t do that, young one. We must watch over you and insure you don’t try to hurt yourself again,” Dare said emotionless.

Dante spun around and shot him an angry glare. Dare raised his eyebrows in question. Dante sighed and turned back toward Dale. He could see the man’s body shaking under the blankets and he could hear his soft sobs. “That is not why we are here, baby.” Dante reached out a hand and placed it gently on Dale’s back. He stroked Dale’s back tenderly in comfort. “We wanted to make sure you were okay. You scared the hell out of us.” Dante spoke softly hoping to ease Dale. Dale sniffled and rolled onto his back, moving the blankets off his face. His tear-streaked face was red and his eyes were full of sorrow and pain. It broke Dante’s heart to see his mate in this condition.

“Why are you calling me baby?” Dale said on a small sob.

Dante cupped Dale’s cheek tenderly and ran his thumb over his skin, wiping away a tear. “Because you are our mate, Dale.”

Dante held his breath as he waited for his words to sink in. Suddenly what he said dawned on his mate and his eyes went wide in shock as his mouth dropped open. He looked so damn cute. Dante thought, and had to fight the smile that threatened to cross his lips.

“That’s impossible,” Dale whispered in shock. He started to shake his head violently as he pulled away from Dante. “No, it can’t be. I’m supposed to be able to sense that. I’m supposed to be able to smell my mate. And I don’t smell that on you. On either of you. And I’m a wolf. I only get one mate, not two.” Dale was shaking as he scurried off the other side of the bed and hurriedly moved toward the door. “No, fate wouldn’t be so cruel as to make my mate appear to me now. Not now. No.” He grabbed the door knob and yanked the door open and fled the room.

Dante jumped up and he and Dare ran after their scared mate.




“And you will never be with anyone but Dante and I ever again,” Dare said fiercely and pushed two fingers into Dale’s hole. He arched his back and moaned at the invasion.

“Will you take it easy on our mate? I understand you have a possessive streak, as do I, but you need to take it easy on him. It is our first time together as mates.”

Dare rolled his eyes internally at Dante’s words. What were they men or women? Woman went slow and gentle. Women spoke of love and tenderness. Women made love. One of the main reasons he loved being with a man was because men could handle things more rough. Men didn’t do gentle. Men fucked, and they fucked good and hard.

He nodded at his vampire mate and slowly sawed his fingers in and out of his little wolf’s hole. He added a third finger slowly to appease his mate. Dale writhed against the bed. He shifted his body to make room for Dale to move.

“Flip over mate,” he instructed as he withdrew his fingers. Dale turned until he was on all fours and his mouth was hovering above Dante’s swollen manhood. Dante sat with his back against the headboard and he spread his thighs to make room for their mate to get to work.

He placed the bulbous head of his manhood against Dale’s tight star and hesitated as he watched Dante. His vampire mate placed a hand tenderly against Dale’s check and looked at him like Dale was the most precious thing in the world. He watched as Dale dropped his head and licked the tip of Dante’s manhood. He hummed as he drew Dante’s seed into his mouth. Then Dale took another swipe of Dante’s hard tip and then wrapped his lips around the head. Dante’s eyes closed for a moment as he drew in a quick breath and then moaned. His eyes slowly opened again as he stared at his manhood slowly disappearing down Dale’s throat.

Dare shook his head in exasperation. What was wrong with these men of earth today? He rolled his eyes and then focused on the tight ass in front of him. He pressed the tip of his manhood against Dale’s tight star and continued to push until the tip slipped in. He clenched his jaw and squeezed his eyes shut at the sensation of his mate’s tight ass wrapping around him. He pushed a little harder and slipped all the way into his mate. His breath caught at the feeling of Dale’s heat engulfing him. Dale yelled out at the same time and Dare froze and opened his eyes to look at his mate. Dale had pulled off of Dante’s manhood. His head was thrown back against his shoulders and he was panting for air.

Dante caressed Dale’s cheek and spoke softly to him. “Just breathe, Dale. Shhh, it’s okay, baby.”

Dare got annoyed at how it seemed that no matter what he did with their mate, Dante would swoop in to take over. He pulled his hips back and slowly rocked back inside Dale as he rubbed his lower back with one hand. He leaned over Dale’s back and slid his hand around to Dale’s manhood. He wrapped his still slick fingers around Dale and started to stroke him in time with his own thrusts. Dale suddenly relaxed around him and released a pleasurable moan. Dare smiled at the sound. See vamp mate, I know how to make my mate feel pleasure.

He watched as Dale took Dante back into his mouth and started to suck him like a pro. He was mesmerized as his eyes jumped back and forth between his manhood sliding into Dale’s ass and Dante’s sliding in and out of Dale’s mouth. This is how it should always be. Their weaker mate was made to take them, to please them both. His body belonged to them now and they would take all their pleasure from it. He wouldn’t mind feeling Dante’s soft lips wrapped around his manhood again though. Damn the vamp could suck. He internally laughed at his thoughts. Suddenly Dale’s silken channel squeezed him tight and he felt Dale’s seed shoot out of him and run down his fingers. He released Dale’s shaft and grabbed onto his hips as his picked up the pace. Dante threw his head back as his eyes closed and he yelled out Dale’s name.

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