A Terrible First Date (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 30,583
0 Ratings (0.0)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Romance, Alternative, Contemporary, MM, HEA]

Micah Chapman waits for hours in the restaurant because Declan Francis can't be bothered to arrive on time for their first date, which has been arranged by Danielle, Declan's sister. He gives Declan a chance in spite of it. Throughout the date, Declan accuses Micah of being an opportunist and a gold digger. After learning that Declan is a member of one of the most famous families in the entertainment industry, Micah explains that he has just found out about it, but Declan refuses to believe him. It completely ruins the first date for Micah.

Later on, Micah attends a party that's hosted by Declan's parents. Declan apologizes to Micah. Micah gives Declan another chance. The relationship goes well. Then the paparazzi find out about their relationship. Micah comes up with the idea of coming out online, hoping the paparazzi will leave them alone, but that only works temporarily.

Will Micah and Declan be able to have a regular relationship?

A Terrible First Date (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

A Terrible First Date (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 30,583
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


Declan was relieved when dinner was over and done with. He asked for the bill because he was going to pay, but Micah beat him to it. After the bill was settled, they got up and made their way to the door. Declan felt much calmer after listening to Micah’s story, but he couldn’t shake off the lingering doubts inside him. Many men and women had dated him as a way to get closer to his family. The majority of them were aspiring actors, actresses, and singers who wished to forge deeper connections through him. After all, if they dated him, they could have access to his parents, older brothers, and sister anytime they liked.

Some of those individuals also tried to get close to him because his family was wealthy. He really couldn’t remember anyone who had ever wanted to date him for him. Micah must be the same as those other men and women. He probably hoped to have his own cooking show or something. Declan’s family had connections all over the entertainment industry. Any of them could easily help out Micah. As much as Declan loved Danielle, he was fully aware that his dearest sister was too kind and naïve for her own good. Danielle trusted people too easily. Micah wasn’t the first person she had ever introduced to Declan, but he was definitely the best and the most consistent in acting innocent.

Declan was paranoid for an excellent reason. There were too many horrible people out there. Declan had been burned too many times in the past. He was sick and tired of those people who attempted to take advantage of him and his family. That was one of the reasons why he opted to work as a lawyer instead of going into the family business like his siblings. He was lucky to have supportive parents. They took care of his school fees and living expenses all the way until he graduated. His first few years as a lawyer were difficult because he had to work his way up from the bottom. His professional life was much better now. There were still occasions when he couldn’t go back home for many days in a row due to the cases piling up on his desk, but the money he earned was worth the exhaustion. His investments were also doing great so he had a lot more money in his bank account these days.

After turning fifteen years old, he had never made a public appearance with his family. Most people outside of the industry had no idea or couldn’t remember that his famous parents had another son aside from Damian and Dylan. Unlike his family, he could go out like a regular person without the risk of being mobbed and photographed. Some paparazzi probably knew who he was, but they all left him alone for the most part. He was a boring and average person who had no scandals whatsoever. Most importantly, he was a lawyer. The paparazzi knew better than to mess with him. They also preferred to pursue the celebrities and their families who were starving for attention. Not Declan. He would rather be ignored by the paparazzi, thank you very much.

He was so lost inside his head, he was taken aback when Micah abruptly stopped walking and turned around.

“Thanks for coming to dinner. Good night.”

Then Micah walked away without waiting for a response. Declan didn’t expect that. He thought that Micah would cozy up to him for sure. It was astonishing to be dismissed like this. He stared at Micah’s back for a few seconds before running after the man.

“Micah, hold on.”


Declan was stunned speechless because he didn’t know what to say. He couldn’t even explain why he had bothered to catch up to Micah. He was panicking deep inside for some unfathomable reason. It felt wrong to let Micah go, but Declan didn’t know why.

“I…uh, thanks. For dinner, I mean.”

Declan didn’t trust Micah. He had only agreed to the date because Danielle kept on pestering him until he conceded defeat. He was confused when he noticed the seemingly disappointed expression on Micah’s face.

“Sure. Is there anything else?”

Declan gazed into Micah’s eyes. He still didn’t know why he had to chase after Micah. His mind was completely blank, and he felt like an idiot.

“No, I don’t think so,” Declan said after a while.

He assumed that would be the end of the date with Micah. He was shocked when Micah suddenly glared at him.

“Just for the record, I really didn’t know about Danielle or that you’re siblings. I agreed to this date because your sister, who probably uses MyBrotherIsAGrouch as her nickname on Instagram, told me that she would introduce a wonderful man to me. I was excited about this date because I hadn’t gone out with anyone, aside from my friends and family, for a really long time. I broke up with my ex-boyfriend almost one and a half years ago, and I hadn’t been with anyone ever since.”

Declan was taken aback to hear that. A part of him was delighted, but that was such a weird sensation that he ignored it. He couldn’t comprehend where the happiness was coming from.

“I’m sorry.”

“Not half as sorry as I am. This date was a terrible idea. You made me wait for thirty minutes, but you didn’t bother to get in touch with me. I called and sent you text messages, but you didn’t bother to answer. I sat alone while the server and some of the customers were looking at me with sympathy in their eyes. I felt so embarrassed and humiliated.”


“Then you arrived late, and you didn’t apologize. I dressed up for dinner while you looked and smelled like you hadn’t showered in weeks. I attempted to salvage the date by striking up a conversation with you. I even cracked a couple of stupid jokes even though I suck terribly at telling jokes. I was hoping that we could get to know each other during dinner. You, on the other hand, didn’t care at all. The way you talked to me made it clear that you weren’t interested. You were rude throughout the meal.”

“Micah, I’m really sor—”

“Whatever. Have a nice life.”




Micah somehow ended up lying naked on the bed in Declan’s master bedroom, and he wasn’t quite sure how that happened. His memory was spotty because Declan was driving him crazy with kisses that alternated between passionately rough and tenderly sweet. He had no idea how long they had made out in the garden, but he had been lifted off the ground all of a sudden. Instinctively, he had wrapped his arms around Declan’s neck and his legs around his boyfriend’s waist while continuing to kiss the older man like his life depended on it. Then he had been carried all the way into the house. The next thing he knew, he had nothing covering him from the waist up by the time he and Declan were inside the bedroom. Even the glove on his left hand was long gone. After he had been deposited gently onto the bed, he had lost his shoes, socks, pants, and underwear, thanks to Declan.

“Declan, hurry up,” Micah pleaded.

Declan was taking too much time stripping himself naked, and Micah’s patience was wearing thin. His cock was throbbing, and the emptiness in his hole was becoming too much to handle. He was relieved when Declan climbed up onto the bed mere seconds later. He felt much better when Declan was on all fours right above him, nibbling, licking at, and lightly biting his ears, neck, and nipples. The pleasurable sensations that coursed through his entire being grew even more overwhelming when he realized that Declan was determined to get a taste of every inch of his body. Then Declan pressed his entire body down onto Micah. Micah gasped, and his eyes widened in shock. It wasn’t because Declan was too heavy. Micah liked being covered up by Declan, who was so much larger than him physically. Moreover, Declan felt warm and hairy. He seemed to have hair everywhere, unlike Micah who was mostly smooth. That contrast between them felt incredible. Micah was greatly astonished because of something else, and he couldn’t help but stiffen up underneath Declan.

“Baby, is something wrong?”

The term of endearment was unexpected, but Micah didn’t mind it. Honestly, he loved it. However, he couldn’t focus on it at the moment. Not even the manly and masculine musk coming from Declan was able to distract him.

“How b-big is your dick?”

“Nine and a half inches. More or less. Why?”

“Damn!” Micah exclaimed in amazement, and his arousal spiked even higher. “Mine is only about eight inches.”

“That size is above average.”

Micah gazed into Declan’s eyes. He also studied Declan’s facial expression. After a moment, he determined that Declan seemed sincere enough.


“May I kiss you again?”


In the next instant, Micah was once again engaged in a battle of the tongues with Declan, but this time around, it didn’t last for too long. Declan was obviously eager to move to some other spots on Micah’s body. He gagged a little when he was sucking on Micah’s dick. However, he performed really well when he was lapping at Micah’s balls. He really knew how to use his tongue. Micah was even more impressed by Declan’s reaming skill. He didn’t know how Declan did it, but it felt like his boyfriend was fucking into his hole with his tongue. The slurping noises Declan made were obscene, and it turned Micah on even more. He allowed Declan to eat his ass out for several minutes. Declan must have used plenty of saliva because Micah’s ass felt really wet everywhere. When Micah couldn’t hold back anymore, he rose up and grabbed Declan by the armpits, pulling his boyfriend up toward him. Then he shoved Declan down onto his back on the bed.

“Baby, I’m not done yet,” Declan protested.

“You’ve had enough. I want to have your cock inside my mouth.”

Micah didn’t do that immediately, though. He had a firm grasp on Declan’s cock with his right hand, but it was so thick, his middle finger, which was the longest of all his fingers, couldn’t even reach his thumb. He stared at Declan’s impressive dick for a minute or so, admiring and drooling over it, before opening his mouth as widely as possible and swallowing it. He couldn’t deepthroat Declan’s cock. It was too much for him to handle, but he was going to do his best to do that. It was a challenge, but he would succeed. He went up and down on Declan’s cock to the best of his ability, taking in more every single time he dove down. After what felt like hours and lots of spit, he managed to get every single inch deep inside his mouth and throat, and he was so proud of himself. Unfortunately, he had to remove it within seconds because he was growing dizzy.

“Fuck!” Declan cursed loudly while glancing at Micah. “Nobody has done that before. You were amazing, baby.”

Micah grinned at Declan. “Thanks. Now, lie down and relax. I’m not done with your cock yet.”

Moments later, Declan was babbling incoherently while Micah did everything he could to suck the cum out of his boyfriend’s balls. At least, he tried to. He couldn’t do it, though. Besides, Declan seemed to be losing his patience. Micah wasn’t surprised when Declan dragged him up and placed him face down in the center of the bed.

“Are you ready to get fucked?”

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