The Right Men (MMMM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 28,457
0 Ratings (0.0)

[Siren Menage Amour: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, ManLove, Alternative, MMMM, HEA]

Zeke Bell, Leon Trevors, and Milo Masters are popular vloggers who get the business deal of their dreams, promoting the latest wine product for Matteo Wynn's winery. They've been crushing on Matteo since the man's NFL days. On the day they're supposed to sign the contract, they not only get a tour of the vineyard, but they also get to meet Matteo. What begins as a professional relationship soon turns into something more romantic.

Shortly after the four of them have started dating, a stranger somehow manages to stalk and get pictures and videos of Milo in a public restroom. The videos and photographs are spread online. Zeke, Leon, and Matteo do everything they can to protect Milo while getting in touch with the right people to investigate the identity of the culprit.

Will they succeed in resolving the problem while working on their relationship?

The Right Men (MMMM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Right Men (MMMM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 28,457
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


“Zeke, baby, what’s wrong?” Milo asked.

He didn’t turn around because he was driving. Even though Zeke couldn’t look at Milo’s face clearly through the rearview mirror, he detected the concerned tone in his boyfriend’s voice.

“One moment, please,” Zeke replied before tapping on the link that one of the fans had included in the message.

He was nervous and more than a little furious when the pictures began to load one right after the other. The photographs started out innocent enough. There were images of Zeke and Milo entering the client’s building, and after that, they got into the elevator. Then Zeke began to feel unsettled because the photographs showed him and Milo inside the elevator and walking out from it later. There were three pictures of them making their way into their client’s office.

Zeke found it really creepy, disgusting, and infuriating when the next few pictures were of Milo inside a cubicle in the restroom. Most of the shots must have been taken diagonally from above, and thankfully, Milo’s dick wasn’t on display, but one almost gave a glimpse of it. Fortunately, Milo’s hand, body, and arm blocked the view. The short video clips contained more or less similar things to the photographs. The sender of the direct message explained that he was a concerned fan who happened to have seen those pictures and videos being distributed all over social media. He had only included one of the links because the others had more or less similar content.

“Why are you glaring at your phone, baby?”

“Have a look,” Zeke replied before he passed his smartphone to Leon.

He couldn’t speak for the next few moments because he was enraged by those photographs and videos. As an influencer, Zeke understood that he couldn’t stop the paparazzi or the fans from sneakily or openly taking pictures and videos of him when he was outside. He might not be the most famous influencer in the world, but he was still considered a celebrity. Losing some of his privacy came with the territory. However, there were boundaries that shouldn’t be crossed no matter what. In Milo’s case, he was in a cubicle of a restroom, and based on the angle that the photographs and videos were shot, the person must have attempted to get them from the top of the partition.

“What the fuck!” Leon exclaimed, and he sounded furious.

“What’s going on?” Milo inquired while peeking at Leon briefly.

Leon sighed. “I’ll tell you later. We’re almost home anyway.”

Milo nodded. “Is it something bad?”

“Yeah,” Leon answered with a sigh.

“Does it have anything to do with me?”

“Yes,” Zeke confirmed. “But it may affect all of us, including Matteo. We have to talk to him. We can’t keep him in the dark. Besides, he will find out about this matter sooner or later.”




Matteo waited for the other car to get into the garage first before he did the same. Once both cars were inside the garage, the door was shut tightly. Matteo had just gotten out of the car when somebody pounced on him and shoved him roughly against the vehicle. It was Zeke. Matteo grunted in shock, but he couldn’t utter a single word because, the next thing he knew, Zeke was kissing him as if the world had run out of food and his lips and tongue were the best alternatives. He was astonished, but he didn’t protest at all. Instead, he responded enthusiastically.

His surprise didn’t end there. He was taken aback when he felt somebody unbuttoning his shirt while another person was attempting to get his pants down to his ankles. He glanced downward, and he moaned in delight seconds later when Leo started suckling on his left nipple while pinching and twisting the other one. He guessed that Milo must be the one who was skillfully sucking on his cock. He was beyond amazed when Milo succeeded in deep-throating the entire length of his thick, ten-inch dick. Nobody had ever done that before.

For the next several moments, Matteo could do nothing but succumb to the pleasure that threatened to overwhelm him over and over again while his three lovers were doing incredible things to him. They took turns making out with him or working on his nipples, cock, and balls. As a result, he became a trembling mess. He was unable to think at all. Zeke was an aggressive lover, while Leon’s style was a sweet mixture of tenderness and boldness all rolled into one. Milo was the gentle one. What impressed Matteo the most was the fact that all three of his lovers were able to swallow the full length of his dick without choking.

“Fuck!” Matteo exclaimed.

He must have let loose of a stream of other curse words afterward, but he couldn’t be certain because the sensations that surged through him were too much. Zeke, Leon, and Milo were kneeling on the floor, and they were giving him the best blowjobs ever, one right after the other. They would also lap all over his balls with their tongues every once in a while. The obscene slurping noises were too much for Matteo to handle, but he wasn’t complaining. He was sure that he would never do that. The wonderful feelings he experienced were unlike anything he had ever known before.

He got so lost inside his head, he had no idea when or how he had been stripped completely naked. Zeke, Leon, and Milo had also removed all of their clothes. Matteo didn’t even know when or how he had gotten into the bedroom. By the time he regained a little bit of his composure, he was already lying down on his back on the bed. He was still shaking all over, and he was perspiring like mad. Moreover, he was unable to focus his gaze properly, and he was panting as if he had just finished a marathon.

“Open your mouth, you sexy, hairy stud,” Leon instructed from somewhere above, and Matteo didn’t even hesitate to do as he was told. “Have a taste of my cock. Seven and a half inches of delicious dick. It’s all for you.”

Matteo couldn’t verbally respond because his mouth was stuffed full. He was choking a bit, and he was also tearing up, but he didn’t give up. He forced himself to relax, and he grunted in delight when he succeeded in swallowing every single inch of Leon’s cock. Meanwhile, Zeke and Milo resumed working on Matteo’s dick and balls. Matteo honestly thought he had died and gone to heaven.

It got even better when Leon began to grind his ass all over Matteo’s face. Matteo eagerly stuck his tongue out so he could ream Leon’s hole. Eating a bottom’s ass was one of Matteo’s favorite activities, and he knew he was good at it. He grabbed on tightly to Leon’s butt cheeks to prevent the man from escaping before digging as deeply as he could into his lover’s hole with his tongue. Leon was moaning and thrashing about like a man possessed, and that aroused Matteo even further.

Matteo could have happily munched on Leon’s hole for all eternity. Unfortunately, Leon somehow managed to get away. Matteo had no clue what was coming next, but he was pretty sure he was going to like it.

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