Wild Heights (MFM)

Classics Rekindled 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 22,136
13 Ratings (4.4)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Regency Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M]

Cathy Earling has loved Edward Linden and Henry Heath forever. When they are away, it is as if two pieces of her heart are missing, beating again only when they return. Edward and his late father’s ward Henry have shared women before, but now they want to make Cathy theirs. After a wild, storm-drenched afternoon on the moors, the three begin a liaison, bringing them more pleasure than any had ever imagined.

Together, Edward and Henry take Cathy to unexpected heights of passion, each encounter making them more certain that she is the only woman for them. As for Cathy, each time they are together she falls more in love with both of them. When gossip of their affair threatens to ruin her, Edward and Henry must convince her mind of what her body already knows: the three of them are destined to be together forever.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Wild Heights (MFM)
13 Ratings (4.4)

Wild Heights (MFM)

Classics Rekindled 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 22,136
13 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
An excellent story
I loved the WILD HEIGHTS characters and the tender way the men brought out Cathy’s inner vixen. The book was well written and an easy, fast read. The plot moved quickly and put the reader in the scene throughout the book. A definite buy.
Jean Mason
Professional Reviews

4 STARS: "Henry and Edward, having sown their wild oats in London, have decided to come back home for good, and marry. Trouble is they are both in love with Cathy, who has been in love with both of them since childhood. In 1800s England, can they indulge their penchant for menage sex with her without drawing criticism from the small village where they all live? What if Cathy won't play the games they want to teach her? They have no trouble seducing her, and introducing her to all manner of sexual delights. However, she thinks they are just playing with her, and will discard her once they find other women who are higher born. The two men set out to win her over, and convince her that they want to marry her and forsake all others. When the town gossips attack her, they are quick to defend, and finally she agrees to marry them both, one legally, one emotionally. Wild Heights is a cute little love story. It's well done, and I liked the characters." -- Alberta, Manic Readers Reviews

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“Cathy!” a male voice called.

She stilled, turning to find Henry and Edward striding toward her as if she had conjured them. Raising a hand, she waved a greeting.

“Hello.” Henry bowed his head. “What are you about this fine afternoon?”

“Simply doing a bit of shopping,” she answered. She looked from him to Edward. “And what of you two? Surely you are not in Highmoor to see the new bonnets at the milliner’s.”

“Hardly.” Edward laughed. He glanced over her shoulder, arching a brow before facing her again. “What say you take tea with us at Hardesty’s?”

“Tea?” She would love nothing more than to pass some time in the company of her two favorite gentlemen. “I have my maid with me.”

“Henry and I took our carriage. Send your maid home and we will bring you back to the manor.”

How could she resist? Edward’s eyes sparkled gaily, and Henry’s held a touch of naughty mischief.

“Lucy,” she said, turning to her maid. “You may go home. Tell Coachman I said it was all right for him to take you.”

Lucy’s face puckered for a moment as she wrung her hands. “Miss, what of?”

Cathy smiled at her. “Maggie will not chide you, Lucy. Mr. Linden and Mr. Heath will see me home.”

Lucy bobbed a curtsey and hurried toward the Earling coach parked two stores down. Cathy watched as Coachman led the team onto the thoroughfare before facing Edward and Henry once more.

“Tea?” she said.

They stood on either side of her, holding their arms out for her hands. Feeling lighter than she had all morning, she placed a hand on each of them and they led her toward the little tearoom.

The three of them caught the eye of the other patrons seated at the tables. This came as no surprise to Cathy as the place generally did not serve such as her two companions. Tall and handsome, worldly and seemingly out of place, they nevertheless smiled at the proprietor and dragged a third chair over to the table nearest the window.

“Sit,” Henry said, waving her toward the middle chair. “I shall order us some biscuits.”

“And honey,” Edward added.

“Ah, honey.” Henry winked. “It has been two days since I’ve tasted anything as sweet as honey on my tongue.”

Her skin flushed hot as she recalled precisely what Henry had done with that tongue of his. Chuckling, Henry stepped away to see to their refreshments.

“How have you been, Cathy?” Edward asked.

“The same, Edward.”

“We’ve missed you.”


“I had business to the north and Henry accompanied me. If we hope to stay here in Yorkshire I have certain matters to settle.”

Tea was served and poured, and then they were left alone once more.

“You truly hope to stay?” she asked.

“Where else would we go?” Henry asked, setting a platter of crisp biscuits on the table.

“I…” She chose a biscuit, breaking off pieces on her plate. “I always thought that you and Edward would leave the Grange now that your parents were gone.”

“I have duties to the estate,” Edward said, sipping his tea.

Henry bit into a biscuit and chewed. “I would never leave Edward, Cathy. And the two of us would never leave you.”

His simply spoken statement gave her cause to hope, but for what? She could not fathom at present.

“Honey,” Edward said, drizzling it onto her biscuit. A drop settled on her finger, and he lifted her hand. Casting a look about the tearoom, he flicked his tongue over her hand. “Mmm.”

“Edward,” she softly admonished.

He laughed and sat back. “I could not resist.”

“Perhaps we should take some home to the Grange, Edward,” Henry said. “Just think of what we could put it on.”

His eyes were fastened on her bosom, and her breasts swelled. “Henry,” she whispered.

“And lick it off of,” Edward added in a low voice.

Suddenly the image of the two of them drizzling honey over her filled her mind. Would they lick it off slowly, with measured strokes? Or would they go a bit wild and devour her? Both notions set her pulse racing.

Henry leaned close to her. “Naughty girl,” he rasped.

“We can see what you are thinking,” Edward put in.

She lowered her gaze, her cheeks hot. “I fear you two have corrupted me.”

Henry grabbed her hand, the motion quick and startling. “Do not think that way.”

“That is not what we think,” Edward said. “Tell us you do not regret what we’ve shared thus far.”

She met their gazes, seeing no censure or triumph, nor anything else to fuel her worries. “Thus far?”

Edward smiled that bright expression of his that lit the room. “Oh, we have only scratched the surface, love.”

“What else can there be?” she wondered aloud.




Cathy’s body trembled as she preceded Henry and Edward abovestairs.

“I daresay Edward’s room will not be much to your liking,” Henry said, placing his hand on her back as they reached one landing.

“Save for one feature,” Edward said, resting his hand on her shoulder as they began to climb higher.

Every word, every touch, magnified her response to them. She was beginning to throb, her juices starting simply due to the friction from walking up the massive staircase. Her breasts felt heavy, her nipples tight within her stays. By the time she stopped before the wide door leading to Edward’s room, she could feel her pussy swell in her damp drawers.

“There,” Edward said, pushing open the door. “Dismal, is it not?”

She looked about the sitting room, seeing the drab colors and heavy draperies. “It does seem to need a lighter touch.”

“Perhaps yours?” he asked, taking her hand to his lips.

Henry closed the door and crossed through to the bedchamber. “But what say you of this?”

She followed him, stilling as her gaze fell on the largest bed she’d ever seen. “Oh, my.”

Edward leaned against the doorway. “I’d given thought to getting rid of the behemoth, but now it seems just right.”

Surrendering to the wanton she felt at present, she imagined all sorts of lovely things she could do with them in that massive bed. “Just right for what?”

“For three,” Henry said.

He took her in his arms, all but tossing her skirts over her head as he tumbled onto the bed with her.


“I cannot be slow tonight, love,” he answered.

His urgency was something she hadn’t expected. It thrilled her.

She found her legs held high, hearing Edward’s laughter as her slippers fell from her feet. “Leave her stockings on, I think.”

“Right,” Henry said, his voice low as he tore at her laces.

Soon she wore nothing but her stockings, her legs spread wide as Henry came over her. She could hardly wait to see where this passion would take them next.

“Hold your breasts up, love.”

“That is surely naughty, Henry,” she gasped.

He shook his head, his gaze hot on her. She placed her hands beneath her breasts, pressing them high. Both of them stared at her now, causing her nipples to ache.

“Just beautiful,” Henry said.

He kissed her, his tongue tasting of the wine they’d shared and Henry. Edward’s skillful fingers played at her breasts, which began to ache for more. “Please.”

“What, Cathy?” Edward pinched one nipple, just hard enough to cause her to shiver. “What do you want?”

“Your mouth,” she managed to say.

Edward closed his lips over one nipple as Henry began to devour her pussy. Here was the wildness she’d craved since yesterday afternoon. His tongue was magic, his lips astounding as they closed over her bud. Sucking, teasing. She began to writhe beneath him. She wanted more. More of Henry, more of Edward. Her body pulsed with need as they brought her closer to the pinnacle of pleasure.

Edward suddenly lifted his head, pulling at the front of his trousers. “I cannot bear to wait.”

Henry stilled, taking his skillful tongue from her flesh so abruptly she cried out in frustration. “Oh, please!”

Henry sat back as Edward flipped her over onto her belly. Grasping her hips, he pulled her to her knees. “I have to have you now.” He stroked his cock up against her pussy, drawing a low moan from the back of her throat. Henry’s mouth had so aroused her she nearly climaxed from the mere touch of Edward’s flesh. Spreading her wide, he entered her from behind. It was incredible, the intensity of his cock buried inside of her. It touched a spot deep within her pussy and, grasping the linens, she bowed back and took all of him.

“That’s it,” Edward growled. “God, you are so tight.”

Henry made a sound of encouragement, and she met his gaze. His eyes were hot on her face, the expression blatantly carnal. He shed his jacket and opened his trousers, slowly stroking his beautiful cock as she began to come. Waves of pleasure rocked her body, but Edward did not relent.

At last he joined her, bending forward to kiss her cheek as he held her close. “I could not wait to be inside you,” he panted.

She tried to catch her own breath, merely nodding in answer. She was soon a boneless heap in the center of the bed, Edward on one side and Henry on the other. Henry still stroked himself, closing his eyes as he moaned her name.

“Finish him, Cathy,” Edward said.

She read Henry’s frustration on his beloved face. “I want to but…I do not understand,” she said.

“Ride me,” Henry rasped.

She blinked, suddenly grasping his meaning. Was such a thing possible? Guided by Edward, she straddled Henry’s body. His cock was full, hard, and huge. Amazingly, her pussy wept for its possession.

“How can I want this again?” she asked. “So soon?”

Henry shrugged. “Ride me, love.”

Edward lifted her while Henry positioned his cock at her entrance. She came down on him, taking all of him inside in one motion. She felt stretched to the brink, every nerve singing for completion. “I do not know what to do,” she sobbed.

“Move,” Edward said. “Up and down, Cathy.”

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