[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, vampires, HEA]
They know a thousand ways to kill...and zero ways to love.
The middle bunny of five, Beaumont has grown used to going unnoticed. He's not a leader like Barclay or Basil, he's not blind like Bailey, and he's not snarky like Baxter. He's invisible. He dreams of finding a mate that truly sees him. When a stranger with piercing black eyes arrives at the mansion, his world is turned upside down, and Beau has to decide if being seen is all he dreamed it would be.
Prince Dario Montella never dreamed he would find his one and only in his family home, but one look and he knows he has found the center of his universe. But Beau comes with a lot of baggage, not to mention an interfering older brother and an obsessive need to take risks with his life.
Finding common ground won't be easy for a prince used to ruling his coven, especially when making his mate happy is harder than letting him walk into danger. It means seeing Beau for the treasure he truly is.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Stormy Glenn and Bellann Summer are Siren-exclusive authors.
Beaumont (MM)
70 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Jess Buffett
So, so, so good! There's even more intrigue opening up, and I'm salivating for the next book. Baxter and Beau are both pregnant, something is seriously wrong with Clay, as in dying, serious, and the duck is still around.

I can't wait to find out what the scientists are really up to, what they did to Clay, and whether it can be fixed. Oh. My. On pins and needles, peeps!
Christy Duke
Professional Reviews

"Now that the scene has been set in the first two books of the ‘Battle Bunnies’ series, this third book begins to add more mystery, a prophesy, and more than one revelation to the ever-thickening plot. With Beaumont, the middle of the five bunny shifter brothers, and Dario, the newly appeared vampire prince, at its center, this continuing story of trying to stop the evil scientists reaches new heights of suspense and their plans new lows of despicability. What a dark and sordid tale, but thanks to the ever-vigilant Battle Bunnies I am keeping my hopes up. Beaumont definitely has middle child syndrome. Without a defined role among his brothers, and usually seemingly invisible since nobody pays him any attention, I find it fascinating that his ability is “not to be seen” by humans as long as he doesn’t move. I think this is an incredibly useful skill to have when going on covert missions, but not one that is appreciated by anyone. It is no wonder that Beaumont’s one wish in a mate is for that man to “see” him. He can’t believe his luck when the vampire who owns the house the Battle Bunnies are hiding in returns and looks at Beaumont as if he were the center of the prince’s world. Prince Dario is over the moon to have found his mate. He is ancient and has waited forever, but now that he has finally discovered “his one and only”, he will protect him from any and all danger. Unfortunately the object of his affections has his own ideas, and the prince has to adjust his priorities. His inclusion in the team also adds a lot of knowledge about history, and he is the one who reveals an intriguing prophecy that hints at the Battle Bunnies’ purpose in life. Beaumont and Dario are a great fit in more than one way, and their initial issues of getting used to each other were funny rather than aggravating. Actually, Beaumont was occasionally mad, but I was extremely amused. I could see how flexible Dario was, despite his appearance as an implacable and tough vampire prince, and enjoyed watching Beaumont figure that out for himself. If you like the ‘Battle Bunnies’ series, if you want to see a middle child come into his own as soon as he finds the love of his life, and if you’re looking for a read that is as funny as it is suspenseful, then you will probably like this novella." -- Serena Yates, Rainbow Book Reviews

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Curious at the sound of the doorbell, mostly because he hadn't even known they had a doorbell, Beau left his room and walked to the second floor landing. He arrived just in time to see his brother Baxter waving his hand at a well-dressed man that took Beau's breath away.

"And we are in his house," Bax said. "Duh."

Beau smiled at his brother's snarky remark. His oldest brother Barclay usually didn't get Bax's sense of humor, but Beau found him quite amusing. He wasn't stupid enough to voice that opinion in front of his oldest brother because he liked his head attached to his shoulders.

"Please, don't mind me. I'll just—" The man sucked in a breath as he gazed up in Beau’s direction and their eyes met. "Who is that magnificent creature?"

For a moment, Beau forgot to breathe. Had anyone ever looked at him like that? He was usually lost in the crowd or faded into the wallpaper. People did not stare at him as if he was the answer to every prayer they had ever had, especially not people who looked like this man did.

The guy had to be a few inches over six feet tall with shiny sable colored hair that was secured at the nap of his neck and cascaded in waves down his back. Beau wanted to run his hands through the silky looking strands and see if they were as soft as they looked. The soft curls around the man’s handsome face beckoned Beau’s fingertips to tweak and play with them.

Startling light black eyes surrounded by thick eyelashes looked up at Beau, tearing his attention from wandering to the man’s plump lips.

Bax blinked at the handsome man for a moment before glancing up. "Beau?"

"Beau," the man whispered.

"My brother, Beaumont."

"Beaumont." The man whispered his name almost reverently. It brought shivers down Beau's arms, making him wish he could rub himself all over, preferably against the handsome man. "You can stay as long as you like if you introduce me to him."

Beau had no idea what the handsome stranger and Bax were talking about, but the way the man was staring up at him made Beau wonder what he was looking at. He almost glanced behind him, positive the guy had to be looking at someone else, but a quick sniff told him he was all alone on the landing.

"You'll let us stay in your mansion if I introduce you to my brother?" Bax asked.


The man still hadn't taken his eyes off of Beau. Beau stared back just as intently.

"Beau!"Bax called out. "There's someone I want you to meet."

Beau waited right where he was. He really didn't think going downstairs was in his best interest. He had the sudden thought that he would be devoured by the man looking up at him with such hunger in his eyes.

"This is Prince Dario Montella," Bax said. "This is his house."


Wait..."Did you say prince?" Beau asked, because he really needed to be sure. The weight of the world rested on the answer.

"Yep." Baxter nodded as though he could read the rising panic in Beau's mind. "Prince Dario Montella. Come down here and meet him."

Beau felt the momentary sliver of hope that had blossomed in his chest wither and die. A prince? That really sucked. There was no way he was going to go downstairs and be introduced to a prince. It had been bad enough when he thought the guy merely gorgeous. Prince took it to a whole other level.

“No,” he called back.

When the prince took a step toward the stairs, Beau spun and hurried back down the hallway. He ran into his room and slammed the door shut, locking it. As he leaned back against the hard wood, his heart thundering painfully in his chest, Beau thrust a hand through his long black hair.

He ached to meet the prince, to continue to feel the man's eyes roaming over his body, but there was no way he was going to be the butt of some prince's joke. He wasn't that desperate.





Drawing in a shaky breath, Beau headed to the shower where he could block out the rest of the world. When they had moved into this place, Beau and his brothers found a whole new way of getting clean that didn’t involve ice cold sponge baths in sewer tunnels. He knew Bailey loved baths, but for Beau, showers were the best thing since the discovery of malted milk duds.

Leaving a trail of clothes in his wake, a naked Beau adjusted the water to just the right temperature before stepping under the heavenly spray. Tipping his head back, he let the water stream over his face and body.

Beau grabbed the bottle of kiwi and jasmine scented soap and after pouring some into his palm, he rubbed his hands together until wonderful bubbles spilled all over. He would never be caught dead in a bubble bath, but the bubbles themselves were a creation of the heavens.

Soon Beau was covered in frothy goodness from his head to the soles of his feet. After rinsing off, he poured more soap into his hand. He had needs. He was a bunny after all. If he didn’t take care of them his balls grew heavy and his skin began to itch. Hard, ready to burst balls sucked green maggots.

The first touch to his prick with slippery fingers took Beau’s breath away. If he never experienced anything more than a solid grip encircling his dick, it would be tragic. But Beau could live with that. He had survived horrific experiments in a laboratory at the hands of insane sadistic creatures who impersonated being human.

Beau had always wondered if they were actually demons from the underworld. He had once asked his older brother Clay if they were. His brother had laughed and told him they were just evil people. Beau still had his doubts.

Beau scraped his nails over the plump head of his dick, making sure that one nail pressed into the tiny slit at the end. Once, while surfing the web, Beau came across a porn site where a guy was using a sound on the other man’s dick. Holy Hanna, he had ended up coming all over while watching that piece of glass sink inside that tiny hole.

As he continued to play, Beau wondered what the prince was doing. This was the man’s house. Maybe he was going to move in. There was an empty room next to his. Beau wondered if it would be possible to hear the prince jerking off. Goose bumps covered Beau’s skin. His prick rose and brushed against his belly.

He spread his legs wider. Reaching back with his free hand, Beau found the wrinkled opening that he was sure could give him even more pleasure if he wasn’t alone playing with it. But alone it seemed he would always be. The prince’s handsome face popped into his mind. Beau mentally pushed the prince away. Wishful thinking made reality hurt worse.

Beau closed his eyes and drifted into a place where sensation took over. The muscle guarding his hole began to loosen under the onslaught of his relentless fingers. His dick gloried in the firm grip that stroked over every inch of skin from the base to the head, and back again.

Looking down, Beau watched his slender fingers give the head of his dick a little twist. He wondered if the prince’s hands were soft or rough. As large as the man was he must have big hands. The thought of a wide finger sinking into his ass had pre-cum welling up until it spilled over and dribbled down. In response to his thoughts, Beau’s finger penetrated his ass.

Beau sank down onto his knees and set up a fast stroking rhythm on his dick. Want had him pressing another finger into his hole. Breathing became difficult. Helpless to his needy body, Beau thrust his hips forward searching for…something.

A soft breeze touched the side of Beau’s head. He wanted to open his eyes and see who was there, but his balls were pulling up against his shaking body. Need had taken over and yet his orgasm wouldn’t happen. What the hell was going on?

Desperate, Beau tipped his head back and whispered, “Please.”

Softness touched his ear and a rich voice dripping in honey murmured, “Come, my darling.”

Spunk exploded out of the Beau’s dick and his scream was loud and long. He fell back, which pushed his fingers farther into his hole. Beau jerked his dick as fast as he could, needing the friction. Volley after volley shot out. Beau screamed again as pain gripped his balls from the milking they were receiving.

As volatile as the orgasm was, it ended in a heartbeat. One moment Beau was flying on a wave of sensation, and the next he was lying on the floor of a shower. Looking up through the steam and spray of water, Beau felt alone. Which was weird, because he had been alone all this time.

Hadn’t he?

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