Race Against Time (MMM)

Cade Creek 11

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,500
57 Ratings (4.6)
[Siren Publishing: The Stormy Glenn Ménage ManLove Collection: Erotic Alternative Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, HEA]
Racine Tuff just wanted to get back to the safety of Cade Creek. With a date gone wrong and a psycho hunting him, being safe seemed like a dream. When he's met at the airport by a couple of sexy firemen, trusting them is easier than he thought it would be, but is his trust misplaced?
Vincent Rizzo has loved Ari since the moment they met. Wanting the man in his life, he readily agrees to Ari's stipulations, even if they are a little weird. As time passes, he finds himself looking for that third man to be with them as well. When he arrives in the form of a battered and abused man who jumps at his own shadow, can Vinnie set aside his longing for a threesome long enough to insure Race's safety?
Ari Kadin has always known his desires were odd even for a gay man, or so he thought until he falls for another fireman. Vinnie convinces him that his desires are perfectly normal. Still hesitant, Ari doesn't know what to make of the instant desire he feels for the abused man they pick up from the airport. Race comes with a dangers that threaten all of them. Is having his dream relationship worth losing what he already has?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Stormy Glenn is a Siren-exclusive author.
Race Against Time (MMM)
57 Ratings (4.6)

Race Against Time (MMM)

Cade Creek 11

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,500
57 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Jess Buffett
This book was so good and so real. I wanted to jump into the book and help.
Nancy Henry
Loved it!!!




He was home. As he stepped off the airplane and onto the narrow passageway that led to the main terminal, Race almost stumbled in relief. Granted, he was still in the city, but it was the city closest to Cade Creek. A two hour drive and he'd be safe in Cade Creek.

He just needed to find his ride.

As soon as Race reached the busy concourse, he started searching for Dorian. He didn't see him anywhere. Race nibbled on his lower lip as he looked around. Maybe Dorian was waiting for him down in baggage claim. The man had no way of knowing Race didn't have any baggage to claim.

He started to head to the escalators that led to the lower level where people went to get the luggage when a sign a man was holding caught his attention.

Dirty Dozen.

Now, what were the chances he—a former member of the Dirty Dozen Motorcycle Club—would be headed home, ready to meet up with the former leader of said club, when he came across a guy holding a sign with the name of the club on it?

And he was a really hot guy, too. As was the guy standing next to him. One stood slighter taller than the other, and was a bit more muscular, but both men were darkly tanned and buff, with miles of lickable skin.

Race almost drooled. He might have, too, if the taller of the two men hadn't suddenly looked in his direction, the man's jaw firming as he took in the mess that Race was. Race took a step back from the anger he could see flaring to life in the guy's dark brown eyes.

He really didn't need to have a run-in with someone else who was angry. He had barely walked away from the last pissed off Neanderthal. Wishing his life didn't suck as much as it did, Race turned away from the two gorgeous men and started looking for Dorian again.

"Race Tuff?"

Fear slammed into Race as he turned to face the man with the deep, rumbly voice that made his cock jerk in his jeans. Oh man, it was one of the hotties. "I'm sorry," he said in a shaky voice, "You must have me confused with someone else."

The man's dark eyebrow rose as he looked Race up and down. There was an unsettling flare to his nostrils, as if he didn't like what he was seeing. "I don't think so."

Race took a hasty step back. He needed to put enough space between him and these men that he could get away if he needed to. Even as he took a step back he knew it was futile. These men were huge, and he was injured. If they truly wanted to catch him, he'd have no chance at escaping.

"There's nothing to be afraid of, little man," the taller of the two men said. "Dorian sent us."

Race cautiously eyed the two men, wondering if he could believe them. He wanted to believe them. He wanted to believe that these two gorgeous men were on the up and up, that they wouldn't ruin his fantasy by trying to kill him, or worse.

Besides, he was just too damn tired to run.

One of the men pulled out his cell phone and dialed a number. "Hey, it's Ari. We found your friend, but he's a little freaked." Dark eyes strayed to Race, staring intently. "I don't think he trusts us."

A moment later, the man was holding the cell phone out to Race. "It's for you."

In order to take the phone, Race would have to step closer to the two men. As he knew he would never escape if they decided to go after him, there didn't seem to be any point in not taking the phone.

Gathering up his courage, Race stepped as close as he dared and grabbed the phone. He breathed in deeply as he held the phone to his ear, afraid to hear who was on the other end. "Hello?"


Race's relief was so great he started to crumble right there on the spot. Strong arms grabbed him and held him up. "Dorian?"

"Hey, buddy," Dorian said. "I wasn't able to get to the airport in time to meet your plane. Ari and Vinnie were in the city attending some training. They offered to pick you up and bring you back to Cade Creek. You can trust them, Race. I promise."

"Okay." The tears that had flooded his eyes when he heard Dorian's voice slowly began to trickle down his cheeks. Race turned and buried his face in the massive chest next to him. He absently found it strange that he was chest level with the other man when he was standing up straight. It was disconcerting.

"It's okay, Race," the man murmured to him. "We'll keep you safe."

Race shuddered. He doubted what the stranger said was true, but it was nice hearing it anyway. Knowing he was making a fool of himself in front of two men he'd rather be seen as calm, cool, and collected, Race pushed away from the arms that held him. He wiped at the tears on his cheeks and then faced the two men.

"I'm sorry." Apologizing for his behavior seemed like the thing to do. He had basically accused these two men of lying to him and trying to hurt him, of being dishonorable. "It's been a long couple of days."

The taller of the two looked at the neon green cast on Race's arm. "Yes, I imagine it has. Maybe you should tell us how that happened?"

"Let it go, Vinnie," the other man said. "Our only priority right now is getting Race out of the airport and home safe back in Cade Creek."




Vinnie climbed out of the truck and shut the door before walking around to the front of the truck on Ari's side of the vehicle. He smiled as he held out his hand. "Come on, tesorino. Come sleep in my arms."

Ari couldn't think of a better invitation than that. He climbed out of the truck and took the hand Vinnie held out to him. Together, they walked into the house. As he walked down the hallway, Ari bypassed his room and went directly to Vinnie's.

He smiled as he stood on one side of the bed and stripped his clothes off, Vinnie standing on the other side. Watching Vincent Rizzo take his clothes off was better than any porn Ari had ever seen. If he filmed the guy simply stripping, he'd make millions selling the videos.

As soon as he was naked, Ari climbed up onto the bed, settling back against the pillows so he could watch the rest of the show. He wrapped his hand around his thickening cock and slowly stroked it from root to tip and back down again.

"You are so stunning," he whispered. "I could watch you all day long."

"I can think of a few things to do better than watch." Vinnie's grin was cocky as he climbed onto the end of the bed and scooted up slowly until he was stretched out between Ari's legs, his face mere inches away from Ari's aching hard on. "But if you only want to watch..."

Ari’s breath caught in his throat as he waited for Vinnie’s mouth to touch his hard cock. He waited and waited. His whole being seemed to be filled with waiting. His long, pleasure-filled groan echoed through the bedroom when Vinnie's lips finally wrapped around the head of his dick. He dropped his hands away, curling them into the sheets on either side of him.

Vinnie had a mouth made for sucking cock. He knew just how much pressure to apply to keep Ari on the edge of his seat for hours. Vinnie liked to stretch things out, torture Ari until his eyes rolled back in his head. That man was sadistic...thank god!

When Vinnie sucked him all the way down his throat, Ari groaned and tightened the grip he had on the sheet. Fire raced through Ari’s body as he tried not to hump his hips and shove his cock even further down the man's throat.

“I…Vinnie, I…” Ari groaned as the man bobbed his head, his mouth moving up and down Ari's thick length, starting out slow, but gradually moving faster. His balls drew up tight against his body, and he knew it wouldn’t be long.

Ari spread his legs, knowing what was coming next, anticipating it. His heartbeat throbbed in his ears as he waited for Vinnie’s next move.

When the pad of Vinnie's thumb stroked over his pulsing hole and the man's long fingers gently squeezed his ball sac, Ari cried out. Ari’s body shook and undulated against Vinnie’s larger form. Red hot need rushed through his body like a tidal wave and crashed together in his cock.

“Oh, Vinnie, gonna…” Ari cried out as a heavy pressure built in his balls. It moved up to the base of his cock then erupted out the top as Ari found his release. Ari shouted as he came, flooding Vinnie’s mouth. Vinnie sucked down every last drop until Ari melted into the mattress.

When Vinnie lifted his head, Ari stared at him. His breath caught at the need on the man's face. Ari held out his hand. "Vinnie."

Vinnie moved quickly, sitting up on his knees and scooting up until he was leaning over Ari, one hand resting on the bed next to Ari's head. When he reached down with his other hand and started jerking himself off, Ari wanted in on the man's pleasure. He leaned up and kissed a path from one nipple to the other, tugging on each brown nub with his teeth.

"Oh yeah, amore," Vinnie groaned as his eyes closed. "Just like that."

Ari knew what the man liked. He turned his head and sank his teeth into soft skin of Vinnie's arm, not hard enough to break the skin, but there would be a bite mark for a few hours to come.

That seemed to be all Vinnie was waiting for. He stiffened, and his cock pulsed out his release, cum splattering down over Ari's chest. Ari was in awe of the pleasure clearly displayed on Vinnie’s face. He couldn’t look away. He doubted there was another soul on the earth that was as sexy as Vinnie when the man was aroused.

Panting heavily, Vinnie opened his eyes and looked down. His look was so intense Ari wondered if the man could see right down into his soul.

Vinnie settled down over the top of Ari and stretched his arms out above his head, pinning Ari beneath him. He brushed a kiss back and forth across Ari’s lips. Vinnie brushed more kisses over Ari’s eyelids and down his cheek, back to the corner of his mouth.

"Ti amo, Ari," Vinnie whispered as his teeth nipped at Ari’s chin. "Tu sei il sole del mio giorno."

Ari grinned. As long as the gorgeous man kept on loving him, he could handle being the sunshine of Vinnie's day. "I love you, too, Vinnie."

The man's happy smile was all Ari needed.

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