Brats in Training 3: Dangerous Dusty (MM)

Tasty Teasers 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 23,673
54 Ratings (4.5)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Romance, M/M, light consensual BDSM, HEA]

Dusty has all of the grace of a bull in a china shop. He can trip over air, and has the scrapes and scratches to prove it. Meeting Alexander Sheffield goes just about like everything else in his life. It's a total disaster.

But Alexander is captivated by Dangerous Dusty, so much, in fact, that he hires the man to be his personal assistant, even if it’s just so he can keep Dusty from hurting himself. Dusty just needs a little direction in his life, some order, and Alexander is just the man to give it to him. Now, if he can just keep Dusty alive long enough, because if the accident-prone man doesn't hurt himself, Alexander has plans for him, ones that will make Dusty his forever.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Brats in Training 3: Dangerous Dusty (MM)
54 Ratings (4.5)

Brats in Training 3: Dangerous Dusty (MM)

Tasty Teasers 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 23,673
54 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
you just can't keep a good man down. I love this story.
I am so into this sexy series, I have loved each book so far and am getting ready to read the fourth one but I want more I Love this series!!!! And how much better could it be two of my favorite authors in one series SQUEE!!!!



“Watch where you’re going, jackass!”

Dusty wiped the sweat from his forehead as he raced through the city streets on his bicycle. He ignored the angry shouts and the belligerent man. He was a courier, and he had a package to deliver. Come rain, sleet, hail, or the hot-ass blazing sun that was melting his brain, Michelson Inc. was going to get this dang envelope.

He wheeled through the heavy traffic and was nearly clipped on the back tire by a cabby as he rounded the corner.

“I’ll sue you if I hit you!” the cabby yelled as his fist pumped in the air.

“You have to catch me first, you—” Dusty screeched as he ran into a newspaper stand, taking a dive, and landing on his side.

Fuck, that hurt.

“Are you okay?” a man asked as he walked by but didn’t stop.

Dusty groaned and then rolled to his feet, dusting his pants off. He grimaced as he noticed that he had scraped the palms of his hands, and scratched up a few knuckles. Thank the gods he wore a helmet—although the thing sported more scraps and dings than a race car—knees pads, and elbow pads.

He walked over to his bike, inspected the wheels, and was relieved that it didn’t have any serious damage. Buying a new bike would totally suck. He had gone through three already this year.

And it was only May.

Hopping back onto his bike, Dusty started down the sidewalk, racing toward his destination. He was in a time crunch, and he needed to get this envelope to its owner.

“Get off of the damn sidewalk, you moron!”

Dusty hopped the curb, steered around Adam’s Avenue, and was one happy camper when he saw the large and looming building ahead. The investment building was made mostly of glass, had a large front courtyard so Dusty had somewhere to park his bike, and had a directory which was easy to follow.

It wasn’t his first time delivering to the firm, though.

Dusty tried to pull his leg over the bike, and ride the one pedal like he had seen the other couriers do until he reached his destination and then simply hop off of the pedal, but it didn’t work out exactly as he wanted it to.

It never did.

But he kept on trying anyway.

Dusty’s pant leg became caught on the other pedal, and he soon found himself lying on the ground, his bike smack dab on top of him, the back wheel still rolling.

Fuck, that hurt.

The people entering and exiting the building stared down at him, some even rolled their eyes, but none offered to help or asked if he was all right. But, he was used to the many bumps and bruises he acquired on his job. What he wasn’t used to was people being in such a hurry that they weren’t even kind enough to reach down and give him a hand.

It only took five seconds.

He would never understand people who ran through life without taking the time to enjoy it. Or why people couldn’t take an extra five seconds to be nice to someone else. Kindness was free, but it seemed a lot of people still passed it by.

Society on the whole baffled Dusty.

Dusty righted his bike and locked it up to the side of the door, and then hurried toward the bank of elevators. He pulled his messenger bag forward, pulled the envelope free, and then dropped the damn thing. When he bent over to pick it up, he kicked the manila envelope and watched in horror as it went skidding across the front lobby, and headed straight for the escalators.




“Just close your eyes and concentrate, Dusty. If you can hold out for ten minutes, I’ll give you one of those perks we talked about.”

Dusty stilled. “Perk? What sort of perk?”

The corner of Alexander’s mouth curved up. He wasn’t about to tell Dusty that he planned to fuck him into the floor. The man needed to learn patience along with everything else. Alexander just hoped he had enough patience to last the whole ten minutes.

It was going to be close.

“If you really want to know, then you will have to keep from coming for ten minutes.”


“Your choice, Dusty. This can all end right now and you can go back to your room to jerk off by yourself, or you can keep from coming for ten minutes and be rewarded. What will it be?” With the way Dusty was biting his lower lip, Alexander doubted he needed to ask.

“Just ten minutes?”

“Ten minutes, Dusty, and not a second more.”

“And all I have to do is not come?”

“That’s all.”

Dusty’s forehead wrinkled for a moment and then he nodded his head. “Okay, I’ll try, but I’m not making any promises.”

“Trying is good enough, Dusty.”

“What do you want me to do?”

“Just lie back in my arms and be as still as you can, no matter what I do.”

“Do I have to be quiet?”

“No, you can make as much noise as you want.” If Alexander could survive it. “Now, close your eyes, Dusty, and lean back in my arms.”

Alexander pressed his lips together to keep from moaning as Dusty leaned back in his arms as if the man was made to be there. He was a perfect fit. Dusty’s head curled up just under Alexander’s chin, the tip of his long braid brushing against Alexander’s hand.

Gods, this was going to be rough.

Alexander curled Dusty’s braid around one hand and pulled Dusty’s head back. He leaned down and licked a small line across the seam of Dusty’s lips. Dusty started to open his mouth but then suddenly didn’t, letting his mouth go slack.

“Good boy.”

Dusty was learning.

Alexander yanked back on Dusty’s braid again, tilting his head back even more. He stroked his fingers over Dusty’s face, starting at his eyebrows and moving slowly down his nose to his lips. When he reached Dusty’s chin, Alexander pulled down until Dusty’s mouth fell open.

And then Alexander moved in for the kill. He slanted his mouth over Dusty’s, taking the kiss from sweet to passionate in a single swipe of his tongue. Dusty moaned, and Alexander could feel the man’s body tense and then relax.

He swept his tongue through Dusty’s mouth, all of the hunger he had been feeling since meeting the man coming to the forefront. Kissing the man was too simple. Alexander needed to conquer Dusty, to show him who was the Dom, and who was not.

But kissing Dusty wasn’t enough. Alexander needed to touch. He kept one hand wound in Dusty’s hair and used the other one to drive Dusty to distraction. He started with the man’s nipples. Dusty’s skin was so pale that his nipples shined pink instead of dark hued like Alexander’s nipples.

Alexander imagined the contrast between Dusty’s pale skin and Alexander’s darkly tanned skin would be amazing, and suddenly, he needed to see it. He pushed Dusty into a sitting position, absently noticing that Dusty didn’t even try to open his eyes.

“Keep your eyes closed, Dusty,” Alexander said as he stood and started stripping his clothes off. He knew that Dusty would figure out he was naked the second their skins came into contact, but he wanted it to be a surprise until then.

Alexander quickly took his clothes off, folded them, and set them on the couch nearby. Before moving back to Dusty, he grabbed a condom and a bottle of lube out of the drawer of the side table, thankful that he kept the stuff in there even if the lube was unopened.

Alexander didn’t miss the slight shiver that rocked through Dusty when he opened the lube and popped the top. “No moving, Dusty,” he reminded the man. Dusty instantly stilled, which was a surprise to Alexander. He didn’t think Dusty had it in him to stay still for so long, and they were only three minutes into their original ten.

Alexander dropped to his knees behind Dusty again. “On your knees, Dusty.”

Once Dusty was on his knees, Alexander used his hands to spread his thighs. “This is called the rest position, Dusty. This is the position I want you in whenever I tell you to meditate or assume the rest position. Usually, your hands would be on your thighs, but for right now, I just want you to let them hang at your sides.”

Dusty nodded.

Alexander moved forward until his front was pressed up against Dusty’s back. He didn’t miss Dusty’s sudden inhale. He knew Dusty had just figured out that he was naked. But the man didn’t move. Alexander decided to reward him again. He reached down and brushed his fingers over Dusty’s balls. Dusty’s deep moan spurred Alexander on, and he stroked his fingers farther back, brushing them over Dusty’s tight puckered hole.

This time, Alexander was the one shivering. He could feel how tight Dusty was just from a single stroke of his finger. The man could strangle his cock with that tight little ass.

Oh, thank the gods!

Alexander wasn’t sure he was going to last the rest of the ten minutes. He was showing far less control than Dusty was. And he didn’t have a single urge to stop the raging fire burning through his body.

Alexander grabbed the lube and poured some over both of his hands. He wrapped one slick hand around Dusty’s cock and started jerking him off, slowly. With the other hand, he reached down between Dusty’s thighs and spread the lube around his sweet entrance until he was all slicked up.

And then he began pressing in with just the tip of one finger.


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