Fire (MFM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 23,180
50 Ratings (4.1)

[#321 Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Contemporary Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M]

Jack and Reece have known Christina since high school, but she's never shown a preference for one or the other. Unwilling to risk destroying their lifelong friendship, neither man has confessed his feelings for her.

Christina is the girl no one notices. At least that's what she thinks. She's in love with Reece and Jack, but they treat her only as a friend. Besides, apart from the fact that neither has romantic notions, she'd never be able to choose between them if they did.

But a devastating bushfire and the tragic loss of their homes and many neighbors' highlights how precious life is and how important it is to grasp the happiness you want. The relationship that grows is one none of them had previously thought possible, but will it survive the condemnation of more conservative social conventions?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Fire (MFM)
50 Ratings (4.1)

Fire (MFM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 23,180
50 Ratings (4.1)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Loved it. Loved it. Loved it. An "average" woman. Not a supermodel or a cheerleader. An average woman with a heart of gold was swept off her feet by two men who knew they wanted to take care of before she realized she needed to be taken care of. Loved the whole story.
Very Good. My first book by this author, but definitely not my last.
Professional Reviews

GoldenAngel.jpg5 FALLEN ANGELS: "It took the destruction of a firestorm destroying their entire community and almost taking Christina's life before Jack and Reece finally admitted to their feelings for Christina. Both men wanted her, neither wanted Christina to choose between them. As the best of friends for many years, Jack and Reece shared everything and they were more than willing to share Christina in a threesome relationship. But, was Christina opened to the idea of being loved by two men? Wow! Abby Blake's Fire was a heartfelt story that ripped me to pieces. My emotions were all over the place. I cried. I was terrified. I was surprised. My heart raced a mile a minute. There was so much danger and devastation. Yet through it all, love and compassion were in the forefront. I so admired Christina and her men for their unconditional kindness and consideration shown to strangers during the unimaginable, horrific occurrence. Both Jack and Reece were strong-willed, determined men who cherished and protected Christina to the fullest regardless of the fact that their romantic relationship was considered an unconventional affair. Whether as a twosome or threesome, the passion showcased between Christina, Jack and Reece was sizzling hot and tenderly sweet at the same time. Christina was one very luckily woman! I truly enjoyed every minute of Fire and highly recommended it to all. -- Contessa,Fallen Angel Reviews

5 STARS: "This is an emotionally charged story with three amazing characters that have had their lives turned upside down and have managed to come out the other side relatively unscathed, although they have lost their houses, and most of their possessions. The dynamic interactions of Jack and Reece with Christina, and their directness of grasping what happiness they wanted was terrific to read. As was the fact that Christina didn't care what reactions she received from other people to her having two men to love. Because love shouldn't have to be kept hidden no matter how unconventional the relationship is. Overall, Abby Blake has written a story not to be missed. Fire has a great plot and a dialogue that flowed nicely. The unequivocal attention to detail when it came to the bushfire gave great insight into how much anguish some people go through. Since you never imagine how hard such a situation can be until you've come face to face with it. The sex scenes were hot with both men very attentive towards Christina, that it was enough to make any woman a little envious. Also, it illustrates that in the face of tragedy, one has to make each moment count because you never know what the future holds in store. Which is unassailable advice and one that everyone should take notice of." -- Bec, The Romance Studio

4 STARS: "Hot in all the good and bad ways, FIRE left the earth scorched, my nerves raw and my heart ablaze. This one will be with you days after you set the book down. It has literally taken me days to come to a place where I can actually sit down and type a review about this gut wrenching and heart-lifting journey. When I finished the book, my mind and soul were a mess. I was emotionally exhausted from the journey Ms Blake had taken me on. FIRE takes place in Australia where brush fires are commonplace and residents know how to snuff out embers to save their homes. But Mother Nature has a nasty surprise for the residents of the small tourist town. As they look one way watching the brush fire approach, a firestorm sneaks up from behind. Unprepared, most of the town's folk die. Jack and Reese recognized the pending trouble and managed to gather the essentials and head out of town. Along the way, they slow down to check and make sure their neighbors have made it out safely. That's when they spot Christina trying to rescue a car crash victim in front of her home. It was a horrific end for the man in the car, but thanks to Jack and Reese, despite Christina's burned hands, she may have a chance at survival. Their journey to a nearby town and triage station ripped my heart apart. The victims, the tragedy, the loss and pain was all written so realistically that I had to set the book aside and allow myself to just breathe and appreciate life. Gut wrenching for sure. But out of tragedy is born things such as faith, hope and love. And as Christina finds herself falling in love with her two heroes, and they with her, it's not hard to believe that people who survive this kind of loss together can dismiss conventional values and embrace what they have left: love. How powerful to be stripped so raw that you can realize that life and love are all that matters. That when you've lost everything, having three people who love and want to be a family is a beautiful blessing. And the truth is, you've actually lost nothing and gained everything. This isn't for the faint of heart. The victims' deaths are gruesome. The pain feels so real. Old, young, infants and children suffer and heal. They learn to play together again and rebuild. And in the case of Christina, Jack and Reese, they learn that heat can be a good thing. And when the three of them get together they are on fire in all the right ways. Enjoy!" -- Michelle R, The Romance Reviews

4 TEA CUPS: "Any type of disaster will bring out a community and unite them together, but there were three friends that had hidden feelings for each other and are about to explore them. I have to say that there are times that something as painful as losing everything or the thought of losing a beloved one brings forth true desires and feelings. This story starts off with a horrific firestorm in which a community is being ravished. Only one can imagine the amount of sadness everyone is going through seeing how their personal belongings are being burned into ash but no matter what, natural instincts kick in. It is a relief when Jack and Reese come to the rescue of Christina when she finally realizes that she is in danger from the fire. I really think that after having two strong men, friends willing to stick by her side no matter what are worth keeping. I enjoyed that no matter what the community might think about her new found relationship with these two men, Christina is not embarrassed or easily influenced in what people will say about her new found relationship. I enjoyed how the two men were able to extract the kids that they found at the football field, they enjoyed playing with them and making them laugh and have fun during this tragic event. Jack and Reese are so attentive with Christina’s needs and make sure that she gets the medical attention she needs before they are examined. The feelings that they have for each other are so passionate and sensual that they deserve to be happy but will they find their homes burned to ashes and nowhere to go? This is a very hot and steamy book, but there is also a sense of how a community comes together. The romance that these three wonderful characters have is amazing from the start. The ending of this story is the best part and they truly had a happily ever after that I would have not even have guessed. I recommend you to read, Fire by Abby Blake, and see where it leads." -- Monica, Happily Ever After Reviews

16/20: "This is a story that once finished, you feel as if you’ve been on a journey with the characters. There was plot, great characters, risk and reward. The opening pages are heart-pounding action. The descriptions are vivid, dangerous, and held me hostage as I devoured the words. I was scared with Christina. You could feel the scene building in intensity, knowing that something big was about to happen and then it does. I can only imagine the terror at knowing homes are being destroyed, but also that lives are being lost. Oh, I just ached as I read. But then there is Reese and Jack and the development of the love story is erotically sweet. The sexual components are hotter than the fire, but the tenderness between them will make your heart swoon. I really enjoyed reading Fire. I liked that as much attention was given to the characters and the “story” as there was to the sex. This is an excellent story and one I didn’t want to put down." -- Seriously Reviewed

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The short walk to the hospital proved frightening. All around them, victims of the bushfire slowly made their way to the emergency entrance. An elderly couple helped a younger man limp toward the hospital, one foot and both hands badly burned and obviously painful. A young mother tried to calm her two terrified children as she searched the crowd for someone, possibly her husband, and all around them, people covered in soot helped the injured and bewildered victims of the bushfire.

A father called for help as he tried to carry two young children with burned feet, his own feet badly injured. Jack and Reece both turned to Christina, seeming unwilling to leave her but unable not to help someone so obviously in need.

“I’ll be right behind you,” she said. Both of them smiled grimly before heading directly for the man and his family. Christina stayed close, sensing the need in Jack and Reece not to leave her alone. Or maybe it was her own emotions messing with her head, but she didn’t want to be alone right now, and sticking close to friends seemed more important than lining up for medical attention a few minutes faster.

As they approached the injured man, Christina realized there was a woman limping behind him, her feet also burned, a young baby clutched to her chest. She’d been crying, her face streaked with black soot and cleaner tracks where the tears had washed away the grime.

“We didn’t know.” The words were quiet, filled with anguish. “We didn’t know.”

Christina tried to think of something to say but seemed unable to find words of comfort under these circumstances. She wrapped her good arm around the woman’s shoulders.

“I’m going to try and help take some of the weight off your feet. Are you okay to hold the baby?”

The woman nodded. She couldn’t have been any older than Christina, maybe even a few years younger, yet here she was in the middle of a natural disaster trying to protect her three young children.

“We didn’t know. The baby has been crying for days.” She said the words with difficulty, her throat obviously raw and painful. “The radio reports said the fire was heading in the other direction.” Her breath caught on a sob. “We didn’t know.” Tears tracked down the young woman’s face again. Christina did the only thing she could. She held the woman tighter and continued the slow, painful progress to the hospital emergency entrance.

Jack and Reece each carried a young child and helped the father to walk.

As they walked past the accident, Christina averted her eyes, unable to bear witness to more tragedy. Even the quick glance she’d had of the crumpled metal remained behind her eyelids. More death, more destruction, more painful agony for the survivors.

When they reached the other side of the accident, cars were parked haphazardly all over the road, making it necessary for them to weave through the vehicles. It was very slow going, but eventually, they reached the hospital triage area that had been set up on the lawn in front of the emergency entrance. Almost every space was filled with burn victims, many in terrible pain, waiting as the more severe injuries were treated first. Several ambulance sirens could be heard in the distance as well.

A woman approached them as soon as their small party stepped onto the lawn. She wore a name tag, but with eyes still blurry from the smoke, Christina was unable to read it.

“How old is the baby?”

“Nearly six weeks,” the young mother answered in a strained and raspy voice.

“Can you walk to the door over there?” When the young mother nodded, the nurse continued. Turning to Christina, she said, “We need to assess the children first. Can you help her?”

“Of course.”

The nurse quickly looked over the other two children, a look of anguish crossing her face momentarily before she resumed her professional mask. With all the suffering going on around them, it seemed pretty easy to forget the medical people were affected by this tragedy, too. Christina found herself marveling at the training and professionalism that kept doctors and nurses doing their jobs when it would be much easier to give in to despair.

Reece moved to her side. “Vanessa,” he said to the woman beside her, “Your husband wants me to carry you and the baby into the hospital. Jack has the kids. We’ll get there much faster.”

The young woman glanced at her husband and then nodded her head slowly. Reece bent and easily lifted the woman and her baby into his arms, then immediately strode toward the door the nurse had indicated. Jack was just a few steps behind, the nurse beside him.

“Thank you,” said a quiet voice. Christina glanced at the man trying to limp toward the same door. She’d only just wrapped her good arm around his waist when Jack and Reece returned. They lifted the man between them and headed back into the hospital, returning to her side a few moments later.

Christina smiled at both of them, a little surprised by the way her vision blurred. Her eyes watered, and her head had begun to pound some time ago, but she’d been so involved with getting the family to safety she hadn’t realized just how much her head really hurt. She lifted her shoulders, opening her mouth to drag in a big lungful of air, but it felt wrong somehow, the cleansing breath she sought eluding her. She shook her head and tried again.





Reece was watching her as she opened her eyes.

“Good morning,” he whispered as he leaned in to kiss her lips. “Did you sleep better?”

Smiling shyly, she realized she’d had the best night’s sleep she’d had in days, maybe even months. Wrapped safe and warm in the cocoon of their bodies, she’d slept soundly for the first time in a very long time.

Jack’s arm tightened a little as he pulled her back against his body and nuzzled her neck.

“Good morning.” He sighed into her ear. “I am so comfortable here, I don’t think I’ll ever let go. You feel so wonderful.” Seemingly to prove his point, he pulled her hips back onto his raging erection, grinding his cock slowly against the soft flesh of her ass.

Christina’s body immediately started humming with excitement, and she felt wetness gathering between her thighs, the muscles of her pussy beginning to pulse.

“Ah, looks like you’re enjoying that,” Reece said as he leaned forward to kiss her, pushing his tongue deep into her mouth and tangling it with her own. She moaned a little, and Jack leaned over to bite her ear gently, reminding her in a soft whisper that they needed to be quiet.

“I love your sweet sounds, but show me with your body.” Christina felt the zipper to her sleeping bag open, cool morning air momentarily chilling her skin before Jack returned to her, still inside his own sleeping bag.

Reece ran his hands over her hips and her belly, pushing the shirt up past her breasts and over her head, carefully helping her get it over her injured arm.

“They’re even more beautiful than I remember,” he said as he ran his hands up her body to cup her breasts, his thumbs grazing over the stiff peaks.

Jack continued pressing her back onto his erection as his hands roamed over her legs and ass, hooking into the top of her panties, pushing them down her legs, and helping her to kick them off.

Heated embarrassment crept up her neck as she realized she now lay on her side, naked between them, both men still in their sleeping bags.

“Let us show you how beautiful you are,” Jack whispered into her ear, gently nipping the sensitive skin on her neck. Shyly, she nodded her consent.

Reece again captured her lips with his, holding her jaw firmly in his large hand, pressing his marauding tongue more deeply into her mouth.

Jack’s hands moved down her body, lifting one leg over his so her pussy lay open to his attentions. His fingers tangled in her wet curls, circling her clit gently, before he plunged one into her dripping pussy. She squeaked in surprised delight, and Reece pushed his tongue farther into her mouth, still teasing the stiff peaks of her nipples with his clever hands.

As Jack continued to push a finger in and out of her aching pussy, Reece slid lower down her body to pull the stiff peak of her nipple into his mouth. He rolled his tongue around the areola. She moaned again but found a large palm gripped firmly over her mouth. She smiled against the hand and then nipped at the fingers. An evil little chuckle sounded just before Reece returned the favor and bit her nipple. She yelped behind her makeshift gag, and he quickly soothed the pain with his tongue.

Jack began circling her clit with his other hand as more fingers pushed into her dripping channel.

“You’re so wet for us, Christina. Can you feel how much your body wants us both?” Christina whimpered in ecstasy behind Reece’s big hand that still held her quiet. She moved rhythmically against Jack’s hands now, striving for the peak that seemed so tantalizingly close. Reece began to suck strongly on her breast, taking up the same rhythm. The combined sensations on her pussy and breasts and the erotic thrill of Reece’s hand forcefully reminding her of the need to be quiet had her thrashing in their arms, desperate for the orgasm she knew only they could give her.

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