Devil's Desires

Dark Knights 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 28,293
44 Ratings (4.7)
[Siren Publishing: The Lynn Hagen ManLove Collection: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, shape-shifter, M/M, HEA]
Ryan is devastated when his boyfriend breaks up with him through a text message. And now Jeff is at Krave with his new toy, flaunting Terry in front of Ryan. Terry is ten years younger, handsomer, and paws Jeff to the point Ryan can't stand it any longer. But there is someone who catches Ryan's interest. Devil is sex on two legs, but he's straight, so Ryan doesn’t stand a chance with the gorgeous guy. Or so he thinks.
The Dark Knights have formed, and the job is proving harder than any of them expected. Devil McKellen has been given a list of the Hunters he has to eliminate, but when he discovers his mate at Krave—a nightclub Devil now owns—his attention is split between work and pleasure.
Until Ryan finds out what Devil is really up to. But the stakes grow when one of the Hunters goes after Ryan in order to lure Devil to his death.   
A Siren Erotic Romance
Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.


Devil's Desires
44 Ratings (4.7)

Devil's Desires

Dark Knights 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 28,293
44 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Melody Simmons
Loved it!!!!




“This can’t be happening.” Ryan Baker looked toward the bar and spotted Jeff. The smug bastard already had a new toy clinging to him, and from the look of it, the guy was just out of diapers.

“Don’t you dare,” Henry hissed into Ryan’s ear. “Ignore him. We were having fun until you spotted him.”

How could he ignore a man he’d given six months of his life to? A man who had sworn he loved Ryan and who had broken up with him through a text message. Why hadn’t Ryan seen the real Jeff before now? He felt stupid and naïve for believing anything Jeff had ever said to him.

And now Jeff was hanging out at Krave, the hottest club in the city. Why had Ryan come here knowing this was Jeff’s favorite spot? Because, again, it was the hottest club around. Ryan wanted to forget the prick by finding someone to take home. A rebound he could toss away in the morning.

But all he could do was stare at the man who had broken his heart.

“Here.” Henry slid Ryan’s margarita closer. “Down that and you’ll soon forget Jerk exists.”

That was what Ryan loved about his best friend. Henry knew how to cheer him up, even if his efforts consisted of plying Ryan with alcohol. Ryan grabbed the glass with purpose, eyeing the pink liquid before he tossed aside the little umbrella and drank the concoction down.

Every last drop. He smacked his lips, running his tongue over them as he looked around for the sexy bartender. Joque—or as Ryan and Henry called him, Cock—was nowhere in sight.

Ryan held his glass up and hooted with laughter, pretending to have a good time. That drew Jeff’s attention. He slid his gaze toward Ryan, giving him a once-over, then turned back to his new toy and whispered something in his ear.

The little prick giggled.

To be fair, the new squeeze looked about twenty-two, but Ryan was ten years older than that so he was in a bitchy mood.

Then Ryan spotted him.


It was like a light beam suddenly shined down on him, encasing his perfect form and separating him from the crowd of skanks around him. Devil had a muscular upper body, his waist tapered into a V shape on either side of his hips, and he wore loose-fitting jeans that hung off his waist and hugged his rounded buns tightly. His hair was such a dirty-blond that Ryan had all sorts of naughty thoughts racing around his head.

Ryan rested his elbow on the table, then placed his chin on his hand. What a freaking hunk.

He was also Jeff’s friend. Which made Devil off-limits.

It was against the bro code to date a buddy’s ex-girlfriend, but did that same code apply to an ex-lover’s friend? Even if it was okay, Ryan was positive Devil was straight.

“There goes Devil.” Henry leaned his chin on his hand, mimicking Ryan’s posture. “He is so freaking hot. You should go talk to him and get your rebound on.”

Ryan sighed. If only. “You’re wasted if you think I have a chance in hell with him.”

“Come on.” Henry grabbed Ryan’s arm and hopped off his stool. He nearly stumbled, but righted himself before his drunken ass fell. Henry swayed, then blinked at Ryan, wearing the biggest, goofiest grin. He wiggled his brows before saying, “We’re gonna prowl this club and find hot studs to dance with so we can forget that Jerk and my rotten ex exist.”

Ryan had forgotten Henry was here to drink away Lance’s memory. His best friend had been dumped, too. They were a pathetic duo who needed to get plastered and find a rebound. But so far, they’d found something wrong with every guy who approached their table—too bitchy, too sweaty, too self-absorbed. One even tried to grab Ryan’s cock as he made a pass at Henry. It was like a den of sex-deprived college guys.

Why hadn’t Ryan noticed that before? Oh yeah, he had been too in love with Jeff to notice another man.

I’m such an idiot.

Ryan’s gaze wandered to Devil, who was still hanging at the bar. His baseball cap was on backward as he chatted with some female. She was a beautiful blonde, and Ryan was so jealous. He hated her instantly because he wanted to be the one Devil was chatting and smiling with.

But Ryan wasn’t a hateful person. He was actually sweet and kind, and went out of his way for friends, and at times, strangers. But being dumped turned the nicest person into a witch who wanted to send his evil monkeys after anyone who looked at him wrong.

Especially at the person who had dumped him. Fly, monkeys, fly. Ryan snorted at his ridiculous thoughts.

“Hey.” Henry slapped Ryan on the back and slid his bottom lip out in a pout. “Talk about feeling neglected.”

Ryan tore his gaze away from Devil. Wishing for what he couldn’t have was useless.

Then Ryan spotted Jeff again, dancing with his toy. They were getting down and dirty, like they were fucking on the dance floor. Ryan needed another drink…or twenty, just to get that image out of his head.

They were over. Done with. Ryan had no rights over Jeff, yet he felt like Jeff was cheating on him, right in front of him, flaunting that new toy like the guy was a shiny bobble.

Fuck them both.

Ryan grabbed Henry’s wrist and charged toward the bar while he glared at anyone who looked his way. Which sucked, because Ryan was mowing down his chances of getting laid.

“If you make me fall, I’m gonna sock you in the eye.”

That was another thing he loved about Henry. His friend always spoke whatever was on his flaky mind. Ryan didn’t see how Lance had lost interest in him. Henry was full of fire and life, and Ryan needed that attitude at his side.

Fuck Lance, too.

Ryan stopped short as he approached the ass-end of the bar. Devil was on the other side of the U-shaped counter, still smiling and flirting with that female, and Ryan became lost in his smile. It was seductive, with a dash of boy next door.




Devil stood there staring at the door before he turned to Ryan. His blue eyes slightly glowed. No, that was Ryan’s imagination. His fear was making him see things. “Devil?”

In one fluid motion, Devil grabbed Ryan’s nape and yanked him close. Their bodies aligned as Devil’s lips descended on Ryan’s, eating him up as his tongue shot into Ryan’s mouth.

The kiss totally threw Ryan, then he hooked his legs around Devil’s waist as he grabbed fistfuls of dirty-blond hair, knocking his baseball cap off his head. Devil growled into Ryan’s mouth as he walked them to the bedroom.

When Devil tried to lay him down, Ryan unwrapped his legs and wiggled free. “Just wait.” He was panting, trying to string two thoughts together. Devil McKellen was putting the moves on him. Mind blown.

“When the hell did you turn gay?” The room spun as Ryan tried to knock his brain back into a functional mode instead of just staring at Devil’s lips and wanting to forget the conversation.

“Turn?” Devil shook his head, his brows furrowed.

“Yes, turn,” Ryan said. “I’ve seen you flirting with women.”

As Devil pulled his shirt off—good fucking Lord. The guy was tatted on both arms and his right shoulder. That was the sexiest thing ever—

“I like what I like. I don’t put labels on shit.”

“So you’re bi.”

“Why do you insist on labels?”

“Just say it.” Now it was a challenge to Ryan, though he couldn’t stop drooling over Devil’s tattoos. Or his ripped chest, six-pack abdomen, or the V-shape indentations on the sides of his hips. He had a body Ryan wanted to taste every inch of.

Devil grabbed the hem of Ryan’s shirt and nearly tore it off. It floated to the floor to join Devil’s.

“Will you stop trying to get me naked and answer me?” Ryan couldn’t believe he was saying that. How many times had Devil starred in his fantasies, been on his mind while he was sitting at his desk? Too many, and now he was delaying things because his stupid ego wanted Devil to say he was bisexual?

Devil sat on the bed and removed his shoes. He set them aside, then stood and unsnapped his pants. His movements as he lowered his zipper were slow and deliberate. Ryan bit his lower lip as he stared at the top of Devil’s black boxer briefs. A wet spot was forming, and the bulge made Ryan’s hole clench. He couldn’t look away from what Devil was doing. His strong fingers tucked into the waistband, then stopped, as though Devil had changed his mind about stripping.

Please don’t let him change his mind.

Ryan tore his gaze away from Devil’s fingers and stared up at the beautiful man. Devil smirked, like he knew the effect he had on Ryan. His fingers danced around his waistband for a few more moments, torturing Ryan before he slid his jeans and underwear off.

But he wasn’t done teasing Ryan. Devil ran his hand over his chest, down his ripped stomach, and palmed his cock, giving the hard, succulent flesh a few strokes before he released himself and sat on Ryan’s bed.

Ryan stood there with his jogging pants tenting, a wet spot appearing on the fabric.

When Devil leaned back onto his elbows, Ryan was ready to jump on his lap. “Come here.”

As if his body had a mind of its own, Ryan moved forward.

“Take those pants off.”

Ryan’s hands moved before his brain knew what they were doing. He stopped, then cocked his head to the side. “This is just sex, right? I mean, you’re not looking for anything more permanent, are you?”

Why the fuck am I thinking right now? Stop talking and have sex before Devil changes his mind.

Devil smirked again, and Ryan’s cock pulsed. “You ask way too many damn questions. Just get naked so I can fuck you the way you deserve to be fucked.”

A sly smile curved Ryan’s lips as his heart sped even faster. “You take them off.”

That was a challenge he shouldn’t have issued. But was glad he had, because Devil coiled his arm out like a striking snake and grabbed Ryan, pulling him down on the bed.

With one good yank, his jogging pants were gone. That yank must have torn away his inhibitions, too, because Ryan was ready for anything Devil wanted to do to him.

He lay spread out on the bed. “I’m all yours.”

“Ryan.” Devil whispered his name like a lover’s caress before he turned over and crawled up Ryan’s body. The intense look in his eyes made Ryan shiver. The blue was so dark, they almost looked black as his dirty-blond hair fell over his eyes. He looked like his name—dark, foreboding, and a sinfully wicked devil out to steal Ryan’s very soul.

“Yes.” Devil kissed Ryan’s stomach. “You’re all mine.” His lips glided over Ryan’s stomach, and his fingers clutched at Ryan’s thighs. He moved up just a bit, latching those soft, wet lips on Ryan’s nipple, teasing the other between his fingers. Ryan gasped, bucked, and moaned as Devil kissed his way back down Ryan’s body.

The head of his cock tapped Devil’s jaw. The fucking tease. Devil knew he was driving Ryan nuts, yet he took his sweet time, paying attention to Ryan’s belly and neglecting his raging hard-on.

But Ryan’s barely-there patience was rewarded when Devil moved slightly back and licked along the slit, lapping up the pre-cum as he massaged Ryan’s balls.

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