Blaze of Desire (MM)

Predatory Hunters 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 29,417
48 Ratings (4.7)
[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Futuristic Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]
Landon Jennings is not having a good day. He has been kidnapped not once, but twice. Only, the second kidnapper isn’t a sexy male with the prettiest blue eyes Landon has ever seen. Regis has diabolical plans for Landon, and he just might succeed if Kyle doesn’t save him in time.
Kyle was kicking himself for the way he handled the situation with Landon. His mission had been to warn the human of the dangers out there, not kidnap him. After letting the handsome human go, Kyle and Justin get a call. It's Landon, and he's in the trunk of Regis's car.
Kyle must find Landon before Regis auctions the human off. He travels across the country to rescue the human, only to have his heart captured and a blaze of desire burn through him like nothing he's ever felt before. But trouble hasn’t finished with either man yet. When a myth appears, the RiverWalkers must battle to stop Rupert from destroying the home they've built with their mates.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.
Blaze of Desire (MM)
48 Ratings (4.7)

Blaze of Desire (MM)

Predatory Hunters 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 29,417
48 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Emma Nicole
Must Read: the only bad thing I can say about this Book and Series is that "You can't read just 1"...............Need More..
Oh, very touching and cute. Lots of emotion and cannot wait to read the next book in the series!!




“Now that’s exactly what I’m talking about.” Kyle pressed the palm of his hand into his groin as he watched an incredibly cute guy walk into the bar. Kyle finished his beer and set the mug aside, smacking his lips as he stood. He was going to get a piece of that.

Sliding up next to the handsome man, Kyle stuck out his hand. “Hey, beautiful.” Oh hell, look at those gorgeous eyes. The man was a wet dream come true. Kyle wanted to know how those sensual lips would feel wrapped around his cock.

“Fuck off.”

“Only if I have you beneath me.” Kyle wasn’t easily dissuaded. He had a world of confidence and knew he could talk this man into the nearest motel room.

Kyle’s alpha, Max, had him hunting down some Chekota Breeder in Ohio. Although it was nice to get away for a while, Kyle knew his time was limited. He had to be back within a week to infiltrate a breeder auction that was going to take place.

But in the meantime, no one said he couldn’t have a little fun. Besides, finding Landon Jennings was proving harder than he had anticipated. Max had given him an address, but when Kyle had gotten there, the landlady had told him that Landon had moved away.

Trey needed to get his information correct. Kyle did not like bouncing around in the dark. Well, not alone at least. Give him someone to bounce around on his dick in the dark and he’d consider it.

So now he had some downtime, waiting for the resident geek to text him the updated address. And he hoped to use his time constructively…maybe by getting laid. That was constructive.

The guy turned, lifted his hand, and flipped Kyle the middle finger.

Kyle leaned forward and nipped the man’s finger. He grinned when the stranger gasped and pulled his hand back. “Oh, come on, sugar. You don’t really mean that, do you?”

“Are you mental or just desperate?” The guy grabbed his drink and moved away from the bar. Kyle placed his back against the wooden counter, watching the man’s hips sway from side to side.


Kyle loved a challenge.

“You might as well give up.” The bartender set a drink on the counter behind Kyle. “He comes in here at least twice a week and every guy hits on him. No one has succeeded in taking him home, though.”

Kyle pinched his bottom lip with his thumb and index finger. “That’s because they don’t know how to get past the guy’s defenses.”

The bartender snorted. “Yeah, that’s it.” The guy’s words were dripping with sarcasm.

“I bet you twenty bucks he leaves with me.”

The bartender—with his thick beard and hefty stomach—stuck his hand out. “You’re on.”

Kyle shook it before he grabbed his drink and took a seat at his own table. He sat there and sipped his beer as he watched one man after another being turned down. When it looked like no one else was going to approach the guy, the hot-looking number pulled out a book and began to read.

Now Kyle was truly intrigued. Who came to a bar to read? He grinned when the sexy guy pulled out a pair of glasses before settling back. Oh, now he really was gorgeous. Kyle had always had a thing for nerds. There was just something about them that flipped his damn trigger.

His panther yowled, urging Kyle to get closer.

“In due time,” he said under his breath.

The sexy stranger took a sip of his drink, pushed his glasses back up the bridge of his nose, and continued to read. The careless tumble of dark hair was a soft halo around the man’s handsome face. Kyle had an urge to brush his fingers through the loose strands.

“Ticktock,” the bartender said with a chuckle as he replaced Kyle’s beer. “Since I feel sorry for your infatuated ass, the beers are on me.”

“The night’s not over yet.” Kyle turned his attention back toward the stranger. His head snapped around until he spotted the guy heading for the door.

“Maybe next time,” the bartender said, sticking his hand out.

Kyle grunted as he slapped a twenty into the guy’s palm and then took off toward the door. He wasn’t giving up just yet. He was going to get his money back.

Hurrying outside, Kyle blinked in the bright afternoon sun, placing a hand over his eyes as he searched for Mr. Beautiful. The scent of Lake Erie made his stomach roll, but Kyle pushed aside the fishy smell.


Kyle moved through the throng of people hustling by until he caught up with the guy.

“You again?” the stranger asked when he paused on the street. “Do I need to get a restraining order?”

Kyle’s interest perked up a notch. “Hmm, you like to be restrained?”

The man rolled his eyes. “You definitely have a screw loose. Bugger off.”

The guy made a right and headed down East Fourth Street. Kyle began to wonder if maybe he should just give up. He considered it until the sexy man was grabbed from the sidewalk and hauled into one of the restaurants.

“Shit.” Kyle pushed past some shoppers and headed inside, gazing around at the noodle bar. The stranger was nowhere in sight.




Landon was currently standing under the fall of water, his head tilted back, his eyes closed. Kyle’s gaze skimmed over his mate’s bare-chested and slim physique. The lines in his body flexed as Landon ran his fingers through his shoulder-length black hair.

Kyle was standing there with a vicious boner.

Landon turned, giving Kyle his back.

And what a sweet fucking backside it was. Landon’s back was smooth, his waist tapered and his ass nicely rounded. Kyle had to grip the base of his cock in order not to have an orgasm from the sight before him.

Landon didn’t know he was here.

Kyle still had time to back out of the bathroom unnoticed. The guy looked as if he were enjoying this quiet time to himself. Just because Kyle was horny as hell didn’t give him the right to intrude. Inhaling deeply and letting the breath go, Kyle turned to leave.

“Are you going to join me? There is plenty of room in here.”

Kyle wasn’t sure if he had heard the man correctly. He turned to see Landon’s green eyes focused on him. Kyle’s uncertainty melted away as he moved into the shower, standing behind Landon as he reached up and helped the man wash his hair.

He never knew something this mundane could be so pleasing. He was actually delighting in sudsing the man’s hair up before directing Landon under the fall of water to rinse the lather away.

“You’re getting a little too much enjoyment out of this,” Landon said, but he didn’t stop Kyle from having his way. He looked as if he were content as a kitten to let Kyle pamper him.

A long line of suds trailed down Landon’s back. Kyle watched until it reached the crease of Landon’s ass. He reached down and swiped the suds, but let his hand linger just above the swell. Kyle loved how his body was much larger than Landon’s, so perfect. He molded his hands to Landon’s ass, letting his fingers slide over the wet flesh. Landon hissed, pressing his hands into the wall. The man’s lips parted, a low groan vibrating in his throat. Kyle’s need was pulsing, hot and demanding, through his blood. Son of a bitch, he wanted Landon.

He bit his lip, painfully aware of what this may lead to. But Kyle couldn’t find it in himself to back away. Feeling Landon’s body under the palms of his hands had Kyle’s heart skyrocketing.

“Kyle, please,” Landon said, his voice so gentle, so soothing that Kyle felt stroked, petted.

Kyle rested his forehead against Landon’s wet hair. He gritted his teeth, telling himself to slow down. “You know what could happen if we fuck.”

“You’ve warned me.” Landon reached behind his back and gripped Kyle’s erection, giving it a hard squeeze. Kyle’s mouth fell open as a whoosh of air escaped him. There was no way in hell he was turning down that invitation. He grabbed the waterproof lube from the shelf and poured it over his fingers before he speared two inside Landon’s tight ass.

Landon let out a loud moan, instantly pushing back onto Kyle’s embedded fingers. “More.”

The tube of lube dropped to the shower floor as Kyle gripped Landon’s hip and inserted a third finger, licking along his mate’s shoulders and inhaling the man’s scent. He ran his tongue down the top part of Landon’s spine and then worked his way back up. The man’s ass clenched tighter around Kyle’s fingers as Landon rocked up and down, spreading his legs wider.

Kyle shoved his fingers deeper, scissoring them. “Do you know how much the sight of you doing this turns me on?”

Landon rolled his head to the side, his lips separating as small pants escaped from between them. His eyes were closed and it was the most erotic sight Kyle had ever seen. He pulled his fingers free and bent to pick the lube up before squeezing a large amount onto his straining cock. His hands trembled and Kyle wasn’t sure if he would last long enough to get his dick in the man’s ass.

I can’t believe how nervous I am.

It was like he was a man having sex for the first time. Kyle’s heart was thumping loudly. And even though they were in the shower, he felt sweat building on his skin. Despite what he was feeling, Kyle grinned. “Ready?” His voice lowered, becoming silky, intimate.

“Yes.” Landon’s voice sounded strangled.

Using his thighs, Kyle spread Landon’s legs a little wider, lining the head of his cock up to the stretched entrance. He gave one hard thrust and was buried deep inside his mate. Kyle snarled, feeling his inner beast rising inside of him. He pulled back and then drove his hips forward, sliding in and out, the man’s ass milking his cock, caressing it more deeply and tightly than he thought possible. A curse shot from Kyle’s mouth as pleasure wrapped its erotic claws around Kyle’s entire body.

Landon drove back, matching Kyle’s thrusts as he clawed at the tiles. The position wasn’t that comfortable, but there was no way in hell Kyle was stopping now. His thighs quivered as he balanced not only his own weight, but Landon’s as well. He realized that he’d stepped on the fallen bottle of lube, expelling its contents, and making the shower floor slippery.

Kyle powered into Landon, his body tightening. Every nerve and muscle in him reached for his release. He cupped Landon’s jaw and turned the man’s head, their mouths clashing in a hot tangle of tongues.

Desire blazed inside of Kyle and he felt savage, primal.

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