[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Futuristic Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]
Trey isn’t an outspoken man—except when it comes to Justin. Max has hired a new head of security and the man is a walking dream. He's also a prick. Trey tries to keep away from Justin, but the attraction is strong. One sexual encounter on the elevator has Trey running, but when the mating heat follows, Trey knows he's in trouble.
Justin was attracted to Trey the moment he laid eyes on the panther. But he didn't believe in mixing business with pleasure. That motto held true until he and Trey are stuck on an elevator together. The passion ignites and the two can't keep their hands off of each other.
When Justin learns that Trey has taken off, he follows. He finds Trey in a remote cabin and the man is in heat. But his scent is attracting more than just Justin's lust. The mating heat is calling to any available male and Justin has to not only keep Trey from being attacked, but find out who is breaking into Consenza Corporation. 
A Siren Erotic Romance
Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.
Mating Heat (MM)
49 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Emma Nicole
Must Read Series.......The Stories only get you more and more addicted to it.......
A little sad but all in all a good read. The books are getting better and better.




Trey rolled his eyes and clapped his hand over his mouth, stifling the laughter as his sister continued to tell him about her date from hell. Laughing out loud was frowned upon where Trey worked. He was at Consenza Corporation, sitting behind a plush desk in an open reception area on the twelfth floor where the offices of the company bigwigs were located.

Personally, Trey didn’t care how loud he laughed. But the men on this floor might. So he kept his amusement to a quiet snicker that melted into the heavy carpet and paneled walls. Although the head executives showed Trey respect, he knew they only did so because he was the assistant for the president of the company. But Trey paid those men no mind. As long as Maxwell Consenza said he was doing a good job, that was all that mattered.

“I’m telling you, Trey,” Missy said in aggravation over the phone. “Harris was the worst chauvinistic pig I’ve ever met. I’ll never let anyone set me up on a blind date again.”

“Missy, you are so full of it.” Trey spun in his chair, resting his feet on his desk. “You know you’ll go on another blind—” All intelligent thought fled when Mr. Heaven walked out of the elevator. Trey’s feet came off the desk with a thud as he sat up straight, his breath coming out in small pants as his eyes trailed after the stranger.

Oh, wow. Who is that gorgeous specimen of a man?

And is he single?


Hell, would he mind stepping into the broom closet for five minutes?

“A god,” his brain answered.

His panther yowled in agreement.

The phone slipped from his fingers as the rich scent of expensive cologne wafted his way. He inhaled deeply, greedy to smell the guy as Trey’s dick twitched in his suit pants. When Mr. Heaven turned his head toward Trey, he could see stunning blue eyes that reminded Trey of cut diamonds.

“Excuse me.”

That voice was so jack-off worthy. The gods had gifted this man with a voice that would surely make angels weep. The deep timbre vibrated in Trey’s chest and slid down to his cock where it was currently stroking him. “Y–Yes?”

“Mr. Consenza was supposed to meet me here this morning.” Mr. Heaven’s eyes lifted to look at the oak door behind Trey, making Trey turn to see if Max would walk out—although he knew for a fact that Max hadn’t come to work just yet. He was at home with his mate and their daughter, Serenity, spoiling them both. Max wouldn’t be in for another forty minutes.

Trey couldn’t get his brain to form the words. He was too busy biting his lip, gazing at the well-trimmed goatee around the man’s soft mouth. The hairs were varied hues of brown, ranging from nearly black to sun-kissed blond. The goatee was in the shape of a guitar pick, and there was a small soul patch just below his full, bottom lip. Trey began to imagine nibbling along those hairs, taking his sweet time exploring before he reached those masculine lips.

“Are you okay?”

Trey rested his chin on his hand, smiling up at Mr. Heaven. “I am now.”

Did he really just say that out loud? His heart beat hard. His mouth became dry. Trey felt flushed and nauseated. The possibility of passing out was starting to become real. Mr. Heaven gave him a look that said Trey was nothing more than an irritating dolt and not to even bother flirting.

The reproachful expression was duly noted.

Also, the man could kiss Trey’s ass.

He snatched the phone off the desk as he pointed toward the luxurious waiting area. As much as Trey wanted to be rude, it just wasn’t in him. “I’ll call Mr. Consenza. Your name?”

“Justin Kemp.”

Trey knew that name. He set the phone down and began to look over the notes on his desk until he found the one attached to his calendar. Justin Kemp had recently been hired as the head of security for the company. He was who Max referred to as “The Fixer.”

The man needed to fix his damn hoity-toity personality. Even though Mr. Kemp hadn’t said a word, it was all in that one look.


A gorgeous prick, though.

His panther purred in agreement.

Instead of taking a seat, Mr. Kemp removed his suit jacket, set it aside, and rolled up the sleeves of his crisp, white shirt. He pressed the Bluetooth on his ear and began to talk quietly. The man oozed power and sensuality, his stance telling Trey that Mr. Kemp could put a man down in five seconds flat without breaking a sweat.

Trey picked the phone back and up and remembered his sister. When he put the phone to his ear, all he heard was a dial tone. He’d have to call her back and apologize. He dialed Max’s cell phone, the entire time his eyes never leaving the head of security’s lean frame. The man was an ass, but he was still good eye candy.

“Hey, Trey.” Max answered the phone. The man always spoke to Trey like they were friends. Not only did Trey work for Max, he also lived with him—and four other guys. Trey was a part of the RiverWalker clan.

“You have a Mr. Kemp here to see you.”

“I’m just running a little late, Trey. Keep him entertained until I get there.”

Keep him entertained? What was Trey supposed to do, put on a striptease? Hmm, that wouldn’t be a bad idea if Mr. Kemp wasn’t an ass and Trey actually had the balls to do something like that. “No problem.”

When Trey hung up, Mr. Kemp glanced his way.

“He’s running behind but will be here shortly. Would you care for something to drink?” Trey could use one—preferably with alcohol in it. Maybe that would loosen him up enough to carry on a conversation with the guy without the threat of drooling on himself.




Justin couldn’t get that wonderful, erotic, spicy scent out of his system. He had smelled it even before finding Trey on the dock. As soon as the helicopter had lifted off, leaving Justin in a clearing five miles from the cabin, the fragrance had hit him hard. It was the most raw and sexual scent, leaving Justin primed and ready.

He had been attracted to Trey before, but now…Fuck.

Extending one of his claws, Justin reached between them and sliced Trey’s shirt open, the buttons scattering to the floor. Trey squirmed, but he could tell the man wanted this as much as Justin did. Trey’s eyes were panther, his canines extended. Justin knew he’d never seen a more breathtaking sight.

Trey moaned and shivered and Justin could think of nothing but getting his cock inside the man. He nuzzled Trey’s neck, addicted to the scent Trey was giving off. Something in the back of his head warned Justin to step back and examine this situation, but he was too far gone right now to care. The only thing on Justin’s mind was fucking Trey.

“Get your goddamn pants off,” Justin demanded.

Trey flipped to his hands and knees before he worked his pants all the way down to his ankles. Justin moved lower, nipping Trey just above his ass cheeks. He used one hand to remove Trey’s shoes and socks, and then yanked the guy’s pants the rest of the way off. Trey wiggled some more until he had his shirt off.

The man lay under him completely naked, making Justin’s panther yowl in delight. Moving even lower, Justin licked a path down Trey’s back. Trey jutted his ass into the air as he lowered his shoulders to the floor. “J–Justin, please.”

The throaty whine was Justin’s undoing. He cupped both mounds in his hands, separating the cheeks before he delved in. He licked at Trey’s back entrance. Trey cried out, pushing his ass against Justin’s lips. Trey’s spicy fragrance was stronger now and it took every ounce of self-control that Justin possessed to prep Trey for the invasion.

He wanted to fuck Trey, not hurt him.

Justin reared back, inserting two fingers into Trey’s ass. A shiver of pure adrenaline and pleasure shook Justin as he watched Trey rock on his hands and knees. Justin clenched his jaw as he scissored his fingers, keeping one hand planted on Trey’s ass to stop the man from pushing too far back. Trey’s ass squeezed the impaled fingers, sending a jolt of need through Justin.

Had Justin ever been this turned on? His stomach clenched as his cock grew harder. Justin knew he couldn’t wait any longer. He removed his fingers and used spit to wet Trey’s entrance. It wasn’t the best thing to use, far from it, but Justin didn’t have it in him to search the place. He was barely holding it together as it was.

Letting out a feral growl, Justin lined his erection up to Trey’s entrance and pushed right in. Trey gasped and then cried out. Justin stilled, wondering if he’d hurt the man. But when Trey began to thrust backward, Justin had his answer.

Son of a bitch! Trey was so tight, so snug around Justin’s cock that he nearly came.

Justin drew back and then gripped Trey’s hips, pounding into the Trey’s body as Trey let out a low, keening sound. Falling forward, Justin landed on one hand, the other still holding onto Trey as he nuzzled the man’s neck. He nipped gently at Trey’s skin, growling possessively when Trey whimpered.

Justin clamped his teeth onto Trey’s shoulder, keeping the man in place as he thrust deeper.

“Bite me,” Trey begged.

Justin knew he couldn’t fight his need to make Trey his. His panther had already claimed the guy. No matter what Justin did, his panther would never approve of anyone else in his bed. Licking a path over Trey’s shoulder, Justin grinned when Trey shivered.

“You want to be my mate?” Justin growled into Trey’s ear.

“I want—” Trey slammed his ass into Justin’s groin, sending a maelstrom of euphoric pleasure through Justin. “I want you to bite me.”

Wait. Think.

But Justin didn’t think. He was acting on pure instinct, his panther in control. All Justin cared about was making Trey his. It didn’t matter that the man had run. It didn’t matter that they snapped at each other all the time. It didn’t even matter that Justin didn’t really know this guy.

Nothing mattered to Justin’s panther but claiming Trey.

Justin’s canines pierced Trey’s shoulder. Trey cried out as his ass clamped down around Justin’s cock. It was damn near impossible for Justin to move. Trey’s ass was milking Justin’s erection, making Justin sees stars before he was able to move again.

Justin pulled his canines free right before Trey collapsed beneath him. The man panted heavily as Justin reared back and pistoned into his mate’s ass. Fuck, his mate. Justin slammed a lid on that thought. He wasn’t going to think about that right now.

Not now.


Much later.

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