[PolyAmour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Multiple Partner Romance, M/M/M, vampires, werewolves, shape-shifters, public exhibition, sex toys, HEA]
Timothy Lewis can't find the one. It all begins when he bumps into the man he's avoided the most, a devious vampire. At first, he can't stand Xavier, the vampire's first impression awful. But his feelings for the handsome man grow quickly. In a turn of events, he meets the vampire's friend, Adrian, a kind white-furred werewolf. They fall for each other, and Xavier's reaction takes Timothy by surprise.
Xavier Sullivan falls for Timothy at first sight. With their second unexpected meeting, their love grows overnight. Xavier is able to make Timothy release himself from an impossible relationship. Eventually, Timothy accepts him with open arms as a mate.
Adrian Elliott is late. It worries him that Xavier and Timothy are already mates. As a king cheetah-shifter, Timothy has the possibility of being rejected by his people for having two mates. Their peaceful life is interrupted by Xavier's enemies. In the mix, Timothy almost dies.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Two of a Kind (MMM)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff




“Here,” Timothy said almost inaudibly and traded company cards. Even though the company wasn’t his, his parents had already made a few cards for him to hand out. “First of all, I’d like to know where you’re going to take me. If you don’t answer me or tell me it’s a surprise, I won’t go.”

“I haven’t thought about it yet,” Xavier answered, seemingly honestly. “When I have a plan, I’ll tell you.”

Nodding, Timothy walked away. “Enjoy the rest of your lunch,” he said without looking back. Since he didn’t talk much, he felt that he’d done so enough for a whole week. He had no idea where he would go, but he just wanted to spend some time alone.

Saturday arrived too soon. Timothy checked the text message for the fifth time. Xavier had sent him one saying that he’d come pick him up by ten in the morning. Timothy had replied with his address. He didn’t feel like leaving the house. Unfortunately, he didn’t know where they were going. The vampire had the nerve of not responding to the message.

The doorbell rang. What was supposed to be a common sound made Timothy jump instead. Clearing his throat, he went to the door, for some reason fixing his shirt on the way. Once Timothy opened the door, he was faced with a large bouquet of red roses.

“This is for you,” Xavier said on the other side.

Timothy frowned. “Do you think I’m a woman? When have I told you that I like flowers?” he said. He moved the bush away and stepped outside so he could close the door. Even though he didn’t hate the gesture, he didn’t expect the vampire to give him roses.

“Well, I’ve always been with women, so I don’t know what else to give you,” Xavier answered. “If you don’t want the roses, I can throw them away.”

Grunting, Timothy opened the door of his house and put the large bush on the cabinet. “Let’s just go already.” He closed the door again and sighed. “That’s just because you went out of your way to get them. Now, where are we going? I won’t take another step until I know.”

“I’m going to take you on a small tour to my world,” Xavier said, grinning. “You’ll meet my family and friends. This is the first time I take anyone from Earth or Marmon to my world.” He went to the parked car in front of the house.

Timothy stared. There was another world, after all. Should he warn Dylan? The werewolf could know more about his kind. Shaking himself, he followed Xavier. He wondered if it’d be safe to go to another world and not warn anyone. What if something happened and he got stuck there? And wasn’t it too soon for him to meet Xavier’s family?

He stopped when the vampire opened the car door for him. A fine orange stripe in the middle of the car made it stand out even more. “Don’t act like a gentleman when you’re not,” Timothy scoffed and got inside. He followed with his eyes as Xavier chuckled and went around the vehicle. Timothy had never seen this kind of car in his life. It was dark blue and so flat that it seemed to reach a great speed. The seats made him have to lean back.

Xavier sat behind the wheel and pressed on a button, which started the car. That was no surprise. Timothy knew a few cars on Earth did that. “Can I kiss you before we go?” the vampire asked.

Timothy flinched and looked away. “No. I don’t feel like it. You had enough yesterday,” he said and buckled the seat belt.

“It seems that I have a number of things I can do with you every other day. Then, tell me when you feel like letting me steal a kiss from you.” Xavier drove away from the sidewalk and up the street. “I want to know more about you. Do you have any hobbies?”

He knew these questions were coming. “I like to read, run, eat, and sleep,” he answered quickly. The other man snorted and burst out laughing, making Timothy raise a brow. “What’s so funny?” He glanced out the window. He had no idea where they were going.

“It’s just that those don’t sound much like hobbies. For example, my hobby is to drink human blood from time to time, so I’m no better,” Xavier said. He rested his hand on Timothy’s thigh. “Is there anything else you can tell me about yourself?”

Timothy had to comment on that. “Do you seduce the humans?”

“It’s the only way, but if you let me have a taste of you instead, I’ll leave the humans altogether,” Xavier said. “Come on, tell me more.”

Would he one day allow Xavier to suck his blood? If they continued to go on dates and spending time together, the possibility was there. The moment he’d taken Dylan out of his mind, he actually believed Xavier could become his mate. To some extent, that thought frightened him. Could he make such a commitment?




Timothy stared at him. He knew that Xavier wanted him to show affection willingly. Gulping, he looked away. “You’ve kissed me a few times and other…stuff. Does this mean that we’re unofficial mates?” Timothy turned his eyes to the other man, who looked surprised. “Say something,” he muttered.

“I love you, Tim,” Xavier blurted out. “I haven’t exactly said it like this before, so now is the time.” He slid his finger down Timothy’s neck. “I want to taste you more.” The vampire paused and stopped his finger on the shifter’s chest. “This is something cheesy to say, but…I also want what’s here.”

Timothy looked down at the other man’s finger pressed to the center of his chest. He looked back up at him. “It is cheesy, especially coming from you,” he said and sat up on the vampire’s abdomen. He wanted to go further. “Now, hypothetically speaking,” he started with a business-like tone and looked at Xavier, “what would you do if I let you, you know, have me? That is, if that were to happen, of course.”

Xavier tilted his head. “Hmm…” He narrowed his eyes in thought. “Wouldn’t it be better to explain with examples?”

“No,” Timothy said immediately and put his hands on the vampire’s chest. “If you give me the right answer, I’ll let you have a taste again,” he teased. He had no idea where he’d gotten all this courage from, but he had learned a few tricks from Xavier.

Xavier looked thoughtful again. He rested his hands on Timothy’s thighs. “I would definitely love you and your body, and I sure wouldn’t let go of you for a very long time. You have no idea how much I want you. I knew it had to be you the first time I saw you,” he said.

The vampire didn’t have to say anything, since Timothy already had his answer. Instead of looking at his neck or body, Xavier was looking into his eyes. Even so, such words made Timothy’s heart pound. “I…I like you, too, but there are still some uncertainties,” he said faintly.

“You like me?” Xavier mumbled and the other man nodded once. “Then, let me shoo your doubts away.” He switched places with Timothy swiftly and slid his hips between the shifter’s thighs.

“You’re saying cheesy lines again,” Timothy said, half-serious. The man with a large bulk on top of him was intimidating. Nonetheless, he didn’t fear what they eventually could do. So what if they’d met recently? What mattered was that Timothy had found someone who could make his heart beat quicker than Dylan. After a couple of years of not meeting the one, he wasn’t willing to let go. Timothy wanted more.

Xavier peeled Timothy’s jacket off then his shirt. He stopped for a few moments to take a look at the shifter’s bare torso. He then took his pants, shoes, and socks. Only the underwear were left. “If I take this off, there’s no turning back,” he said. Timothy didn’t say anything, so Xavier slid the tips of his fingers into the hem of the boxers and pulled them slowly.

Timothy sucked in his bottom lip, looking at the vampire’s bright-blue eyes locked on his hard cock. “Don’t look at it for too long or it might attack you,” he said so Xavier would return to reality.

Shaking himself, Xavier wrapped his hand around the shaft under him. He grinned when the shifter stilled. “I know that guys need a lot of preparation or something. I’ll do what I can to please you.” He turned Timothy around and lifted his hips up. “You took a good shower for me, right? I’m going to give you a treat, then.”

He didn’t want to admit it, but he’d already expected Xavier to want to mate, so he’d washed his body as thoroughly as he could. Shifters didn’t care much, but he didn’t know if vampires would rather mate without a drop of sweat or something of the sort. “Yes,” he finally answered.

All of the sudden, Timothy felt something hot and wet pushing into his entrance. He glanced over his shoulder and noticed Xavier’s handsome face attacking his ass. “Did you also do this to the women you’ve been with?” he managed to ask, pleasure escalating once the vampire added a finger.

“Only the front, but this is fine, too. I don’t mind. Let’s not talk about other people now. It brings back unnecessary memories,” Xavier said, more focused on what he was doing. He pulled away. “Something is missing,” he added, still thrusting his finger into the other man’s entrance.

It hadn’t been long and Timothy already wanted more. “Make up your mind,” he demanded. The bed sank even more between his knees and he looked down. He stared at the vampire spreading his legs further to make him lower his hips toward his face. Xavier then engulfed the shifter’s cock into his mouth and added two more fingers into his entrance.

Timothy arched his back, his arms giving out. It seemed that Xavier had no idea how to handle guys, though. He couldn’t see a tube of lubricant anywhere. Or he just never had sex in this room. Above all, the more time passed, the harder he fell for Xavier, especially when the vampire expressed his affection for Timothy.

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