Bow Down to the Wolf King (MM)

Royal Alphas 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 30,600
14 Ratings (4.6)
[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Futuristic Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, HEA]
Anthony Roydon is a pacifist who lives his life under the rule of the werewolves with his head down. When he's kidnapped by patrol officers who want to use him against Anthony's crazed father, the leader of the rebellion, everything changes. That, and King Wolfgang Amadus happens to be the most gorgeous man Anthony's ever seen.
Werewolves have hurt Anthony before. They killed his mother and violated him. He doesn't trust them, but Amadus's touch makes everything feel better than all right, and Anthony can't contain his lust for the man, who claims Anthony's in heat and that they are mates.
Anthony will be the king's lover, but only so he can convince the man that things need to change. Anthony's shocked when Amadus donates food to local shelters, but as he comes to realize that there's more to the king than he thought, that he might even love the man, other wolves who disagree with Anthony's presence plot against them.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.
Bow Down to the Wolf King (MM)
14 Ratings (4.6)

Bow Down to the Wolf King (MM)

Royal Alphas 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 30,600
14 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
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“He's a docile thing,” one of the wolves said, and Anthony shivered when he felt a hand touch his shoulder. It wasn't the hand that creeped him out, however. It was the claws that dug into his skin when the wolf gripped. Anthony groaned and tried not to move, not wanting to be hit in the stomach again. He'd only just gotten it to settle down.

Another wolf yanked Anthony back, away from the man with the claws. “Don't touch him. We're bringing him to Amadus, and he doesn't want the scent of too many wolves on him.”

“Whatever, Phoenix, I wasn't going to hurt him.”

Anthony was being pushed to move again, and he walked. “Just don't touch him. That's for Amadus to do.”

That cold feeling went all over Anthony's body again, and he shivered. Wolfgang Amadus. He was the king of Silver City, and these were his wolves that were taking Anthony to him.

He was fucked. He was fucked, he was so fucked. He kind of wanted to throw up again, and no one had hit him that time.

How? How had the wolf king known? Anthony's father was always so careful, the man barely ever spoke to Anthony, and he was the man's only son! So how did Wolfgang know to come after Anthony? Christ, what the hell were they going to do to him?

The floor beneath Anthony's feet changed from rough concrete to smooth tile, and he got that feeling in his stomach that he always got whenever he was in an elevator that was moving. It was going up.

Holy fuck. Holy fuck, he wasn't just going to see the king, they'd brought him to Serenity Tower itself! Anthony was having trouble breathing. Every breath he sucked in through his mouth and nose felt like nothing at all. There was no air in the bag. He was going to suffocate!

“All right, we're here, human. You can quit your panicking now,” said one of the wolves, Phoenix, if Anthony was putting the right name to the right voice, and at the moment, he wasn't sure he was doing that. Anthony was being forced to walk again. His feet were touching down on thin but smooth carpet.

“How can the leader of the resistance's son be this much of a chickenshit? I kind of expected better.”

“Are we even sure it's the right guy?”

Phoenix spoke. “We took his prints and scanned his blood. It's the right guy.”

Anthony started to struggle again, not so much to get away, but to at least try and tell these men that he couldn't breathe.

They yanked him around, forcing him to stop, and then one of them kicked the back of his knees in, forcing him down.

Then, blissfully, thankfully, the leather bag was pulled off of his face. Cold air and bright light assaulted him, and for a split second, he still couldn't see.

At least now he could breathe. The gag in his mouth was still a pain, but he could breathe. Everything would be all right so long as Anthony could breathe.

“We have him, alpha,” Phoenix said. “Picked him up in his apartment. Identification says it's him.”

There was a low, rumbling growl, something that very nearly made Anthony lose control of his bladder, and after a whole lot of blinking, the light finally dimmed, leaving behind only a few flashing stars in his line of vision.

That wasn't enough to hide away the enormous black wolf that was stalking toward him. It was the size of a mother bear, at least that, bushy tail flicking as it stepped forward. Its red eyes were right on Anthony and bright. If it was at all possible, it looked as if it was glaring at him.

The claws were the things that Anthony focused on the most. They weren't sharp. Wolf claws rarely were, unless they were purposely filed down to a pointed edge. That wasn't the point of being afraid of them. The claws were still powerful, and just as capable of slashing through Anthony's weak little rib cage. Each claw looked to be about as thick as two of Anthony's fingers.

Anthony turned his eyes back up to the wolf itself, and instead of pulling its lips back and showing off what had to be a massive row of sharp teeth, like Anthony thought it would, the wolf just approached, leaned in its huge shiny black nose, and gave Anthony a deep sniff.

Anthony held perfectly still, heart racing harder than it ever had when he'd been on the track team.

“Amadus? You all right?” Phoenix asked.

This was King Amadus. He was even bigger, and so much more deadly looking, than the pictures made him out to be.

The giant wolf shook his furry head, and then, right in front of Anthony, he shifted.

Anthony had never seen a werewolf shift from wolf to human, or from human to wolf. He'd seen how big the actual wolves could be, and he'd seen werewolves in their lycan shapes, but he'd never actually witnessed the way the fur melted away, or how the body stretched in some places and shrank in others. When the fur was gone, a bluish sort of white skin was left behind, but even that quickly darkened to a tanned peach, rippling muscles, and even a few scars.

The whole process took less than ten seconds, and when the king was finished, he stood over Anthony with those same red eyes, his long, chestnut hair flowing down his back and around his face as he bent over Anthony.

The man was naked, and Anthony had trouble not looking at his erect cock, which was long and thick, standing up proudly between his legs and pointing at his belly button.

The guy was fucking gorgeous. His smile was a little crooked as well, and the scar on his lips stretched out a bit as he took Anthony by the chin, and then smiled down at him.

Anthony's dick responded by coming to life and throbbing between his legs.

“Bring him to my room,” the king said.




Amadus quickly pulled their mouths away, a wet smack sounding in the air as he did so. “You made me wait longer than I thought,” he said, and he was already shoving the elastic waistband of Anthony's pajama bottoms out of the way. Then his hand was skin to skin on Anthony's cock, and he had to reply to that through his teeth.

“This doesn't mean anything,” he said.

Amadus smiled and kissed him again. “Yes. It does,” he said, and then he growled. He actually growled, and Anthony found himself being brought over to the large mahogany desk where Amadus had been working. With one swipe of his arm, the man shoved all the electronics, papers, and other gadgets away and let them crash onto the floor, as if they were worth nothing at all.

Anthony tried not to be horrified at the sight of such waste or of how many months of rent those items could pay for if they were sold to the right person.

Now they were broken, junk, and probably only good for spare parts. Amadus was definitely a privileged man, all right.

Then Anthony was placed onto the desk, which was cold against his bare ass for a total of two seconds before Amadus pushed him to lie down, and then yanked the pajama bottoms right off of his legs. Anthony wasn't even embarrassed to be so exposed as this. If anything, he spread his legs wider so that Amadus could step between them.

Just like in Anthony's dream, Amadus wrapped his fist around both of their cocks, and then he started to slowly, but with just the right about of pressure, thrust forward.

Anthony moaned, long and loud. He grabbed onto the desk, but then reached up and gripped his hair as tightly as he could, hurting himself because of that. It was good. It was so fucking good that Anthony could hardly stand it, and his balls tightened and he was coming again, all over his T-shirt.

He slammed his fist down onto the desk, punching it hard once just to vent some of the frustration that ate away at him. “Fuck! Seriously?”

Amadus chuckled at him and released their dicks. “You're in heat. It doesn't matter if you're a human or not. So long as you want me, you will need me. You will stay hard until I claim you.”

“Doesn't make it less embarrassing,” Anthony said. “And I don't need you to make me feel better anyway. It's just gross coming on my clothes like that.”

“Well then, let's take them off of you,” Amadus said, and he grabbed onto the bottom of Anthony's T-shirt and started to pull it up, carefully so that none of the cum on the material would get into Anthony's hair or anything when the T-shirt went above his head.

When Anthony could see again, he was stunned by the angry red flare that was in Amadus's eyes as the man stared down at his stomach. “What is this?” he demanded.

“What?” Anthony asked, and then his brain caught up with him. “Oh, one of your goons punched me in the gut. I nearly threw up inside that black bag that was over my head.”

Anthony didn't think it was possible, but he watched as the red color of Amadus's eyes became even brighter. “Tell me who did it,” he said. His voice sounded deeper, and a little less human, though Anthony supposed that made sense, considering Amadus wasn't human at all.

“I don't know who did it. I had a leather bag over my head,” he said, trying to emphasize those last words, but it was hard considering how desperate he was to be touched, sucked, and fucked. “You need to get back to doing what you were doing before I change my mind about this,” Anthony threatened.

The anger melted right off of Amadus's face, replaced with what could almost be shock, but soon, even that was gone as he smiled. “You're not going to change your mind. For the rest of your life, you are going to feel this ache.”

“What the fucking hell doesthat mean?” Anthony snapped, but Amadus quickly silenced him with another kiss, one that was deep and sensual, and Anthony moaned as Amadus slid his tongue between his lips, grabbed onto his hips, and then pressed their cocks together.

Holy hell, so this was what it felt like to have good sex.


* * * *


Anthony groaned as he gripped tightly to Amadus's long and dark hair. He stared down at the man, marveling at how amazing he was at this. Anthony had come again, but still Amadus managed to get Anthony's cock to respond. Anthony wasn't sure how many more orgasms he had inside of him, but he knew that at this point he was getting ready to set his own personal record here.

Whatever this alpha was doing to him to make him feel this, Anthony liked it. He fucking loved it. “Like” was not a strong enough word to describe how much he adored the way Amadus's fingers played around inside of him, thrusting forward and hooking gently, searching out his prostate and making Anthony squirm and pant when he found it.

The worst part, or the best, depending on how he felt about it at the time, was how Amadus refused to let Anthony touch his cock. Anthony wanted to wrap his fist around his prick and stroke himself in time with the movement of Amadus's fingers, but the man absolutely refused to let him do that.

What the king wanted, the king got, because Anthony did not touch his cock, which gave him the interesting sensation of having massive amounts of pleasure building within him, but his orgasm still felt so damned far away. He wasn't going to come until Amadus allowed it.

“Y–You're going to make me beg, aren't you?” Anthony asked, and Amadus pulled his mouth away from one of Anthony's nipples, and the man actually smiled up at him.

“Perhaps a little.”

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