Cold Woman, Hot Men (MMF)

Wet and Willing 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,923
7 Ratings (3.6)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, with M/M, HEA]

Melusine Carmichael mistakes the plunge pool at the Aquatic Center for a regular pool and almost drowns with the sudden shock of the icy-cold water. While underwater she hears a voice calling her "Melly," a name she never uses. Yehudi and Arlington are nearby in the sauna and rescue her, using their personal body heat and the sauna to warm her up. They keep in contact with her via Facebook, and finally convince her to let them teach her to swim.

But Mel hears the voice again and worries that they’re stalking her, so she cuts contact with them. Yehudi and Arlington try everything to see her and she prevents them, so they meet her parents after their swimming class. They learn about the voice saying "Melly" and that someone is stalking her.

But who is it? And how can they get Mel to spend time with them again so they can convince her of their innocence?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Cold Woman, Hot Men (MMF)
7 Ratings (3.6)

Cold Woman, Hot Men (MMF)

Wet and Willing 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,923
7 Ratings (3.6)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff



Mel stared blindly at the plunge pool. She’d been walking all around this huge Aquatic Center supposedly assessing it for the new Disability Access programs that would be starting here in a week’s time. But really, the work was already done. She and Osborne had signed the contracts, and Kendra had already e-mailed her a trial timetable and schedule that looked fine to her.

Severely disabled people would soon be having their first experience of swimming in the warm water pool. Their personal care attendant would be in the water with them, and they’d each have an instructor who would help them move their limbs and teach them to relax and enjoy the water.

“Kind of like an infant learn-to-swim class but with hydrotherapy thrown in as well,” Kendra had explained. “And once they gain some confidence, if they enjoy being in the water, they can have some time in the wave pool, too. We’ll turn it to gentle at first, like we do for the babies, and let them experience their first surf.”

Mel was supposed to be trying out some of the facilities. She could swim—well, sort of swim, not like as in laps up and down the pool, but she could keep her head above the water and doggy paddle to the edge as long as she stayed fairly close to it. The plunge pool looked good to her. It was small and square, only a few feet from the middle to any of the sides. And it seemed to be reasonably deep, so she could jump in. Jumping in had always been the best part of going to the pool on the rare occasions she’d been swimming when she was a child.

She’d actually had to go out and buy a swimming costume for today. It was not something she’d had in her wardrobe. Her clothing was exclusively business suits, professional shirts, and a few pairs of jeans, T-shirts, and sweaters, for the rare weekends when she wasn’t in the office, working as usual.

Better get it over and done with. The sooner she jumped in, the sooner she could get out again, go and get changed, and honestly say she’d tried out one of the pools.

Mel slid her feet out of her flip-flops and set them neatly side by side under a nearby bench. She unwrapped the huge towel which was covering her from her armpits to her ankles, folded it, and placed it on the bench above her footwear. She looked all around her, but no one was paying her any attention. She could hear the happy sounds of children playing in the kids’ pool and the screams of those on the waterslide. She shuddered at the thought of the huge, enclosed slide that ran from the roof, all around the walls of the building, and dropped down into a splashdown pool. No way would she ever venture on that!

Immediately to her right was the sauna. She supposed she might sit in there for five minutes after she’d gotten out of the pool. That might be nice.

Sighing, and wishing she’d felt she could just lie to everyone about actually experiencing any part of the Aquatic Center’s facilities, Mel walked over to the edge of the plunge pool and looked down. It was deep, deeper than she’d expected, but maybe that was just an optical illusion or something.

Melusine stood at one corner of the pool and jumped in. Fucking hell, it’s cold! Freezing cold! I thought the water in all the Aquatic Center pools was heated? Mel kicked her legs madly, trying to rise to the surface, but it was taking forever. She’d gone down, down, down, hadn’t even touched the bottom, and coming up was taking way too long. Her lungs were bursting with the need to take a breath, but she was still underwater.

Desperately she lifted her arms up, but there was no surface, just more water. She kicked and kicked and kicked but didn’t seem to be rising at all.

A voice was calling in her head, “Melly, I love you. I love you, Melly.”

She must be so oxygen-deprived she was hallucinating. The only people who loved her were her parents, and they always called her Melusine, never Mel or Melly. No one had ever called her Melly.

She was so cold her kicks were getting weaker and weaker. She was going to swallow water and die here in this stupid fucking damn swimming pool.


* * * *


Yehudi was leaning back against the wall of the sauna, his eyes half closed, his brain counting the minutes until he could get Arlington out of his teeny tiny swimwear and his own cock buried in Arlington’s tautly delicious ass. If he’d thought to bring lube in his gym bag, he may have been able to convince Arlington to fuck in the shower, right here in the change rooms at the Aquatic Center. But with kids around, it was likely just as well to wait until they were back home. But that meant adding another twenty minutes onto a wait that was already stretching out to be way too long for the ongoing happiness of his cock.

Arlington was looking through the glass panel in the door, snorting and shaking his head.

“What’s so amusing?” Yehudi asked.

“There’s a woman staring at the plunge pool, like she’s never seen one before. She’s taking her towel off, so maybe she’s going to come in here. Oooh, nice body. I like those long legs. Nice tits, too.”

“That’s it? You’re not going to tell me her hair color and eye color, and her height to the nearest inch?”

Arlington turned to grin at him. “Five six, blonde, and blue.”

Yehudi heard a lot of splashing. “What on earth is she doing?” he asked.

“Drowning!” Arlington opened the door so roughly it crashed into the wall as he raced out. Yehudi jumped up and followed him out to the plunge pool.




Arlington pulled his shirt off over his head, dropped his pants to the floor, and kicked off his shoes, and was naked. All in about five seconds flat. By the time she’d taken off her jeans, T-shirt, underwear, and flip-flops, Yehudi had not only undressed himself, but also tugged the multicolored quilt off the bed. Arlington had opened the nightstand drawer to reveal lube, condoms, and an array of sex toys.

Now that was very interesting!

Then she was encompassed by two fiery-hot, hard hunks of male beauty. Arlington pressed against her front, his cock digging into her belly. Yehudi was snuggled up tight against her back, and his cock was lying along her butt crack giving her hot flashes and wicked thoughts. She’d only ever once had anal sex and hadn’t liked it much, but it was a long time ago, and she was ready to try again, especially with these two men who, she was sure, would know how to give her pleasure.

“Are you ready to change up the action a little?” Yehudi whispered into her ear.

Mel couldn’t breathe. The men leaned against her so hard, and desire was making her weak with needing them. So she just nodded.

“Me in your ass, Arlington in your cunt, together?” he clarified.

Cream was dampening her inner thighs, and she was certain if they let her go, she’d melt into the ground like chocolate on a hot summer’s day. Once more, she nodded.

“Good.” Arlington picked her up and dropped them both onto the bed, wiggling until they were in the center. He flipped her over onto her face and said, “Now you just lie there and relax while we get you all ready for us. Nice, and hot, and bothered.”

At that she giggled. “I’m mighty hot and bothered already.” She leaned up on one elbow and looked back over her shoulder at them. Yehudi had the jar of lube in his hands while Arlington had moved higher up beside her body and was holding a pink tube. She raised her eyebrow at them.

“Rose petal cream. I’ll massage you here and there, while Yehudi stretches your ass.”

“I don’t think I’ve had my here and there massaged before.”

Arlington snorted.

“Your here and there and your everywhere else is going to like this just fine,” said Yehudi.

“Mmm,” she murmured, already liking the firm yet gentle touches on her back and ass as four hands were petting her, rubbing lube into her ass and sweet-smelling cream into her skin. “I could get to like all this attention. Two men aiming to pleasure me,” she mumbled into the pillow.

“Oh, we’re going to pleasure you much, much more than this,” replied Arlington, smoothing cream across her shoulders with light strokes.

Mel closed her eyes and focused on the hands on her body. Yehudi’s fingers were thicker and more determined in their actions. They remained on her butt, spreading her ass cheeks, rubbing lube all around her rear entry, then one or two fingers slid inside her, teasing her walls and softening all the tissues there, preparing her for a much bigger penetration. A cock.

Arlington’s hands were longer, his fingers darting all over her, massaging, stroking, rubbing, spreading rose-pink cream on her shoulders and her ribs, her spine, her sides. Moving everywhere and nowhere, in no discernible pattern, but in a manner guaranteed to have her blood pounding and her body demanding more.

Just when she thought she’d scream if one of them didn’t touch her pussy very soon, Yehudi said, “You’re ready for us now. You can turn over.”

“About time.”

“My thoughts exactly,” said Arlington, grabbing a condom and rolling it over his cock. A cock that looked very ready for action indeed. It’d seemed huge the first time she saw it, but Mel was ready to swear it was even bigger this time.

Arlington lay flat on his back, his cock standing up and almost begging her to sit on it. With a grin, Mel teased Arlington, by running the head of his cock over her wet pussy before holding him at her entry and sliding down on him. Just like last time, he stretched her wide open, but this time she was more used to him, and he fit inside her much faster. As soon as she was sitting firmly on his pelvis, her walls gripped him tightly and held him deep inside her. She was full, stretched, and felt one hundred percent woman in that moment.

Yehudi’s large hand pressing on her lower spine showed her how to lie flat on Arlington so Yehudi could join them. Mel knew intellectually that triads had sex this way all the time, but two men simultaneously was new to her, and she wondered just how two such well-endowed males would be able to get inside her. She was stretched so wide just with Arlington’s thick cock.


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