[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Romance, Alternative, Paranormal, Fantasy, MM, HEA]

Shrouded in magic and ruled by bloodthirsty seers, the Isle of Seers is not a place many are permitted. An incident with a faulty elevator transports Kyle Haddon to the magical island where he is immediately set upon by a reptile hating seer intent on ending Kyle’s trip with a sharp dagger.

Saving a cute little gecko shifter, crown prince Braydon Visione, is intrigued by the bright, fun, and excitable shifter. The moment Kyle transforms to his human form, he informs Bray they are mates. Feeling this to be true, Bray takes time to acquaint Kyle with life on Hell Island. Would the shifter stay, or run back to Milson Valley? Hell Island is not for everyone.

Kyle may find seers alarming, one did shove him off a balcony, but he isn’t put off. Bray Visione, who Kyle immediately fancied as a cross between a ninja and a pirate, is his mate. And mates always stick together.

Braydon (MM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


“Well, hello. Kyle, is it?”

Nodding, Kyle stood and faced the seer. “H-hi. Umm, I’m Kyle. Kyle Haddon. I didn’t mean to come to the Isle of Seers.”

“I’m glad you have. Did Carlotta injure you?”

Kyle checked himself over, peering over his naked back to his naked butt, and even checked his feet.

“Nope. I’m fast in gecko form.”

“I am thankful. I will get you something to eat and drink. And organize you some clothes.”

Kyle looked down again. He was buck naked. That wasn’t unusual after shifting. He wondered what had happened to his clothes when he shifted in the elevator. Oh well, they weren’t anything special. Hopefully, someone put them in lost and found so he could go and get them. Mikayla had taught him to write his name on his belongings because Kyle had a habit of shifting and rushing off to hide somewhere dark and safe. He wasn’t bothered by his own nudity, and when he looked at Braydon, he didn’t think the man was bothered either.

“You’re my mate.” He flushed. He liked saying that. It sounded right. It sounded good. Mates. Wow.

“Am I now?” Braydon smiled slowly. “I do like that idea.”

“You didn’t scent me as a mate?” Kyle asked in shock.

“Seers do not recognize a mate in the same way as a lot of paranormals.” Braydon stepped close to Kyle, their bodies a few inches apart. Kyle could feel the heat between them. He began to shake, caught between wishing to shift and hide because of the needs and wants that engulfed him and staying and hopefully being allowed to touch.

Braydon was breathtaking. His scent was wild like the sea, his skin richly dark, and Kyle wanted to stare forever into his mate’s turbulent dark brown eyes. He was tall and muscular, his hair naturally curly and longish, and emphasized his sharp chin.

Swashbuckling. Kyle loved reading adventure books and anime, and Braydon, the way he swooped in and saved him from the bloodthirsty seers, was awesome! Just like a ninja. Probably a pirate since they were on a floating island. He stared up at his mate. Yep, a ninja pirate. Wow.

Braydon placed his hands on Kyle’s shoulders. Kyle shuddered in delight.

“My kind do not have an immediate knowledge when meeting or seeing our mate. But we are drawn to that person and feel an instant attraction. If we ignore these feelings, over time, we ache and can wither. I embrace you fully as my mate, Kyle.”

“You do? B-but when do you know we are mates?”

“When spending a little time in the company of the person we are drawn to, seers quickly realize and seek to claim and bond.” Bray removed his hands from Kyle’s shoulders.

“Okay, but you don’t know yet? How can I help you to know?” Kyle exclaimed, hands waving about as he looked around for something that might help. Maybe there was a potion or a bed. He liked the sofa, that would be big enough. The floor looked good too!

Kyle was said to be smart. He was great with technology and always got top marks in his university studies. He wasn’t so smart with people and the meaning behind their words. He wasn’t gullible or naïve, and he wasn’t entirely trusting, but Kyle was still a little hopeful at times. This was one of the hopeful times.

He wasn’t at all certain about anything to do with Braydon and which direction life was going. With mates, there was a draw that pulled you back to each other despite where life took you. Kyle had to rely on what the fates provided. He had to follow the blossoming hope.

Braydon cupped the side of Kyle’s face, and his gaze penetrated. Kyle shifted nervously. He looked away, then back, not sure what he should be doing. Had he asked too many questions…or possibly misunderstood? Oh man, should he just kiss the seer?

“What reassurance shall I give you, little gecko? That I plan to keep you safe and in my bed for eternity? Or that I have a wild desire to toss you onto the sofa and prove I know we are mates? Unlike some of my kind who either do not understand immediately what their reactions are telling them or are reluctant for whatever reason, I am neither reluctant nor unclear exactly what is between us. I will pursue you, Kyle, and dispel your concerns and uncertainties.” Braydon smiled, the seriousness of his expression and words, the impassioned tone, lightening. “I hope you are not nervous of me because I am a seer. My kind have suffered from having a bad reputation.” He winked. “Not unjustified, of course.”

Kyle trembled not from fear or worry but from a bundle of feelings bouncing about inside him. He wanted to hold Braydon, to touch and reassure himself that he’d found his mate. For years, everything for Kyle had been about moving through one day to the next, building a future, and finding safety. He’d found it and was living a good life and enjoying himself. He was scared to let that go, and he was scared to touch Braydon because now what was before him was so very real and could change the entire course of his life.

And he believed the seer's reputation, good and bad, was absolutely justified. Especially after the incident with the perfume box. And it wasn’t like anyone tried to help him. They all stood around watching! But Braydon stood apart. The others could be fun to observe and even have as friends as long as they didn’t routinely try to kill him.

“Justified,” Kyle whispered, gaze darting to the sofa. Pursuing sounded good. Knowing they were mates was best. Braydon sounded sure. Should Kyle take the chance?




Reaching up, Kyle gripped a fistful of Bray’s shirt and tugged. His mate surprised him, wrapping his arms around Kyle and swiftly moving them to sit on the sofa, Kyle on Bray’s lap.

The moment their lips touched, everything but the feel and sensations of each other was lost to Kyle. Bray’s kisses were wild and fierce, one of his hands holding Kyle close to his own body, the other stroking in slow, circular motions that tingled and sent his head into a dizzying, lustful spin. Wanting to be closer, he wiggled on Bray’s lap as he pressed his chest to his mate’s.

His arms wanted to go around Bray’s neck, but his hands wanted to touch. Kyle went with the demands of his hands and rushed to stroke and caress every inch of his man’s long, hard body that he could reach. All the while, Bray’s lips ravished Kyle’s, his kisses in no way teasing.

Their kisses weren’t like anything Kyle had experienced. This was real. It was full of passion and delights he’d never known could exist. There was no fumbling and pecks. Each kiss was like a seduction he would never be able to get enough of, their lips never leaving each other. Until they did. Bereft, Kyle whimpered and tried to follow Bray’s lovely mouth, desperate for more.

Bray lifted Kyle with ease. His back touched the cushions of the sofa, but he didn’t let go of Bray.

“Kiss,” he murmured, hands grasping Bray and not willing to let go.

His mate’s smile was wicked, like a pirate about to set upon a treasure. Kyle hoped he was the treasure about to be set upon.

“Yes. Loosen your hold, cutie, so I can touch you.”

Kyle did reluctantly. He was disappointed that Bray’s hand did not immediately return to him, the seer standing up and directing Kyle to remain. Kyle did, though he flopped about on the sofa, trying to see where Bray was and what the man was doing. Was that it? Was the moment over? Confusion reined until Bray returned, Kyle excited to see his mate carrying lubricant and wipes.

One of Bray’s eyebrows rose. “You did not stay as I left you.”

Kyle quickly flopped onto his back. His cock had deflated when Bray left the room and now plumped up in anticipation and eagerness. Bray chuckled, the sound deep and melodious, his eyes lighting up. Kyle’s balls tightened. Bray didn’t keep him waiting, and Kyle was thankful. He wanted passion and fireworks, lots of touching and kissing, and knew he wouldn’t be holding an orgasm back. Actually, he never could hold an orgasm back. Quick to come, quick to rouse, and go again!

And he wasn’t one to be compliant. He didn’t mean to be, but he was his own person who wasn’t great at staying still and didn’t always listen to orders. Hopefully, this wasn’t a deal breaker for Bray.

Bray stripped off his clothes and kicked off his shoes. His gaze swept over Kyle, lingering. Kyle did his own looking. The man was spectacular. He’d never had preferences and types, until now. Braydon Visione was definitely his type.

Joining Kyle on the sofa, Bray dropped the wipes and lube on the floor close at hand, then leaned over Kyle. The touch of Bray’s hand on his stomach caused tingles to erupt over his entire body, his balls aching and pulling up, his cock leaking. Bray stroked lightly over Kyle’s stomach and upward, where he paid particular attention to the little brown nipples, which tightened under the plucking of teasing fingers while Bray’s tongue was busy skimming over Kyle’s collarbone.

As if from a distance, Kyle heard the opening of the lubricant bottle and turned so he could see his mate coat his fingers in the slippery liquid. He was so excited he squealed a little, flushing brightly, and made himself remain still. This was actually impossible. Kyle shifted about while trying to lay like a plank, petting Bray’s chest and trying to sneak kisses. It was happening! Mate sex! Oh, he was so excited he might burst before they began.

Bray shifted to prop himself over Kyle, holding himself up with one elbow. Kyle wriggled and wrapped his legs tightly around Bray’s waist and secured them by locking his ankles together. The light nip of his collarbone and a thumb rubbing over his erect nipple made him groan and shift needfully. His mate’s lips were hot on Kyle’s sensitive flesh. Every caress, kiss, and nip caused Kyle to writher, gasp, and moan with pleasure and need. He wanted to feel Bray all over him and begged for more, suggesting other spots that enjoyed licking, sucking, and being kissed. His mate’s lips moved over the suggested areas of his body, like the spot at the base of Kyle’s throat that made his cock leak profusely and the inside of his thigh that caused him to quiver in delight.

Every stroke of Bray’s hands, every nip and kiss and swirl of tongue felt amazing. Soon, thick, long fingers were pressing inside, stretching, driving him higher. Bray’s hand wrapped firmly around Kyle’s cock, and he came in a greedy rush of pleasure, crying out as hot liquid gushed over his chest.

“Yessss!” he exclaimed. “So good, Bray. More.”

Leaning down, Bray took Kyle’s lips as his fingers continued stretching and delving deep inside, spreading and thrusting. Already Kyle was erect again. Possibly he never went down after he came. He wiggled, showing he was ready, wanting Bray inside.

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