Dragon Fire: Taking the Heat (MMM)

White Horse Clan 11

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 47,298
3 Ratings (4.7)

[Siren Menage Amour ManLove: Contemporary, Erotic Romance, Alternative, Fantasy, Paranormal, Elves, Dragons, Shape-shifters, MMM, HEA]

Nuri Blackwing, a dragon shifter, moves to Vista with his children after his mate was killed. He was heartbroken, but ready to do whatever it took to help his children recover from the loss of their mother. He wasn’t expecting to find one mate, let alone two.

Newton Simms arrived in the remote mountain town for a new start, as a food preparation manager for a daycare. It was a positive change, something he could do until he decided what he wanted out of his future. He never expected to be introduced to the nonhuman world, including a troll named Fred, and two drop-dead gorgeous men.

A human mate wasn’t something Caleb North had thought he would have. At over five hundred years old, he had pretty much resigned himself to never have a mate. Then to have a dragon shifter burst into his world as a second mate? Unbelievable!

An ancient evil being, and a heartbroken five-year-old, threatens it all.

Dragon Fire: Taking the Heat (MMM)
3 Ratings (4.7)

Dragon Fire: Taking the Heat (MMM)

White Horse Clan 11

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 47,298
3 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


Caleb was about to kiss his sweet mate when there was a loud, violent pounding on the front door. They both jumped in surprise and stared at each other for a second. Caleb put Newton behind him as he reached out and opened the thick oak panel, ready to confront the person pounding so insistently on the door.

What Caleb discovered was a tall, muscular stranger standing on the doorstep. He appeared furious. Smoke was actually streaming from his nostrils, and his golden eyes, with their elliptical pupils, were focused on Caleb. The dragon shifter had his hands braced on the door jamb. Caleb didn’t know if the angry dragon shifter was trying to keep himself from coming in or was preparing to tear the doorframe from the house.

“Can I help you?” he asked in what he hoped was a bored voice. There was no way he was going to show his excitement. One whiff of the man’s earthy scent was enough to startle him. Another mate. He was certainly not going to bow down to this boorish beast. Not yet.

“I was told my mate was here. Newton. I want him.” Scales were beginning to appear over powerful forearms and up the column of the man’s neck.

The idiot. The dragon shifter had two mates there but obviously hadn’t detected that fact. Caleb’s smile was somewhat smug. He couldn’t wait for that to sink into the man’s thick skull. “You’re mistaken. You have no mate here. Newton is my mate.”

Caleb waited for it. Light dawned in the narrowing eyes. “That means that you’re my mate also. Fuck that. Newton is sweet, adorable, and not easily frightened.” There was a faint, timid “thank you” from behind him in response to the compliment. “You’re an elf and likely a snobbish asshole. I’ll take Newton. You can stay here.”

Yeah, this nameless jerk knew something about the elven. Snobbish asshole was a fairly good description of many of them. Most kept to their own kind. And Caleb had been called worse once or twice. Okay, maybe a few more times than that.

But not by Newton. The human was great for Caleb’s ego, but he was genuine. Newton seemed to find a lot to like about Caleb, and he didn’t feel like sharing that with this overheated jerk. If any being was arrogant, feeling they were far superior to others, it was dragon shifters.

“Newton’s not going anywhere,” Caleb told him easily while covertly assessing the rugged handsomeness of the male in front of him. “I don’t know who you are, and I don’t care. Newton’s my mate, and I’m not sharing.”

“No, he’s not sharing,” Newton piped up from behind him. He was closer now. “I’m not into that kinky ménage stuff. And I’ve already mated with Caleb. So, you see, you came here for nothing, Mr. Blackwing.”

Turning slightly, he looked at Newton in surprise. “You know him?”




What Caleb found amazing was Nuri’s follow-up statement. “While children are precious gifts, I have three.” His gaze moved from Newton to Caleb. “It’s not necessary for either of you to bear my children.” He smiled. “Now that we have that out of the way, we should order another pizza and watch some TV.”

The subject of pregnancy was placed on hold for the moment. Caleb could deal with that. Sharing Newton’s perspective on the subject came as a shocker. Now he knew why the human had looked so panicked.

Yeah, he got it. After being clued in by Nuri, Caleb knew he would seriously consider allowing Nuri to impregnate him. While it was an unexpected turn, there was a part of him that would cherish producing a child. Still, it wasn’t a decision he had to make immediately. There was plenty of time to decide the when and ifs.

The pizza arrived, and Newton took off with it after accepting it from the delivery person. He then ran to his bedroom and locked the door. Caleb and Nuri looked at each other. Grinning, they followed. It took only a second of sending energy to his hand and the door unlocked.

They entered the bedroom to find Newton on the bed with a slice of pizza being stuffed in his mouth. His eyes were wide, and he looked at them in shock.

He mumbled around the food in his mouth. Caleb guessed he was asking how the door had been opened. Caleb winked. “Magic, my hungry little human mate.” He began to take off his clothes. Newton’s eyes widened even further. “Eat up. You’ll need the energy.”

Newton finished chewing, swallowing the last of the pizza in his mouth before he wiped his lips with the back of his hand. “Uh, don’t you guys want some more pizza? Nuri, you’re the one who suggested ordering a second. Here,” he said, lifting the box from his lap and holding it out to the dragon shifter. However, his gaze was drawn to the parts of the dragon shifter’s body that were being exposed.

Nuri was in the process of removing his clothes. He shook his head after he tossed his shirt aside. “We’ll have it for a snack afterward.”

Caleb was doing his own staring. While he had a body Newton had described as incredibly sexy, he was on the verge of losing that title to Nuri. His cock thickened as he watched Nuri deftly unbuckle his belt and flip the ends back so he could get to the button fastening of his jeans.

“Uh, don’t stop now,” Newton said, drawing Caleb’s attention away from Nuri to the interested man on the bed. He waved to Caleb’s jeans. “Come on. Hurry up. I want to see some skin.”

The pizza had been set aside on the table next to the bed, and Newton had gotten his own jeans and underwear pushed down to his knees. His hard cock was in his hand, and he was pumping vigorously.

“Condoms and lube are in the drawer,” Newton reminded him needlessly. “I might be changing my mind about sex with two guys and waiting to do it, but there’s no way I’m going to forget about the other.”

Nodding, Caleb got the required supplies and tossed them onto the bed. He leaned over to pull off his boots before placing them out of the way and near the wall. He was a slight neat freak. Then he was shoving his underwear and jeans down to his ankles.

His cock slapped his belly, and then the weight of the engorged flesh caused it to lower and point in Newton’s direction. “Oh, look, it likes me!”

“Yeah, it likes you. Come over here and suck on it.”

Nuri all but pushed Caleb out of the way. “He’s sucked your dick already. Let him get a taste of mine. Then prepare yourself, elf. I’m going to shove my dick so far up your ass, you’ll never want to give it up.”

Heat flashed over Caleb like dragon fire. He looked at Nuri and saw that his pupils had changed from round to elliptical and the irises were now shimmering gold. Stunning. The heat increased as his gaze dropped to the man’s long, thick cock. Caleb’s asshole twitched. It had been a while since he’d bottomed. A long while. Yet, with the right partner, or partners, and Nuri and Newton were exactly that, Caleb would give up the ass eagerly.

“Oh, , I’ve got to see that!” Newton finished removing his clothes and scrambled to his hands and knees, crawling to the end of the bed. “First, I’m going to get this sucker ready to fuck your ass.”

A laugh escaped Caleb. He fisted his throbbing dick. Newton enjoyed talking dirty, loving the somewhat forbidden naughtiness of it. The guy was sweet as hell, and Caleb wondered how he’d gotten so lucky in a mate.

Then there was Nuri, the exact opposite of Newton. A life with him wouldn’t always be easy. Dragons were grouchy at best. There would be conflicts with the dominant beast, but Caleb knew he would never have to fear the dragon shifter. He would never do anything to hurt either Caleb or Newton.

The cock in his hand hardened to a painful level as he watched Newton’s mouth open wide to accommodate the head of Nuri’s blood-engorged flesh. There were pearly white drops of pre-cum leaking from the tip. Caleb imagined the taste of it on his tongue, and his moan joined Newton’s as the man’s lips closed over the head and began to suck. The guy was definitely a tease. A laugh escaped him as Nuri grunted and stroked his cock in frustration. But he didn’t say a word, didn’t scold Newton for playing when Nuri was so desperate for release.

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