The Love Vibe (MM)

Milson Valley 25

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 32,247
4 Ratings (4.5)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Alternative, Fantasy, Paranormal, MM, HEA]

Mikey Thornton is starting a new chapter. Modelling since seventeen, he’s travelled, taken up acting, enjoyed grand adventures, and never planned out his future more than a few steps in any direction.

As a quarter paranormal his youthful longevity is fading. He doesn’t have a clue what to do next, but he’ll figure it out in his own time and his own way. He pays attention to the vibes and is happy with who he is.

Called upon to find a missing model, Damir Surkov opens his gift and hears hundreds of thousands of voices at time. Hearing Mikey’s voice for the first time triggers an instant response. There are millions of voices in the world, but only Mikey’s surges through Damir’s entire being with awareness.

Before they can settle into their mateship, they have to deal with the people who abducted Mikey and may still be after him.

The Love Vibe (MM)
4 Ratings (4.5)

The Love Vibe (MM)

Milson Valley 25

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 32,247
4 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing

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Mikey stirred, brushing against Damir. The light contact resulted in an instant reaction. He had been relaxed but aware of his mate.

“Shit, it’s happened again. What did I drink this time?” Mikey murmured sleepily, yawned, and raised his casted arm. “Ow! That’s right… Oh, hey, you’re that guy from last night.”

Smiling, Damir sat up. Mikey looked around, waking up fully. When he went to sit up, Damir assisted.

“I am Damir Surkov. My brother Davor healed you. Do you remember what happened, Mikey?” Concussions sometimes left people a bit muddled. Damir could listen to Mikey’s thoughts, but he preferred not to. He tended not to do that in everyday situations. People’s thoughts were their own. He only listened when there was something important happening and for work.

“Damir…right.” Mikey frowned at him. “I feel like I should know you.”

Unable to resist, Damir reached over and brushed his knuckles over Mikey’s left cheek. “That is because we are mates.”

He watched for Mikey’s reaction. The frown dissolved, and Mikey nodded, yawned, and looked around. He also nearly knocked himself out with his cast when he swung his arm up to cover his yawn, but Damir was quick and gently stopped this from happening.

“Max is okay, right?”

“Yes. Mikey, did you hear me about us being mates?”

“Yep. That’s cool. Ah, bathroom?”

Damir pointed to where the bathroom attached to the room was located and watched Mikey slide off the bed, now careful of his arm, and walk to the small, yet well-appointed room. Damir resisted the urge to listen in to what his mate was thinking.

“Damir, I’m not sure how I shower with my arm in a cast. And did you want me out of your hair? I can call an Uber, but I seem to have lost my phone again,” Mikey said as he came out of the en suite.

Mikey stood in his little aqua underwear shorts and a slightly confused look on his very handsome face. Damir just smiled at his mate and regulated his suddenly rapid breathing. He wanted to hug Mikey and reassure everything would be fine. At the same time, he wanted to jump his mate, sinking his fangs into the beautiful, warm honey skin on the man’s neck, and claim him.

He cleared his throat and refocused his thoughts. His cock throbbed. “We’ll get everything sorted out soon. I have clothes coming for you, hopefully, and I’ll make you breakfast. Are you hungry?”

“Clothes, right, good, thanks, Damir…”

“Damir. Just Damir.”

Mikey blinked. “Damir. You said we’re mates?”

“I did, and we are.”

“So, you just brought me home?”

“Ah, yeah, I guess so,” Damir said cautiously. “I’m—”

“Not that I’m complaining.” Mikey shrugged and wandered the room, comfortable in his lack of clothes. He leaned over and studied a photograph.

Damir swallowed hard, his gaze locked on the curve of Mikey’s ass. It was a good ass. Damir had always liked a rounded handful, and Mikey’s certainly wasn’t that, but he could imagine gliding his hand over and spreading the cheeks… He swallowed and looked elsewhere. Mikey’s long legs. His narrow waist, flat stomach. The very fine hair on his slim chest. Pretty pink nipples…

Hells! Damir took two steps back. Mikey straightened. He smiled and walked up close to Damir and sniffed him. Damir bit back a growl and shoved his hands into his pockets to stop himself from grabbing his mate and taking them both down to the floor.

“Mates, huh? You do smell good, really good. Who are you again? And where am I?”

Damir counted to three and breathed out. He took another step back and knocked into his wardrobe. Mikey had his very own way of processing Damir was now beginning to see. He wasn’t going to rush his mate. He would be honest and open and learn about Mikey.

“Yes, we are mates. I am Damir Surkov of the Surkov Domain of Milson Valley and Prague. We are currently in the Milson Valley domain.”

“Damir! I have clothes for Mikey,” Ignacio called out from the living room.

“That’s great.” Mikey started walking toward the closed bedroom door.

Never before had Damir felt a moment’s jealousy. He was a paranormal and Mikey was his mate, and the thought of Mikey walking out of their bedroom in his underwear to the living room had him darting around Mikey and plastering himself to the door.

He shouldn’t. He knew it. But he couldn’t help his genetic makeup!

Mikey blinked. “Did you want to go out first? That’s fine.”

“Ah, why don’t I get the clothes for you.”

Mikey nodded, looking amused. “It’s because we’re mates, isn’t it? I know paranormals can be particular about others touching and seeing their mate nude.”

Damir realized that not once had Mikey shown any objection, distress, or distaste over being told they were mates. He still didn’t know what Mikey was thinking, or how he felt, but he was happy to wait and find out.




Mikey took the games from Damir and placed them on the coffee table then, taking Damir’s hand, moved them over the L-shaped sofa. Damir, curious and happy to go along with whatever Mikey had planned, sat as directed and welcomed his mate eagerly onto his lap.

Damir immediately began undoing the buttons of Mikey’s stylish top and slipped it off his mate’s shoulders, discarding it over the back of the sofa. Mikey leaned down and captured Damir’s lips in a fierce, needful kiss, which Damir responded to with the same level of fervor.

He loved this man more than he thought it possible to love anyone, aside from family. This love was so different. It was all consuming, and he felt so much in so many different ways that it would be difficult to address them all. He didn’t need to, not with Mikey.

Mikey assisted Damir in removing the long-sleeve T-shirt he was wearing, their mouths joining as soon as the top was dealt with. Every inch of him throbbed for his mate. He doubted this would ever change, though there would be ebbs and flows throughout their long life together. But the needs and passion would be forever theirs.

After divesting their clothes quickly, and somewhat awkwardly, Damir took the lube from what he’d call their “box of fun” from now on. He would have laid Mikey back on the sofa, but his mate kissed him somewhat senseless, and Damir followed his mate’s direction.

And he was glad he did when Mikey’s lips wrapped around his cock. The lube slipped from his fingers as warm heat wrapped around him. Mikey urged Damir to move one of his legs off the sofa, providing room for his mate to move farther up and lay between his spread legs.

The feel of Mikey’s mouth stroking, his tongue pressing and sucking, carried away Damir’s thoughts, his attention focused solely on his dick, Mikey, and pleasure. He loved how Mikey didn’t tease him, though usually he loved teasing and being teased when having sex. Right now, he wanted. He was edgy and needing and scented his mate was also.

Mikey took Damir into his mouth with vigor. He sucked and licked and moved up and down, swirling his tongue in the little slit, under the mushroom head, then drew Damir’s dick deep into his mouth and stroked and sucked. It was mind-blowing, sensual. He loved what his mate was doing. But he needed Mikey now, wanted to feel Mikey’s ass squeezing his cock as he slid in deep.

“I need you, mate. Come up here so I can stretch you.”

Mikey, slowly, oh so slowly, with his pretty eyes holding Damir’s, slid and nibbled his way along Damir’s dick, licking the head of the trickle of pre-cum before he fully let go. Damn, Damir nearly came.

“No need. I’m a multitasker.” Mikey climbed up Damir’s body.

Damir was distracted by his mate’s body, his hands roaming over thighs, his tight ass, and up over Mikey’s waist. As he explored, Mikey placed himself across Damir’s thighs. His dick ached and leaked with excitement.

Gripping Damir’s cock, Mikey positioned himself swiftly and eased downward, taking Damir inside slowly.

“Mikey…” Concerned, he pressed past the love and pleasure haze.

“Multitasked. Stretched myself.” Mikey bit his lip and groaned.

He blinked, realizing Mikey had been busy pleasuring Damir and getting himself ready. But as his cock was taken in deeper, he moaned and stopped thinking, letting his lover take his time and enjoying the feel of sliding in, the warm heat surrounding him, and the squeeze.

Mikey knew what he wanted and carried Damir with him. Their joining was glorious, and Damir celebrated his mate, reaching out to pull him close. Mikey had other ideas. As he hit bottom, he leaned down and kissed Damir, his tongue sweeping into Damir’s mouth and tangling their tongues. At the same time, he clasped their hands together and guided Damir to raise his arms and lay them on the sofa. Then he was moving hard, hands gripping, ass squeezing, and sucking Damir’s cock.

In passion, in fun, in everyday life, Mikey was glorious. He lost himself in their shared bodies and pleasure. Damir loved how Mikey moved, the feeling of being buried deep inside his mate and surrounded by tight heat.

They moved together, the sensations driving them higher and higher, movements faster and deeper. Damir arched up, driving himself into Mikey, their hands clasped together tightly. Mikey pushed down, taking all of Damir, then rose up and slide down again.

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