Claiming His Alpha (MM)

Scent of a Mate 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 40,539
51 Ratings (4.7)
[Siren Publishing: The Stormy Glenn ManLove Collection: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]
Reece Marshall isn't happy about being pulled away from his undercover assignment for the Feline Council, but one doesn't argue with a summons from an elder. Discovering he's been brought before the elder as a potential guardian to a new alpha makes him wish he was back on his mission.
Šílené Bolond never wanted to be an alpha, but forces greater than him seem to think he should lead the Blackthorn Pride. When five enforcers are presented to him as possible guardians, one stands out. Šílené's heart breaks when his offer of submission is rejected, and he realizes his dream of having a mate will never be realized. 
But the forces that turned an omega into an alpha have other plans. When Reece's undercover assignment becomes too dangerous, the only safe place to go is to the pride of the one man Reece craves, but can't have. With danger and betrayal around every corner, Reece and Šílené have to turn to each other if they want to survive, and they just might find love if they can survive that long.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Stormy Glenn is a Siren-exclusive author.
Claiming His Alpha (MM)
51 Ratings (4.7)

Claiming His Alpha (MM)

Scent of a Mate 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 40,539
51 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Jess Buffett
Much like when I read 'Omega Born' and was interested in discovering Sawney, jumping into 'Claiming His Alpha', book seven in the series, had me curious to find out more about Reece, another Marshall brother I was only vaguely familiar with. About all I knew about Reece was that he's one of the best trackers around.

“Fear. Pure unadulterated fear. They were terrified of a slip of a man with platinum blond hair that was spiked and frosted at the tips, fingernails painted every color under the sun, and a pink tutu over his black skinny jeans. Hamilton doubted they had even noticed the eyebrow piercings yet. He wondered how scared they would be if they knew about the piercings under the man’s clothing.
The young man danced up to Boston and slid a pink flower into the pocket of his black dress shirt. He skipped past Clint Harper, but placed a yellow flower in the pocket of Tre’s shirt and a red flower in Boone Marshall’s pocket.
When he stopped in front of Reece, he stared up at him for the longest time. The air itself seemed to be holding its breath as the two men stared at each other.
Even Hamilton’s eyebrows shot up when the colorful man stuck his tongue out at Reece and then danced right out the patio doors as if he had never been there, leaving five very confused enforcers in his wake."

I pretty much fell, head over heels, for Šílené at that exact moment. How could I not? I apologize for adding such a large quote to this review, but nothing could capture this young omega, who was miraculously turned into a very powerful alpha, better than the author's own words. Reece is not all that amused by what he considers Šílené playing games with all of them. Doesn't prevent them from succumbing to their lust which us when they both realize they're mates. Of course, being men, miscommunication abounds, Šílené leaves taking Boston with him as his enforcer. *rolls eyes* Men. Sheesh.

Hands down, Jude and Šílené are my absolute favorite characters in this series so far. Reece and Šílené were wonderful and I loved this story!
Christy Duke
Professional Reviews

"Alpha Aldo, the villain of the first five books of this series, may be dead, but the consequences of what he did are turning out to last way beyond the end of his life. For one, it seems that he has pulled other alphas into his sphere of influence, and they are still very much alive. Whether it is illegal fight rings or omegas who have never been reported to the feline council, his “legacy” gives the members of the council of elders more than one headache. The many sons he left behind are mostly settled, but there are a few still unmated. They have their hands full trying to bring order to the many prides still in disarray, and I can only hope that banding together as they are, at some point they will succeed. Reece Marshall, one of the Marshall brothers from earlier books, is on an undercover assignment for the council when he gets recalled. He has suddenly become a potential guardian for a new alpha, Šílené , who is more unusual than any alpha ever before. Reece is not amused, doesn’t want to be mated, and tries to avoid Šílené a much as he can. Fate has other ideas though, but even after it becomes clear they are mated, Reece resists. Šílené misunderstands, picks another man as his guardian, and returns to the pride he has won leadership over when he defended himself against his cruel alpha and killed him in the challenge. Reece has no alternative but to return to his assignment, only to find out that the sh*t has truly hit the fan. Šílené was born an omega and the last thing he wants is to be an alpha. He hates confrontation, doesn’t want to give orders, and hates all the fighting an alpha has to deal with. Especially one who looks slight and harmless as a human, so he gets challenged often. He is an orphan and had to learn to defend himself, so his cat is stronger than people suspect. In fact, his cat is the one who is an alpha, and he is the strongest tiger around. What Šílené sees as rejection from Reece breaks his heart, because all he ever wanted was a mate and a quiet life. But he is also not one to shirk his responsibilities, so he does what needs to be done, and tries to be an alpha against his better judgement. When he finds Reece turning up on his doorstep, so to speak, needing his help, everything changes. He has his mate – now all he has to do is survive the ever increasing attacks so he can enjoy mated life. If you like stories about unusual alphas who are omegas at heart, if you’re up for a suspenseful story full of misunderstandings and fighting, and if you’re looking for an intense read that is suspenseful, hot, and touching, then you will probably like this novella." -- Serena Yates, Rainbow Book Reviews

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Reece had done a pretty good job of avoiding Šílené for two days straight. On the evening of the third day, his luck ran out. Reece strolled into the dining room surrounded by the other enforcers. He dropped down into one of the chairs at the table and glanced around. A buffet of food was laid out down the center, food piled high on silver platters. There was enough food to feed fifty people for a week.

What a waste.

Reece grimaced as he looked at the crystal wineglass on the table. He hated wine. He waved one of the serving staff down and asked for a beer. He’d ask for something a bit stiffer but he doubted he get it at the dinner table. Maybe afterwards.

He was being cranky and he knew it. He just couldn’t seem to help it. He was anxious to get back to his mission so he could get it over with and head home. He missed his family. He missed his pride members. He missed his own freaking bed...and his bathroom.

Reece reached up and gingerly touched the bruised bridge of his nose. He had slipped in the shower and smacked his nose on the shower wall. It still ached. At least he had been in the shower and had easily cleaned up all the blood.

He hadn’t had time to shift and heal his broken nose. Dinner was promptly at six o’clock. Anyone late to the table had to wait until everyone else was done eating and Reece would be damned if he missed out on food after everything else.

He groaned as he stared at the loaded-down table. All the food on the table and he couldn’t smell a thing. He glanced around once everyone was seated and couldn’t help but wonder what the hold-up was. He wanted to eat and then get back to his room before his day totally went to crap. Maybe he could just grab a plate and escape without anyone noticing his absence. Even as he thought of how he could escape, the double doors at the far end of the room opened.

Reece’s jaw dropped—again.

Šílené made a grand entrance worthy of a king—or a stripper. He danced into the room, twirling around, giving everyone a show. Reece tried to look away, but he couldn’t. He stared at Šílené, letting his eyes eat up the sight before him. The other men seemed to be mesmerized as well.

Nobody spoke.

Nobody moved.

They just watched Šílené with deep interest, and a bit of awe.

Instead of taking a seat, the young man stepped up onto his chair and then onto the table. He began dancing down the shiny wooden surface with such grace that, for a moment, Reece could only sit there and stare. Šílené didn’t hit a single glass or a single utensil. It was as if he tiptoed through them.

Reason came back to Reece in a rush. He narrowed his eyes at the delicate little alpha. “Get off the table,” Reece ordered.

In the back of his mind, he knew he had no right to order an alpha to do anything, but this wasn’t right. The arousal that was permeating the room was about to choke him. Šílené slid down to his hands and knees. He crawled toward Reece, a seductive glint in his eyes. He stuck out his tongue, moistening his plump lips.

“Enough, Šílené,” Reece said in a harsh tone. “This little game of yours is getting old.”

The corner of Šílené’s lips twitched and a slow smile spread across his mouth. He didn’t seem to care what Reece was saying. When Šílené got closer, Reece pushed his chair back, giving the young man enough space to get off the table.

Šílené moved like a ballet dancer, graceful and with exact precision. He swung his lithe body off the table and straddled Reece’s lap. Šílené shoved his fingers through Reece’s hair and connected his fingers together at the back of Reece’s neck, holding him in a tight grip.

“Are you done?” Reece asked, aware that everyone was staring at them.

Šílené leaned forward, pressing their chests together. He captured Reece’s lips in a kiss that scorched the air as he moved his hips, grinding on Reece’s crotch. Reece’s cock jerked, his hard shaft biting into the zipper of his jeans. Šílené rode him like a pro. The friction was pure magic.

Reece ran his hands up Šílené’s thighs and cupped his ass. He tightened his grip, helping Šílené move. Everything around him faded away, the room of people completely forgotten. Their kiss, wild and passionate, grew out of control.

Šílené let out a needy little whine and Reece groaned. They rocked together, hips moving back and forth. Reece dug his fingertips into Šílené’s ass. Reece’s muscles tightened and his body spasmed as his orgasm rushed through his system, fast and hard. He completely lost control in his jeans.

Šílené pulled back. He climbed off Reece’s lap and danced out of the room without speaking a single word, leaving utter devastation in his wake. Reece sat in a stunned silence. Now that his arms were empty, he felt an overwhelming sadness. Or perhaps he was just disappointed that he didn’t affect Šílené at all.

“Well”—Elder Hamilton’s voice echoed through the room like a thundering boom, yet quiet in its amusement—“it seems Šílené has chosen his guardian.”




Šílené was stunning, and he smelled like a slice of heaven. Reece had the urge to roll all over Šílené until every inch of him smelled like the beautiful little alpha.

Instead, he leaned over and captured one brown-hued nipple with his lips. He grinned around that nipple when Šílené hissed and arched his body closer to him. He stroked his hand slowly down Šílené’s chest to his abdomen then pushed them through the soft curls surrounding the man’s jutting cock.

Šílené whimpered.

Reece glanced down at Šílené to find the man staring up at him with such need on his face, Reece could barely breathe. He was practically drooling. Šílené’s hand moved down his body towards his cock, but Reece beat him to it.

At Šílené’s look of surprise, Reece grinned. “Let me,” he said as he moved over to settle between Šílené’s legs. Šílené’s purple-headed cock stood proudly before him. Reece leaned up on his arms and licked the head. Šílené squealed, his entire body quivering.

“Oh god,” Šílené moaned.

“Do you like that, Šílené?” Reece asked before licking at the head of Šílené’s cock again. This time, he sucked it into his mouth, running his tongue across the small slit in the top.

Šílené whimpered. “Please.”

Reece gave his cock another swipe. He sucked it deep into his mouth, then let it go, then deep again, all the while running his tongue over every inch. Drops of pre-cum dotted his tongue every time he reached the head. Šílené tasted amazing.

Reece sucked Šílené’s cock in again then swallowed, allowing his throat muscles to gently massage Šílené’s cock. Šílené went wild. His hips started pumping against Reece’s mouth. His cries grew so loud, Reece wondered if everyone on the estate was going to hear him.

“Oh fuck!” Šílené cried out as he erupted, Reece jumping out of the way just in time. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to swallow Šílené’s seed, and more that he needed it for something else.

After coating his fingers in Šílené’s release, he reached around and rubbed his hands over Šílené’s ass. He pressed one, then two fingers into his lover to get him ready. Šílené was soon pushing back against him, impaling himself on Reece’s fingers. Reece added a third finger, moving it around until he was assured there would be no pain.

Reece heard Šílené cry out when he pulled his fingers free, and grinned. He grabbed Šílené’s hip with one hand, his cock with the other, then slowly guided himself in. Once he was passed the first set of muscles, Reece paused, giving Šílené time to grow accustomed to him and to give himself time to catch his breath. He didn’t want to come too early and he was pretty close to doing just that.

“Ready, pretty?” Reece finally asked as he patted Šílené’s hip. Šílené nodded. Reece started moving, thrusting slowly into Šílené, trying to find a workable rhythm. Eventually he found one, Reece thrusting in slowly and then pulling out, moving faster and faster as the rhythm grew stronger.

“Harder, harder,” Šílené cried out, his head moving back and forth on the ground. “Oh god, please, harder.”

“I’ve got you, baby,” Reece crooned. Reece thrust harder into Šílené. Reece groaned as Šílené’s muscles tightened around him. The feeling was so intense he thought he might explode.

Having his aching cock buried in Šílené’s tight ass made Reece crazy. He had to do something to keep from coming. A sudden idea had him reaching down to grab Šílené’s cock, stroking him quickly.

Šílené cried out, his eyes rolling into the back of his head. Reece could feel Šílené’s inner muscles tightening around him. He was so hot, so tight. Reece pounded into Šílené, his hand stroking the man’s cock at the same time.

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