Just One Bite (MM)

Nehalem Pack 28

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 43,505
18 Ratings (4.7)
[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, HEA] 
After suffering from years of abuse at the hands of his father then the NHS, Jaron Yarc is finally free. He’s been given the chance to start over and live the life he’s always wanted without anyone to get in his way. It’s funny how life never goes as planned.
Trevor Higgins is riddled with guilt for his part in capturing Jaron and taking him back to the NHS. He never knew the despicable things that were being done to Jaron. All Trevor wants is to apologize to Jaron and to see for himself that the man he can’t seem to get out of his thoughts is doing fine. Little did he know that his obsession with Jaron ran deeper than just friendly concern.
Love happens when two people least expect it. It’s up to Jaron and Trevor to fight for what they want before an enemy from their past tries to steal their happiness away.
A Siren Erotic Romance
AJ Jarrett is a Siren-exclusive author.
Just One Bite (MM)
18 Ratings (4.7)

Just One Bite (MM)

Nehalem Pack 28

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 43,505
18 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley

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“So it’s okay to make these shifters suffer? You do realize they are people, too.” Trevor lifted his hand to rest on his gun where it rested in his hip holster. “I was wrong about you, Adam.”

 “I’m still me, Trevor. I believe that sometimes you need to sacrifice a few for the greater good of billions.”

“I can’t believe I’m hearing this from you. I respected you, looked up to you.”

“I’m sorry to disappoint you but I never portrayed to be anything other than a soldier working toward protecting my country. If you were being delusional about what was going on here, then that’s on you, not me.”

“You’re right but I’m taking off my blinders and can see what you’re all about and I want out.” Trevor bent down toward Jaron to lift him up but Adam was on him the moment his back was turned.

They fell to the floor with Adam on top. His arm pulled back and he sent his fist flying toward Trevor’s face, slamming into his left cheek. The blow stung and Trevor started to struggle with Adam. He jerked forward, butting his head against Adam’s. Blood gushed from Adam’s nose and in his moment of distraction, Trevor was able to surge forward, knocking Adam back. They wrestled back and forth, trading jabs. Trevor was sore and bloodied and Adam wasn’t faring any better.

“I didn’t want it to come to this.” Adam slammed his fist down on Trevor’s chest, knocking the wind from his lungs. Trevor’s sight went blurry but he could see Adam reaching for something. “I had such high hope for you, Trevor. You were like the son I never had. Such a disappointment.”

Trevor stared wide-eyed up at Adam. He had his gun aimed right at Trevor’s head. This was not how he thought it would end. There was so much he still hadn’t done. In that brief moment, Trevor’s whole life flashed before his eyes, past, present, and the future. The one image that got him moving was Jaron’s scared face as he begged for death.

“You’re the disappointment.” Trevor kicked his leg up, knocking the tip of his foot in the back of Adam’s head.

Adam fell forward and lost his grip on the gun. It went flying over Trevor’s head. Trevor shoved Adam off him and to the side then scrambled to his side and reached for the gun.

“I don’t think so.” Adam grabbed at his shirt, yanking him back.

Trevor cocked his elbow forward then rammed it back into Adam’s nose. Adam howled in pain but didn’t let go. Trevor did it again and again until he lost his grip. Trevor stretched as far as he could with Adam’s weight weighing him down. His fingers wrapped around the cold metal and pulled it toward him. He rolled over and kicked Adam the rest of the way off of him and held the gun up, pointing at Adam’s chest.

“What?” Adam chuckled, blood dripping down his battered face. His nose was smashed to the side, badly deformed. “Are you going to shoot me?” Adam struggled to his feet and took a step toward Trevor.

“Stop, Adam!” Trevor shouted.

“Put the gun down, Trevor.” Adam laughed again, the sound vile to his ears.

“I don’t want to kill you.”

“You don’t have the balls to do it.” Adam swiped his hand under his nose, smearing blood across his face. “You didn’t have the guts to kill that wolf tracking you down all those years ago. You had a loaded gun and you did nothing to stop it. I watched and waited to see what you would do and I almost let it rip you to pieces for being so stupid but I didn’t want to have to deal with the cleanup.”

Trevor shook his head, at a loss for what to say. This wasn’t the same man he knew, the man he considered his friend. This was a side of Adam he’d never seen before and he didn’t like this person. Trevor lowered the gun.

“That’s what I thought.” Adam lunged forward.

As if moving on pure instinct, Trevor jerked the gun up and pulled back on the trigger. The shot was loud in his ears and his hands throbbed where it kicked back in his hand. Trevor watched as Adam slumped to the floor, clutching his chest. A few wheezing breaths escaped his parted lips then nothing.

Numbness consumed Trevor’s body, leaving him feeling like a dried up husk of the person he once was. He dropped the gun to the ground, walked over to Jaron, who was still passed out, picked him up then carried him out the door.

“You found him.” Phillip was out of breath as he ran up to Trevor.

“I…I…I…” Trevor’s throat was dry and he couldn’t muster up an ounce of spit to make his mouth work.

Phillip looked passed Trevor toward the open door and nodded.

“It’s okay, son. Let’s get out of here.” Phillip ushered Trevor down the hall and to the elevator.

Once they reached the ground level, someone tried to take Jaron from his arms but Trevor growled at the man and tightened his grip. The man held his hands up and stepped away. Trevor couldn’t explain it but he felt responsible for Jaron now and he wasn’t about to let anyone take him away.

Trevor knew what he had to do to make up for all he’d done wrong. He might not have known what was taking place at the NHS but he still felt guilty. How many people’s lives had he helped destroy? The answer to that question terrified him and Trevor made a vow to himself that he would stop at nothing until every last branch of the NHS was shut down. 

“I’ll keep you safe,” Trevor whispered next to Jaron’s ear. “I promise.”




“Maybe you are mine,” Trevor whispered. He let his hand trail down the side of Jaron’s face and he lightly caressed the smooth skin.

Jaron shifted and nuzzled his face into Trevor’s hand. Trevor smiled as he watched the gorgeous man moan and try to get closer to Trevor’s warmth.

Trevor could feel a pull toward Jaron. He knew the logistics of wolves and their mating habits. Trevor didn’t want to jump the gun and say that he and Jaron were mates but what else could it be?

Trevor wasn’t bothered by the fact that Jaron was a man and that he was attracted to him. Trevor had experimented with both men and woman since he started having sex when he was eighteen years old. He never told anyone because he didn’t think it was anyone’s business who was keeping his bed warm at night. But this wasn’t a simple attraction. Even before Jaron had bitten him, Trevor hadn’t been able to shake the man from his thoughts. He was constantly thinking about Jaron. It was crazy and Trevor should be more upset about the whole biting issue but other things were clouding his mind, mainly his hard dick and his need to get inside Jaron’s warm body.

Want and need burned in his gut and his cock hung thick and heavy between his legs. Trevor wanted, no needed, to be close to Jaron. The man’s smell was driving him insane and he wanted to lean down and lick every inch of Jaron’s pale skin, making him hard and wet for him.  

Trevor tightened his grip on the side of Jaron’s face. He hadn’t meant to do that but he couldn’t control himself.

“Trevor.” Jaron’s eyes fluttered open. A small smile curled his lips but in the blink of an eye, it was gone. Jaron sat up, clutching his blanket to his chest right under his chin. “Wh–what are you doing here?” Jaron stuttered.

Trevor opened his mouth to say something, anything, but his tongue was too heavy. He met Jaron’s frightened bright green gaze. Trevor’s mouth filled with drool. He couldn’t get over how handsome Jaron was. His cheeks were flushed a soft pink, his eyes were wide open and the green depths swirled with emotion and he wasn’t wearing a shirt.

Trevor stood from his kneeling position and placed his hands on the bed, one on either side of Jaron’s legs. He climbed up on the bed, hovering over Jaron.

“Trevor.” Jaron’s gaze fell to stare at Trevor’s naked body. Trevor watched as Jaron’s throat shifted as he swallowed when his stare landed on his hard cock. Trevor could feel Jaron’s stare as if it were an actual touch on his heated body. “Oh my god, you’re naked.” Jaron looked into Trevor’s eyes.

Trevor put a finger to Jaron’s lips. At the moment, Trevor didn’t feel like talking and by the warm elevating scent of honey and lavender, Trevor was willing to bet his life that Jaron didn’t want to either.

Trevor prowled forward, caging Jaron in between his arms. Jaron eased back on the bed the further up Trevor came over his body. He stared up at Trevor but didn’t make a move to get away or show any signs of fear. Jaron wanted this, too.

“What are you doing?” Jaron asked a Trevor reached for the blanket clutched in Jaron’s hand and pulled it down. Jaron gasped but didn’t fight him.

Trevor’s gaze roamed over the toned body underneath him. Jaron’s skin was so white it reminded him of statues at the museum constructed of marble. The only imperfections were the light-colored scars but they didn’t take away from Jaron’s beauty. The man was utterly handsome.

“Will you please say something?” Jaron begged.

Trevor glanced up at Jaron as his right hand connected to the man’s hard chest. Jaron whimpered. Trevor caressed his hand down Jaron’s torso then moved it up to tweak at his left nipple. Jaron moaned and cried out, arching into Trevor’s touch.

“Fuck it,” Trevor grumbled as he lunged forward, sealing his lips to Jaron’s.

He caught Jaron off guard and the man lay there with his mouth open stunned. Trevor stabbed his tongue deep into Jaron’s mouth, finally able to taste the sweetness he’d been craving for the past nine months. It was better than he’d ever imagined. Jaron’s mouth was hot and wet and he tasted like honey, sweet and juicy.

Jaron wound his arms around Trevor’s shoulders and pulled him down until they were pressed bare chest to bare chest. Trevor growled and nipped at Jaron’s full bottom lip. The light taste of copper filled his mouth and he leaned in close to suck on Jaron’s lip, soothing the pain with his tongue.

Trevor kicked the blanket out of his way and used his knee to shove Jaron’s legs apart. Jaron had on a pair of thin pajama bottoms and they had to go. Trevor reached down and grabbed the waistband of the material and pulled. The fabric ripped from the force and Jaron shimmied his hips to free himself of the pants.

Trevor pulled away from Jaron and sat up on his knees. He looked his fill, detailing every single inch of Jaron’s body. Trevor was hungry, hungry to have Jaron wrapped around him, crying and begging to be filled by Trevor. It sounded terrible to think but Trevor wanted to own Jaron. Not in a bad way but in a way that meant Jaron belonged to him. Being this close to Jaron was driving Trevor insane but he loved it.

Jaron’s chest heaved with each intake of breath. His fingers were twisting the sheet beneath him. Trevor’s gaze landed on the hard, thick shaft jutting up from Jaron’s crotch. Soft brown curls shaded the base of his cock and his balls were tight and swollen between his thighs.

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