Boone's Cowboy (MM)

Rescue for Hire 8

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 29,190
54 Ratings (4.6)
[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Cowboy Romance, M/M, HEA]
Welcome back to Rescue for Hire, where heroes go after who they want and keep them. 
Boone Ryder and Flynn Wakefield meet at a gay nightclub and hook up, only to reluctantly part ways the next morning. When Boone is hired by Rescue for Hire, he is totally pumped to see Flynn working on a remodeling project for the company’s owner.
One laid-back older cowboy, with the jealous hired hand, meets a younger electronics and bomb specialist, who is an adrenaline junkie. Age knows no boundaries with the red hot attraction between these two. Do we have a happily ever after? Not until we deal with one of our favorite team members getting devastating health news. Then there’s the mall shooting, horrible flooding, bombs about to go off, and Flynn being attacked by a bull. Two men discover a whole new world when Boone meets his cowboy.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Bellann Summer is a Siren-exclusive author.
Boone's Cowboy (MM)
54 Ratings (4.6)

Boone's Cowboy (MM)

Rescue for Hire 8

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 29,190
54 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Awesome continuation of the Rescue for Hire boys!!!
Professional Reviews

5 FLAMES: "I'm really enjoying the 'Rescue for Hire' series even more than I expected, and I would like to say a big thank you to Bellann Summer. This series began with five members of a company who are true heroes and have melded all the new additions into one great big family. These men risk their lives to rescue people and sometimes each other. There is nothing more beautiful than selfless acts of courage and heroism. I really enjoyed the circuitous manner in which Boone came to be a part of the team at Rescue for Hire. He has spent the last eight years doing things for his country that no one should ever have to do. He needs to find a job that matches his qualifications and his adrenaline junkie attitude. Rescue for Hire just recently had a mass shooting in a mall that also involved a bomb, and Cade realizes they need someone on the team who knows about explosives. When Tony becomes sick they also need help in the electronics arena. Cade, meet Boone. Boone, meet the best thing that's ever going to happen to you, Rescue for Hire. Oh, and Flynn too. Boone and Flynn's story isn't the only thing going on here. Tony has a severe medical risk, the kind people die from every day, and he's terrified. Shane is his rock but Shane is equally frightened. These are the times when the very best parts of Rescue for Hire come to the fore. These people are more than coworkers, they're family and they instantly gather around and hold up the fort in times of need. Boone, Treble, and Gabriel have a lot in common and that told me everything I needed to know about Rescue for Hire's newest recruit. Boone and Flynn's romance was way hot but also sweet and I loved watching them fall in love. I hurt for Tony and Shane but I knew everything would be all right. It had to be. There was some drama in this installment and I enjoyed every moment. An emotional addition that has me eagerly anticipating more.—Christy, Rainbow Book Reviews

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Flynn drove into Cade Miller’s yard and parked his truck at the rear of the house. Things were moving right along with the addition. The log walls were up and today he hoped to finish installing the vents on the roof before the roofers arrived.

He spent the last two days scheduling the plumbers, heating people and the electrician to come in do their thing when he was ready for them. He also ordered drywall and other supplies he expected to be delivered today sometime.

Fifteen minutes later Flynn knelt on the plywood roof and fit a metal vent in the center crease at the top of the roof. Glancing over the roof’s peak Flynn noticed a camper trailer parked on the edge of Cade’s lawn. Flynn frowned. That hadn’t been there two days before.

The door to the camper opened, and a lean man wearing nothing but sleep pants stepped out. Flynn sat on the roof transfixed when the man raised both arms and stretched his delicious body. He heard the man’s loud yawn all the way across the yard and up on the roof.

Flynn watched the man put his arms down and look around. When he spotted Flynn, he froze and stared up at him. Flynn had to grab the edge of the plywood to keep from falling off the roof. He couldn’t believe his eyes. Boone was here.

With bare feet and chest, Boone walked across the short grass toward Flynn. In the early morning sunlight, he was more handsome than he had been that night they met. Messy, shiny, dark brown hair, smooth tan skin, and lean muscles drew Flynn like a magnet.

Boone stopped on the edge of the asphalt covered driveway and put his hands on his hips. “I thought you were a cowboy?”

“What’s your description of a cowboy?” He called down. Flynn held back a laugh when Boone pulled his bottom lip in and thought about that for a second.

Velvety brown eyes sparkled up at him, and Boone said, “Cowboys have cows, horses and hay lofts to rendezvous in.”

“I have all of them,” Flynn said.

“But now you’re wearing a tool belt and carrying a hammer. That tells me you’re a carpenter,” Boone teased.

Flynn laughed at the adorable man. “I’m a man of many talents.”

“That you are,” Boone said as he made his way across the driveway until he disappeared under the edge of the roof.

Flynn saw the ladder move slightly and heard Boone climbing up. He had a grand show of Boone’s head appearing over the edge of the plywood, followed by a smooth chest, belly, and a pair of thin plain sleep pants.

“What are you doing?” Flynn asked as Boone climbed onto the roof and crawled across it toward him.

“I came to say hi,” Boone said right before he kissed Flynn.

Christmas came early, and Flynn’s present was a warm Boone in his arms. He swept the man closer and maneuvered him around to they sat facing each other. Flynn had missed Boone and wondered if he would ever meet him again. Now that he was here Flynn pressed his tongue in and tasted every secret of his mouth.

Only when he was satisfied did Flynn break the kiss and savored a trail of smooth skin to Boone’s ear. He took a moment to suck his ear lobe surprised there wasn’t a ring in it. Little moans escaped from Boone’s throat as Flynn placed biting kisses down the side of it before sucking a patch of skin into his mouth marking the man.

Goosebumps pebbled across the man’s skin when Flynn centered his attention on the spot where Boone’s shoulder met his neck. Ruthlessly he pulled up another mark before lovingly bathing it with his tongue.

“Flynn, you’re making me need, man,” Boone breathed out.

Flynn was just about to tell Boone what a great idea he thought that was when he heard a throat clear from down on the ground.

“Normally I’d think watching two men rolling around naked on a roof an awesome way to pass the time, but we have babies here now, and maybe you should take that show somewhere private.”

Flynn looked down and saw a laughing Brett James holding a baby. Cade was standing next to him with a little girl’s tiny hand clasped in his.

“Shit,” Boone’s muffled response came from Flynn shoulder where the man currently had his face buried.




Flynn’s deep green eyes seemed to suck him under a spell that consisted of thick waves of desire and longing. Boone knew the evening would end with Flynn’s arms around him and his cock deep in Boone’s ass. Part of him wanted to jump right into bed, but Boone also wanted to build something solid with the man.

So instead of climbing into Flynn’s lap, although he planned on doing that shortly, he asked, “Did you buy any cows at the auction you were attending when we met?”

“Actually I did. They should be arriving at the end of the week.” Flynn’s straight white teeth bit into a piece of bread.

“So you found something you liked?” Boone wanted to know more about Flynn’s life and thought talking about the cows might be a way to do it.

Flynn took a sip of his beer. “I found a couple of cows I liked, but my special buy this time was bull number one eighteen. Last year my old bull died, so this is a great time to introduce some new blood into my herd.”

“Aren’t bulls dangerous? I thought everyone used artificial insemination these days?” Boone wondered if Flynn would let him try and ride it.

“Whenever you are around that bull, be extra careful. They can act like a playful puppy one minute and the next second he’s crushing you against a fence or wall,” Flynn warned. “As for artificial insemination, sometimes the old ways work best.”

Boone smiled at Flynn. “I can’t think of anything better than old fashioned sex unless it was new-fashioned sex or spur of the moment sex….”

“Let’s get these dishes cleaned and then we can see what comes up,” Flynn interrupted and abruptly stood.

Boone would have been offended by Flynn cutting him off, but the prominent bulge in the man’s pants told him that his immediate future included a lot of fun.

Quickly the two set the large country kitchen back in order. Boone wasn’t one of those people who noticed much about houses. He either liked them because they felt homey, or he didn’t. Flynn’s old two story farm house felt like home.


* * * *


Flynn grabbed Boone’s hand and led him out of the kitchen and through the formal dining room. When they reached the living room, he stopped.

“Would you like to watch television for a while or see the rest of the house?” he asked. His mama trained politeness into him even if he wanted to do other things.

Boone never hesitated. “I’d like to see the rest of the house.”

Flynn liked it that he and Boone were on the same page. He’d had a semi hard on since Boone had rolled his cycle into his barn and allowed Flynn to lock the door for the night. As far as Flynn was concerned the only part of the rest of the house Boone was going to see consisted of his bedroom.

Halfway up the stairs Flynn turned around and sat down. Leaning back he looked at a smiling Boone. “One more step and you’ll be at the perfect height.”

“I like the way you think, cowboy,” Boone said before taking that step.

“Now lose the pants and let me taste,” he ordered.

Boone’s pants and underwear ended up sailing down the stairs. Flynn would have laughed at the man’s enthusiasm, but he was too busy cupping Boone’s ass cheeks and pulling him closer until Boone was spread wide and standing at the perfect height for him to explore, with his mouth.

Flynn licked the dripping slit of Boone’s prick. The man must like his fruit juices because he tasted sweet.

“Flynn,” Boone cried out and pulled his hips back.

“Oh no, you don’t,” Flynn said. “Bring that back over here.”

Boone obeyed and pushed the spongy head covered in soft skin against Flynn’s lips. Flynn pulled the head into his mouth and proceeded to lick every inch of it. Flynn encircled Boone’s hips loving it that his hands were large enough that he could still with his hands loving it cup Boone’s ass cheeks with his fingers.

Flynn began to suck hard on the head of Boone’s cock. Boone’s legs stiffened, and a hand came down on Flynn’s head. Fingers tangled in Flynn’s hair, grasping the ends. Pain lanced through his scalp. Flynn let go of the tasty cock in his mouth.

“Let go,” Flynn ordered.

“Flynn please….” Boone gasped.

The fingers in Flynn’s hair loosened and Finn rewarded Boone by sucking his cock in deep. When the head bumped into the back of Flynn’s throat, he swallowed. Boone cried out and struggled to thrust his hips.

Flynn controlled Boone with his hands not allowing him to move. Using his mouth, he proceeded to fuck Boone’s cock. Every time Boone’s cock touched the back of Flynn’s throat he swallowed pulling whimpers and groans from Boone.

He slid his middle finger into Boone’s crack searching for the tiny rosette. Flynn sucked hard on Boone’s cock and rubbed a fingertip over the wrinkled flesh of Boone’s asshole. Under his fingers, Flynn felt his pretty baby begin to tremble from head to toe.

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