Craving a Lion (MM)

Pride Valley 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 36,223
62 Ratings (4.7)

[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Futuristic Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]

Fjord is a lion shifter and pretty content with life. His only complication is Katron, the largest of the wolf shifters. The man is so sour that Fjord wants to drown the man in the lake. He has never met a more irritating person in his life.

Katron knows that not all want the wolf shifters in their throwback village. He has even seen a few of the lion shifters sneer at him. Of course, it could always be his winning personality that makes the lions dislike him. But the one who thinks himself better than the rest is Fjord, brother to the king and a royal pain in the ass.

When Lansing sends Fjord and Katron on a mission to the outer perimeters, he warns Fjord and Katron not to kill each other. That isn’t an easy request. But they soon find themselves in enemy territory, and Katron is taken prisoner.

Can Katron get away in time to save Fjord, if he is still alive, and can he come to terms with the strong attraction he has for the king’s brother, an attraction that he has been denying since first setting eyes on the sexy lion shifter?

A Siren Erotic Romance


Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.

Craving a Lion (MM)
62 Ratings (4.7)

Craving a Lion (MM)

Pride Valley 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 36,223
62 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
loved this book
Loved the second book in the series! I can't wait for Asher and Jari's story! Keep up the great work Ms. Hagen.



Katron tucked his hands behind his back as he paced outside the longhouse, wondering why Lansing had summoned him. It wasn’t a secret that Katron wasn’t particular about King Lansing, but he wasn’t foolish enough to disrespect the lion shifter and not show up when summoned.

Well, he wasn’t going to curse the man where anyone could hear him that was.

After all, Katron was a wolf shifter, one of four in the world he now found himself in, and he knew when to keep his mouth shut. He may not like the fact that he had to watch his tongue around the king, but it was better than being banned from the village, or being killed. He wasn’t sure which outcome would be his fate, but knowing Lansing, whatever the decision was, Katron wouldn’t like it in the least.

The lion shifter lived to fuck with Katron.

He glanced up when he heard footsteps. “The king will see you know,” Emyd, the king’s advisor, said as he stepped out onto the deck of the longhouse, staring at Katron like he was scum under the man’s foot.

Katron liked this shifter even less than the king. Emyd was shady as hell in Katron’s opinion. The man had those beady little eyes that reminded him of someone up to no good. He had seen eyes like that in men who had crossed him, making Katron instantly dislike Emyd. It wasn’t just that. Emyd looked like he would cut someone’s throat for gain. The guy just had that villainous appearance about him.

He waved the thought away, knowing he couldn’t kill the guy just for being a suspicious-looking character, and climbed the steps then headed inside the longhouse. He blinked a few times before his eyes adjusted to the dimness surrounding him. Katron spotted Lansing sitting on his throne, watching Katron as he entered the room.

And Fjord was standing behind the throne with a superior smirk on his face.

The king’s brother rattled Katron in ways he didn’t like and didn’t want to think about. The man was pompous, arrogant, and got on Katron’s last damn nerve. The shifter acted as if Katron was a dimwitted fool and Fjord knew everything.

He wanted to beat the snot out of the lion shifter just for that smirk alone. If the man wasn’t the king’s brother, Katron would have taught the man a lesson weeks ago. Fjord was one of those men who rubbed Katron the wrong way and he hated that he couldn’t just knock the guy on his arrogant ass.

“You wanted to see me?” Katron asked, tucking his hands behind his back once more. This should be good. Lansing had an air about him that said he was just as arrogant as Fjord, if not more so. The man had knocked Katron’s best friend up. That was something he was still furious over. Alexi was one of the weaker wolves, as was Jari.

They both needed protection, and Katron felt like he had failed them when Lansing mated Alexi. Now everyone waited on the birth of the king’s son as if it were a cause for great celebration.

It wasn’t.

In Katron’s opinion, it wasn’t right. Men shouldn’t be having babies. That thought alone went against nature. Just the thought of his own stomach swelling with child nauseated Katron.

That was one of the reasons he had stayed to himself. If one of these lions thought they were going to mate Katron and get him pregnant, they had another thing coming.

“Indeed, Katron, I did.” Lansing sat forward, his long blond hair falling over his massive shoulders as he eyed Katron carefully. The king had a way of not only looking at someone, making them feel uneasy, but looking right through them. It was a creepy-ass feeling that Katron could have done without. “I wanted to talk to you about the fight you were engaged in a few weeks ago.”

Oh, Katron could see where this was going. Lansing’s Uncle Dirk had come into the territory with a serious chip on his shoulder. Katron had stopped the man and his two sons from getting anywhere near the village.

Was Lansing going to chew him out for kicking his uncle’s ass? If he did, Katron was through here. He had only done what he thought was best. There was no way he was going to stand here and let the king chew him out for besting the lion shifter. “What about it?” he asked with irritation. “Did your uncle come crying to you because I handed him his ass?”

“Watch your tongue,” Fjord warned with a feral bite, his nostrils flaring.

Katron flipped the man off and then glanced at the king, ignoring the small growl coming from behind the throne. What was Fjord going to do, fight him? It was true that the lions were much larger than the wolves, but he was pretty damn sure he could kick Fjord’s ass. The guy may be four inches taller than Katron, but Fjord was sinewy whereas Katron was thick with muscles. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out who would win if they ever went up against each other.

And as much as the man had irritated the shit out of Katron in the past few weeks, he would love nothing more than to show the man who the dominant shifter was.

It would help ease some of Katron’s tension as well. He needed a good fight.

“I wanted to talk to you about a position with my guards,” Lansing said, a small twitch playing at the side of his mouth. The king knew Katron wasn’t too particular about the lions. In his opinion, they all thought they were better than the wolves and some didn’t hesitate to show it. The king had to have a serious grudge against Katron to even think of making him a guard.

He would probably kill half of them on the first day when they opened their mouths and started spouting that superiority shit. But the king kept right on fighting a smile.

Katron wasn’t sure what was so funny, but he matched the straining smile with a smirk. “What, you want me to teach them how to fight?”


Lansing held up his hand and Fjord quieted, but the evil glare he was sending Katron’s way was glacial. Katron gave Fjord a tight-lipped smile. The lion shifter had been nothing but rude and arrogant since meeting him and Katron wasn’t about to play nice now.




“You are very beautiful, pussycat.” Katron was expecting Fjord to argue the endearment, but the man spread his legs in invitation instead. Katron moved until he was settled between Fjord’s legs. The man stared up at him as Katron gazed down at the lion shifter. “Are you sure?”

Fjord nodded.

With the man’s approval, Katron ran his hands up Fjord’s inner thighs, spreading his legs a little further apart and growling softly in his throat when he saw Fjord’s tiny hole exposed to him. His body reacted to the sight. His cock thickened, his pulse sped up, and his body began to sweat in anticipation.

Katron leaned down and used the tip of his tongue to play at the waiting bud. Fjord cried out, his hands fisting Katron’s hair. Katron pulled back, grabbing Fjord’s hands and placing them back over his head. “Don’t move them.”

Fjord quickly nodded, his eyes pleading with Katron to go back to what he was doing. And he did. Katron lapped at Fjord’s crease, circled his tongue around Fjord’s opening, and mouthed the man’s sac.

In truth, Katron had never given head before. To him, it was a very intimate act that he hadn’t found anyone he wanted to perform oral sex on. But as Fjord whimpered, his ass chasing Katron’s tongue, he knew that since Fjord was giving him something so very precious, Katron could do no less.

He wasn’t even sure where in the hell that thought had come from, but Katron pushed it aside as his tongue glided up Fjord’s erect cock. His fingers played at Fjord’s thighs, and then moved low to play at his entrance.

Lube would be very useful right now, but since they didn’t have any, Katron made sure he used plenty of saliva as the tip of his finger breached Fjord. The man stiffened.

“Relax, pussycat,” Katron said softly and then inched his finger inside Fjord’s untried entrance as he took the man’s cock down his throat.

He gagged.

Katron pulled back, his eyes watering something fierce, but he tried again, this time not taking the full length into his mouth. Fjord began to rock back and forth on Katron’s finger as little whimpers fell from his lips.

Not wanting to choke himself again, Katron concentrated on the head of Fjord’s cock as he loosened Fjord’s entrance. He pulled back, added more saliva, and then pushed as second finger inside with the first.

Fjord hissed, but didn’t stop rocking his body on Katron’s hand. He took that as a good sign and then went back to lapping at the bulbous head, licking away all the pre-cum that was leaking out.

Katron could feel his control slipping, but knew he couldn’t take Fjord hard and fast, even if Katron’s body was begging him to. When Katron inserted a third finger, Fjord cried out, cum spurting from his cock as his body undulated on the ground. Katron quickly swallowed the head of Fjord’s cock, taking in as much as he could.

Fjord shuddered, his body growing limp.

Katron leaned over Fjord, taking his mouth in an erotic kiss as he worked his fingers to loosen Fjord for him. “Ready?” Katron asked into Fjord’s mouth.

“Yes,” Fjord whimpered.

Katron moved back long enough to coat his cock with saliva and then blanketed Fjord once more. He placed the blunt tip of his shaft to Fjord’s entrance and prayed he wasn’t making the biggest mistake of his life.

He growled when Fjord bit his bottom lip, but Katron knew Fjord was biting him through the burn of having someone take him for the first time. He moved slowly, in small increments, only pushing forward when Fjord’s body relaxed. When he was fully seated, Katron stilled, allowing Fjord’s body to adjust to the thick girth of Katron’s cock.

His hands slid under Fjord’s ass, cupping the twin mounds as he laid gentle kisses on Fjord’s lips. When the man began to respond, lapping at Katron’s mouth, Katron pulled back and then slid his cock back in. The feeling of Fjord’s heat threatened Katron’s very sanity. He could honestly say that he had never felt anything so good, so tight, so hot and welcoming, and mean it.

“Please, Katron, move,” Fjord whispered.

Katron reared back, kneeling between Fjord’s legs, and then thrust a little faster, hissing at how good the man felt wrapped around his cock as he watched his shaft slip in and out of Fjord’s body.

Never before had his body tightened so quickly. He grabbed Fjord’s legs, holding them from behind the knees as he changed angles, pegging Fjord’s prostate over and over again. The man thrashed his head back and forth, cries falling from his lips as Katron took him.

“That’s my pussycat. I want you to enjoy what I’m doing to you.” Katron shocked himself by saying those words. He wasn’t a talker, ever. It seemed Fjord was doing things to him that Katron would have never done with anyone else. The man was getting under his skin in the worst sort of way.



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