[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, shape-shifters, public exhibition, bondage, HEA]
Jari loves living in Pride Valley. The place is lush and green, and a man who he is very interested in lives there as well. There is just one small problem. Every time Ewon looks his way, Jari runs. The lion is both sexy and intimidating. Jari just fears that he will never have enough nerve to go after what he truly wants.
Ewon wants the sexy little wolf from the moment he lays eyes on Jari. He just can't understand the driving need inside of him to possess the small man. It baffles him. Not only that, but Jari is one very skittish man. He runs anytime Ewon looks his way.
When one of the members of Lansing's pride betrays not only Ewon and Jari, but the king as well, Ewon must rescue the man he loves and bring Jari home to the safety of his arms. Because loving someone as sweet as Jari is a dream Ewon never dared believe in.  
A Siren Erotic Romance
Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.
Loving Jari (MM)
51 Ratings (4.7)
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This book shows that the lions in Pride Valley are not entirely removed from their wild, non-shifter counterparts. I loved every aspect of this sweet romance. I even loved little Mykkel and his bravery. Looking forward to Asher's story.
One of the most enjoyable elements of this book is the family dynamic between Mykkel, Ewon, and Jari. Not only is Mykkel a wonderful cub in his own right, whose sweet demeanor and bravery is a testament to Ewon’s abilities as a single father, but the strong rapport that quickly develops between Mykkel and Jari lends further credibility to the idea that Jari was destined to be part of Ewon and Mykkel’s family.
The romance between Jari and Ewon is also amazing, and it’s hard not to root for two men who are so identifiable and compassionate, and so obviously well-suited for each other.




Jari snorted as he released his hair and placed his hands in his lap. “You make it sound so easy.”

“It is.”

“No it isn’t.”

Asher gave a long sigh as he crossed his arms over his chest and leaned against the hut wall. “I know you aren’t an alpha-type male, but keeping your mouth shut and not telling the man how you truly feel will get you nowhere, Jari. How is he supposed to know you’re interested if you don’t tell him?”

That was a damn good question. Unfortunately, Jari didn’t have an answer.

Shifting in his chair, Jari felt the unease settle in. What if Ewon really did reject him? He would be devastated. The man was so handsome that he could have any lion he wanted. Why would he settle for a small wolf like Jari? “I could send him smoke signals.” He snickered at his own comment.

Asher gave him a look that said Jari was being ridiculous. He knew he was, but telling Ewon he was interested in the guy made his pulse race. Frustrated with himself, Jari stood and strode toward the door.

“Are you going to tell him?” Asher asked. When Jari looked over his shoulder, he saw the amusement on the man’s face.

“I guess I’m about to find out.”

Heading toward Ewon’s, Jari gazed around the village. It was peaceful here and as laid back as one could ask for. Small cubs ran around, dogs barking as they chased the cubs, and Jari still couldn’t get over the fact that there were cows and chickens wandering about freely. Animals had died out back in his time period. To see them again always made him smile.

Reaching down, Jari pulled at his loincloth. He was still afraid the back flap would catch in a breeze and show off his ass cheeks. He found himself tugging on the skimpy piece of material constantly when he walked through the village, afraid his bits and pieces would hang out for all to see.

Coming to a halt outside of Ewon’s hut, Jari began to worry his hands, too terrified to even knock on the hut as he glanced around to see if anyone was paying him any attention. Ewon was this big, massive, scary, intimidating, sexy man who made Jari tremble in his loincloth every time he spotted the lion shifter.


Just the sound of his voice had Jari’s pulse skyrocketing, his body heating up like a damned furnace. It was a voice that pulled at Jari’s very soul…and cock. He let out a slow, trembling breath and turned, seeing Ewon standing on the side of his hut with a woven basket of fresh, ripe tomatoes in his arms.

Jari breathed in sharply as their gazes connected, a self-satisfied smile stretching across those wonderful lips. “Is there something I can help you with?”

Jari took a deep breath, his tongue running over his dry lips nervously, unsure of how to answer the lion. What could he say? I’m stalking you just didn’t seem right—although it was the truth. He tried his best to catch glimpses of the lion shifter when he thought Ewon wasn’t looking.

Yeah, he was that damn shy.

“No,” he quickly answered, lightly fingering a loose tendril of his hair and glancing at the ground.

Just look at the guy and tell him you would like to get to know him better. Open your damn mouth and say the words, ninny.

“I was just walking by.”

Damn it.

“But you weren’t moving,” Ewon pointed out as he ran his fingers over his stubbled jaw, giving Jari a smile that made the lion shifter’s amber eyes light up and Jari’s insides sigh.

The grin held a spark of eroticism to it. Where was a damned breeze when he needed it? Jari was going to overheat any minute.

“Chocolate,” Jari managed to push put past his lips as he stared at Ewon. The lion shifter was tall. At least six feet, three inches, muscular, broad chested and narrow hipped, with powerful thighs and the most gorgeous, well-defined damned legs Jari had ever seen.

“I”—Jari swallowed hard, the sound extremely loud in his ears as he imagined kissing every inch of that golden body—“need chocolate.”

Was that his damn voice that had just dropped a few octaves? Jari wanted to smack his forehead.

Ewon gave a deep chuckle and shook his head, his blond hair glistening in the sun as he shifted the basket around in his arm. It was almost like the guy knew what he did to Jari and was getting pure enjoyment out of being ogled. “I’m not sure what chocolate is, Jari. But I’m sure if you tell me, I can help you find some.”

Oh, god!

Jari was mortified when his loincloth began to rise just from hearing Ewon say his name once more. And he’d said it casually. There was no heat behind it, or any kind on intention, yet Jari was turned the hell on.

“Are you all right?”

He swiveled around quickly and gave Ewon his back, embarrassed as hell that he was standing there with a hard cock. He got out of there just as fast as his two feet would carry him. Was he ever going to face Ewon without embarrassing himself? It didn’t seem like it. Every time Jari went near that man he was a hot mess.


He groaned when he heard Ewon shouting his name. Jari hurried across the village, heading for the longhouse, and ignoring Ewon. He had to. If he ran back to the man, Jari was going to make a fool of himself.

Like you didn’t already…chocolate, ugh.

What the hell was he thinking? Why couldn’t he just walk right up to Ewon and tell the man he needed the cocoa beans? It wasn’t that hard. Unfortunately he was every time he stepped foot near the lion.




“Jari,” Ewon’s husky voice vibrated along Jari’s backside, sending chills all over his body. “Do you know how good you taste right now?”

Jari’s lips parted to accommodate more air, his head spinning from what Ewon was doing to him. Currents of electricity buzzed across his skin as Ewon cupped Jari’s ass and scooted him closer. He wasn’t sure what the lion shifter was about to do until he felt the lash of Ewon’s tongue bathe his crease. Jari cried out, his knees spreading wider, his entire body feeling as if it were Ewon’s playground.

“I want to lick every inch of your soft skin.”

“Please,” Jari begged shamelessly as Ewon’s finger pressed deeper into his body. His breath hitched when Ewon stuck out his tongue and licked Jari’s balls then took each one into his mouth and sucked them one by one. The heat from the man’s mouth was setting him on fire.

His cock tingled, aching for release, but Jari didn’t want to come so soon. He wanted this to last much, much longer.

“Are you mine, Jari?”

Jari’s lips fell open and a long moan escaped.

Ewon’s light laugh filled the room. “I’ll take that as a yes.”

That was more than a yes. Jari wanted to belong to Ewon. He dreamed of belonging to the fierce male. Ewon was everything Jari could ever want in a man. The only thing that would make his dream come true was if Ewon was his mate.

“Your skin is so flawless, so sweet tasting.”

Jari sucked in a quick breath, his senses reeling as if short-circuited when Ewon kissed Jari’s inner thighs. His large hands kept Jari’s legs from clamping together as he nuzzled against Jari’s balls.

“I love how you smell.”

When Ewon’s tongue flicked out, trailing along his crease before circling once again around Jari’s tight bud, Jari melted. “Ewon.” He groaned the man’s name. His balls started to ache when the tremor of arousal began to shake through him. His body tingled with the need to come, but he refused to end this so quickly.

He gasped when Ewon removed his finger and then flipped Jari over on the table. The man was so strong, so powerful and all Jari could do was lay there and be simply amazed by the man.

Throwing his head back, Jari’s back bowed when Ewon parted his lips and took the head of Jari’s cock into his moist mouth. He collapsed on the table, his legs trembling as Ewon held them apart, sucking Jari’s cock to the back of his throat.

Remembering at the last second that Mykkel was in the next room, Jari bit back his scream. Not only was Ewon kind and sweet, the man was a master as sucking cock. Jari’s body jerked and trembled as the lion shifter used his tongue to bring Jari so much damn pleasure.

Jari began to rock his head back and forth as jolts of pure pleasure pulsed through his body. The man was out to kill him. Ewon had to be because Jari’s heart was beating so fast he feared it would burst from his chest.

He wasn’t going to last. Not when Ewon was bobbing his head and humming around Jari’s shaft. “Ewon…oh…” Jari couldn’t finish the rest of his sentence, not when his body erupted into one of the most gratifying, self-indulging orgasms, every nerve ending in his cock rejoiced in satisfaction.

His fingers grabbed Ewon’s long blond hair, pulling at it, damn near ripping it out, as he fucked the man’s mouth until every last bit of seed was drained from his body.

Jari gasped for air as Ewon climbed onto the table and over Jari’s body until his thick cock was right over Jari’s face.

Jari licked a path to Ewon’s cock, leaving a moistened trail. He nuzzled in the wiry curls before licking his way up the fully hard shaft and sucking at the engorged head to savor his lover’s pre-cum. As he swallowed, Jari felt a large hand on his head and looked up to see Ewon gazing down at him—his eyes watching every move, savoring the beautiful sight. Not only were the man’s eyes filled with hunger, but to Jari’s amazement, they were filled with something close to affection, maybe even the blossoming of love.

The strange scent in the air was wild, untamed, and pulled at Jari’s heart. He had gone from shy and bashful to wanting to devour every inch of the lion. He parted his lips wider, sucking Ewon’s cock into his mouth with a groan of arousal.

“Gods!” Ewon shouted as he tunneled his fingers through Jari’s sweat-soaked hair and fucked Jari’s mouth. He held onto Ewon’s hips, his fingernails digging into Ewon’s skin. His mouth moved slowly up and down, a sensual tease that made Jari’s body vibrate with enjoyment.

Through the glaze in his own eyes, Jari could see Ewon’s eyes sparkle like honeyed gems as he watched Jari suck his cock. Jari never had anyone watch him before. It was intimidating and thrilling at the same time.

“Your lips are so beautiful.” Ewon slipped his cock further into Jari’s mouth. “So soft.”

Feeling unhindered, Jari let his tongue swirl around Ewon’s cock as he continued to suck, running his tongue down the length. Jari reached up and smoothed his hands over Ewon’s ass, exploring all the dips and hard lines.

“Touch me, my little wolf. Set my body on fire.”

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