The Dark Side of Love (MM)

Christian's Coven 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 39,542
78 Ratings (4.7)

[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, vampires, public exhibition, HEA]

Rhys and Ceri have risen…

The twins, Rhys and Ceri, had been placed in a dark sleep almost two thousand years ago. They were whispered about by vampires, resting so long that most thought them just a myth. But when a human stumbles on the cave that Rhys and Ceri rest in, myth becomes reality.

Nathaniel loves caving. It’s his one peaceful respite in his confusing life. When he accidentally cuts himself, the blood awakens a nightmare that he can’t escape. Not only does he discover that vampires exist, but one of them shows Nathaniel just how truly horrifying vampires can be.

Running for his life, Nathaniel finds himself turning to one of the vampires for help. The problem is he’s running from one of the twins. Ceri thinks Nathaniel is one of the evil humans he must kill, while Rhys argues that Nathaniel is redeemable.

Rhys isn’t so sure Nathaniel is redeemable, but he must stop Ceri from killing his mate.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.

The Dark Side of Love (MM)
78 Ratings (4.7)

The Dark Side of Love (MM)

Christian's Coven 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 39,542
78 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Wonderful series. I can't wait for the next book!
Yes! I loved it!
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5 ANGELS: "Nathaniel and his climbing partner Orin are exploring a cave that no one's ever been in before. At first, Nathaniel is very excited, but as they go deeper into the cave, he gets the feeling of excitation and doom, like one voice is calling to him and another telling him to run for his life. The two enter a remarkable room that appears to be manmade, with writing on the walls that neither recognizes. After Nathaniel accidentally cuts himself, he sees things moving in the floor, but he never expected corpses to arise attacking them. Orin leaves Nathaniel behind while he attempts to escape, but he is overpowered and literally eaten alive. The other corpse seems to be trying to communicate with little success until it gives into its needs and feeds off Nathaniel. Nathaniel is horrified and flabbergasted when it begins to resume more of a human appearance before it joins the other thing eating what is left of Orin. What Nathaniel doesn't know is that the corpses are Christian's, the vampire prince's brothers, Ceri and Rhys, who he committed to a deep sleep two thousand years ago to stop their rampant killing of anything they consider evil. Christian is immediately aware that his brothers have awakened and he will need to find a way to help them adjust to modern society while keeping everyone safe from their raging hungers. For the first time in his life, Rhys desires to protect a human, even from his brother Ceri because Nathaniel is his mate. Will Rhys and Ceri adapt to the modern society with Christians help or will they continue to exterminate anything they deem evil? I have never tried caving, but the visual descriptions brought it to life for me. The excitement and exhilaration of seeing something that no one has seen must be unbelievable. The thought of the dead coming to life, consuming someone, and then transforming into a man would be terrifying to me, but Nathaniel dealt with it better than most. His ability to accept Rhys, even wanting to protect him was mind-boggling. Rhys was almost crazy with hunger, but he still refused to feed or let Ceri feed from Nathaniel. It was amazing to read how Rhys struggled to adapt and understand the modern world because of his love for Nathaniel, while Ceri fought the changes until he spent time with Nathaniel and began to understand that he could find his way if he opened himself to all that modern society had to offer. The evolving love between Nathaniel and Rhys defied the odds, giving them a love that they never expected, but secretly desired." -- Teresa, Fallen Angel Reviews

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“Orin,” Nathaniel said slowly.

“What?” his partner asked as he continued to snap picture after picture. Nathaniel pointed the light of his flashlight onto the dirt floor, seeing that the dirt looked disturbed, freshly moved. It was no longer well packed, but somewhat resembling a freshly made anthill. He swallowed hard.


Orin spun around, glaring at Nathaniel. Even in the dimly lit cavern, Nathaniel could see the hard glint in Orin’s eyes. “I’m trying to get some award-winning shots here. What is it?”

Nathaniel had never heard Orin talk to him like that before. It was irritation and annoyance all mixed in one. They had only been partners for six months. He really didn’t know Orin all that well. The man was a damn good caver, but socially, they never got together. Nathaniel didn’t care for Orin to snap at him like that.

Nathaniel’s flashlight slid back down toward the dirt, his entire body freezing in horror as he watched a hand, or what looked like a hand, push up past the dirt floor. The scream froze in his throat as he saw bones, with skin so dry and rotted that he swore he was seeing things.


Orin spun around, his eyes narrowed at Nathaniel. Nathaniel pointed down to the ground, his fingers shaking uncontrollably as the hand turned into an arm and then a shoulder. Something was emerging from the dirt floor, and Nathaniel was not going to stick around to see what it was.


Leaving their backpacks behind, both of them raced to the crawl space at the same time. Orin pushed Nathaniel out of the way as he began to crawl inside the hole. The man wasn’t moving fast enough! When Nathaniel glanced back at the dirt, he saw that a head had appeared. The scream finally broke free from Nathaniel’s throat. It was so loud that his ears began to ring from the echo.

Nathaniel twisted around, diving for the crawl space. He had to get out of there. As he pushed through the small opening, he felt a cool brush of air race past his face. The air smelled old, like mothballs. Nathaniel tried his best not to gag, but the smell had gotten into his mouth and hit the back of throat, forcing Nathaniel to cough as his eyes began to water.

Losing his vision down here to tears was not the wisest thing to do. He paused for a moment and wiped at his eyes, smelling the blood from his wound on his hands.

“Orin!” Nathaniel shouted, but no one answered. Had Orin left him behind? He didn’t see the light from Orin’s hard hat in front of him.

He crawled as fast as he could, which wasn’t that fast considering the space was so tight that his shoulders were brushing the sides of the walls. His arm was throbbing painfully now, but Nathaniel wasn’t going to stop. Not when he had just seen something that was utterly impossible. Only things in horror movies emerged from the ground, not in a fucking cave! Nathaniel finally cleared the crawl space and stood, rushing back the way he had come. He held his hand over the wound on his arm, hurrying to catch up with Orin.

The air around him moved so fast that Nathaniel’s shoulder-length hair blew up in a whirlwind. He spotted Orin in front of him, maybe twenty feet. “Orin!”

Orin looked back, stared Nathaniel directly in his eyes, and then turned back around, running as fast as he could.

The bastard was leaving him!

Orin was leaving him behind!

Nathaniel put on a burst of speed, trying his best not to fall down or knock himself out as he ran toward his harness. He wasn’t sure he could climb out of the cave in time before whatever that thing was tackled him, but he sure as hell was going to try. His injury was throbbing, reminding Nathaniel that his climb out of this cave was not going to be easy or quick.

Nathaniel looked over his shoulder. That was a big mistake. He screamed louder this time when he saw the bones wrapped in dried skin almost floating toward him. He couldn’t think of a better way to describe what the thing was doing. It was fast as hell, but its feet didn’t seem to touch the ground. There was no possible way that thing wasn’t walking, but as Nathaniel looked down at the ground…yeah, it was floating, all right.

Why in the fuck hadn’t he listened to that gut feeling when he first climbed down the rope? He should have turned back around and left the cave, not explored it.

“Orin!” Nathaniel shouted and then turned back around, knocking his head on a shelf that was jutting out about four inches from the wall. Nathaniel grabbed his head at the same time he fell to the ground. He could feel warm wetness as he pressed his hand on his head. He was bleeding again. Was he going to make it out of this cave before he was either eaten alive or lost all of his blood from carelessness?




“You owe me a blow job,” Nathaniel said as he gripped Rhys’s hair, tugging at the silky strands.

Rhys grinned. “That I do.”

Nathaniel wasn’t stupid. He quickly peeled his jeans off, tossing them aside, hearing the change fall to the floor. He pulled his shirt off, tossing it aside, and then laid himself out on the bed. “Have at it.”

Rhys tickled Nathaniel’s belly with a soft kiss, making Nathaniel squirm. Rhys placed his hands on Nathaniel’s waist, holding him still. Rhys didn’t make Nathaniel wait long. He engulfed Nathaniel’s cock, increasing his suction as his tongue danced along Nathaniel’s shaft.

“Oh, god.” Nathaniel fisted his hands into Rhys’s hair, pulling and tugging as Rhys slid his hand between Nathaniel’s ass cheeks.

“Oh, fuck. Gonna come. Not yet. Rhys…” Nathaniel knew he made no damn sense, and he wasn’t supposed to if the blow job was done right. And Rhys was doing it very right.

Nathaniel fought the growing sensation as his legs began to shake. Rhys knew exactly what he was doing. The man gave one hell of a blow job.

Rhys grabbed Nathaniel’s dick, laving it from tip to balls. Nathaniel screamed, begged, and whimpered when Rhys’s wonderful mouth left his erection.

“Don’t you dare stop.”

“But you just begged me to stop.”

Had he? “I didn’t mean it. Don’t listen to a damn word I say.” Nathaniel hitched his hips, trying his best to get his cock back into Rhys’s warm mouth. Rhys shoved Nathaniel’s legs back, his tongue bathing Nathaniel’s perineum and then his balls. He could feel Rhys’s breath on his skin, and it made him cry out.

“Your mouth. I need your mouth before I come.”

Rhys lifted his head, swallowing Nathaniel’s cock once more as Nathaniel shouted and his ass clenched. Rhys’s fingers were still buried inside of him, making Nathaniel’s orgasm grow higher.

“That’s it, mate. Give me your seed.”

Nathaniel’s muscles seemed to lock into place as his balls emptied. Rhys had pulled away, milking Nathaniel’s cock, watching intently as Nathaniel’s seed fell onto his chest. Rhys leaned forward, licking away the ropes of cum that lay on Nathaniel’s body.

Rhys wasted no time in lubing Nathaniel and then sinking his cock deep into Nathaniel’s ass. Nathaniel rested his ankles on Rhys’s shoulders as his mate grabbed his hips and thrust inside of Nathaniel.

Nathaniel pulled Rhys down, although the move made his legs bend a little too far back. He’d deal with the discomfort. Right now Nathaniel wanted Rhys. He bit Rhys’s bottom lip, sucking it into his mouth as he teased the lip with his teeth.

Rhys groaned, opening his mouth wider so Nathaniel could play at his bottom lip. When he tasted blood in his mouth, Nathaniel pulled back. “I’m sorry. I got carried away.”

Rhys thrust deeper, sucking his bottom lip in and then licking the blood away. “You’re allowed to bite me, Nathaniel.”

“I can?” Nathaniel had bitten Rhys, and fed from him, when he was first converted, but Shelby had showed him what crimson was. Nathaniel liked how it tasted. Rhys hadn’t said anything about Nathaniel drinking from him, so Nathaniel had never asked. From the sweet blood in his mouth, damn, he had been missing out.

Rhys tilted his head. “Go ahead.”

Nathaniel tried to lean forward, but he was already turning into a pretzel. “You’ll have to let my legs go.”

Rhys let Nathaniel’s legs slip from his shoulders as Nathaniel leaned forward, sinking his teeth into Rhys’s neck. The warm liquid splashed onto his tongue, making Nathaniel groan as he drank from Rhys.

As soon as Nathaniel released Rhys, and licked the wound closed, Rhys pulled out of Nathaniel, making Nathaniel whimper, before Rhys flipped him over, sliding back into Nathaniel’s ass.

“On your knees,” Rhys said as he pulled Nathaniel back by his hips.

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