Different Forms of Love (MMMM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 39,497
0 Ratings (0.0)

[Siren Menage Amour: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, ManLove, Alternative, Multiple Partners, MMMM, HEA]

Noel Pruitt works for an accounting firm. His boss, Westin Dickerson, is a tyrant. Westin seems to enjoy making Noel’s life difficult. Noel needs the job so he can only tolerate Westin. Unexpectedly, Westin confesses that he likes Noel a lot. Even though Westin is a jerk, Noel has been infatuated with his boss for many years so they start dating. Everything proceeds smoothly, but Noel is a total top, and while Westin is versatile, he also prefers to be a top sex-wise.

Marcus and Dawson Hayes have been married for years, but they agree to experiment a bit. They're delighted when they meet Noel and Westin because sex-wise, they click. Initially, the two couples are just having fun, but soon, feelings develop. They want a polygamous relationship, but they have their concerns. After all, a relationship between four people is so much more complicated.

Can they work through their differences and find their happy ending?

Different Forms of Love (MMMM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Different Forms of Love (MMMM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 39,497
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


“Good afternoon, Mr. Dickerson,” Noel greeted while standing on the other side of the desk from Westin. “Joshua told me that—”

“Are you free this evening?” Westin interrupted, and he didn’t invite Noel to sit, even though there were two empty chairs.

Noel refrained from sighing. “I am, but—”

“Be ready by six o’clock.”

Noel waited for Westin to explain further. However, Westin was already concentrating on the document that was displayed on the screen of his laptop. Whatever it was, it must be so interesting because Westin seemed to be fascinated by it, and he was pointedly ignoring Noel, who could only gape at the rude and obvious dismissal. Noel was furious, but he forced himself to remain calm. He wished he could snap at Westin without any consequences, but that wouldn’t be a good idea. He wasn’t afraid of Westin, even though, physically, his build was much smaller than his boss. Noel’s height was six feet and two inches, and he weighed two hundred and seven pounds. Westin was about five inches taller than Noel, and judging by how bulky and muscular he was, he should be approximately sixty pounds heavier. Most importantly, Westin was Noel’s boss. Arguing or getting into a fistfight with the owner of the company would likely cost Noel his job.

Howard and Stella, Westin’s parents, had retired a couple of years ago. The accounting firm was now fully under Westin’s control. However, Howard and Stella were supposedly friends with many politicians, several police officers, members of the military, powerful people within the business community, and other influential groups. Westin also had his own circles of friends and acquaintances, which were made up of prominent and important figures. Screaming at or punching Westin might reduce some of Noel’s anger toward the man, but the price he had to pay afterward wouldn’t be worth it. Howard, Stella, or Westin, or all three of them, could easily make life difficult for Noel after terminating his employment.

The Dickersons were also obscenely filthy rich. Rumor had it that Westin’s personal wealth alone was valued at five billion dollars. Noel would never have that much money even if he auctioned off his body and all of his internal organs to the highest bidders. If he got fired, he wouldn’t last long in New York. Surviving in this city without a job was impossible, especially after what little savings he had accumulated over the years were gone. He also didn’t want his mothers, Diane and Maya, to worry about him. Jeffrey and Seth, his older and younger brother respectively, would also be concerned. Hence, he had no choice but to tolerate the blatant discourtesy from Westin.

“What’s the name of the client?” Noel asked while struggling to keep the tone of his voice as neutral as he could manage under the circumstances.


“I need to know the name of the client we will be having dinner with so I can prepare myself,” Noel explained.

He was confused by Westin’s reaction. Westin must have been distracted by the stuff he was reading on the laptop.

“Oh!” Westin exclaimed, and for some reason, his cheeks reddened slightly as if he was flustered and embarrassed.

Noel briefly wondered if Westin was watching something pornographic for the man’s face to be flushing like that, but he decided that was impossible. A workaholic like Westin most definitely had no libido whatsoever. He probably hadn’t gotten laid in years. Or he might be one of those rare thirty-year-old virgins. Noel might be two years younger, but he was certainly quite experienced sex-wise. He almost snickered at the absurdity of the thoughts that crossed his mind. He cleared his throat as subtly as he could while doing his best not to laugh out loud.

“Is there anything I should bring along to dinner tonight?”

“Your laptop. Since it’s a new client, I’ll do the talking. I want you there just in case I require some information, and you can check it out for me.”

Noel was bewildered by Westin’s vague response, but he decided not to overthink it. “All right then, Mr. Dickerson. Is there anything else?”


Noel could take a hint. Westin wasn’t even looking at him anymore. He was obviously dismissed. Westin was acting as rude, curt, and presumptuous as he always did. Noel suppressed his irritation and did his best to hide how he felt deep inside. He kept reminding himself inside his head that he really couldn’t lose this job. It was unfortunate that Westin was such an asshole because he was an incredibly good-looking son of a bitch. His dark brown eyes and hair were nothing special, but they somehow made him even more attractive. Not that Noel was ugly. He had light brown eyes and black hair, and he was quite handsome. At least, that was what his one-night stands and ex-boyfriends had told him. Once upon a time, he had been infatuated with Westin, but the man’s horrid attitude, personality, and character had turned him off. He still harbored plenty of lust for Westin, though. He couldn’t help it.




“Lights on or off?” Noel asked after entering the bedroom and shutting the door behind them.

“Off,” Dawson replied. “But leave the curtains open so it’s not totally dark in here.”

“Sure,” Noel said. “By the way, is it okay with you and Marcus if Westin and I watch the two of you for a bit?”

Marcus snickered. “I don’t mind.”

“Same,” Dawson added. “I’ve never considered myself as an exhibitionist, but now that I’m thinking about fucking my husband in front of you and Westin, it’s kind of sexy.”

Then Dawson pulled Marcus toward him before making out with his husband. Their kisses remained tender and gentle, but their breathing grew louder and harsher as they helped to remove each other’s clothes one piece at a time.

“Are you enjoying this, baby?” Westin whispered next to Noel’s ear while hugging him from behind.

“Yeah,” Noel answered in an equally soft voice, and he gulped a little. “I frankly don’t know what to focus on. Their dueling tongues, their roaming hands, their hairy bodies, or their large cocks and balls.”

Dawson and Marcus weren’t as well-endowed as Noel and Westin, but they were certainly impressive enough. When Marcus got down on his knees to suck on Dawson’s dick like a starving man, Noel gulped. He had dreamed of being a member of the audience during a live sex show for so many years, and now that it was finally happening, it was so much better than he ever imagined. The fact that Dawson and Marcus were husbands made the whole thing even more arousing. Noel thought it made the situation nastier, and his steel-like erection was throbbing so hard he wouldn’t have been surprised if his cock ended up tearing a hole through his pants.

Moments later, he groaned in delight and anticipation when Marcus got on all fours on the edge of the bed. Noel hastily stripped his clothes off, and so did Westin, before the two of them approached the other couple. Marcus continuously moaned while Dawson ate his ass like a sex-starved man. The slurping noises were obscene and so incredibly filthy, and Noel couldn’t resist stroking his cock while enjoying the scene. When Westin suddenly lay down on his back on the bed right next to Marcus and lifted his legs high up in the air, Noel couldn’t resist, and he quickly and eagerly buried his face in between his boyfriend’s butt cheeks and reamed that delectable hole. 

Every once in a while, he would glance up to see what was going on between Marcus and Dawson. It turned him on when he realized that Dawson was also peeking at him while he was lapping at Westin’s hole. He and Dawson gazed into each other’s eyes while they were pleasing their respective partners with their tongues. He was startled when he heard Marcus whining really loudly. Then Dawson winked at Noel. For some reason, Noel became annoyed. Maybe it was all inside his head, but it felt like Dawson was silently challenging him. He decided to utilize all of his skills. He was determined to drive Westin crazy with lust, proving to Dawson once and for all that he was the best top in the room. When Westin began to grunt and whimper, Noel briefly stopped eating his boyfriend’s ass and smirked at Dawson, who was scowling at him.

After that, the competition was on for real. Dawson and Noel worked on their partners’ holes side by side. Marcus and Westin were groaning like a couple of sluts in heat. However, Noel wasn’t satisfied. Westin had to scream much louder than Marcus. He had to beg more desperately than Marcus. However, before Noel was able to elicit such a reaction from Westin, Dawson stopped reaming Marcus’s ass and grabbed the bottle of lubricant, which was still on top of the nightstand. Noel and Westin hadn’t put it back in the drawer after using it the previous evening. Dawson coated his cock and Marcus’s ass with plenty of lubricant. Then he thrust his dick into Marcus’s hole, seemingly with much ease. Noel followed Dawson’s lead in a hurry, pouring the lubricant over his cock and Westin’s ass, before slowly sliding into his boyfriend’s hole. Once he was fully sheathed inside Westin’s ass, he immediately began to pound in and out while Dawson was doing the same thing with Marcus.

“That looks so fucking hot, man,” Dawson said while staring at Noel’s cock going in and out of Westin’s ass. “Is that hole as tight as it looks?”

“Fuck, yeah,” Noel confirmed. “It’s gripping my cock like a vise.”

“Fuck!” Dawson exclaimed. “Same here. I hope I’ll get the chance to tap Westin’s ass someday.”

“That can be arranged,” Noel agreed with a smirk at Dawson. “I definitely want to fuck your husband’s ass.”

Dawson grunted. “Let’s do it soon.”

Noel agreed. “Absolutely.” 

After that, neither of them talked anymore. Instead, they concentrated on hammering their partners’ asses, but every so often, Noel would observe Dawson’s sexual technique while the man was also watching him. Then they would grin at each other. Noel was astonished when Westin unexpectedly initiated a kiss with Marcus, and he thought it was only fair that he got to kiss Dawson, as well. Hence, he grabbed the back of Dawson’s sweaty neck and tugged the man closer to him before they began to make out passionately. The sensation of locking lips with Dawson was different than the one Noel experienced with Westin, but it was equally arousing. Dawson wasn’t rough and brutal like Noel, but he certainly exerted his dominance and aggression. He definitely wasn’t the submissive type. Noel rumbled deep in his throat when Dawson pinched one of his nipples, and he broke away from the man in shock.

“You have a sensitive nipple,” Dawson pointed out while chuckling. “Or is it both of them?”

“Nope. Just the one on the right.”

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