Mafia's Angel (MF)

Maclean Mafia Men

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,600
0 Ratings (0.0)

Angelica has lived in a virtual prison her whole life. Finally, with the help of another mafia family, her sisters, and her mother, she's finally able to escape the monster she called her father.

Duncan took one look at Angelica and knew she would be his. He just had to get over his own betrayals, which wasn’t easy. He made so many mistakes that he almost lost her, not once, but twice.

When he finally gets to the point of claiming her as his bride, someone steps in and takes her from him. The man who took Angelica from him would live to regret it.

Be Warned: anal sex

Mafia's Angel (MF)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Mafia's Angel (MF)

Maclean Mafia Men

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,600
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Jay Aheer

Angelica couldn’t seem to catch her breath or keep a single thought in her head. Duncan was touching her in a way that controlled her whole body. Although she should probably be afraid, she knew he’d never intentionally hurt her.

“Please, Duncan. I need you to take the ache away.”

“I will, Angel. I just want to make sure you’re ready.”

“I am.”

He pulled his fingers out of her and slid up until he could kiss her passionately. Her nails dug into his shoulders, and her hips pressed against the ridge of his cock.

“Ahhh,” she cried out when he pressed it against her swollen needy clit.

“Easy.” He moved his hips, and then she felt the head of his cock start to push into her. So far, it wasn’t bad, so she relaxed and ran her hands up and down his back.

He stopped, and before she could ask why, he tore through her hymen. She screamed and hit his shoulders. “Stop, Duncan. It hurts.”

“I know, baby. But it will go away. Just relax for a moment. It will never hurt like that again, Angel. The hardest part is over. Remember what your mother said.”

She exhaled and tried to relax, but the throbbing inside of her was taking forever to dissipate.

“Here, Angel. Let’s try this.” He pulled out before he shifted back into her a bit at a time.

She stiffened, expecting pain but then relaxed when it only felt like he was stretching her.

“See, you’re fine. Let me work the rest of my cock into you.”

“And it won’t hurt?” she asked.

“No. The pain is over.”

She nodded and then concentrated on how he would pull out a bit and glide back in but a little deeper.

They both groaned when he shoved the last few inches into her.

“Are you all right, Angel?”

She nodded. “Yes, can you move?”

“Yes.” He started to thrust in and out of her with slow and smooth glides.

She raised her hips, tried to pull him over her more, and growled when he kept up the easy pace.

“Please,” she pleaded.

“I know. I’m not going to last, so let’s get you there.”


He pulled out and slammed into her, making her scream. He kept at her, and he only seemed to get harder and faster. At one point, he reached in between them and tapped her swollen red clit.

It sent her over. She couldn’t grasp what was happening and wouldn’t have been able to explain it because the magnitude was so far from anything she imagined it would feel like.

Duncan groaned. “That’s a good girl.”

When she finally came down, he surged into her a few more times, and then a deep moan tore from his mouth. When he stopped thrusting, he laid his head against her shoulder, keeping his weight on his elbows.

She couldn’t believe it when she felt him tremble and ran her hands up and down his back as if to soothe him.

“Jesus, woman.”

“Are you okay?” she asked.

He snorted. “I should be asking you that.”

“I’m fine. It was amazing. I never expected it to feel so…” She couldn’t find the words.

“I know. You don’t have to say it. I felt it, too.”

“You did?” she asked.

He lifted his head. “Yes.”

He pressed his mouth against hers a few times. “I’m going to clean up. You stay here, and I’ll come back and take care of you.”

She flinched when he pulled out.

“I’m sorry, Angel. The soreness will go away. We’ll bathe in the morning. You look wiped out, and I need to get you settled so you can sleep.”

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